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The Night of Emerald Rain: A New Dawn

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Read and download full book The Night of Emerald Rain: A New Dawn

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By Francesca Arcelloni
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She likes to bring true stories related to fantasy. Topics such as a parent with a child, emotions, dreams to be fulfilled, meetings, goals, inner changes are treated. He thinks it is the way to exorcise the situations had by a family mourning that has allowed her to bring to light many facets of her inner and outer "journey" with the documentation of the described and really existing places incastrandoli in almost every History. A reader will find in front of a light book in which the author in each of his narratives has had an evolution and descriptive technique and every story has the way to make people think and dream even in the few minutes of this hectic world. Stop a moment and think with her.

The Complete Works of John Buchan: Thriller Classics, Spy Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, Historical Works, Memoirs & Essays

By John Buchan
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  • Book Code : 8075833376
  • Total of Pages : 10324
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This John Buchan collection is formatted to the highest digital standards. The edition incorporates an interactive table of contents, footnotes and other information relevant to the content which makes the reading experience meticulously organized and enjoyable. Richard Hannay Series The Thirty-Nine Steps Greenmantle Mr Standfast The Three Hostages The Island of Sheep Dickson McCunn and the 'Gorbals Die-hards' Series Huntingtower Castle Gay The House of the Four Winds Sir Edward Leithen Series The Power-House John Macnab The Dancing Floor The Gap in the Curtain Sick Heart River Other Novels Sir Quixote of the Moors John Burnet of Barns A Lost Lady of Old Years The Half-Hearted A Lodge in the Wilderness Prester John Salute to Adventurers The Path of the King Midwinter Witch Wood The Blanket of the Dark A Prince of the Captivity The Free Fishers The Magic Walking Stick The Courts of the Morning Short Stories Grey Weather The Moon Endureth: Tales The Far Islands Fountainblue The King of Ypres The Keeper of Cademuir No-Man's-Land Basilissa The Runagates Club... Poetry The Pilgrim Fathers Ballad for Grey Weather The Moon Endureth: Fancies Poems, Scots and English... Historical & Political Works: The African Colony: Studies in the Reconstruction Days to Remember: The British Empire in the Great War The Battle of Jutland The Battle of the Somme, First Phase The Battle of the Somme, Second Phase Nelson's History of the War (Volumes I-V) Scholar Gipsies A Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys Montrose: A History Lord Minto, A Memoir Sir Walter Scott The King's Grace 1910-1935 Autobiography & Biography Memory Hold-the-door Unforgettable, Unforgotten by A. M. Buchan John Buchan (1875-1940) was a Scottish novelist and historian and also served as Canada's Governor General. His works include novels, collections of short stories, historiographical works and biographies. But, the most famous of his books were the adventure and spy thrillers.

The Wishing Towel

By Cheryl A. Hymon
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 9781456743925
  • Total of Pages : 92
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  • Pdf File: the-wishing-towel.pdf

Book Short Summary:

One reader had this to say, "Wow, what a fantastic array of poetic inspiration, which can only come about through diligent prayer, personal consecration, faithful obedience to God's word, and through His many blessings and guidance in the life of a chosen vessel. Upon reading each poem, the reader is not only inspired, but brought to tears by the anointing evident in each poem, a beautiful tapestry of God's calling on one's life. Each poetic endeavor is comforting, giving the reader a sense of well being and, at the same time, bringing about healing in many diverse situations of daily living. A poetic colorful rainbow of God's love, abundance, care, comfort, encouragement, and the praise, worship and glory that come as a result of having an intimate relationship with God. Truly a terrific book to enjoy throughout every season of the year. A book which can easily be read and enjoyed by adults as well as children, leaving the reader with a sense of peace. Full to the brim, as he has promised...the cup runneth over! Susan Soto, Bloomington, CA

The Soul Caller

By Ana Peters
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1465357343
  • Total of Pages : 246
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 576
  • Pdf File: the-soul-caller.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A dramatic story of brotherhood, magic, and spiritual growth. Two young men from Laos immigrate to Minnesota, U.S.A., during the Vietnam War. Enemies and rivals for the love of a village woman who stayed behind, each tries to resolve his confusion about living in a new culture and the loss of their beloved beauty, Zoua Lee. For Pao Moua, Zoua comes alive in his paintings of the village. On dark nights, from a mural lit by headlights, she speaks to Pao and helps him find a way to accept his new life. For Lue Vang, there is no such understanding. He turns to gang life, and must kill or be killed by his gang brothers. In trying to help Lue Vang, Pao nearly loses his life, but in the process he undergoes a life-changing experience that will lead him to become the shaman he always wanted to become. On the other hand, Lue Vang must leave the city to stay alive, but he leaves transformed after seeing a vision of Zoua Lee and saving Paos life. In the end, he realizes his own courage.

The Beach of Dreams

By Henry De Vere Stacpoole
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
  • Book Code : 1513288830
  • Total of Pages : 208
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 116
  • Pdf File: the-beach-of-dreams.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Beach of Dreams (1919) is a novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole. Although he is more widely known for his novel The Blue Lagoon (1908), which inspired the 1980 hit drama starring Brooke Shields, Stacpoole was a prolific bestselling author whose dozens of literary works allow the reader to enter the world of nautical adventure. “It was as though deep in his being lay a blazing hatred born of injustice through ages and only coming to light when upborne by balloon-juice. On these occasions a saloon bar with its glitter and phantom show of mirth and prosperity sometimes called on him to dispense and destroy it, the passion to fight the crowd seized him, a passion that has its origin, perhaps, in sources other than alcohol.” In his youth, Henry De Vere Stacpoole sailed across the South Pacific as a ship’s doctor, gathering the raw imaginative materials that would inspire dozens of romance and adventure novels. In The Beach of Dreams, a yacht collides with a fishing vessel in the middle of the South Pacific, leaving few alive. The survivors—a rich woman and a pair of weathered sailors—attempt to survive on a nearby island, but soon the men prove impossible to trust. In her darkest hour, Cléo de Bromsart encounters Raft, a brash and brave fisherman with striking red hair and a hatred of injustice. Together, they form an alliance against the elements and await their day of rescue. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Henry De Vere Stacpoole’s The Beach of Dreams is a classic of British literature reimagined for modern readers.

The New Ornamental Garden

By Simon Rickard
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CSIRO PUBLISHING
  • Book Code : 0643102299
  • Total of Pages : 280
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 890
  • Pdf File: the-new-ornamental-garden.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book takes a fresh look at garden-worthy plants for Australian conditions. It will help gardeners to reappraise their climate, select appropriate plants and modify gardening practices to create beautiful gardens featuring native and exotic plants with proven drought tolerance, reliability and minimal weed potential. The New Ornamental Garden shows how heat, cold, water availability, rainfall patterns, length of growing season, evaporation rate and humidity influence plant growth in Australia, from the wet sub-tropics to the temperate climate of southern Australia. It also discusses the influence of microclimates within a garden: dry sun, dry shade, moist sun, moist shade, seaside conditions, exposed sites, urban situations and root competition from eucalyptus and allelopaths. The main focus of the book is the plant index, which contains notes on hundreds of plant varieties and how they function in the garden. All gardeners will benefit from reading this book!

Destiny-changing Rain

By Nong LanRen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Funstory
  • Book Code : 1648842666
  • Total of Pages : 306
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 287
  • Pdf File: destiny-changing-rain.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Sword lights and shadows in the martial arts world, the love between a young girl and a young girl; the dangers of the martial arts world were obvious; the rain of blood was the wind and the rain of blood. The three who have been excluded from the world have had a tragic fate, and they will be playing in my way; how love and hatred that have spanned twenty years will continue; and how a plot that has been planned for twenty years will be made public. She, a poor country woman; she, an orphan daughter of the extermination of her family; she, the beloved daughter of a great general, the love between a man and three women. Bath, the source of sin. A ferocious beast was devouring the world. He. Iron Horse Wear, vow to protect the territory, pacify the land, and turn the world around. Close]

Sleigh Bells Ring

By Katherine Stone
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Katherine Stone
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 400
  • Pdf File: sleigh-bells-ring.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“The Stone magic makes these books such a pleasure to read and share.” — Rendezvous “Her characters live with the shadows over their lives and make the best of them, honorably, courageously, and generously. We can be happier for knowing these people in the short run, and better for knowing them in the long run.” — Reviewer’s Choice Reviews A splash of suspense, a dash of Christmas magic, and a sleighful of love. . . A ghost of Christmas past makes the holidays a difficult time for homicide lieutenant Nicholas Hunter. It was just days before a long ago Christmas that Nick’s dangerously unbalanced mother disappeared with his four-year-old brother—the brother that the then eight-year-old Nicholas had vowed always to protect. Thirty years later, Nick continues his unrelenting search for the brother he lost, and now—once again at Christmastime—a psychopath is forcing women from Nick’s past to publicly humiliate themselves in an effort to destroy their careers and draw Nick into a life-or-death game of catch-me-if-you-can. It is against this dramatic backdrop that Nick, who has always believed that there is no place for love in his deeply scarred heart, meets Claire. Claire was an innocent sixteen-year-old when she became the victim of an apparent hit-and-run accident. The life-threatening head injury she suffered imparted an extraordinary gift, but also left her with an intense foreboding of imminent personal harm so terrifying that she felt compelled the flee the city she loved. Now, fifteen years later, Claire returns to Seattle intent on unmasking and conquering that enigmatic fear—only to discover that its cause is very real. At a tender age, Allison Prentice comes to the devastating conclusion that she is simply the wrong child for her wildly successful, perfectionist parents. No matter how hard she strives to meet their unbounded expectations, her parents' approval remains an elusive dream. Even her brilliant academic achievements receive faint praise. For the shy, unhappy Allison, the solution is escape: as a child, into her own private world; then, as soon as she graduates from high school, from the city in which she grew up. When Allison finally returns to Seattle, it is as a superstar intellectual property litigator. She is just beginning to find happiness—and love with a man named Lucas—when the psychopath chooses her as his next pawn. Praise for the Novels of Katherine Stone: "Katherine Stone's magical touch makes A Midnight Clear a story for all seasons.”—Book Page “Remarkably romantic and thoroughly enchanting.”—Rendezvous on Pearl Moon “Poignant . . . Cass is an intrepid heroine, but it is Chase who wins our hearts when he refuses to allow Cass’s seeming betrayal to stop him from protecting his beloved.”—Midwest Book Review on Bed of Roses “Fairytale elements mix with those of a present day romance for . . . thoroughly enjoyable results.”—Kirkus Reviews on Rainbows Katherine Stone writes “in the vein of Danielle Steel and Sandra Brown”—Library Journal “Alluring . . . Fascinating . . . Each page brings a new adventure, every plot twist another question begging to be answered.”—Rendezvous on Imagine Love “Heart-tugging . . . few romance fans will remain unmoved.”—Publishers Weekly on Thief of Hearts Katherine Stone's "high quality romance ranks right up there with Nora Roberts."—Booklist

Archaeology of the Night

By Nancy Gonlin,April Nowell
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University Press of Colorado
  • Book Code : 1607326787
  • Total of Pages : 442
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 919
  • Pdf File: archaeology-of-the-night.pdf

Book Short Summary:

How did ancient peoples experience, view, and portray the night? What was it like to live in the past when total nocturnal darkness was the norm? Archaeology of the Night explores the archaeology, anthropology, mythology, iconography, and epigraphy of nocturnal practices and questions the dominant models of daily ancient life. A diverse team of experienced scholars uses a variety of methods and resources to reconstruct how ancient peoples navigated the night and what their associated daily—and nightly—practices were. This collection challenges modern ideas and misconceptions regarding the night and what darkness and night symbolized in the ancient world, and it highlights the inherent research bias in favor of “daytime” archaeology. Numerous case studies from around the world (including Oman, Mesoamerica, Scandinavia, Rome, Great Zimbabwe, Indus Valley, Peru, and Cahokia) illuminate subversive, social, ritual, domestic, and work activities, such as witchcraft, ceremonies, feasting, sleeping, nocturnal agriculture, and much more. Were there artifacts particularly associated with the night? Authors investigate individuals and groups (both real and mythological) who share a special connection to nighttime life. Reconsidering the archaeological record, Archaeology of the Night views sites, artifacts, features, and cultures from a unique perspective. This book is relevant to anthropologists and archaeologists and also to scholars of human geography, history, astronomy, sensory studies, human biology, folklore, and mythology. Contributors: Susan Alt, Anthony F. Aveni, Jane Eva Baxter, Shadreck Chirikure, Minette Church, Jeremy D. Coltman, Margaret Conkey, Tom Dillehay, Christine C. Dixon, Zenobie Garrett, Nancy Gonlin, Kathryn Kamp, Erin Halstad McGuire, Abigail Joy Moffett, Jerry D. Moore, Smiti Nathan, April Nowell, Scott C. Smith, Glenn R. Storey, Meghan Strong, Cynthia Van Gilder, Alexei Vranich, John C. Whittaker, Rita Wright

From Here to Caprock

By Max Gallimore
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1456861433
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : Travel
  • Members : 681
  • Pdf File: from-here-to-caprock.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book From Here to Caprock

Delphi Collected Works of E. F. Benson with the Complete Mapp and Lucia Novels (Illustrated)

By E. F. Benson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Delphi Classics
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 960
  • Pdf File: delphi-collected-works-of-e-f-benson-with-the-complete-mapp-and-lucia-novels.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The prolific novelist E. F. Benson is celebrated for his hilarious satires of upper-middle-class life, as depicted in the ‘Mapp and Lucia’ novels, and for being an adept narrator of ghost stories. This comprehensive eBook presents the largest collection of Benson’s works ever compiled in a single edition, with numerous illustrations, rare texts and concise introductions. (Version 2) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Benson’s life and works * Concise introductions to the novels and other texts * 49 novels, all with individual contents tables * The complete ‘Mapp and Lucia’ novels and stories - all six novels, linked in series order * Many early and late novels available here for the first time in digital publishing * Images of how the books were first printed, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * Rare short story collections, appearing here for the first time in digital print * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the short stories * Easily locate the ghost stories you want to read * Includes a wide selection of Benson’s non-fiction * Features an autobiography - discover Benson’s literary life * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres * UPDATED with 17 more novels, 2 rare Mapp and Lucia stories, 3 more short story collections and Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: Mapp and Lucia Series Queen Lucia (1920) Miss Mapp (1922) Lucia in London (1927) Desirable Residences (1929) The Male Impersonator (1929) Mapp and Lucia (1931) Lucia’s Progress (1935) Trouble for Lucia (1939) Other Novels Dodo: A Detail of the Day The Rubicon The Judgment Books Limitations The Babe, B.A. The Vintage The Capsina Mammon and Co. The Princess Sophia The Luck of the Vails Scarlet and Hyssop An Act in a Backwater The Book of Months The Relentless City The Valkyries The Challoners The Angel of Pain The House of Defence Sheaves The Blotting Book The Climber A Reaping Daisy’s Aunt The Osbornes Mrs. Ames Dodo’s Daughter Thorley Weir Arundel Mike An Autumn Sowing David Blaize The Freaks of Mayfair David Blaize and the Blue Door Up and Down Across the Stream Robin Linnet Dodo Wonders Lovers and Friends Peter Colin Colin II Paying Guests Ravens’ Brood The Short Story Collections Six Common Things; Or, a Double Overture The Room in the Tower, and Other Stories Visible and Invisible Spook Stories More Spook Stories The Countess of Lowndes Square and Other Stories The Short Stories List of Short Stories in Chronological Order List of Short Stories in Alphabetical Order The Non-Fiction Daily Training The Cricket of Abel, Hirst, and Shrewsbury Winter Sports in Switzerland Crescent and Iron Cross Poland and Mittel-Europa Charlotte Brontë The Autobiography Our Family Affairs

Daughters of an Emerald Dusk

By Katherine V. Forrest
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bella Books
  • Book Code : 1642472123
  • Total of Pages : 190
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 746
  • Pdf File: daughters-of-an-emerald-dusk.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Fifty-five years have passed since 4,000 women escaped a tyrannical Earth and colonized the planet of Maternas. The women of the Unity have brought children into their world, the first in the history of humankind to inherit a legacy of ultimate freedom and possibility. But these children are a breed unto themselves. They have bonded and communicate with each other in a way the older generation cannot fathom, and most disturbing of all, they question many of the Unity’s cherished precepts, laying claim to a rival standard of conduct. Into this widening schism walks young Joss. She becomes deeply involved with Emerald, a woman who struggles to locate her long-lost daughter and finds herself caught between two factions in a burgeoning conflict of the gravest proportions. With Daughters of an Emerald Dusk, Forrest has created her most electrifying, suspenseful, and yes, sexiest novel yet in this acclaimed series that began in 1984 with Daughters of a Coral Dawn.

Orissa Society of Americas 34th Annual Convention Souvenir

  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Odisha Society of the Americas
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category :
  • Members : 335
  • Pdf File: orissa-society-of-americas-34th-annual-convention-souvenir.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Orissa Society of Americas 34th Annual Convention Souvenir for Convention held in 2003 held at Princeton, New Jersey re-published as Golden Jubilee Convention July 4-7, 2019 Atlantic City, New Jersey commemorative edition. Odisha Society of the Americas Golden Jubilee Convention will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey during July 4-7, 2019. Convention website is Odisha Society of the Americas website is

Terrestrial Environments

By J.L. Cloudsley-Thompson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 1000699323
  • Total of Pages : 264
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 280
  • Pdf File: terrestrial-environments.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Originally published in 1975 Terrestrial Environments covers the zoogeography and ecology of the main terrestrial environments of the world, including fresh water habitats with emphasis on their fauna. The book also explores climate and vegetation in so far as they affect animal life. Finally, the selective influence of the environment on its fauna is discussed and, conversely, the influence of regulation, a synthesis of these interrelations. Morphological adaptations of the animals inhabiting various types of terrestrial environments are considered in relation to locomotion, feeding, and escape from enemies. Physiological adaptations are also mentioned briefly, and the adaptative importunate of diurnal and seasonal rhythms is stressed.

A Voyage to Arcturus

By David Lindsay
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1625586035
  • Total of Pages : 252
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 456
  • Pdf File: a-voyage-to-arcturus.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A Voyage to Arcturus is a novel by the Scottish writer David Lindsay. First published in 1920, it combines fantasy, philosophy, and science fiction in an exploration of the nature of good and evil and their relationship with existence. It has been described by the critic and philosopher Colin Wilson as the "greatest novel of the twentieth century" and was a central influence on C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy.

Rain Dance

By Joy DeKok
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Infusion Publishing
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category :
  • Members : 998
  • Pdf File: rain-dance.pdf

Book Short Summary:

What happens when a Christian woman facing a childless future and a woman seeking an abortion are waiting to see the same doctor? What if after that "chance" encounter they are unable to forget each other? What if they find themselves drawn together in spite of their drastic differences by their surprising similarities? What if they somehow find the courage to become friends? Rain Dance takes the listener into the hearts of these two women as they journey closer to the heart of the One who offers hope and healing.

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

By Mark J. Plotkin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Book Code : 1101644699
  • Total of Pages : 352
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 781
  • Pdf File: tales-of-a-shaman-s-apprentice.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The fascinating account of a pioneering ethnobotanist’s travels in the Amazon—at once a gripping adventure story, a passionate argument for conservationism, and an investigation into the healing power of plants, by the author of The Amazon: What Everyone Needs to Know For thousands of years, healers have used plants to cure illness. Aspirin, the world's most widely used drug, is based on compounds originally extracted from the bark of a willow tree, and more than a quarter of medicines found on pharmacy shelves contain plant compounds. Now Western medicine, faced with health crises such as AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer, has begun to look to the healing plants used by indigenous peoples to develop powerful new medicines. Nowhere is the search more promising than in the Amazon, the world's largest tropical forest, home to a quarter of all botanical species on this planet—as well as hundreds of Indian tribes whose medicinal plants have never been studied by Western scientists. In Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, ethnobotanist Mark J. Plotkin recounts his travels and studies with some of the most powerful Amazonian shamans, who taught him the plant lore their tribes have spent thousands of years gleaning from the rain forest. For more than a decade, Dr. Plotkin raced against time to harvest and record new plants before the rain forests' fragile ecosystems succumb to overdevelopment—and before the Indians abandon their own culture and learning for the seductive appeal of Western material culture. Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice relates nine of the author's quests, taking the reader along on a wild odyssey as he participates in healing rituals; discovers the secret of curare, the lethal arrow poison that kills in minutes; tries the hallucinogenic snuff epena that enables the Indians to speak with their spirit world; and earns the respect and fellowship of the mysterious shamans as he proves that he shares both their endurance and their reverence for the rain forest.

Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection: 140+ Dystopian Novels, Space Action Adventures, Lost World Classics & Apocalyptic Tales

By H. G. Wells,Abraham Merritt,Edgar Wallace,Jules Verne,Edgar Allan Poe,Mary Shelley,Edwin A. Abbott,Jack London,Robert Louis Stevenson,George MacDonald,Henry Rider Haggard,William Hope Hodgson,H. P. Lovecraft,Edward Bellamy,Mark Twain,Arthur Conan Doyle,Francis Bacon,C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne,Lewis Grassic Gibbon,Margaret Cavendish,Jonathan Swift,William Morris,Samuel Butler,Edward Bulwer-Lytton,James Fenimore Cooper,Charlotte Perkins Gilman,Owen Gregory,Hugh Benson,Fred M. White,Ignatius Donnelly,Ernest Bramah,Arthur Dudley Vinton,Robert Cromie,Anthony Trollope,Cleveland Moffett,Richard Jefferies,Percy Greg,David Lindsay,Edward Everett Hale,Stanley G. Weinbaum,Otis Adelbert Kline,Malcolm Jameson,Garrett P. Serviss,Gertrude Barrows Bennett
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : e-artnow
  • Book Code : 8027248175
  • Total of Pages : 18430
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 878
  • Pdf File: sci-fi-ultimate-collection.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Musaicum Books presents to you this unique SF collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The War of the Worlds The Island of Doctor Moreau The Invisible Man… Jules Verne: Journey to the Center of the Earth 20.000 Leagues under the Sea The Mysterious Island… Mary Shelley: Frankenstein The Last Man Edgar Wallace: Planetoid 127 The Green Rust… Otis Adelbert Kline: The Venus Trilogy The Mars Series Malcolm Jameson: Captain Bullard Series Garrett P. Serviss: Edison's Conquest of Mars A Columbus of Space The Sky Pirate… Arthur Conan Doyle: The Professor Challenger Series Francis Bacon: New Atlantis Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland Jack London: Iron Heel The Scarlet Plague The Star Rover… Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde George MacDonald: Lilith H. Rider Haggard: King Solomon's Mines She William H. Hodgson: The House on the Borderland The Night Land… Edgar Allan Poe: Some Words with a Mummy Mellonta Tauta… H. P. Lovecraft: Beyond the Wall of Sleep The Cats of Ulthar Celephaïs Edward Bellamy: Looking Backward: 2000–1887 Equality… Mark Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Owen Gregory: Meccania the Super-State Margaret Cavendish: The Blazing World Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels William Morris: News from Nowhere Samuel Butler: Erewhon Edward Bulwer-Lytton: The Coming Race James Fenimore Cooper: The Monikins Hugh Benson: Lord of the World Fred M. White: The Doom of London Ernest Bramah: The Secret of the League Arthur D. Vinton: Looking Further Backward Robert Cromie: The Crack of Doom Anthony Trollope: The Fixed Period Cleveland Moffett: Richard Jefferies: After London Francis Stevens: The Heads of Cerberus Percy Greg: Across the Zodiac David Lindsay: A Voyage to Arcturus Stanley G. Weinbaum: Stories from the Solar System Abraham Merritt: The Moon Pool The Metal Monster… Hyne: The Lost Continent

I Got the Horse Right Here

By Joseph James Reisler
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Book Code : 1493052217
  • Total of Pages : 288
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 871
  • Pdf File: i-got-the-horse-right-here.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Burned out by working the baseball beat for years, in the summer of 1922 Damon Runyon was looking for a new sport to cover for The New York American as a change of pace. Having pilloried golf just a few years before, he went to Saratoga that August to sample horse racing and found that “There, right in front of him, were so many of the characters he so loved from his time covering the comings and goings of the Manhattan night crowd.” This was just the tonic Runyon needed to emerge from his malaise. Runyon didn’t just cover the great races and which horse won: he would get to the track days before and roam along the backstretch, speaking with the trainers, the gamblers, the rich owners, and the wise guys, many of which became model characters in his fiction and in the musical Guys and Dolls. This book collects the best of Runyon’s horse racing columns to 1936, when he moved on to other beats.

Insiders' Guide® to Seattle

By Shelley Seale
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Book Code : 0762767316
  • Total of Pages : 336
  • Category : Travel
  • Members : 431
  • Pdf File: insiders-guide-to-seattle.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A first edition, Insiders' Guide to Seattle is the essential source for in-depth travel and relocation information to this thriving city in the Pacific Northwest. Written by a local (and true insider), this guide offers a personal and practical perspective of Seattle and its surrounding environs.

The Night Angel (Heirs of Acadia Book #4)

By T. Davis Bunn,Isabella Bunn
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bethany House
  • Book Code : 158558570X
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 799
  • Pdf File: the-night-angel.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Dramatic Sequel to The Noble Fugitive Serafina's painful memories of betrayal in Venice soften with her growing fondness for John Falconer, who has joined her father in a new commercial venture. His work thrusts him into America's first gold rush--in the Carolina mountains! When Falconer fails to return from a trip as planned, rumors begin to swirl that his past has caught up to him--or worse. Serafina seeks hope from yet another tale: a "night angel," who pays a slave's ransom in freshly-minted gold! With her father's help, Serafina sets out to determine Falconer's fate. But her own destiny hangs in the balance...

The Nature of Diversity

By Daniel R. Brooks,Deborah A. McLennan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University of Chicago Press
  • Book Code : 0226922472
  • Total of Pages : 676
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 848
  • Pdf File: the-nature-of-diversity.pdf

Book Short Summary:

All living things on earth—from individual species to entire ecosystems—have evolved through time, and evolution is the acknowledged framework of modern biology. Yet many areas of biology have moved from a focus on evolution to much narrower perspectives. Daniel R. Brooks and Deborah A. McLennan argue that it is impossible to comprehend the nature of life on earth unless evolution—the history of organisms—is restored to a central position in research. They demonstrate how the phylogenetic approach can be integrated with ecological and behavioral studies to produce a richer and more complete picture of evolution. Clearly setting out the conceptual, methodological, and empirical foundations of their research program, Brooks and McLennan show how scientists can use it to unravel the evolutionary history of virtually any characteristic of any living thing, from behaviors to ecosystems. They illustrate and test their approach with examples drawn from a wide variety of species and habitats. The Nature of Diversity provides a powerful new tool for understanding, documenting, and preserving the world's biodiversity. It is an essential book for biologists working in evolution, ecology, behavior, conservation, and systematics. The argument in The Nature of Diversity greatly expands upon and refines the arguments made in the authors' previous book Phylogeny, Ecology, and Behavior.

Pistols at Dawn (Intrepid Heroines Series, Book 4)

By Andrea Pickens
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ePublishing Works!
  • Book Code : 1614175306
  • Total of Pages : 200
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 120
  • Pdf File: pistols-at-dawn.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Eliza Kirtland will do anything to see the man who cruelly assaulted her sister brought to justice—even point a pistol at the notorious Lord Killingworth. But her mistaken accusations result in grave injury to the earl's nephew. Now Eliza's sister—a noted healer—feels obliged to nurse the young man back to health, and Eliza has no choice but to help. Killingworth is not pleased with the arrangement. Tensions swirl between the four of them, until new bonds are discovered when evil strikes again and they must work together to fight a relentless enemy, who will stop at nothing to drive Killingworth away from his estate. INTREPID HEROINES SERIES, in order Code of Honor The Hired Hero A Stroke of Luck Pistols at Dawn SCANDALOUS SECRETS SERIES, in order The Banished Bride Lady of Letters The Major's Mistake LESSONS IN LOVE, in series order The Defiant Governess Second Chances The Storybook Hero

Five Hours Before Midnight: A Story of Fear, Faith, and Survival

By Mary Adams
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Ambassador International
  • Book Code : 1620203731
  • Total of Pages : 256
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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  • Pdf File: five-hours-before-midnight.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Pitch black velvety eerie sky that night, not a sound anywhere. I was rejected, betrayed, abused, and left for dead. Three days from nowhere, I thought my life was over, but the Lord rescued me. I ran twenty-five hundred miles away from one nightmare and wound up in another far worse. The man followed me for years. Despite my attempts to rid myself of this fearful specter, he was always there. Deep in my fear, God saved me once again. Up on that high, rigid Verdes Cliff with the raging water beneath me, death was all around. On the verge of insanity, the Lord stepped in and rescued me. He gave me back my life. This is my story of how, despite fearful circumstances, God is always there. No matter where you are, no matter what midnight hour you face, remember you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.


By Ward Tanneberg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Kregel Publications
  • Book Code : 9780825499029
  • Total of Pages : 528
  • Category : Fiction
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  • Pdf File: vanished.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This electrifying and heart-pounding sequel to Without Warning combines a profound understanding of a broken world with realistic portrayals of how Christ can still make a difference in our age of terror. Held hostage by radical Islamic terrorists in Israel, Jessica Cain's survival hangs on a chance encounter with a total stranger and the possibility that her father can save her. Guaranteed fiction!


  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1499018045
  • Total of Pages : 104
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
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  • Pdf File: grandpa-bear-s-story.pdf

Book Short Summary:

These stories were initiated and written for those members of my family. They were originally penned to serve as children’s stories for parents and young ones alike to reread and continue to perceive the great beauty of nature. However, they are more closely related to Environmental Stories, while they still last.... These stories are written by a Bear. They reveal themselves under a different format than what would be expected. After all, being a Bear has a different outlook and perspective. And, for those who speak the language of a Bear, “One Word Says It All...GRRRR !” GRRRR !

KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN Ultimate Collection: 21 Novels & 130+ Short Stories, Fairy Tales and Poems (Illustrated)

By Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : e-artnow
  • Book Code : 8075832752
  • Total of Pages : 4845
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
  • Members : 461
  • Pdf File: kate-douglas-wiggin-ultimate-collection.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Table of Contents: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Series: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm New Chronicles of Rebecca The Flag-Raising Penelope Hamilton Series: Penelope's English Experiences Penelope's Experiences in Scotland Penelope's Irish Experiences Penelope's Postscripts The Homespun Trilogy: Rose o' the River The Old Peabody Pew Susanna and Sue Other Novels: A Summer in a Cañon: A California Story Polly Oliver's Problem: A Story for Girls The Birds' Christmas Carol The Romance of a Christmas Card Timothy's Quest Marm Lisa Mother Carey's Chickens The Diary of a Goose Girl A Cathedral Courtship The Story of Waitstill Baxter The Story of Patsy Short Stories: The Village Watch-Tower Tom O' the Blueb'ry Plains The Nooning Tree The Fore-Room Rug A Village Stradivarius The Eventful Trip of the Midnight Cry Ladies-in-Waiting Miss Thomasina Tucker The Turning-Point Huldah the Prophetess Two on a Tour Philippa's Nervous Prostration Anthologies: The Arabian Nights: Their Best Known Tales The Fairy Ring Tales of Wonder Every Child Should Know The Talking Beasts: A Book of Fable Wisdom The Story Hour: A Book for the Home and the Kindergarten Golden Numbers: A Book of Verse for Youth The Posy Ring: A Book of Verse for Children Pinafore Palace Other Works: The Girl and the Kingdom: Learning to Teach The Republic of Childhood: Froebel's Gifts Children's Rights: A Book of Nursery Logic Bluebeard: A Musical Fantasy The Girl Scouts: A Training School for Womanhood Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856-1923) was an American educator and author of children's stories, most notably the classic children's novel Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. She devoted her adult life to the welfare of children in an era when children were commonly thought of as cheap labor.

Death of a Huntsman

By H.E. Bates
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Book Code : 144821517X
  • Total of Pages : 222
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 800
  • Pdf File: death-of-a-huntsman.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In his second collection of novellas, first published in 1957, Bates tackles bitter romantic deceptions and love triangles in what the Times Literary Supplement calls 'Mr Bates at his best.' In 'Night Run to the West' a greedy wife plots the death of her invalid husband, as seen through the eyes of her lover, a civilised truck-driver who has been innocently drawn into her web. 'Summer in Salander' involves an inert shipping clerk and an attractive, demanding woman who visits his island. Having left her own husband, she selfishly sets out to destroy the young man she meets while on holiday. Bates cites this story as a rare case in which a work of imagination is later simulated in real life, when a similar woman appeared on board a ship where Bates and his wife were returning to the island he used as the story's setting. 'The Queen of Spain Fritillary' looks back at a summer flirtation a woman pursued with an older man when she was seventeen. Bates portrays the pastoral setting of their romance, and the foolishness and thoughtlessness that characterised their relationship. Also included in this collection is bonus story 'Victim of Silence'. First published in the Daily Mail in 1939 it follows a young man, new to London, who is offered lodging in an ominous building. With just a torch for light, he encounters a fellow lodger, 'a war-crazy man with a gun in his hand.'

Song of Erin

By BJ Hoff
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
  • Book Code : 0736932836
  • Total of Pages : 560
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 844
  • Pdf File: song-of-erin.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Originally published to strong sales, this edition combines two of BJ’s best novels into one saga–length volume! The mysteries of the past confront the secrets of the present in bestselling author BJ Hoff’s magnificent Song of Erin saga. In her own unique style, Hoff spins a panoramic story that crosses the ocean from Ireland to America, featuring two of her most memorable characters. In this tale of struggle and love and uncompromising faith, Jack Kane, the always charming but sometimes ruthless titan of New York’s most powerful publishing empire, is torn between the conflict of his own heart and the grace and light of Samantha Harte, the woman he loves, whose own troubled past continues to haunt her. “The Song of Erin contains some of my favorite characters. This story—and its people—hold a very special place in my heart.” BJ Hoff

Lords of the Plains

By Paul Bedford
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Robert Hale Ltd
  • Book Code : 0719827132
  • Total of Pages : 160
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 337
  • Pdf File: lords-of-the-plains.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Josiah Wakefield and his friend Dan Sturgis are buffalo hunters on the Northern Plains of Nebraska, shortly after the Civil War. Their job is to provide meat for the labourers pushing the Union Pacific Railroad relentlessly westward. Tiring of the bloody slaughter, they find work as trouble-shooters for the same railroad, as Sioux warriors are attacking the supply trains and tracklayers. However, the pair quickly discover that someone is supplying the Indians with repeating rifles, and that stolen 'Double Eagles' are the incentive. Recovering the gold turns out to be relatively simple: keeping hold of it is something else entirely. Even the Missouri River seems to be against them. Unsure who they can trust, they return to the railhead. Here, in a familiar environment, they decide to make a stand against all comers, in the hope that they can finally bring the ringleader to account.

12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar

By Jeffrey Marcus Oshins
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : DeepSix Publishers
  • Book Code : 0615271456
  • Total of Pages : 304
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 240
  • Pdf File: 12.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The firsthand account of a god who comes to Earth to destroy mankind and ends up being its defender. When clouds suddenly envelop the globe and a ceaseless rain begins to fall on every continent, Du Moss, an amphibious teen, has only days to save the Age of Man from the Great Flood that will wash away the modern world.