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The Redemption of a Good Girl Gone Bad

By M.J. Brown
  • ISBN Code: : 1426984405
  • Publisher : Trafford Publishing
  • Pages : 330
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 938
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : the-redemption-of-a-good-girl-gone-bad.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Come and take this journey with Jordyn through trials and tribulations. As the book starts, it exhibits how Jordyn is just breaking out of her shell. At the brink of her adolescence meets a group of girls that have in their persona already in place. Jordyn befriended them and continues to be herself pursuing a dream in modeling. One significant emotional events changes Jordyn's destiny. A sudden 180-degree turn happens in her life that made her go another route. Living in a small community of urban north Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read Jordyn's joys and pains of experiences in her life. See how Jordyn has the ability to endure traumatic experiences and move on with life. A true story of redemption that M. J. is able to take you through one heart searching for her dream. In the search the main character, Jordyn, is engrossing wisdom and a curse. Jordyn's desire is to be good but company she keeps leads her down a destructive path. After high school years love followed stinging her on the side of her heart. Understand how she goes into an infatuated mix of pleasure and pain of trying to understand one man. Throughout the story learn how Jordyn analyzes things that occurs in this story. A path she follows trying to redeem her self every step of the way. Then find out what t choices Jordyn had to choose when the start of having with too many crews. Also, cruel intentions on her in-loved heart. Then understand her desire to he way from all the drama that followed her since 96. She takes a chance at moving to Maryland. M.J. is just describing another survival story. M.J. will make you feel this preserving story of one female. Jordyn, by any means with not gives up.

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The Kylie Trilogy - nappy version

By Max Harper
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Redemption of a Dark Hero

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Merle was robbed, beaten, shot, and left for dead in the trunk of a car sinking fast in a river. How could he possibly escaped and then, rescued eight teenaged girls from a sex ring. . . . . . Maria was running away from her step-fathers advances, and a hard life with any man. So why give up her virginity to Merle? . . . . . . Merle was running from a passive life and wife. But why give up everything and start over with this little girl? . . . . . . . . They both were hiding out with new identities from Mexican drug lords. How they come together for a new life was hard to believe, but they had better watch out!! Paco Hernandez was coming for more than revenge! . . . . . . . .

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It continues. Tom watches from afar, day in, day out, seeing Lily laugh, seeing her cry - an unravelling actress, ripe for the taking. All he needs is one photo, the money it could make, the life it could give him and his family. So why can't he do it?

The Ghost of Redemption (A School for Spirits Story)

By Aron Lewes
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  • Publisher : Aron Lewes
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Book Short Summary:

Nicholas is a profoundly lonely man, mourning the loss of a dead wife and a daughter who no longer loves him. His best and only friend is Lillie, a spirit who is always at his side. They do everything together, he just can't see her. Lillie has been Nicholas' spirit guide for a long time, and knows everything about him. She understands his pain, forgives his mistakes, and knows his wishes... and it's her job to make them come true. This novella is a spinoff of the YA series "School for Spirits," and can be enjoyed as a standalone story.

Stories of Redemption

By Thomas Ward
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The stories in this book all have to do with second chances. Chances at redemption that are deserved as well as those that are not. Chances that sought after as well as those that are not. I hope that in some way these short stories are entertaining as well a uplifting. I hope that in some way the reader can relate to these stories and can see their own lives in them."

American Misfits and the Making of Middle-Class Respectability

By Robert Wuthnow
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How American respectability has been built by maligning those who don't make the grade How did Americans come to think of themselves as respectable members of the middle class? Was it just by earning a decent living? Or did it require something more? And if it did, what can we learn that may still apply? The quest for middle-class respectability in nineteenth-century America is usually described as a process of inculcating positive values such as honesty, hard work, independence, and cultural refinement. But clergy, educators, and community leaders also defined respectability negatively, by maligning individuals and groups—“misfits”—who deviated from accepted norms. Robert Wuthnow argues that respectability is constructed by “othering” people who do not fit into easily recognizable, socially approved categories. He demonstrates this through an in-depth examination of a wide variety of individuals and groups that became objects of derision. We meet a disabled Civil War veteran who worked as a huckster on the edges of the frontier, the wife of a lunatic who raised her family while her husband was institutionalized, an immigrant religious community accused of sedition, and a wealthy scion charged with profiteering. Unlike respected Americans who marched confidently toward worldly and heavenly success, such misfits were usually ignored in paeans about the nation. But they played an important part in the cultural work that made America, and their story is essential for understanding the “othering” that remains so much a part of American culture and politics today.

From Morality to Mayhem

By Julian Lovelock
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ISD LLC
  • Book Code : 0718847733
  • Total of Pages : 238
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Book Short Summary:

The stories we read as children are the ones that stay with us the longest, and from the nineteenth century until the 1950s stories about schools held a particular fascination. Many will remember the goings-on at such earnest establishments as Tom Brown's Rugby, St Dominic's, Greyfriars, the Chalet School, Malory Towers and Linbury Court. In the second part of the twentieth century, with more liberal social attitudes and the advent of secondary education for all, these moral tales lost their appeal and the school story very nearly died out. More recently, however, a new generation of compromised schoolboy and schoolgirl heroes - Pennington, Tyke Tiler, Harry Potter and Millie Roads - have given it a new and challenging relevance. Focusing mainly on novels written for young people, From Morality to Mayhem charts the fall and rise of the school story, from the grim accounts of Victorian times to the magic and mayhem of our own age. In doing so it considers how fictional schools not only reflect but sometimes influence real life. This captivating study will appeal to those interested in children's literature and education, both students and the general reader, taking us on a not altogether comfortable trip down memory lane.

Catholics in the Movies

By Colleen McDannell
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Catholicism was all over movie screens in 2004. Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was at the center of a media firestorm for months. A priest was a crucial character in the Academy Award-winning Million Dollar Baby. Everyone, it seemed, was talking about how religious stories should be represented, marketed, and received. Catholic characters, spaces, and rituals have been stock features in popular films since the silent era. An intensely visual religion with a well-defined ritual and authority system, Catholicism lends itself to the drama and pageantry of film. Moviegoers watch as Catholic visionaries interact with the supernatural, priests counsel their flocks, reformers fight for social justice, and bishops wield authoritarian power. Rather than being marginal to American popular culture, Catholic people, places, and rituals are all central to the world of the movie. Catholics in the Movies begins with an introductory essay that orients readers to the ways that films appear in culture and describes the broad trends that can be seen in the movies' hundred-year history of representing Catholics. Each chapter is written by a noted scholar of American religion who concentrates on one movie engaging important historical, artistic, and religious issues. Each then places the film within American cultural and social history, discusses the film as an expression of Catholic concerns of the period, and relates the film to others of its genre. Tracing the story of American Catholic history through popular films, Catholics in the Movies should be a valuable resource for anyone interested in American Catholicism and religion and film.

Coming Clean

By Rodney Carrington
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  • Publisher : Center Street
  • Book Code : 1599950588
  • Total of Pages : 240
  • Category : Humor
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Book Short Summary:

Chart-topping comedian Rodney Carrington offers up his first book helping of the Texas-sized, down-home humor that has sold out his comedy tour across the nation.

Naming Your Little Geek

By Scott Rubin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Workman Publishing
  • Book Code : 164170344X
  • Total of Pages : 416
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Members : 212
  • Pdf File: naming-your-little-geek.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The ultimate book of baby names for comic book nerds, sci-fi fans and more—with the meanings and stories behind more than 1,000 names! Having trouble finding a baby name that celebrates your favorite fandom? Whether you want your child’s name to stand out in a crowd or fit in on the playground, Naming Your Little Geek is here to save the day! This ultimate guidebook is complete with every name a geek could want to give their baby—from Anakin and Frodo to Indiana and Clark; and from Gwen and Wanda to Buffy and Xena—plus their meanings, and a list of all the legends who have borne them. Naming Your Little Geek covers everything from comic book superheroes to role-playing game icons, Starfleet officers to sword and sorcery legends with characters who have appeared on film and TV, in novels and comic books, on the tabletop, and beyond. With nearly 1,100 names referencing more than 4,400 characters from over 1,800 unique sources, it's the perfect resource for parents naming a child or anyone looking for a super cool and meaningful new name.


By C.G. Jung
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For Jung, the beautiful and brilliantly creative 28-year old Christiana Morgan was an inspired force whose path in self-analysis paralleled his own quest for personal knowledge. By teaching Morgan the trance-like technique of active imagination, Jung helped her embark on a series of archetypal adventures which she depicted in paintings of great virtuosity and he candidly recounted at a seminar given to some of his closest followers. Through his eloquent description of the fiery, mythic visions of a woman discovering her repressed sexuality and feminine power, Jung reveals how deeply this encounter challenged his understanding of feminine psychology. These two volumes bring together for the first time colour reproductions of Morgan's paintings with a complete transcript of the seminar.

Wild Thing: A good girl. A bad boy. A magic song.

By Judith Arnold
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Judith Arnold
  • Book Code : 1940547075
  • Total of Pages : 175
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 867
  • Pdf File: wild-thing.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Magic Jukebox sits in the Faulk Street Tavern in the quiet seaside town of Brogan’s Point, Massachusetts. No one knows what classic rock songs will come out of the jukebox when a coin is inserted, but every now and then, the jukebox will play a song that casts a spell on two bar patrons—a song that will change their lives and open their hearts to love. Monica Reinhart is a good girl. A hometown girl. After college, she returned to Brogan’s Point to help run the family business, an oceanfront inn. She’s never done a wild thing in her life. When Ty Cronin sails into town, his wildness intrigues her. When the jukebox plays “Wild Thing,” that wildness infects her, and soon she finds herself doing things she never would have imagined. But Ty could be big trouble. She hardly knows him. She mustn’t trust him. Yet once she’s taken a walk on the wild side with him, how can she go back to being a good hometown girl?

Blackwolf's Redemption

By Sandra Marton
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Book Code : 142685501X
  • Total of Pages : 192
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 883
  • Pdf File: blackwolf-s-redemption.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Jesse Blackwolf—uncompromising, determined and an undeniable success. He has no desire to deal with the outspoken bundle of femininity he's found trespassing on his land! When Sienna Cummings awakes to find herself pressed against a muscled chest, she's shocked and stunned! Where is she? Who is this man who holds her so possessively with passion glinting in his eyes? It's more than confusion that makes Sienna's heart beat faster—she suspects his untamed wildness hides something that maybe only she can set free….

Redemption's Lullaby: A Novel

By Toshii K. D. Cooper
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Book Code : 1684712866
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 606
  • Pdf File: redemption-s-lullaby.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Corin Rivers is an African American woman in her mid-thirties. A successful Operations Manager at Computel Financial in Manhattan and owner of a brownstone in Clinton Hill, a section of town in Brooklyn, New York, Corin is the lovingly, adored, supportive, friend, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, and colleague. Emotionally scarred from being raped during college, Corin finds it to be a challenge attracting a harmonious romantic relationship. Her most recent encounter with the opposite sex has left her somewhat broken and distraught. Thus, she seeks refuge, council, and healing on the anointed grounds of Mama May’s home, her soulful and nurturing Aunt. Through lots of self-reflections, conversations and encounters with family, friends, lovers of the past, and new love interests, Corin will learn how to heal her soul; mend and uplift her mind; and realign her Truth.

Delphi Complete Works of George MacDonald (Illustrated)

By George MacDonald
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Delphi Classics
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 11245
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 860
  • Pdf File: delphi-complete-works-of-george-macdonald.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A pioneering author of fantasy literature and the mentor of Lewis Carroll, George MacDonald produced a diverse body of works, including realist novels, children’s fantasy classics, innovative short stories, leading poetry and a range of non-fiction texts. For the first time in publishing history, this comprehensive eBook presents MacDonald’s complete works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 2) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to MacDonald’s life and works * Concise introductions to the novels and other texts * ALL 37 novels, with individual contents tables * Images of how the books were first printed, giving your eReader a taste of the Victorian texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * Famous works such as THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN are fully illustrated with their original artwork * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry and the short stories * Rare short stories often missed out of collections * Easily locate the poems or short stories you want to read * Includes MacDonald’s non-fiction – spend hours exploring the author’s complete works * Special bonus biography – discover MacDonald’s literary life * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres * UPDATED with improved texts and a brief biography CONTENTS: The Novels Phantastes David Elginbrod Adela Cathcart The Portent Alec Forbes of Howglen Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood Guild Court Robert Falconer The Seaboard Parish At the Back of the North Wind Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood Wilfrid Cumbermede The Vicar’s Daughter The Princess and the Goblin The History of Gutta Percha Willie, the Working Genius The Wise Woman: A Parable Malcolm St. George and St. Michael Thomas Wingfold, Curate The Marquis of Lossie Paul Faber, Surgeon Sir Gibbie Mary Marston Warlock O’ Glenwarlock Weighed and Wanting The Day Boy and the Night Girl Donal Grant The Princess and Curdie What’s Mine’s Mine Home Again The Elect Lady The Flight of the Shadow A Rough Shaking There and Back Heather and Snow Lilith Salted with Fire The Shorter Fiction Dealings with the Fairies Works of Fancy and Imagination The Gifts of the Child Christ and Other Tales Far Above Rubies The Short Stories List of Short Stories in Chronological Order List of Short Stories in Alphabetical Order The Poetry Introduction to MacDonald’s Poetry List of Poems in Chronological Order List of Poems in Alphabetical Order The Non-Fiction Unspoken Sermons England’s Antiphon The Miracles of Our Lord Preface: ‘Letters from Hell’ by Valdemar Adolph Thisted The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke: A Study with the Test of the Folio of 1623 Unspoken Sermons, Second Series Preface: ‘For the Right’ by Karl Emil Franzos, 1888 Unspoken Sermons, Third Series Preface: ‘A Cabinet of Gems, Cut and Polished by Sir Philip Sidney’ The Hope of the Gospel A Dish of Orts Beautiful Thoughts from George MacDonald The Biographies George MacDonald, a Biographical and Critical Appreciation by Joseph Johnson George MacDonald by Annie Matheson

Symphony of Redemption

By L. Leah Phoenix
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 1504928989
  • Total of Pages : 302
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 944
  • Pdf File: symphony-of-redemption.pdf

Book Short Summary:

At the age of twenty-five, L. Leah Phoenix was ready to give up on life, but it was not meant to be. Now, with warmth, unflinching honesty, and humor, she tells an insightful story about the fierce determination of the human spirit. This memorable journal chronicles her challenging childhood and tumultuous twenties, when she fulfills her dream of becoming a mother. Slowly, she learns to let go of her past and appreciate life through forgiveness and understanding. Suddenly, she is faced with a catastrophic tragedy, after which she loses everything that matters to her in life. Devastated by grief, she finds herself at a crossroads. She can easily go back to her old habits, which will eventually destroy her family and her future, or she can make crucial permanent changes to claim the life she has always wanted. Tired of self-destruction and victimhood, Phoenix sets out on a journey to reinvent herself. Along the way, she explores spirituality, the meaning of unconditional love, and searches for a deeper relationship with God. Hers is a story of hope, triumph against adversity, and joy no matter what.

Home on the Ranch: Redemption

By Laura Marie Altom,Cathy McDavid
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Book Code : 1488037221
  • Total of Pages : 464
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 220
  • Pdf File: home-on-the-ranch.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The rocky road to redemption. The Cowboy SEAL Navy SEAL Cooper Hansen hasn’t been home in more than a decade. He never forgave himself for the accident that killed his mother and, as far as he knows, neither has his family. But when his brother’s widow, Millie, needs his help to save the Hansen ranch, Cooper can’t stay away any longer… Her Rodeo Man When Ryder Beckett comes home to the Easy Money rodeo arena to face his past, he’s quick to fall into old ways—taking care of the horses, trying a few of his old rodeo tricks…and falling for Tatum Mayweather. But Tatum deserves a stay-in-one-place kind of guy, and that has never been Ryder. Is the pull of family enough to keep him in Reckless, Arizona?

The Bad Boy of Redemption Ranch

By Maisey Yates
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : HQN Books
  • Book Code : 1488056870
  • Total of Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 807
  • Pdf File: the-bad-boy-of-redemption-ranch.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This rebel cowboy is looking for a fresh start—will he find more than he’s ever hoped for in Gold Valley? Enjoy this riveting opposites-attract romance by New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates! Police officer Pansy Daniels is the poster girl for responsible behavior. Orphaned as a child, she has dedicated her life to safeguarding her local community. The last thing she needs is a hot-headed cowboy with attitude cruising into town. He may be her new landlord, but that’s no excuse for provoking her…or sending her heart into overdrive. West Caldwell has come to Redemption Ranch to put his past behind him. Flirting with a pint-size police officer who thinks he’s bad news is definitely not part of the plan, but it’s deliciously easy to get under Pansy’s skin. Then West discovers the vulnerability Pansy keeps so well hidden, and suddenly this renegade cowboy is in over his head. In her arms, West feels like the man he always wanted to be—but can he become the man Pansy deserves? Don't miss Maisey Yates next book, Confessions from the Quilting Circle! An emotional and powerful look at the secrets that divide a family, and the love that can heal it. Read the entire Gold Valley series: 1. Smooth-Talking Cowboy 2. Untamed Cowboy 3. Good Time Cowboy 4. A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas 5. Unbroken Cowboy 6. Cowboy to the Core 7. Lone Wolf Cowboy 8. Cowboy Christmas Redemption 9. The Bad Boy of Redemption Ranch 10. The Hero of Hope Springs 11. The Last Christmas Cowboy

Good Girl's Guide to County Jail for the Bad Girl in Us All

By Ellen Marie Francisco
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : FriesenPress
  • Book Code : 1460284798
  • Total of Pages : 174
  • Category : Law
  • Members : 179
  • Pdf File: good-girl-s-guide-to-county-jail-for-the-bad-girl-in-us-all.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This good girl did everything right for years. So why has everything gone so wrong for this self-made business woman, Realtor, and mother of two? On a hot day in August she’s arrested for car-jacking, assault with a deadly weapon, and robbery. She’s just landed in the Incarcer Nation without a passport. Like the millions of women who came before her, she wants to leave the land of chain link, and barbed wire behind her. Fifty-nine days later this good girl gone bad walks out a free woman-or so she thinks. This Good Girl gone BAD wants to help you: ● stay out of jail ● know how to use your rights ● understand the court process ● plea down your charges to minimize the risk of re-arrest ● understand how a conviction affects your future beyond bars Filled with good advice from BAD GIRLS on the inside, and criminal law attorneys who tell it like it is. Cover your assets with these legal forms (and others you didn’t know you needed). They’re easy to fill-in, and are ready for the Notary Public ● Power of Attorney ● Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit ● Temporary Custody Order ● Letter to CPS Social Worker ● Consent for International Travel

The Redemption of Honor

By Jane Quail
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Book Code : 149179870X
  • Total of Pages : 318
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 685
  • Pdf File: the-redemption-of-honor.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Miss Dodge fl ees her uncles desperate efforts to match her with an entirely unacceptable candidate, someone who holds his hefty IOUs. She is under the false impression that she has a choice in the matter. After meeting him, she decides it is an impossible hazard she intends to avoid. Escaping, her sister and aunt join her in flight to the New World, America. Her sister Rebekah answers a mail-order-bride ad in the newspaper, and they are off to another adventure in Fort Worth, Texas. The antics of cowboy Ben and Miss Dodge leaveboth of them wondering about the others sanity. She is forced to escape again, this time from a large cat, which is entirely too close for comfort. An accurate last-minute shot by Mr. Franklin rescued her. Ben is glad his brother fi nds love with Rebekah Dodge, but her sister is frustrating, always requiring saving from danger. No one knows how Miss Dodge fi nds herself in such threatening troubles can Ben be attracted to this English gal who is feisty, confusing, and lovable all rolled into one beautiful package? How can he not?

Grace for the Good Girl

By Emily P. Freeman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Baker Books
  • Book Code : 1441234063
  • Total of Pages : 240
  • Category : Religion
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  • Pdf File: grace-for-the-good-girl.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Many of us believe that we are saved by grace--but for too many, that's the last time grace defines our life. Instead of clinging to grace, we strive for good and believe that the Christian life means hard work and a sweet disposition. As good girls, we focus on the things we can handle, our disciplined lives, and our unshakable good moods. When we fail to measure up to our own impossible standards, we hide behind our good girl masks, determined to keep our weakness a secret. In Grace for the Good Girl, Emily Freeman invites women to let go of the try-hard life and realize that in Christ we are free to receive from him rather than constantly try to achieve for him. With an open hand and a whimsical style, Emily uncovers the truth about the hiding, encouraging women to move from hiding behind girl-made masks and do-good performances to a life hidden with Christ in God.

The Broke Diaries

By Angela Nissel
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Villard
  • Book Code : 0375506705
  • Total of Pages : 224
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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  • Pdf File: the-broke-diaries.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“People always say I’m going to look back on these days and laugh — why put it off?” When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college, instead of sulking, she decided to entertain herself by creating an online journal that chronicled her day-to-day trials and tribulations. Written with humor and intelligence, her “Broke Diary” quickly found an audience as people wrote to Angela to empathize with, console, and laugh with her about her experiences and even share their own. The Broke Diaries is the first complete compilation of her experiences, written in a voice that is funny, unique, and dead-on. On buying ramen noodles: I am sooooooo embarassed. I only have 33 cents. I (please don’t laugh) put the money on the counter and quickly attempt to dash out with my Chicken Flavored Salt Noodles. The guy calls me back! I look up instinctively, I should have run . . . Why didn’t I run???!! He tells me the noodles are 35 cents. I try to apologize sincerely. I thought the sign said 33 cents yesterday, so that’s all I brought with me. Could he wait while I ran home and get the 2 cents? I show him my student I.D. to let him know I am not a thief. He shakes his head and motions either for me to get the hell out of his store and never come back again or get the money as do come back. I don’t know. He said something like “Nyeh” and swiped his hand in my direction. I can’t translate hand motions well. The noodles: tasty!!!

The Bloomsbury Companion to Religion and Film

By William L. Blizek
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Book Code : 1441138781
  • Total of Pages : 440
  • Category : Religion
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  • Pdf File: the-bloomsbury-companion-to-religion-and-film.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Originally published as the The Continuum Companion to Religion and Film, this Companion offers the definitive guide to study in this growing area. Now available in paperback, the Bloomsbury Companion to Religion and Film covers all the most pressing and important themes and categories in the field - areas that have continued to attract interest historically as well as topics that have emerged more recently as active areas of research. Twenty-nine specifically commissioned essays from a team of experts reveal where important work continues to be done in the field and provide a map of this evolving research area. Featuring chapters on methodology, religions of the world, and popular religious themes, as well as an extensive bibliography and filmography, this is the essential tool for anyone with an interest in the intersection between religion and film.


By Paul S. Varner
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Book Code : 1443802352
  • Total of Pages : 235
  • Category : Performing Arts
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  • Pdf File: westerns.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Whatever we might think of them, popular Westerns, both movies and cheap paperbacks on the newsstand racks, have had a powerful impact on both U.S. culture and Western European culture in general. Collected here are new studies from a variety of critical approaches of popular Westerns by scholars from the U.S., the U.K., and Europe, new studies of classic William S. Hart, John Ford, Clint Eastwood, and Sam Peckinpah film Westerns as well as new studies of seldom studied writers such as James Warner Bellah, Clarence Mulford, Charles Portis, and Oakley Hall.

Children of the Ghetto

By Israel Zangwill
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
  • Book Code : 1513214470
  • Total of Pages : 282
  • Category : Fiction
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Book Short Summary:

Children of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People (1892) is a novel by Israel Zangwill. Raised in London by parents from Latvia and Poland, Zangwill understood the plight of the city’s Jewish community firsthand. Having risen through poverty to become an educator and author, he dedicated his career to the voiceless, the oppressed, and the needy, advocating for their rights and bearing witness to their suffering in some of the most powerful novels and stories of the Victorian era. “People who have been living in a Ghetto for a couple of centuries, are not able to step outside merely because the gates are thrown down, nor to efface the brands on their souls by putting off the yellow badges. The isolation imposed from without will have come to seem the law of their being.” As a Jewish immigrant who grew up in poverty in London, Israel Zangwill knows that the condition of life in the ghetto changes not just lives, but mentalities. Even if the Jews living in squalor on the East End of London were given the same rights as native Britons, they would still live with fear and doubt every day of their lives. In the first novel of his Ghetto series, Zangwill explores the day to day existence of these very people, illuminating their hopes and their dreams, illustrating their struggle to uphold traditions threatened by assimilation and the increasing secularism of modern life. The tales of Jewish life in Children of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People earned Zangwill comparisons to Dickens upon publication, and helped to establish him as an author with a gift for intensive character study and a passion for political themes. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Israel Zangwill’s Children of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People is a classic of British literature reimagined for modern readers.

Good Girl

By Lauren Layne
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  • Publisher : Loveswept
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Book Short Summary:

USA TODAY BESTSELLER • Lauren Layne brings all the unpredictable heat of Blurred Lines to an all-new cast of characters! Country music’s favorite good girl is hiding away from the world—only to find herself bunking with a guy who makes her want to be a little bad. Jenny Dawson moved to Nashville to write music, not get famous. But when her latest record goes double platinum, Jenny’s suddenly one of the town’s biggest stars—and the center of a tabloid scandal connecting her with a pop star she’s barely even met. With paparazzi tracking her every move, Jenny flees to a remote mansion in Louisiana to write her next album. The only hiccup is the unexpected presence of a brooding young caretaker named Noah, whose foul mouth and snap judgments lead to constant bickering—and serious heat. Noah really should tell Jenny that he’s Preston Noah Maxwell Walcott, the owner of the estate where the feisty country singer has made her spoiled self at home. But the charade gives Noah a much-needed break from his own troubles, and before long, their verbal sparring is indistinguishable from foreplay. But as sizzling nights give way to quiet pillow talk, Noah begins to realize that Jenny’s almost as complicated as he is. To fit into each other’s lives, they’ll need the courage to face their problems together—before the outside world catches up to them. Praise for Good Girl “I couldn’t read this fast enough! Lauren Layne created witty and well-developed characters who pulled at my heartstrings and had me falling in love over and over again! I highly recommend Good Girl, one of my favorites of the year!”—USA Today bestselling author Brooke Cumberland “Good Girl is a delicious bite of Southern seduction with chemistry that sizzles. It’s the perfect way to spend a summer night.”—Rebecca Yarros, author of the Flight & Glory series Lauren Layne’s New York Times bestselling Oxford Novel series can be read in any order: IRRESISTIBLY YOURS I WISH YOU WERE MINE SOMEONE LIKE YOU I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE I THINK I LOVE YOU Don’t miss any of Lauren Layne’s hot reads: The Love Unexpectedly series: BLURRED LINES | GOOD GIRL | LOVE STORY | WALK OF SHAME | AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS The Sex, Love & Stiletto series: AFTER THE KISS | LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH | JUST ONE NIGHT | THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE The Redemption series: ISN’T SHE LOVELY | BROKEN | CRUSHED The I Do, I Don’t series: READY TO RUN | RUNAWAY GROOM Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


By Adam Baker
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  • Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
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  • Pdf File: juggernaut.pdf

Book Short Summary:

They searched for gold. They found death Iraq 2005 Seven mercenaries journey deep into the desert in search of Saddam's gold. They form an unlikely crew of battle-scarred privateers, killers and thieves, veterans of a dozen war zones, each of them anxious to make one last score before their luck runs out. They will soon find themselves marooned among ancient ruins, caught in a desperate battle for their lives, confronted by greed, betrayal, and an army that won't stay dead...

Texas Redemption

By Linda Broday
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  • Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
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Book Short Summary:

"Linda Broday's books always take me back to a west that feels true. Her love stories run deep with emotion. A delightful read." —Jodi Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of Promise Me Texas on Texas Mail Order Bride Two brothers One woman A final chance to find... REDEMPTION Desperate to escape her dark past, Laurel James agrees to wed the mayor of a small east Texas town. With him, life will be quiet. Respectable. Safe. It should be everything she ever wanted. And it is. Until Shenandoah rides back into town. Shenandoah never thought he would find the woman he's loved and lost...and he certainly never dreamed she'd be pledged to his brother. He knows he should step aside-he has nothing to offer a woman like Laurel James-but the moment their eyes meet, Shenandoah is lost. He can only find peace in her arms...but can redemption be more than a dream for a man who has known nothing but war? Praise for Linda Broday: "Broday...brings strong characters and deep emotions into a very realistic Western romance that pulls no punches." -RT Book Reviews for Redemption "Fans of classic Western tales will delight in the rough-and-tumble world Broday creates..." -RT Book Reviews for To Love a Texas Ranger

Mia and the Bad Boy

By Lisa Burstein
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Entangled: Crush
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  • Total of Pages : 225
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
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Book Short Summary:

"Mia and the Bad Boy is what the young adult genre should be made of! A story full of heart and humor with the right mixture of romance throughout. I loved the friendship that blossoms between Mia and Ryder, and seeing it develop into more. I will absolutely be reading more from the Crush line, and more of Lisa Burstein!" -Jessica, Thoughts at One in the Morning Ryder Brooks is living the dream—he’s famous, loved by millions of girls, and miserable. All he really wants is to write his own music, not Seconds to Juliet’s sugary sweet pop. In order to do that, though, the “bad boy” of the band will have to play by the rules. And that includes behaving with his new—and super cute—über-good-girl tutor. Mia Reyes is in fangirl heaven. Tutoring her favorite member of her favorite band? It’s a dream come true...until it turns into a complete nightmare. Ryder is nothing like she thought. He’s crude, arrogant, and pretty much a total jerk. And the worst part? She’s roped into pretending to be his girlfriend so that no one finds out he’s being tutored. Fake kisses, plenty of PDA, and even sharing his hotel room... But sometimes even the baddest of bad boys needs a little redemption. Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, underage drinking, sexual situations, and lots of swoons. It may convince even the good-est of good girls to go bad. Each book in the Backstage Pass Series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 - Aimee and the Heartthrob Book #2 - Mia and the Bad Boy Book #3 - Daisy and the Front Man Book #4 - Anya and the Shy Guy Book #5 - Abby and the Cute One