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The Graphic Canon of Crime and Mystery, Vol. 1

By Russ Kick
  • ISBN Code: : 1609807863
  • Publisher : Seven Stories Press
  • Pages : 352
  • Category : Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Reads : 766
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : the-graphic-canon-of-crime-and-mystery-vol-1.pdf

Book Excerpt :

The first of two volumes builds on the brilliant and original Graphic Canon series in retelling classic works of literature as comics and other visual forms. Organized thematically, Volume 1 opens with "The Act" (think In Cold Blood and A Clockwork Orange), followed by sections dedicated to "Criminals," Whodunit," "Judgment" (Scarlet Letter, anyone?), and "Punishment." Here you'll find stunning and suspenseful adaptations starring classic PIs Sherlock Holmes, Auguste Dupin, Hercule Poirot, Father Brown, Mike Hammer, and teenage girl-detective Violet Strange. But the mystery, intrigue, and foul play don't end (or begin) there. The artists also bring to life crime stories from the Arabian Nights, the Bible, The Canterbury Tales, China's Song Dynasty, Shakespeare, James Joyce's Dubliners, Patricia Highsmith, Truman Capote, and current writers like Stephen King, Jo Nesbo, and Sara Paretsky. Rick Geary brings his crisp style to Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. Teddy Goldenberg gives us a dense, murky treatment of Dashiell Hammett's "The Road Home," often considered the first hardboiled detective story ever published. C. Frakes resurrects the forgotten novella "Talma Gordon," the first mystery written by an African American; and Shawn Cheng renders the first serial-killer story, the so-called fairy tale "Bluebeard" by Charles Perrault. Even the very natures of crime, justice, and punishment are up for grabs. Landis Blair reimagines The Trial, as a choose-your-own-adventure story that you cannot win, Ted Rall retells an O. Henry story about a petty criminal who just can't get arrested. From The Marquis de Sade to James Cain, Aeschylus to Paula Hawkins, crime and mystery has never been so brilliantly reimagined.

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Swamp Thing returns in a new series that stars Levi Kamei as the next Guardian of the Green! Unable to control his transformation into the monstrous Swamp Thing, Levi is thrust into the harsh, unforgiving mystery of grisly murders committed by a supernatural desert legend. Levi must revisit past events in his homeland of India and face the deadly reality of a ravenous new villain in order to comprehend what he is truly, and horrifyingly, becoming. A new era of global action and horror blossoms here, and Swamp Thing will be at the root of it! Collects Future State: Swamp Thing #1-2 and Swamp Thing #1-4.

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Los Angeles, 2009 When the body of a Tyrell Corporation scientist working on an experimental new type of Replicant is discovered in her laboratory, an apparent suicide, LAPD detective Cal Moreaux is assigned to the case. Determined to find the truth behind the seemingly routine suicide, he encounters a deadly conspiracy within the Tyrell Corporation itself. Set ten years before the events of the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2019 comic book series and the original Ridley Scott film, this in-canon prequel sees the birth of the Blade Runner department and introduces a new hero to the Blade Runner pantheon. Featuring stunning art by Fernando Dagnino and Marco Lesko, and a grippng story by K. Perkins & Mellow Brown, and Mike Johnson. “It is simply perfect! An absolute must-have for Blade Runner and cyberpunk fans alike.” – Big Comic Page “From the distinct cityscape to the 1920s look of the police station, it looks perfect. Top marks to the art team.” – The Pullbox

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La faim frappe aux portes du royaume de France,Le froid et la mort gouvernent.Un homme les défie. Hiver 1709. Une vague de froid meurtrière frappe le Royaume de France épuisé par la guerre de succession d'Espagne. Les températures polaires tuent, affament, détruisent récoltes, arbres et bétails. La famine pousse certains à la sauvagerie... Le grain est désormais plus précieux et plus convoité que l'or. Au cœur de ces paysages désolés, l'intrépide et aventureux Loys Rohan mène une course contre la montre jalonnée de pièges mortels et de mauvaises rencontres, afin de prendre livraison d'une cargaison de blé providentielle, pour le compte de Louis XIV. Avec Hyver 1709, Nathalie Sergeef et Philippe Xavier nous emmènent sur les routes hostiles de la campagne française au début du XVIIIe siècle, figée par le gel et la neige. Entre histoire, aventure et récit de capes et d’épées, plongez dans cet ambitieux diptyque magnifié par le dessin réaliste et puissant d’un Philippe Xavier au sommet de son art ! Prix du Meilleur dessin, Chambéry BD 2017 Prix du Patrimoine (Corse-Matin), festival de la BD d’Ajaccio 2016