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Encyclopedia of Law and Society

By David S. Clark
  • ISBN Code: : 1452265542
  • Publisher : SAGE Publications
  • Pages : 1808
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 553
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : encyclopedia-of-law-and-society.pdf

Book Excerpt :

The Encyclopedia of Law and Society is the largest comprehensive and international treatment of the law and society field. With an Advisory Board of 62 members from 20 countries and six continents, the three volumes of this state-of-the-art resource represent interdisciplinary perspectives on law from sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology, political science, social psychology, and economics. By globalizing the Encyclopedia's coverage, American and international law and society will be better understood within its historical and comparative context.

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Book Short Summary:

Seminar paper from the year 2022 in the subject Law - Public Law / Administrative Law, grade: 1, University of Gondar, language: English, abstract: Administrative tribunals are neither court nor administrative bodies; rather they combine the advantages of both courts and administrative bodies in a way that best fits the specific needs of review of administrative action. Such courts were created as a separate hierarchy of courts to stop the ordinary courts from interfering with the executive. In Ethiopia, there are both embedded and extra-departmental administrative tribunals. On the other hand, City/ Municipal Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. While governed by the Constitution and state law, City Courts are courts that are independent arms of the city government. City courts of the Amhara National Regional State not only follow legally prescribed procedures, as article 78 of the Constitution obliged but also can apply the revised regional courts' establishment proclamation. Thus the writer of this paper argues that city courts of the region are not administrative courts but courts of a city administration that function according to the constitution despite their structural and organizational limitations. The material jurisdictions of city courts are also the jurisdiction of ordinary courts in cities that did not have city courts. This is another reason that city courts are not administrative courts because administrative courts cannot assume the jurisdictional power of courts but only administrative organs. Furthermore, it can be said that from the reading of their establishing proclamation, city courts of the region are a substitution for ordinary courts on cases arising from city matters. The appointment process, administration grounds for removal, and the process for removal of city court judges are also similar to ordinary courts. Thus the writer concludes that city courts of the region are not administrative courts rather they are a substitution for ordinary courts and an expression of self-administration for metropolitan cities on issues arising in city matters.

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Bridging the fields of conservation, art history, and museum curating, this volume contains the principal papers from an international symposium titled "Historical Painting Techniques, Materials, and Studio Practice" at the University of Leiden in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from June 26 to 29, 1995. The symposium—designed for art historians, conservators, conservation scientists, and museum curators worldwide—was organized by the Department of Art History at the University of Leiden and the Art History Department of the Central Research Laboratory for Objects of Art and Science in Amsterdam. Twenty-five contributors representing museums and conservation institutions throughout the world provide recent research on historical painting techniques, including wall painting and polychrome sculpture. Topics cover the latest art historical research and scientific analyses of original techniques and materials, as well as historical sources, such as medieval treatises and descriptions of painting techniques in historical literature. Chapters include the painting methods of Rembrandt and Vermeer, Dutch 17th-century landscape painting, wall paintings in English churches, Chinese paintings on paper and canvas, and Tibetan thangkas. Color plates and black-and-white photographs illustrate works from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

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Rendering is a crucial component of computer graphics— the conversion of a description of a 3D scene into an image for display. Algorithms for animation, geometric modeling, and texturing all must feed their results through some sort of rendering process for the results to be visible in an image. Focusing on realistic images, physically based rendering incorporates ideas from a range of disciplines, including physics, biology, psychology, cognitive science, and mathematics. This book presents the algorithms of modern photorealistic rendering and follows step by step the creation of a complete rendering system. As each new rendering concept is introduced it is also shown implemented in code—there is no better way to understand the subtle and complex process of rendering. The code itself is highly readable, written in the literate programming style that mixes text describing the system with the code that implements it. The result is a stunning achievement in graphics education for students, professionals, and researchers. *CD-ROM with the source code for a complete rendering system for Windows, OS X, & Linux—with many examples of images created by the system throughout the 4 color text *The code and text are tightly woven together through the technique of literate programming with a unique indexing feature that lists all locations of functions, variables, and methods on the page they are first described *The most complete guide to understanding, designing, and building a rendering system

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By Warren Moise
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Ghost Courts of the War Between the States In 1860, news of Abraham Lincoln's election arrived in Charleston like a fire alarm. In the United States courtroom on Chalmers Street, the grand jury simply refused to go on. All eyes are on the judge. In a dramatic moment, Judge A.G. Magrath, tears off his robes and tells jurors and spectators that, rather than continuing under tyranny, his Temple of Justice is forever closed. Thus in this long-since forgotten room took place the first official act of disunion, predating the Ordinance of Secession by over a month and lighting the fuse that lead to war. Preserving a piece of history few knew existed, trial attorney Warren Moise takes the reader back in time to the courts and law practice of a different era. Ride into the frontier town of Spartanburg by night with two tired lawyers where to their surprise they see hundreds of sweating men fighting bare-fisted in the flickering torch light. Just as important, learn the never-before documented role of the bench and bar in the battle for secession and of the Confederate States court, where the CS Attorney prosecuted former US Attorneys James L. Petigru and Edward McCrady for contempt because they defied Confederate law.

Social Media and the Law

By Daxton Stewart
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  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Book Code : 1315526123
  • Total of Pages : 234
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  • Members : 192
  • Pdf File: social-media-and-the-law.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat allow users to connect with one another and share information with the click of a mouse or a tap on a touchscreen—and have become vital tools for professionals in the news and strategic communication fields. But as rapidly as these services have grown in popularity, their legal ramifications aren’t widely understood. To what extent do communicators put themselves at risk for defamation and privacy lawsuits when they use these tools, and what rights do communicators have when other users talk about them on social networks? How can an entity maintain control of intellectual property issues—such as posting copyrighted videos and photographs—consistent with the developing law in this area? How and when can journalists and publicists use these tools to do their jobs without endangering their employers or clients? Including two new chapters that examine First Amendment issues and ownership of social media accounts and content, Social Media and the Law brings together thirteen media law scholars to address these questions and more, including current issues like copyright, online impersonation, anonymity, cyberbullying, sexting, and live streaming. Students and professional communicators alike need to be aware of laws relating to defamation, privacy, intellectual property, and government regulation—and this guidebook is here to help them navigate the tricky legal terrain of social media.

Konsequenzen wirtschaftsrechtlicher Normen

By Hans-Bernd Schäfer,Hans-Jürgen Lwowski
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer-Verlag
  • Book Code : 3322814262
  • Total of Pages : 518
  • Category : Law
  • Members : 471
  • Pdf File: konsequenzen-wirtschaftsrechtlicher-normen.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Der Band behandelt aktuelle Rechtsfragen und Grundlagenprobleme, vor allem aus den Bereichen Bank- und Kreditrecht und Verbraucherschutzrecht.

La demande reconventionnelle devant la Cour internationale de Justice

By Hadi Azari
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  • Publisher : Editions L'Harmattan
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Book Short Summary:

La demande reconventionnelle est une action en justice ; une conclusion du défendeur qui poursuit des avantages autres que le simple rejet de la prétention du demandeur. Admise dans toutes les juridictions, devant la Cour internationale de Justice, elle présente des caractéristiques particulières que cet essai a pour vocation d'analyser et de mettre en lumière. Selon la jurisprudence, une demande reconventionnelle est une demande autonome et indépendante. Formée par le défendeur, elle est à la fois un moyen de défense et une demande incidente. Pour être recevable, elle doit relever de la compétence de la Cour et entretenir une connexité directe avec la demande principale. Toutefois, la question est de savoir si la Cour peut refuser une demande reconventionnelle et, inversement, l'accepter quand la connexité fait défaut.