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By Mike Reeves-McMillan
  • ISBN Code: : 1927598583
  • Publisher : Digital Science Fiction
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  • Category : Books
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Book Excerpt :

A reluctant, inexperienced and ineffectual ruler must become the leader his people need when an old rival's hate-filled rhetoric foments rebellion. The young ruler has an ally and mentor, a competent woman who rules the realm to the south. Unfortunately, an ancient magical treaty between their realms means she can't send in her troops, her skyboats or her pressure guns. What she can do, though, is share a new magical communications technology and her elite corps of Gryphon Clerks. 5/5 "This is a fast paced story with a constant amount of action in it. The story feels fresh; I guess what I am saying is the collaborative approach of the two rulers builds an unusal plot device which makes the story interesting." - Sparta (April 25, 2013) 5/5 "Don't miss this! Realmgolds is one of those books that is an unexpected pleasure. The fantasy aspect of this book is very different from Tolkien types even if it does reference non-humans that we are familiar with such as dwarves and gnomes. This is a very good thing as it establishes this whole series as its own individual world." - S0rceress0 (March 28, 2013) Realmgolds received an Independent Novel Award for 2013 from the New Podler Review of Books.

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