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Planet Neptune and the Modern Us Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama

By Suzanne Angioli
  • ISBN Code: : 1504351827
  • Publisher : Balboa Press
  • Pages : 468
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Reads : 316
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  • Pdf : planet-neptune-and-the-modern-us-presidents.pdf

Book Excerpt :

While studying the astrological birth charts of all the US presidents, I discovered that those of the thirteen modern US presidents, from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama, all had the natal Sun (the planet most associated with ones basic identity) making an aspect (certain designated degrees between two planets) to their natal Neptune. This was surprising since I would have thought that politicians, particularly those aspiring to the presidency, would have an overwhelming emphasis on the Sun-Mars aspect, but not on the Sun-Neptune aspect. What I discovered in my research was that good politicians are not warriors (Sun-Mars) per se who use the techniques of warfare to muscle their way through adversity. Rather, they are good actors (Sun-Neptune) who are essentially chameleons (Sun-Neptune) operating in the foggy (Neptune) realm of subtlety (Neptune) and seduction, using their sensitivity (Neptune) and charm (Neptune) to serve their intuitive (Neptune) sides to try to achieve their goals. It became apparent that a good politician is excellent at assuming different roles in order to fit a given political situation and move his agenda forward. The Sun in aspect to Neptune is not unusual, but there is no aggregate population that has 100 percent of its members with this aspect like the modern presidents. I was intrigued with this occurrence and thus set out to research their individual biographies to see just how this aspect played out in their lives. After all, it seemed to be almost a prerequisite for being elected to the modern Oval Office.

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