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The Angel's Game

By Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  • ISBN Code: : 0307373738
  • Publisher : Doubleday Canada
  • Pages : 544
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 135
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : the-angel-s-game.pdf

Book Excerpt :

From master storyteller Carlos Ruiz Zafon, author of the international phenomenon The Shadow of the Wind, comes The Angel’s Game — a dazzling new page-turner about the perilous nature of obsession, in literature and in love. The whole of Barcelona stretched out at my feet and I wanted to believe that when I opened those windows — my new windows — each evening its streets would whisper stories to me, secrets in my ear, that I could catch on paper and narrate to whomever cared to listen… In an abandoned mansion at the heart of Barcelona, a young man, David Martin, makes his living by writing sensationalist novels under a pseudonym. The survivor of a troubled childhood, he has taken refuge in the world of books and spends his nights spinning baroque tales about the city’s underworld. But perhaps his dark imaginings are not as strange as they seem, for in a locked room deep within the house lie photographs and letters hinting at the mysterious death of the previous owner. Like a slow poison, the history of the place seeps into his bones as he struggles with an impossible love. Close to despair, David receives a letter from a reclusive French editor, Andreas Corelli, who makes him the offer of a lifetime. He is to write a book unlike anything that has ever existed — a book with the power to change hearts and minds. In return, he will receive a fortune, and perhaps more. But as David begins the work, he realizes that there is a connection between his haunting book and the shadows that surround his home. Once again, Zafon takes us into a dark, gothic universe first seen in The Shadow of the Wind and creates a breathtaking adventure of intrigue, romance, and tragedy. Through a dizzyingly constructed labyrinth of secrets, the magic of books, passion, and friendship blend into a masterful story.

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The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball, 2d ed.

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More than any other sport, baseball has developed its own niche in America’s culture and psyche. Some researchers spend years on detailed statistical analyses of minute parts of the game, while others wax poetic about its players and plays. Many trace the beginnings of the civil rights movement in part to the Major Leagues’ decision to integrate, and the words and phrases of the game (for example, pinch-hitter and out in left field) have become common in our everyday language. From AARON, HENRY onward, this book covers all of what might be called the cultural aspects of baseball (as opposed to the number-rich statistical information so widely available elsewhere). Biographical sketches of all Hall of Fame players, owners, executives and umpires, as well as many of the sportswriters and broadcasters who have won the Spink and Frick awards, join entries for teams, owners, commissioners and league presidents. Advertising, agents, drafts, illegal substances, minor leagues, oldest players, perfect games, retired uniform numbers, superstitions, tripleheaders, and youngest players are among the thousands of entries herein. Most entries open with a topical quote and conclude with a brief bibliography of sources for further research. The whole work is exhaustively indexed and includes 119 photographs.

The Work of the Angel in Our Astral Body

By Rudolf Steiner
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rudolf Steiner Press
  • Book Code : 1855843315
  • Total of Pages : 48
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Members : 207
  • Pdf File: the-work-of-the-angel-in-our-astral-body.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A great deal is happening all the time in world evolution; and it falls to human beings, particularly those of our own time, to acquire real understanding of the world events in which they are involved. In this popular lecture Rudolf Steiner reveals that the angels - the spirits closest to human beings - are seeking to create images in human astral bodies. These images are given with the intention of bringing about 'definite conditions in the social life of the future' related to brotherhood, religious freedom, and conscious spirituality. Other spiritual beings, however, are working against the angels. If, as a consequence of their disruption, humanity sleeps though the angels' spiritual revelation, the consequences will be dire, and aberrations connected to sexuality, the misuse of medicine, and the misapplication of mechanical forces will begin to manifest.

The Bilko Athletic Club

By Gaylon H. White
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The Bilko Athletic Club is the story of the 1956 Los Angeles Angels, a team of castoffs and kids built around a bulky, beer-loving basher of home runs named Steve Bilko. The Angels compiled a 107-61 won-loss record, finishing sixteen games ahead of their closest competitor. That year, Bilko paced the Pacific Coast League in eight categories: home runs, batting average, runs batted in, hits, runs scored, walks, total bases, and slugging percentage. Including original interviews with 24 of the ’56 Angels, as well as interviews with dozens of additional players, umpires, sportswriters, and fans, this book takes the reader back to the golden era of baseball and shares the players’ hopes, successes, doubts, and disappointments as they pursued their dreams.

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By K Edgington,Thomas Erskine,James M. Welsh
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In this reference volume, more than 200 fictional feature-length movies with a primary focus on an athletic endeavor are discussed, including comedies, dramas, and biopics. Brief summaries and credit information are provided for an additional 200 films, and appendixes include made-for-teleivion movies and documentaries.

The Great Book of Los Angeles Sports Lists

By Steve Hartman,Matt "Money" Smith
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Running Press Adult
  • Book Code : 0786748877
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With multiple franchises in pro sports—Lakers and Clippers (NBA), Dodgers and Angels (MLB), and Kings and Ducks (NHL)—plus major interest in UCLA and USC athletics, LA’s fans are some of the most sports-crazed in the country. Matt “Money” Smith and Steve Hartman—two of the leading authorities on So-Cal sports—stir up the scene with this entertaining compilation, including guest lists from Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Luc Robitaille, Jeanie Buss, Steve Garvey, and many more.

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He wanted entrance to the inner circle of London court where power and position was everything. The key to his success was to gain where others failed, like a pawn in a game of chess all he had to do was capture his niece. Angelet evaded him with the help of her knight she was able to protect her castle and the one thing he wanted the most. With a bold move she was able to change the game by capturing him while showing him that she possessed the Angels Tears and he has just lost all.

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By Pat Jordan
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The acclaimed author of A False Spring profiles athletes famous and obscure in this captivating and incisive anthology Once a young pitching prospect with the Milwaukee Braves, Pat Jordan went on to become one of America’s most revered sports journalists, writing for Sports Illustrated, Esquire, the New York Times Magazine, and a host of other major league publications. The Best Sports Writing of Pat Jordan showcases his finest journalism, with twenty-six extraordinary articles covering virtually the entire range of professional sports in America—from baseball, football, and basketball to boxing, tennis, and Formula One racing. Jordan offers indelible portraits of some of the most legendary sports figures of our time, exposing the imperfections often obscured by the bright lights of fame. He explores the miracle of the Williams sisters and their brash, charismatic father, Richard, and turns his unflinching gaze on such controversial sports personalities as Roger Clemens and O. J. Simpson. Other highlights include a poignant account of Duke basketball legend Bobby Hurley’s rehabilitation after a devastating car accident, a profile of transsexual tennis star Renée Richards, and fascinating side-trips to the Professional Poker Tour, the child beauty pageant circuit, and a depressed, blue collar town in Pennsylvania where high school football offers the only solace.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Takes a Swing at Baseball

By Bathroom Readers' Institute
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1607106728
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  • Category : Humor
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  • Pdf File: uncle-john-s-bathroom-reader-takes-a-swing-at-baseball.pdf

Book Short Summary:

An intriguing collection of the characters, teams, history, philosophy, stadiums, equipment, best books, best movies and dumbest ideas of baseball. Why is baseball such a great subject for a Bathroom Reader? Because it’s steeped in history and tradition, it’s rife with scandals and controversy, and most of the men that dedicate their life to it are just a little bit…weird. Uncle John’s spirited take on the game takes you deep into that history to paint a detailed picture of where the game came from and where it may be going. You’ll go behind the scenes at spring training, listen in on pitcher’s mound conferences, and meet the players, coaches, fans, and broadcasters who make this the greatest game in the world! Swing for the fences as you read about… * Minor league mishaps * The violent history of umpiring * The true story of Lou Gehrig’s heroic rise and tragic fall * The man who pitched a no-hitter while tripping on LSD * The origins of gloves, baseballs, bats, uniforms, helmets, and more * Baseball’s most famous call and how it was saved for posterity * The best and worst teams of all time * Animals in the outfield * The birth of Little League * The Abner Doubleday myth And much, much more!

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162-0: Imagine a Yankees Perfect Season imagines that season by identifying the most memorable victory in Yankees history on every single day of the baseball calendar season, from late March to late October. Ranging from games with incredible historical significance and individual achievement to those with high drama and high stakes, this book imagines the impossible: a blemish-free Yankees season. Evocative photos, original quotes, thorough research, and engaging prose and analysis all highlight 162-0.


By David Ortiz,Michael Holley
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  • Book Code : 0544814541
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  • Members : 453
  • Pdf File: papi.pdf

Book Short Summary:

WITH A NEW AFTERWORD “Baseball fans of all loyalties will enjoy learning about [Ortiz’s] unique experiences in and out of the game.” —Library Journal David “Big Papi” Ortiz is a baseball icon and one of the most popular figures ever to play the game. A key part of the Boston Red Sox for fifteen years, Ortiz helped to win three World Series, bringing back a storied franchise from “never wins” to “always wins.” He helped upend the doubters, the naysayers, and the nonbelievers, and, as he launched balls into the stands again and again and again, he captured the imagination of millions of fans. Ortiz made Boston and the Red Sox his home, his place of work, and his legacy. As he put it: This is our f*&#ing city. In Papi, his ultimate memoir, Ortiz opens up as never before. The result is a revelatory, fly-on-the-wall story of a career by a player with a lot to say at the end of his time in the game to which he gave so much and which gave so much to him. “The rise of Ortiz from scrap-heap bench player to Hall of Famer is an unlikely and entertaining story, and engagingly told . . . The memoir lives up to its ‘no-holds-barred’ billing.” —Washington Post


By John Coppett
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  • Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
  • Book Code : 1480931691
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Book Short Summary:

Gamer By: John Coppett Gamer by John Coppett is a unique tale of fiction based on the life of Millard “Frosty” Snyder, a 74-year-old widower. As we meet Frosty on an early April day, he is tending the garden that his late wife, Francine, had loved and cared for; it is the first anniversary of her passing. The couple had been childless, which had left Frosty without a support system. Gardening was an activity that provided some relief from his sorrow; it made him feel close to Francine. The story unravels in several realms of time and space, which gives the reader a deeper understanding of the life of Frosty Snyder. There will be glimpses of his past as a Minor League Baseball catcher and later as a scout for the Cardinals; with so many memories, his recollections prompt him to consult with Francine, even though she is gone. There is the present, which takes off with an unexpected invitation to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and makes him a celebrity in his hometown. And then there are the ghosts of players from the past, now playing for the Eternal League; will this be in Frosty’s future? With Frosty’s notoriety, come opportunities he could never have dreamed of at the age of seventy-four. Will the possibility of a scandal create more stress than he can handle; or, will Frosty Snyder succeed in fulfilling a promise made, showing himself to be a true “gamer”? Enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is the life of Millard “Frosty” Snyder. To quote the author, “Never give up on a dream.”

The Angels Trilogy

By Lurlene McDaniel
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Laurel Leaf
  • Book Code : 0307814130
  • Total of Pages : 560
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
  • Members : 581
  • Pdf File: the-angels-trilogy.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Leah is not happy about being stuck in the hospital for the holidays while her mother is thousands of miles away on a honeymoon with husband number five. Until she meets her hospital roommate, Rebekah, and her big family. Cynical 16-year-old Leah has never known people like this before. From Rebekah’s handsome brother, Ethan, who can barely look Leah in the eye, to her kind older sister, Charity, the Amish family captivates Leah with its simple, loving ways. When Leah receives frightening information about her condition, her new friends show her that miracles can happen. And that sometimes angels appear in the most unexpected places.

The Reagan Years: a Social History of the 1980’S

By Richard Stanley
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Book Code : 1532037716
  • Total of Pages : 324
  • Category : History
  • Members : 403
  • Pdf File: the-reagan-years.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Ronald Reagans legacy as president is nearly unparalleled in American history due to his domestic and foreign policy leadership. Reagans contrarian insistence on advocating limited government and supply-side economics drew much bipartisan criticism, causing the Great Communicator to take his argument that lowering taxes would encourage economic growth directly to the people. The result? Congress granted $750 billion in tax cuts in 1981. The Reagan Revolution had begun. By mid-1983, the nations economy was booming. On President Reagans first day in office, the Iran Hostage Crisis finally came to an end. Fifty-two American embassy personnel held hostage by a defiant Iran during the last four hundred-plus days of the Carter administration were freeda definite win for all Americans. But Reagan soon was widely criticized for insulting Russias leaders by calling the Soviet Union the evil empire. Later, Reagan was criticized at home and abroad for challenging Soviet premier Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. Reagans most criticized proposal of all, however, was his insistence on developing his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)space weapons to defend America from incoming Soviet nuclear missiles. Domestic critics dismissed his proposal as a Star Wars fantasy (but the Soviets feared SDI). By December 1991, it was clear that Reagans Star Wars fantasy helped cause the bankruptcy and total collapse of the Soviet Union, bringing a peaceful end to the decades-long Cold War.

Moon Baseball Road Trips

By Timothy Malcolm
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  • Publisher : Moon Travel
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Sunshine, hot dogs, friends, and the excitement of the game: Baseball is called America's pastime for a reason. Experience the best of the MLB cities and stadiums with Moon Baseball Road Trips. Flexible Itineraries: Explore the 30 major league cities with a variety of road trip options, including a Boston to DC route, a loop through the Midwest, a dip into Toronto, a cruise along the West Coast, and more Visit all the Ballparks: From the ivy walls of Wrigley to Fenway's Green Monster and Dodger Stadium's gorgeous mountain views, experience every ballpark in the league and dive into local fan culture Catch a Game: Find valuable tips for snagging tickets and get the inside scoop on the best places to park or catch public transit, where to eat and drink nearby, and events like music festivals, the Hall of Fame Weekend, Fourth of July celebrations, and more Explore the Major League Cities: Get to know the MLB hometowns with full chapters on each city. Pay respects to Babe Ruth in Baltimore, visit Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and stroll through the Boston Common. Find the best local craft breweries, and chow down on chili dogs, barbecue, fresh crab, and more foodie specialties. Hold back a tear at the Field of Dreams, grab a seat for a Spring Training game, or rent a kayak on the bay and try to catch a fly ball from San Francisco's Oracle Park Expertise and Know-How: Former baseball writer and avid Phillies fan Timothy Malcolm shares his advice for planning the perfect baseball road trip Maps and Driving Tools: Easy-to-use maps, along with mileages, driving times, and directions, with full-color photos throughout Helpful resources on COVID-19 Planning Tips: Where to stay, when and where to get gas, how to avoid traffic, and tips for driving in different road and weather conditions, plus suggestions for seniors, families with kids, and more With Moon Baseball Road Trips' practical tips, local expertise, and flexible itineraries, you're ready to step up to the plate and hit the road.

100 Things Rangers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

By Rusty Burson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Triumph Books
  • Book Code : 1633197735
  • Total of Pages : 368
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 683
  • Pdf File: 100-things-rangers-fans-should-know-do-before-they-die.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Most Texas Rangers fans have gone to at least a game or two in Arlington and were gripped by every captivating moment of the team's 2015 postseason run. But only real fans know the significance of the numbers 8, 34, and 1972, or where to find the best Rangers bars in Texas. 100 Things Rangers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is the ultimate resource for true fans of the Texas Rangers, whether you cheered on the Ryan Express or are a recent supporter of the team under Jeff Bannister. From the bizarre and wonderful 1977 season to the Josh Hamilton saga and beyond, experienced sportswriter Rusty Burson has collected every essential piece of Rangers knowledge, plus must-do activities, and ranks them all from 1 to 100, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist as you progress on your way to fan superstardom. This updated edition includes the Rangers' recent memorable successes, including the push to the 2015 playoffs, and new faces like Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels.

Fools Rush Inn

By Bill James
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ACTA Publications
  • Book Code : 0879466138
  • Total of Pages : 188
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 410
  • Pdf File: fools-rush-inn.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In this second collection of recent articles (the first was Solid Fool's Gold), groundbreaking sabermetrician and baseball historian Bill James takes his unique way of looking at the world and applies it to topics as diverse as the major league players who went out on top, whether ground ball pitchers are as good (or as bad) as people think, do hitters like Yasiel Puig have hot hand streaks (they do) and why (that's a different question), and do teams have tough stretches and soft patches in their schedules (they do) and how to mention them. Along the way, James takes several detours to discuss his views on classical music, fiction versus non-fiction, keeping will animals in captivity, conservatives and liberals, and several other things that interest or offend him. He even includes a couple of his favorite old baseball stories and a new way to summarize something's or someone's history in exactly 10-25-50-100-200-500 words.


By Ken Harrelson,Jeff Snook
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Triumph Books
  • Book Code : 1641250437
  • Total of Pages : 288
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 297
  • Pdf File: hawk.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Anyone who's tuned in to a White Sox game during the past four decades has heard his calls and catchphrases: "Mercy!" "Rack 'em up!" "He gone!" Ken Harrelson is a man who knows how to talk and is brimming with stories, but even the most dedicated fans haven't heard them all; many of "Hawk's" most memorable tales are simply not suitable for television broadcasts. Now, in his memoir, Harrelson opens up on a wide variety of topics, from his volatile childhood, to life in the major leagues, to stints as a professional golfer and MLB general manager, and of course his storied years in the broadcast booth. He minces no words when reflecting on brawls, blowups, and encounters with figures ranging from Mickey Mantle and Arnold Palmer to Frank Sinatra and Bobby Kennedy. Packed with the enthusiasm and candor audiences have come to expect, Hawk is a no-holds-barred look at a singular life and career.

Big Papi

By David Ortiz,Tony Massarotti
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Book Code : 1429917164
  • Total of Pages : 288
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 158
  • Pdf File: big-papi.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Raised in the Dominican Republic, signed by the Seattle Mariners, and released by the Minnesota Twins, David Ortiz landed in baseball-crazy Boston, of all places. Generally regarded as an underachiever to that point in his career, Ortiz blossomed into one of the most feared and adored sluggers in baseball while altering the course of the game's history, helping Boston win its first World Series in eighty-six years and thereby breaking the infamous "Curse of the Bambino." Along the way, Ortiz established his place as a truly Ruthian figure in the annals of our national pastime: an imposing figure in the batter's box, yet an endearing man to the young, particularly in his native Dominican Republic, where he has focused his charitable efforts on improving the health of children. The son of two caring parents, and a loving father of three, Ortiz is a hero to many. Now, in his memoir, the man affectionately known as "Big Papi" recounts his life from growing up in an impoverished area of the Dominican Republic (where baseball is king) to his ascension in Boston (where he became one). Ortiz discusses, in detail, his historic and record-setting performances as a member of the Red Sox, his exploding popularity, the challenges of playing in Boston, and life in the Red Sox clubhouse. BIG PAPI is a unique memoir by a charismatic man who appeals to young and old, on the baseball field or off.

Three Princess Series

By Bobby Cinema
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 1496908104
  • Total of Pages : 216
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 243
  • Pdf File: three-princess-series.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Three Princess Series are three stories from three different princess from the modern time. First Princess Serena whose from Albanian royal family is a anaheim angels baseball fan who falls in love with a nerdy pitcher John Mackey who plays for Anaheim Angels baseball team. Second Princess is Princess Amy, whose father is british duke and a cousin to Queen of English and twentieth line of the throne of England. Princess Amy is trying to save her father oil company in England that’s how they became wealthy from evil lord who wants to marry Amy and take his father’s crown and his money and falls for a nerdy fat librarian who helps her save her father’s crown. Third Princess is Lorelai Rosenberg who was nicknamed the Princess of the water, she was a successful supermodel and an olympic gold medalist who owns a Rec Center and teaches a nerdy librarian who hasn’t been inside the lake or pool since his father’s died. Three different princess stories in one book in all modern times. I hope you love them like I did.

Thar's Joy in Braveland

By Saul Wisnia,Joe Wancho,Bob Buege,Chip Greene,John Vorperian,Michael J Bielawa,Mel Marmer,Rory Costello
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : SABR, Inc.
  • Book Code : 1933599723
  • Total of Pages : 330
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
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Book Short Summary:

"You talk about destiny, well, you can't rule that out. We were hard-nosed and that showed up in 1957." -- Braves catcher Del Crandall to editor Gregory H. Wolf Few teams in baseball history have captured the hearts of their fans like the Milwaukee Braves of the 19505. During the Braves' 13-year tenure in Milwaukee (1953-1965), they had a winning record every season, won two consecutive NL pennants (1957 and 1958), lost two more in the final week of the season (1956 and 1959), and set big-league attendance records along the way. This book celebrates the Milwaukee Braves' historic 1957 World Series championship season. Led by the bats of National League Most Valuable Player Henry Aaron and slugging third baseman Eddie Mathews and the "Big Three" pitching trio (Cy Young Award winner Warren Spahn, Lew Burdette, and Bob Buhl) the Braves won 95 games. The team enjoyed standout seasons by shortstop Johnny Logan, outfielder Wes Covington, and catcher Del Crandall And GM John Quinn pulled off the biggest trade of the summer, acquiring All-Star second baseman Red Schoendienst from the New York Giants. The Braves cemented their place in history by defeating the New York Yankees in the World Series. In one of the greatest performances in the history of the fall classic, crafty Lew Burdette tossed his second consecutive shutout (and third complete game) to defeat the Bronx Bombers in Game Seven, in Yankee Stadium. A collaborative effort of 32 members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), Thar's Joy in Braveland! The 1957 Milwaukee Braves portrays that memorable team with life stories of all of the roster players, the manager and coaching staff, the owner, the general manager, and sportswriters and radio announcers. Summaries of the regular season and World Series re-create the magic of that unforgettable season. Table of Contents: Introduction:The Milwaukee Braves Make History by Gregory H Wolf From Yawkey to Milwaukee: Lou Perini Makes his Move by Saul Wisnia THE BRAVES Henry “Hank” Aaron by William Johnson Joe Adcock by Gregory H Wolf Bill Bruton by John Harry Stahl Bob Buhl by Gregory H Wolf Lew Burdette by Alex Kupfer Dick Cole by Doug Engleman Gene Conley by John R Husman Wes Covington by Andy Sturgill Del Crandall by Gregory H Wolf Ray Crone by Gregory H Wolf John DeMerit by Steven Schmitt Harry Hanebrink by Andy Sturgill Bob Hazle by Nancy Snell Griffith Joey Jay by Joe Wancho Ernie Johnson by Dana Sprague Dave Jolly by Chip Greene Nippy Jones by Dan Fields Johnny Logan by Bob Buege Bobby Malkmus by Gregory H Wolf Felix Mantilla by Rick Schabowski Eddie Mathews by David Fleitz Don McMahon by John Vorperian Red Murff by Michael J Bielawa Danny O’Connell by Mel Marmer Andy Pafko by Dale Voiss Phil Paine by Chip Greene Taylor Phillips by Rick Schabowski Juan Pizarro by Rory Costello Del Rice by Norm King Mel Roach by David Fleitz Carl Sawatski by Gregory H Wolf Red Schoendienst by Kristen Lokemoen Ray Shearer by William Johnson Warren Spahn by Jim Kaplan Chuck Tanner by Dan Fields Hawk Taylor by Steven Schmitt Bobby Thomson by Jeff Findley Frank Torre by Norm King Bob Trowbridge by Nancy Snell Griffith THE MANAGER Fred Haney by Jim Gordon THE COACHES Bob Keely by Gregory H Wolf Johnny Riddle by Nancy Snell Griffith Charlie Root by Gregory H Wolf Connie Ryan by John McMurray GENERAL MANAGER John Quinn by Rory Costello County Stadium by Gregg Hoffmann Jane Jarvis by Rory Costello THE SPORTSWRITERS Headlines and Deadlines: Wordsmiths of the Braves by Bob Buege Lou Chapman by Bob Buege Red Thisted by Bob Buege Bob Wolf by Bob Buege RADIO ANNOUNCERS Voices of the Braves: Blaine Walsh and Earl Gillespie by Bob Buege REGULAR SEASON SUMMARY The Milwaukee Braves Season Timeline and Summary by Gregory H Wolf WORLD SERIES SUMMARY World Series Summary by Norm King By the Numbers: Milwaukee Braves in 1957 by Dan Fields Thirteen Years of Magic by Bob Buege

The Angels of WakanTanka

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  • Publisher : Babelcube Inc.
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Book Short Summary:

Orlando Eijo transports us to a story to understand the complex and beautiful relationship between man and dog. In a subtle but emotional discourse, he teaches us the main characteristics of this natural symbiosis.

The Side of the Angels

By Robert McLaughlin
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  • Publisher : Pickle Partners Publishing
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Book Short Summary:

The Side of the Angels, first published in 1947, is a novel set in World War II centering on two brothers: Tom Egan and his older brother Clark. Tom, a private in the U.S. Army, sails for Italy and takes part in the landings at Salerno. Clark, also in Italy, serves in the OSS. The brothers’ experiences - Tom is wounded and Clark escapes death during a German air-raid - and differing viewpoints drive them apart, and their differences grow upon their return to America. The Side of the Angels is compelling for its warm, sensitive portrayal of the characters within the broader scope of the war. Author Robert McLaughlin (1908-1973) was a journalist and editor of Time magazine for more than 20 years. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II. In addition to writing three novels, he published numerous short stories. The Side of the Angels was his first novel.

Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction

By Ymitri Mathison
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  • Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
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  • Total of Pages : 252
  • Category : Literary Criticism
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  • Pdf File: growing-up-asian-american-in-young-adult-fiction.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Contributions by Hena Ahmad, Linda Pierce Allen, Mary J. Henderson Couzelis, Sarah Park Dahlen, Lan Dong, Tomo Hattori, Jennifer Ho, Ymitri Mathison, Leah Milne, Joy Takako Taylor, and Traise Yamamoto Often referred to as the model minority, Asian American children and adolescents feel pressured to perform academically and be disinterested in sports, with the exception of martial arts. Boys are often stereotyped as physically unattractive nerds and girls as petite and beautiful. Many Americans remain unaware of the diversity of ethnicities and races the term Asian American comprises, with Asian American adolescents proving to be more invisible than adults. As a result, Asian American adolescents are continually searching for their identity and own place in American society. For these kids, being or considered to be American becomes a challenge in itself as they assert their Asian and American identities; claim their own ethnic identity, be they immigrant or American-born; and negotiate their ethnic communities. The contributors to Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction focus on moving beyond stereotypes to examine how Asian American children and adolescents define their unique identities. Chapters focus on primary texts from many ethnicities, such as Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, South Asian, and Hawaiian. Individual chapters, crossing cultural, linguistic, and racial boundaries, negotiate the complex terrain of Asian American children's and teenagers" identities. Chapters cover such topics as internalized racism and self-loathing; hyper-sexualization of Asian American females in graphic novels; interracial friendships; transnational adoptions and birth searches; food as a means of assimilation and resistance; commodity racism and the tourist gaze; the hostile and alienating environment generated by the War on Terror; and many other topics.

Celebrating Ourselves

By Daryl Russell Grigsby
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Book Short Summary:

Celebrating Ourselves demonstrates how baseball is intricately woven in the fabric ofAfrican-American family, social and political life. Beyond the significant accomplishments on the diamond, well-recounted here, baseball knitted generations, taught perseverance, demonstrated economic independence and been a forum for civil rights and equality. From Moses FleetwoodWalker in 1884 to the founding of the Negro National League in 1920; from Jackie Robinson in 1947 to today's Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities (RBI); the game is connected with personal achievement, community advancement, economic independence and social equality. This book discusses baseball from three perspectives; from the player, the fan and the family.Alongside statistics and accomplishments on the field, we read of the perseverance and dedication of the African-American baseball fan.Much has been made of the decline in baseball's popularity among black Americans. When observers ask, 'Where is the African- American fan?' this book boldly responds, 'Right here '

Ernie Harwell

By Tom Keegan
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  • Publisher : Triumph Books
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Book Short Summary:

When the Tigers roar, only Ernie Harwell's smooth southern voice can be heard above the din. After 42 years as the Voice of the Detroit Tigers, Harwell will retire once the 2002 season ends. The only play-by-play broadcaster to cover games in seven decades, Harwell has seen (and has a story about) everyone from Babe Ruth to Ichiro Suzuki.

If These Walls Could Talk: Los Angeles Dodgers

By Houston Mitchell
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  • Publisher : Triumph Books
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Book Short Summary:

Since moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958, the Dodgers have had an eventful—and frequently successful—history. From playing in the 100,000-seat Coliseum to five World Series titles, from Fernandomania to Mannywood, and from Sandy Koufax to Clayton Kershaw, the Boys in Blue have long been a team to watch. This history of the Dodgers provides a closer look at the great moments and the lowlights that have made them one of the seminal teams in the major leagues. Through multiple interviews conducted with current and former players, readers will meet the athletes, coaches, and management and share in their moments of triumph and defeat. The author recalls key moments in Dodgers history such as the building and breakup of the Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey infield, the sad decline of Steve Howe, the amazing comeback at the tail-end of the 1980 season, and the Frank McCourt saga. If These Walls Could Talk: Los Angeles Dodgers brings the storied history of the team come to life.

Down, But Not Out

By Barry Minkow
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  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson
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Book Short Summary:

Everyone's had a bad day, some of us have had a lot worse. But as Barry Minkow shows in this inspirational and empowering book, you can come back from anything. He started from jail-and millions in debt. You might be starting from a wrecked marriage. Or a business gone belly up. Whatever your failure, you can overcome and get beyond it starting today. In Down, But Not Out, Barry explains the 10 all-important steps you need to succeed in the process. You may not end up helping the FBI bust investment fraud like Barry does today, but you can turn your life around and get back on the road to success. Barry shows you how.

The Angels

By Major Edward M. Flanagan Jr.
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Book Short Summary:

This is the definitive account of the history of the U.S. Army’s 11th Airborne Division (The Angels) from 1943-1946, by then-Major Edward M. Flanagan, Jr. who served with that division in the Pacific War. “The Division was activated at Camp Mackall, N. Carolina on Feb. 25, 1943, and was composed of former glider and veteran Airborne troops. Upon activation, the Division began intensive training to get the glider troops jump-qualified, and the Division was ready to move overseas in early 1944. Sent first to New Guinea for training in jungle combat, the Division took part in the Leyte landings in the Philippines in Nov. 1944. Moving inland, the unit relieved the battle-weary 24th and 37th Inf. Divs. with the mission to clear a mountain pass from Burauen to Ormoc. It took 3 months of bitter fighting, often hand-to-hand, to drive the Japanese defenders from the pass and surrounding heights. In late January, 1945, the 11th went back into action after a short rest, landing at Nasgubu Beach, Luzon, 70 miles from Manila. Their objective was to remove enemy opposition from a major highway and link with Allied forces attacking Manila. After capturing Fort McKinley and Nichols field, the 11th launched their assault on Manila joining the 1st Cav. Div. and the 37th Inf. Div. who were attacking from the North. Once the capitol was secured, the 11th made a daring raid behind enemy lines and freed more than 2,100 Allied civilian and military POWs from the Los Baños Internment Camp, considered one of the most successful rescues in military history. Following the Los Baños raid, the 11th Airborne spent the next few weeks mopping up resistance in southern Luzon. In May, 1945, the Division began preparations for the expected invasion of Japan, but with Japan's surrender in August, the Division instead moved to Okinawa to escort Gen. Douglas MacArthur into Japan. The 11th Airborne remained in Japan until 1949 before returning to the U.S.”-print ed.

100 Things Angels Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

By Joe Haakenson
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  • Publisher : Triumph Books
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Book Short Summary:

Inspired by and written for the devout Angels fan, this lively and detailed book explores important facts and figures from the baseball team's storied history. Decades of tradition, victories and defeats, name revisions, and Hall of Fame inductions are distilled into an entertaining list that journeys from one to 100 into what makes a true fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. From the essentials, such as the Nolan Ryan era, to the lesser-known tidbits, including the team's origin and what started the Rally Monkey, this book is the ultimate resource to Angels knowledge and trivia and even suggests the best places to eat and drink before a game.