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Download full pdf book Feeding My Best Friend's Dad (Older Man Younger Woman Age Gap Virgin Erotica) by Ivana Shaft available in full 47 pages, and make sure to check out other latest books Fiction related to Feeding My Best Friend's Dad (Older Man Younger Woman Age Gap Virgin Erotica) below.

Feeding My Best Friend's Dad (Older Man Younger Woman Age Gap Virgin Erotica)

By Ivana Shaft
  • ISBN Code: : 1311467971
  • Publisher : Eromantica Publications
  • Pages : 47
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 133
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : feeding-my-best-friend-s-dad.pdf

Book Excerpt :

"I’d love to treat you. I don’t know how hungry you are, but I can whip up something pretty quickly!” Untouched Amy yearns for her hot older neighbor, a man she’s known most of her life through her best friend. Now that she’s all alone for the week and her hunky crush is single, she’ll find a way to get him to break her in hard and without protection! A lucky run-in at the grocery store leads to an offer of dinner, and both find their naughty wishes coming true! An erotic first time tale involving a handsome, familiar older man and a virginal hottie hoping to have her longtime crush pop her cherry! Includes breeding themes. 18+ Tags: age difference, forbidden romance, sexy, dirty short stories, risky, rough, casual, unprotected sex, new adult, naughty neighbors, omyw, may december, taboo, impregnation, deflowering, smutty, xxx, ebooks.

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Darius: She's forbidden. My attraction to her is wrong and dangerous. I'm like the serpent in the Garden of Eden targeting Eve. Corrupting her. I understand the serpent, though. When you've seen the worst of humanity, taken the brunt of evil, you crave goodness. You want compassion and courage, even when it comes in a girl far too young and innocent for the likes of you. If I get too close, I'll ruin her. But she's so tempting. Sweet. And impossible to resist. Nell: I can't believe I feel this way about him. Darius is my father's oldest friend. He's broken and scarred in ways I will never know or understand. But so am I. And I see myself in him -- this embattled war photographer and I are more alike than he will ever admit. He warns me. He tells me our desire is wrong. Immoral. But the wild, explosive heat between us is like a living creature. Neither one of us can escape it...no matter how desperately we try. Or even if it destroys us both. ❤️ New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane returns with the Birdsong Trilogy, a provocative romance between two people whose forbidden love will set their lives—and the world—on fire.

Claimed by My Boyfriend's Dad (Older Man Younger Woman)

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