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Not God

By Ernest Kurtz
  • ISBN Code: : 159285902X
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 456
  • Category : Education
  • Reads : 625
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Book Excerpt :

A fascinating, account of the discovery and program of Alcoholics Anonymous, Not God contains anecdotes and excerpts from the diaries, correspondence, and occasional memoirs of AA's early figures. The most complete history of A.A. ever written. Not God contains anecdotes and excerpts from the diaries, correspondence, and occasional memoirs of A.A.'s early figures. A fascinating, fast-moving, and authoritative account of the discovery and development of the program and fellowship that we know today as Alcoholics Anonymous.

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God Is Not Great

By Christopher Hitchens
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Christopher Hitchens, described in the London Observer as “one of the most prolific, as well as brilliant, journalists of our time” takes on his biggest subject yet–the increasingly dangerous role of religion in the world. In the tradition of Bertrand Russell’s Why I Am Not a Christian and Sam Harris’s recent bestseller, The End Of Faith, Christopher Hitchens makes the ultimate case against religion. With a close and erudite reading of the major religious texts, he documents the ways in which religion is a man-made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repression, and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos. With eloquent clarity, Hitchens frames the argument for a more secular life based on science and reason, in which hell is replaced by the Hubble Telescope’s awesome view of the universe, and Moses and the burning bush give way to the beauty and symmetry of the double helix.

Fear Not; God Is in Charge

By Pastor Florence Maina
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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  • Book Code : 1973653451
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Book Short Summary:

In today’s world, people must deal with fears of all kinds. Economic strain and a shortage of jobs cause students to dread what will happen after their education is complete. Parents worry when their adolescent children become unruly and ignore their advice. Fear crosses all boundaries and visits all groups throughout humanity. With fear so much on our minds, Fear Not; God Is in Charge seeks to encourage us and help us face the fears we all encounter. No matter what you’re afraid of, God—your Creator and Father in heaven—will take care of it. Once you know that God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, you can experience inner peace and unspeakable joy. Fear can hinder your progress in life, but through His word, God will remind you not to be afraid. Author Florence Maina shares some of her experiences and struggles to show how God intervened in her life to dispel fear through His word. You too can overcome the difficulties you face by becoming open and sincere and surrendering everything to the Lord. This spiritual guidebook serves as a reminder that God is there to comfort you and help you through your fears, no matter what their source may be.

God Is Not God’S Name

By Rev. Steve Edington
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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  • Book Code : 1490789693
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  • Pdf File: god-is-not-god-s-name.pdf

Book Short Summary:

I concede to the irony of writing a book with the words beyond words in its subtitle. If I were to truly go beyond words, the following pages would all be blank! I am hardly the first to deal with this conundrum, however. Jewish scholars tell us that in the aftermath of the Babylonian Exile of the sixth century BCE, the Jews ceased to use their name for GodYahwehbecause the divine name had come to be regarded as too sacred and holy to even be spoken. They had to come up with other ways to identify that which they regarded as ultimately sacred and holy. I can relate.

God's Delay, Is Not God's Denial

By Tracy Ross-Garlington
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Book Short Summary:

There is no available information at this time.

All That Glitters Is Not God

By A.K.B. Kumar
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Partridge Publishing
  • Book Code : 148281515X
  • Total of Pages : 514
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 641
  • Pdf File: all-that-glitters-is-not-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This fictionAll that Glitters Is Not Godis the readers own story because, while reading, youll realize that you yourself are the writer and the reader, creator and creation, hero and villain. The climax occurs in your period of living, in your native place where youre the hot and the cold, beautiful and ugly, hard and soft, rude and gentle, ups and downs, fire and water, matters supporting birth and death, also beneficial and harmful bacteria. Thus youre the god and the devil in this book. You may or may not grant this ecological novel as your autobiographical story as the narrator is a tree, and all the characters, places, times, and reasons in this book are imaginary. Youd love to imbibe the italic wording used by the tree is alien to the time and place of the occurrence of the story, especially the slang indication and figures of speech like simile and metaphor. If you find the hero tree is mettlesome and metaphysical, it is with the academic support of his mother (earth), a key protagonist. And, you know the earth is the oldest, largest, and greatest university ever established by the Almighty God.

I’m Not God

By Jonathan Levy
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Notion Press
  • Book Code : 1637147503
  • Total of Pages : 68
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 500
  • Pdf File: i-m-not-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Satan tries for more and more persons to be destroyed so that God does not get importance. Satan also does miracles and tries to prove that he is God, but God, from the birth of a person, until he expires, he is the only God on the earth, and there is nothing possible without God. People work hard to fulfil their intentions. They wishes, to get money, obtain knowledge, success, love, children, bungalows and cars so that they become happy. But it is not obtained everything in life only by hard work and knowledge. God is always present with the person. When he sleeps, when he works, when he performs sex and when he enjoys, there is the presence of God in all things. But, during the life of a person, God proves that he is the most powerful and omnipotent. And nothing is possible without the wish of God. The breath of life is in the hands of God, and he bestows life, maintains it and death occurs on his wish.

No god but God: The Origins and Evolution of Islam

By Reza Aslan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Delacorte Press
  • Book Code : 0375898263
  • Total of Pages : 176
  • Category : Young Adult Nonfiction
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  • Pdf File: no-god-but-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Engaging, accessible, and thought-provoking, No god but God is a persuasive, elegantly written, and accessible introduction for young readers to a faith that for much of the West remains shrouded in ignorance and fear. Adapted for young readers from No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam, this exploration of Islam by Reza Aslan, internationally acclaimed scholar of comparative religion, delves into the rituals and traditions of a religion that is largely misunderstood by the West. It covers the religion’s origins—the revelation of Muhammad as Prophet and the subsequent uprising against him, and the emergence of his successors—as well as Islam’s complex history. No god but God is sure to stimulate discussion and encourage understanding of the Islamic faith and the people who follow it. Praise for No god But God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam of Islam “This welcome addition to Islamic studies provides a valuable context for reflection about the origins of issues facing Muslims and their neighbors today.”—Publishers Weekly “An introduction to Islam as evocative as it is provocative.”—Kirkus Reviews “Wise and passionate book.”—New York Times Financial Times Best Book of the Year

I Am Not God and Neither Are You

By Dr. Donavan D. McCargo
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Book Code : 1490830219
  • Total of Pages : 116
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Members : 416
  • Pdf File: i-am-not-god-and-neither-are-you.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In today’s world, many of us spend a great deal of our time working, stressing, and being overwhelmed with the challenges of our environment—all in the spirit of obtaining our goals and aspirations. While on this journey we call life, we encounter hardship, disappointments, and an array of setbacks that have the potential to make us lose sight of the bigger picture. For many of us, the mere concept of living life becomes a constant struggle; as we hold on for dear life to see yet another day. This book is written to change how you approach your goals, relationships, work, and most importantly, life. The contents of this book are practical and applicable to a wide range of people—including you. I encourage you to open your heart and your mind and enjoy!

No God but One: Allah or Jesus? (with Bonus Content)

By Nabeel Qureshi
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Book Code : 0310522560
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Religion
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Book Short Summary:

BONUS: This eBook includes downloadable videos and a Q&A with Nabeel Qureshi that are not found in the print edition. Having shared his journey of faith in the New York Times bestselling Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi now examines Islam and Christianity in detail, exploring areas of crucial conflict and unpacking the relevant evidence. In this anticipated follow-up book, Nabeel reveals what he discovered in the decade following his conversion, providing a thorough and careful comparison of the evidence for Islam and Christianity--evidence that wrenched his heart and transformed his life. In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi recounted his dramatic journey, describing his departure from Islam and his decision to follow Christ. In the years that followed, he realized that the world’s two largest religions are far more different than they initially appeared. No God but One: Allah or Jesus? addresses the most important questions at the interface of Islam and Christianity: How do the two religions differ? Are the differences significant? Can we be confident that either Christianity or Islam is true? And most important, is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth? Nabeel shares stories from his life and ministry, casts new light on current events, and explores pivotal incidents in the histories of both religions, providing a resource that is gripping and thought-provoking, respectful and challenging. Both Islam and Christianity teach that there is No God but One, but who deserves to be worshiped, Allah or Jesus? This eBook includes the full text of the book plus bonus content not found in the softcover! Bonuses include a Q&A with Nabeel Qureshi and downloadable videos that answer important questions about Islam and Christianity. Please note that some e-reader devices do not accommodate video play. You can still access the bonus videos by copying the web address provided into an internet browser on a device or computer that accommodates video content.

Without Absolutes, God Is Not God

By Ronald A Train
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1479751340
  • Total of Pages : 243
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 785
  • Pdf File: without-absolutes-god-is-not-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Absolutes As a Christian it is foundational, I believe, to hold to absolutes. For example; a Christian should have absolutes about Gods ontology (the principle of being), absolutes about theology (the study of God), absolutes about Christology (the study of Christ) and absolutes about pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit). Each of the foregoing absolutes, I believe, impact upon how one constructs a world view and how one considers the wider implications of Gods kingdom work; hence, why I have titled this collection of essays Without absolutes, God is not God. I guess the reader will be asking him or herself why is there a requirement to hold to absolutes. The need for absolutes is not complex. In reality the argument determines whether one is a believer or non-believer in the triune God. A believer will weigh whether God revelationally speaks into this world generally and specifically. A non-believer will object to such a proposition and as a consequence leave him or herself open to other belief systems. To perhaps put it another way a non-believer is faced with the choice of deciding whether God is a reality or whether God is a creation of human imagination. Decision making, then, is crucial when accepting the triune God and his work. Does one make a decision to believe in God empirically or does one make a decision to believe in God from a position of faith? It is my view that God cannot be known empirically (i.e. by trial or experience) but rather he can only be known by faith. However, it depends on how we define faith. Those who accept other belief systems would argue that they too have a faith or a belief in some god or person. In the Christian context, however, faith is an action based on the accepted evidence. In other words if one accepts that the written word of God is substantially true (2 Peter 1:20-21)and that the Word of God (Jesus of Nazareth) is who he is recorded as being or is who he claims to be (John 1:1-5; 14:6-7) then faith is given substance. But I would go further and argue that authentic faith is derived from a spiritual encounter with God which then enables the recipients faith response to be one which is prompted or ignited by God. My argument is supported from Scripture (1 Corinthians 12:9; Ephesians 2:8-9) and from personal experience. Both of the foregoing references I suggest argue that faith is a gift which has its origin in God. Hence, faith is not only prompted by God but also sustained by him. The analysis of such faith is that it is revelatory and constitutes an utter reliance on who God is and why he exists. Revelatory Faith Evangelicals argue that faith is a gift from God. However, this argument is treated with caution by others. Existentialism suggests that faith is made possible and so granted, by the gracious approach and self-disclosure of being . Interestingly, at this point, there is no great variance between the latter perspective and Martin Luther who argued that faith originates with, or is at least aroused, by God. Contemplating the third article of the Apostles Creed, he wrote: I believe that I cannot of my own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, or come to him. But the Holy Spirit has called me by the Gospel, enlightened me with His gifts, sanctified and kept me in the true faith. Modernists, also argue that faith constitutes a persons response, but only after having been drawn to Gods work of salvation. This argument suggests faith to be an a priori act of God, an act that prompts recognition that in the Christ, God is endeavouring to share his own life. This arousal of faith, then, affects worship, praise and prayer and the practise of Christian discipleship. The same argument suggests, further, that the prior love of God and the response of love that it generates are what shape a persons Christian faith. Biblical support for these theological reflections is found in Ephesians

GOD IS NOT GOD, GOD IS SIP Supreme Immortal Power

By AiR
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AiR Institute of Realization
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 135
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Members : 135
  • Pdf File: god-is-not-god-god-is-sip-supreme-immortal-power.pdf

Book Short Summary:

God is not God. When you read these words, you will be shocked, and you may wonder what this is all about. But this is the Truth. God is not God. When we say God, what do we think of? We think of the God we pray to every day. Some think of Jesus, some think of Shiva, some Krishna or Ganesha. But is this truly God? When you go in quest of God, when you go in search of God, when you love God and want God, then you realize that God is not made of bone and skin. God is the power that beats in our heart within. You realize that God is Supreme, God is Immortal. God has no birth and death. God is beginningless and endless. There is no God beyond God. That’s why we don’t call God, God. We say, God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power. We have to change our belief about God. Remember, God never dies, God is never born. The truth is that God is a Power, the Supreme Power, an Immortal Power. God is SIP. This book will help you realize that God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power.

God's Not Dead

By Rice Broocks
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson
  • Book Code : 084996430X
  • Total of Pages : 304
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 410
  • Pdf File: god-s-not-dead.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Evidence Behind the Hit Movie The goal of God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty is straightforward: to help readers develop “a faith that is real and credible—and strong enough to help others find faith in God.” To that end, Rice Broocks outlines a roadmap that guides seekers to acknowledge the most basic truths of Christianity: There is overwhelming and exciting evidence for God’s existence The God who exists is indeed the God of the Bible God has revealed his nature through his Son, Jesus Christ As shown during the movie, this is the original book on which the main character bases much of his debate points with the atheistic professor. Persuasive arguments crafted with tools borrowed from logic, science, and philosophy, as well as scripture, solidify the faith of the Christian reader and provide starting points for discussions with skeptics. With clear, easy-to-follow explanations of key concepts and controversies, God’s Not Dead is apologetics for the twenty-first century, presented in layman’s terms. Readers will be empowered not only to talk about their own faith with confidence but to lead others to a relationship with Jesus.

Hell? Oh, No! God, Church!

By Gloria Smith
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
  • Book Code : 1098084500
  • Total of Pages : 116
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 440
  • Pdf File: hell-oh-no-god-church.pdf

Book Short Summary:

I wrote this book because I love God. Even when I did not know God, I knew I was being watched over. I had a hard upbringing, yet a loving mother, loving sister, and brother, twelve in all. One day, this pastor showed up with a limousine, and he and his wife had church on the Sabbath day, Saturday really. He asked my mother if we could attend. She agreed, and that was where I really realized that there is a God. We had gone to one church prior, but my mother said that we were too young then to realize it there. That was at Pastor Haynes’s. My book says that you go through a lot of everything, but God is always there. I found my life with ups and downs all the way, but it was rewarding. That is because God is real, and He had to stabilize life for me—ups, downs, twisted, good, straight, upset, whatever. He made it work. So my reason is to believe in the only one real God when all else fails. Then God will reassure you He is God. He is real. Things in life happen, but He is the only one with the solution to every problem. Life is real. Life is not a quick fix, and life is God-given. So I trust God to fix everything in life.

The Jesus We Forgot

By Brent Shores
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Book Code : 1973650436
  • Total of Pages : 266
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 972
  • Pdf File: the-jesus-we-forgot.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“And when the people saw it, they trembled and stood at a distance. Then they said to Moses, ‘Speak to us yourself and we will listen; but let not God speak to us, or we will die’” (Exodus 20:18–19). God drew near, showing Israel His glory, and out of fear Israel backed away. They were content to follow a man rather than their God. The same is still true for too many of us today. We will rely upon our churches and pastors to lead us, but are unwilling or unable to find God for ourselves. Nevertheless, Jesus pursues a relationship with each of us if we are but willing to seek Him out. Let me show you the journey God has taken me on to find that He is nearer than I ever believed.

Temple of No God

By H.M. Long
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Titan Books (US, CA)
  • Book Code : 1789095573
  • Total of Pages : 368
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 981
  • Pdf File: temple-of-no-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Epic fantasy followup to HALL OF SMOKE, featuring crumbling empires, secretive cults and godlike powers to be claimed, for readers of Margaret Owen, Brian Staveley, V. E. Schwab and Melissa Caruso. After a brutal war between the gods, Hessa – High Priestess of the Eangen – has brokered a fragile alliance between warring tribes and bought peace to her home. But a new threat is growing in the remnants of the once-great Arpa Empire. Three factions are vying to take the throne, the vast well of raw magical power only accessible to the Emperor. Hessa knows she cannot let this chance pass by – she must intervene, to protect her peoples’ hard-won future. With the peace she has sacrificed so much for at stake, Hessa must lead an army of Algatt and Eangen warriors into the heart of enemy territory. But warring Arpa factions are not the only danger – a sinister new cult is on the rise, one that sucks the life from everything it touches. With enemies on every side and the fragile peace beginning to waver, Hessa must decide who to place on the throne – no matter what it may cost her.

God is God Only: Not more, Not less

By Vijay Venkateswar
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Readworthy
  • Book Code : 9350180936
  • Total of Pages : 244
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Members : 153
  • Pdf File: god-is-god-only.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book presents a picture of the Ultimate Reality which istimeless and universal in appeal and which encompasses all beliefs. Itdispels popular misconceptions regarding God and presents anunbiased, balanced view of the Supreme Truth. The book respects all faiths. It does not seek to guide or adviseanyone on spiritual matters. It merely presents the quintessence ofthe Highest Truth. It gives complete freedom to everyone to dowhatever he or she feels is best.


By Neil Curtis with Daihana Torres
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1479779628
  • Total of Pages : 116
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 424
  • Pdf File: no-god-know-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Do you have doubts about God? Ever tried communicating with the Creator? Do you feel as if your prayers go unanswered? This book was written for you. In the early chapters of this book, the Godly-renown author, Neil Curtis, describes his remarkable experiences with God, the Creator which prepares the reader for a spiritual, reality check. Through Curtis’ experiences, visions and self-help exercises, readers will find a non-religious, simple and precise guide to personal examination and spiritual growth. “Anyone can learn how to effectively communicate with God in order to get answers and positive results,” says the author. Additionally, the shocking truth about society and how to overcome life’s tempting obstacles will be revealed. As the book progresses and as time goes on, Curtis watches the Creator’s signs intensify until one day, God communicates with Curtis like never before. A powerful series of mystical and unbelievable events occur, leaving the reader anxious to develop their own connection with the Creator. Curtis shares that his purpose was revealed to him by the Creator and that everyone will know their purpose after reading, applying and sharing the principles found within these pages. “This work will inspire people to get in touch with our Creator” says Curtis. His life purpose is to help the world unite through one common denominator, God the Creator.

God Is Not One

By Stephen Prothero
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Book Code : 0061991201
  • Total of Pages : 400
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 723
  • Pdf File: god-is-not-one.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World, New York Times bestselling author of Religious Literacy and religion scholar Stephen Prothero argues that persistent attempts to portray all religions as different paths to the same God overlook the distinct problem that each tradition seeks to solve. Delving into the different problems and solutions that Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Confucianism, Yoruba Religion, Daoism and Atheism strive to combat, God is Not One is an indispensable guide to the questions human beings have asked for millennia—and to the disparate paths we are taking to answer them today. Readers of Huston Smith and Karen Armstrong will find much to ponder in God is Not One.

There Is No God and Mary Is His Mother

By Thomas Cathcart
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Fortress Press
  • Book Code : 1506474179
  • Total of Pages : 140
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 758
  • Pdf File: there-is-no-god-and-mary-is-his-mother.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Is the Western world really post-Christian, or does Christianity simply need a reinterpretation? What did Dietrich Bonhoeffer mean by "religionless Christianity"? Is it passŽ? Or was it perhaps ahead of its time? In an era of dramatically increased religious pluralism and the emergence of large numbers of people identifying as "spiritual but not religious," so-called "religionless Christianity" can speak to those who find both biblicism and "belief-based" religion irrelevant. In this personal, witty, and timely book, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Cathcart takes readers on a journey into belief and unbelief and leads them through to the other side. Drawing from deep philosophical and theological wells, There Is No God and Mary Is His Mother demonstrates the meaningfulness of being a Christian in a secular age. Cathcart shows that, even absent traditional theological formulas and doctrines, Christianity can be a credible, meaningful, and practical means of negotiating worldly existence and experience. For Christians, There Is No God and Mary Is His Mother offers encouragement. For ex-Christians, it presents a different way of being a Christian than the one they've rejected. For atheists, it shows how Christianity can be an ally in affirming the here and now. Religionless Christianity is possible and desirable wherever and whenever it awakens personal and social transformation.

101 Reasons Why God Does Not Exist

  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : GMSEED
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 190
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 359
  • Pdf File: 101-reasons-why-god-does-not-exist.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"Does God Exist?" – the age old question that has occupied humankind ever since the concept of God was conjured up. There are several atheist books currently on the shelves that tackle this question but this book differs by presenting 101 short and concise standalone arguments against God’s existence. The Reasons make for thought provoking and compelling reading. An ideal book to dip into at random, “101 Reasons Why God Does Not Exist” is essential reading for negating the irrational and illogical dogma of religion. This book consists of 101 Reasons why BigG doesn't exist. These range from Reason 1. "All Knowledgeable" with intermediate reasons such as 18. “Live A Life Of Fear”, 19. “Fondness For Beetles And Water”, 92. “Fanatic Literalism” and concluding with Reason 101. "Doublethink".

No God But Gain

By Stephen Chambers
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Verso Books
  • Book Code : 1781688087
  • Total of Pages : 272
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 435
  • Pdf File: no-god-but-gain.pdf

Book Short Summary:

From 1501 to 1867 more than 12.5 million Africans were brought to the Americas in chains, and many millions died as a result of the slave trade. The US constitution set a 20-year time limit on US participation in the trade, and on January 1, 1808, it was abolished. And yet, despite the spread of abolitionism on both sides of the Atlantic, despite numerous laws and treaties passed to curb the slave trade, and despite the dispatch of naval squadrons to patrol the coasts of Africa and the Americas, the slave trade did not end in 1808. Fully 25 percent of all the enslaved Africans to arrive in the Americas were brought after the US ban – 3.2 million people. This breakthrough history, based on years of research into private correspondence; shipping manifests; bills of laden; port, diplomatic, and court records; and periodical literature, makes undeniably clear how decisive illegal slavery was to the making of the United States. US economic development and westward expansion, as well as the growth and wealth of the North, not just the South, was a direct result and driver of illegal slavery. The Monroe Doctrine was created to protect the illegal slave trade. In an engrossing, elegant, enjoyably readable narrative, Stephen M. Chambers not only shows how illegal slavery has been wholly overlooked in histories of the early Republic, he reveals the crucial role the slave trade played in the lives and fortunes of figures like John Quincy Adams and the “generation of 1815,” the post-revolution cohort that shaped US foreign policy. This is a landmark history that will forever revise the way the early Republic and American economic development is seen.

God Is Not Nice

By Ulrich L. Lehner
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Ave Maria Press
  • Book Code : 1594717494
  • Total of Pages : 160
  • Category : Religion
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Book Short Summary:

Ulrich L. Lehner reintroduces Christians to the true God—not the polite, easygoing, divine therapist who doesn’t ask much of us, but the Almighty God who is unpredictable, awe-inspiring, and demands our entire lives. Stripping away the niceties with a sling blade, Lehner shows that God is more strange and beautiful than we imagine, and wants to know and transform us in the most intimate way. With his iconoclastic new book God Is Not Nice, Lehner, one of the most promising young Catholic theologians in America, challenges the God of popular culture and many of our churches and reintroduces the God of the Bible and traditional Christianity. As Lehner writes in the book’s introduction, "We all need the vaccine of the true transforming and mysterious character of God: The God who shows up in burning bushes, speaks through donkeys, drives demons into pigs, throws Saul from his horse, and appears to St. Francis. It’s only this God who has the power to challenge us, change us, and make our lives dangerous. He sweeps us into a great adventure that will make us into different people." This book is not safe. It may startle and annoy many people—including those who purport to teach and preach the Gospel, but are missing it, according to Lehner. God Is Not Nice intends to overthrow all of our popular misconceptions about God, inviting us to ask deeper questions about the nature of our lives and our relationship with him. When you're finished with God Is Not Nice, you may find the idols you constructed in God’s name smashed, replaced with a God who will ask you to live an entirely different life full of hope and transformation.

Has God Failed You?

By Michael L. Brown
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  • Publisher : Chosen Books
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Book Short Summary:

As well-known Christians announce a newfound loss of faith, other believers face increasing pressure or doubt. We feel let down, ashamed to question God's goodness, and in need of assurance of our faith and answers to our pain. From a leading voice on issues facing Christians today comes a frank and insightful discussion about whether it's okay to doubt God and what to do about it. Michael L. Brown answers the very toughest questions, such as · Why are people leaving the church? · Why haven't my prayers been answered? · Why do people have to experience pain? · What if there is no God? · And more These pages will lead anyone who has been hurt, anyone with questions that will not go away, into a wonderful, fresh, life-transforming encounter with the living God.

Making Spiritual Progress (Volumes 1 - 4)

By Zacharias Tanee Fomum
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  • Publisher : ZTF Books Online
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Book Short Summary:

In this four-volume boxset, Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum, in his exhaustive study of the Bible and a lifetime of labour in the Lord, delves into the following broad subjects: - Making personal spiritual progress, - Spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting, - The being and the making of disciples, - Laws of spiritual success, - The normal church life and the Local Church. - Fellowship in the Body of Christ, - The problem with denominational systems, - And much more. There are 39 messages in total. Volumes one and two are messages taught during a church retreat in Rixheim (France) in July 1989. Volumes three and four are a series of messages that were given during the teaching ministry of the church in Yaounde (Cameroon) between 1985 and 1986. Because the messages are here produced from recordings, they are not theological discussions, but words from a heart to hearts. We prayerfully and emphatically encourage everyone to read this book. May the Lord grant you a vision of His Body, and help you enter into deep fellowship both with Him and with His people.

Not in God's Name

By Jonathan Sacks
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  • Publisher : Schocken
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Book Short Summary:

***2015 National Jewish Book Award Winner*** In this powerful and timely book, one of the most admired and authoritative religious leaders of our time tackles the phenomenon of religious extremism and violence committed in the name of God. If religion is perceived as being part of the problem, Rabbi Sacks argues, then it must also form part of the solution. When religion becomes a zero-sum conceit—that is, my religion is the only right path to God, therefore your religion is by definition wrong—and individuals are motivated by what Rabbi Sacks calls “altruistic evil,” violence between peoples of different beliefs appears to be the only natural outcome. But through an exploration of the roots of violence and its relationship to religion, and employing groundbreaking biblical analysis and interpretation, Rabbi Sacks shows that religiously inspired violence has as its source misreadings of biblical texts at the heart of all three Abrahamic faiths. By looking anew at the book of Genesis, with its foundational stories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Rabbi Sacks offers a radical rereading of many of the Bible’s seminal stories of sibling rivalry: Cain and Abel, Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his brothers, Rachel and Leah. “Abraham himself,” writes Rabbi Sacks, “sought to be a blessing to others regardless of their faith. That idea, ignored for many of the intervening centuries, remains the simplest definition of Abrahamic faith. It is not our task to conquer or convert the world or enforce uniformity of belief. It is our task to be a blessing to the world. The use of religion for political ends is not righteousness but idolatry . . . To invoke God to justify violence against the innocent is not an act of sanctity but of sacrilege.” Here is an eloquent call for people of goodwill from all faiths and none to stand together, confront the religious extremism that threatens to destroy us, and declare: Not in God’s Name.

Faith to Conceive

By Michelle D. Joseph
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Book Short Summary:

Faith to Conceive is a book about the challenges my husband and I have encountered in trying to conceive a child. Although everybody’s story is different, God’s unmovable, unshakeable love remains the same. My prayer is that my journey would encourage, motivate, and inspire women and couples to trust in God to conceive. The story of Hannah is an excellent example of Faith in action! This book takes you through my journey and goes deeper into the life of Hannah and her faith to conceive a son who became a leader in the nation of Israel and a prophet of God. Since God shows no partiality, I know he would do the same for you. Stir up your faith today and allow God to have his way in every area of your life. “As a woman, there are internal and external pressures for us to fulfill the very essence of our womanhood, and that is to give birth—birth to dreams and visions, and mostly, birth to life. There are circumstances that we face that sets a tone of discouragement, despair, and defeat, which we are tempted to speak when our heart-filled desires do not happen as we expect. We all face it in some area and time of our lives, but it is in how we respond that determines our outcomes. Michelle Joseph, a woman who endured the mountaintops and valleys, even the desert, expressly shares her journey to conceive. Michelle takes you through her struggle to live and to love, the battle to remain hopeful, and most of all, the trying of her faith to trust God at his will, way, and word. As you turn the pages, Michelle shares her emotions, cry to God, and prayers. Her hope is that you will be encouraged to stand on the promises of God and not lose hope for your desire to come through, knowing that God loves you and he is with you and for you” (Minister Simone Rawlins).

There Is No God of Lotteries

By Christine Komodowski
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Book Short Summary:

Faye Sophia is a middle-aged, creatively impotent artist in limbo. As her 52nd birthday looms, Faye attempts to answer letters in the advice column she pens to keep food on her table, knowing all the while that her own path through life has not been the smoothest. Long-divorced, retired from her insurance company career, and living alone since her children moved away, Faye has come to the sad realization that this stage of her life is very different from what she had imagined. After many years as a successful artist, she cannot even summon the creative inspiration to complete the three sculptures that sit untouched in her basement workroom. As a single parent, Faye once managed family, job, and her art—until eight years ago, when a crisis forced her to make a choice that changed three lives forever. But when a phone call brings her news that her ex-husband is dying, she is transported back into her memories. She struggles to understand the consequences of that fateful decision: loss of faith in herself, her life, and in the future. There Is No God of Lotteries is the compelling tale of a woman’s emotional quest to find peace of mind, an understanding of her place in the universe, and, most importantly, belief in herself.

The God is Not Willing

By Steven Erikson
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Book Short Summary:

'Awe-inspiring. Prepare to fall in love with epic fantasy all over again.' ANNA SMITH SPARK, author of The Court of Broken Knives The thrilling opening chapter in an epic new fantasy from the author of The Malazan Book of the Fallen... Many years have passed since three Teblor warriors brought carnage and chaos to Silver Lake. Now the tribes of the north no longer venture into the southlands. The town has recovered and yet the legacy remains. Indeed, one of the three, Karsa Orlong, is now revered as a god, albeit an indifferent one. In truth, many new religions have emerged and been embraced across the Malazan world. There are those who worship Coltaine, the Black-Winged Lord, and the cult of Iskar Jarak, Guardian of the Dead, is popular among the Empire's soldiery. Responding to reports of a growing unease among the tribes beyond the border, a legion of Malazan marines marches towards Silver Lake. They aren't quite sure what they're going to be facing, but, while the Malazan military has evolved and these are not the marines of old, one thing hasn't changed: they'll handle whatever comes at them. Or die trying. And in those high mountains, a new warleader has risen amongst the Teblor. Scarred by the deeds of Karsa Orlong, he intends to confront his god even if he has to cut a bloody swathe through the Malazan Empire to do so. But further north, a new threat has emerged and now it seems it is the Teblor who are running out of time. Another long-feared migration is about to begin and this time it won't just be three warriors. No, this time tens of thousands are poised to pour into the lands to the south. And in their way, a single company of Malazan marines . . . It seems the past is about to revisit Silver Lake, and that is never a good thing . . .

Is Our Vision of God Obsolete?

By G.R. Pafumi
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Book Short Summary:

Our vision of God varies by culture. It has changed over the millennia. We no longer believe in the pagan gods of the Romans and Greeks. Why should we expect that our current view of God will not change? Scientific knowledge and discovery is occurring at a pace never before experienced in human history. Yet our concept of God remains mired in the 15th century. This is about to change. It will become increasingly difficult for religions to convince believers educated in modern science to blindly accept as truth religious dogmas conceived centuries ago. Religious scripture is a combination of literature, myth and superstition. Science will invalidate many of these myths. This is why intelligent design advocates fear science.

No God but God

By Geneive Abdo
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  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
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Book Short Summary:

Shrouded in mystery, the Islamic presence in the Middle East evokes longstanding Western fears of terrorism and holy war. Our media have consistently focused on these extremes of Islam, overlooking a quiet yet pervasive religious movement that is now transforming the nation of Egypt. Drawing on hundreds of interviews, No God But God opens up previously inaccessible segments of Egyptian society--from the universities and professional sectors to the streets--to illustrate the deep penetration of "Popular Islamic" influence. Abdo provides a firsthand account of this peaceful movement, allowing its moderate leaders, street preachers, scholars, doctors, lawyers, men and women of all social classes to speak for themselves. Challenging Western stereotypes, she finds that this growing number of Islamists do not seek the violent overthrow of the government or a return to a medieval age. Instead, they believe their religious values are compatible with the demands of the modern world. They are working within and beyond the secular framework of the nation to gradually create a new society based on Islamic principles. Abdo narrates fascinating accounts of their methods and successes. Today, for example, university students meet in underground unions, despite a state ban. In addition, sheikhs have recently used their new legislative power to censor books and movies deemed to violate religious values. Both fascinating and unsettling, Abdo's findings identify a grassroots model for transforming a secular nation-state to an Islamic social order that will likely inspire other Muslim nations. This model cannot be ignored, for it will soon help organized Islamists to undermine secular control of Egypt and potentially jeopardize Western interests in the Arab world.

The War is Over

By Andrew Wommack
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Book Short Summary:

There have been many wars throughout history and more yet to come. But the most important war is over and most don't even know it. Many have not yet heard the news and they continue to fight the battle-the battle of sin and judgment. When Jesus said "It is finished", victory was declared and reconciliation began. Luke 2:14 say, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace goodwill toward men." Is this saying Jesus came to create peace among men? If it is, then He has most certainly failed. The peace he spoke of was not among men, but between God and man. Sin is no longer the issue; the price has been paid once and for all, God sent His only Son to bare our sin, becoming sin itself and then judged Him without mercy for that sin. Was it enough? You will discover that yes, it was more than enough, and God is not withholding His blessing because of their sin! By understanding this powerful truth you will be set free from condemnation, judgment, and fear, and released to receive the blessing of God!