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Attracted to Fire

By DiAnn Mills
  • ISBN Code: : 9781414365503
  • Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
  • Pages : 416
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 619
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : attracted-to-fire.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Special Agent Meghan Connors’ dream of one day protecting the president of the United States is about to come true. Only one assignment stands in her way. After the vice president’s rebellious daughter is threatened, Meghan is assigned to her protective detail on a secluded ranch in West Texas. Unfortunately, working with Special Agent in Charge Ash Zinders may be as tough as controlling her charge. Ash has a reputation for being critical and exacting, and he’s also after the same promotion as Meghan. But when the threats escalate and security on the ranch is breached, it becomes clear this isn’t the work of a single suspect—it’s part of a sophisticated plan that reaches deeper and higher than anyone imagined. And only Ash and Meghan can put the pieces together before it’s too late.

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Fire and Ecosystems

By T.T. Kozlowski
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  • Publisher : Elsevier
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  • Category : Science
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Book Short Summary:

Fire and Ecosystems focuses on a number of aspects of fire ecology. This book deals separately with both harmful and beneficial effects of fire on soils, soil organisms, animals, and plants. This reference material elucidates the effects of fire on grasslands and considers the role of fire in temperate forests and related ecosystems. Four chapters are presented on a regional basis to highlight variations in responses, especially plant succession, to fire. The use of fire in land management is also explored. This book will serve as an invaluable reference material to researchers, teachers, and land managers.


By Christopher J. Ferguson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Book Code : 1633887960
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Book Short Summary:

What Happens To Our Minds During Pandemics, Natural Disasters, Terrorist Attacks, and Other Extreme Calamities? Whether natural or man-made, local or global, disasters impact our thinking and behavior on both a personal and societal level. Even rather ordinary crises in our personal lives like the loss of a job or the end of a relationship trigger overwhelming feelings. At the societal level, group anxieties coupled with the moral pressure to conform can send us all down the path to ruin. Why does this happen and, through understanding human psychology, how can we prevent this in the future? In this highly original and engagingly written book, Author Christopher J. Ferguson examines how pandemics, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other events of mass hysteria impact our psychology and prevent us from adequately responding to, preventing, or learning from those calamities. From the rush to hoard toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, to the disconnect between procedure and practice surrounding massive wildfires, to debates about the science behind climate catastrophes, and shifts after traumatic events like 9/11 and the murder of George Floyd, The Psychology of Catastrophe uses in-depth case studies to reveal how moments of societal upheaval affect the psychology of citizens. Though we have often failed to predict, respond to, and learn from catastrophes, we have nonetheless made remarkable progress. Ferguson concludes by offering strategies to help us make better choices during crises in our own lives and providing solutions for how we as a society can better navigate misfortune in the future.

Cerambycidae of the World

By Qiao Wang
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Book Code : 1315313243
  • Total of Pages : 628
  • Category : Nature
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  • Pdf File: ceram.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Wang has gathered contributions from an impressive cohort of the world’s most respected experts on longhorned beetles. Chapters review both basics of cerambycid taxonomy, mor- phology, and behavior (feeding, reproduction, and chemical ecology), as well as more applied concerns, such as laboratory rearing, pest control, and bio- security. Overall, this volume is a valuable contribution to the literature as a "one-stop shop" for readers seeking a comprehensive overview of longhorned beetles... It represents a tremendous effort on the part of Wang and the authors, and has resulted in a much-needed update to the literature. This volume is the only work of its kind available at this time, and is a valuable addition to the library of any scientist studying wood-boring beetles. - Ann M. Ray, Biology, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio in The Quarterly Review of Biology, Volume 94, 2019 There are more than 36,000 described species in the family Cerambycidae in the world. With the significant increase of international trade in the recent decades, many cerambycid species have become major plant pests outside their natural distribution range, causing serious environmental problems at great cost. Cerambycid pests of field, vine, and tree crops and of forest and urban trees cost billions of dollars in production losses, damage to landscapes, and management expenditures worldwide. Cerambycidae of the World: Biology and Pest Management is the first comprehensive text dealing with all aspects of cerambycid beetles in a global context. It presents our current knowledge on the biology, classification, ecology, plant disease transmission, and biological, cultural, and chemical control tactics including biosecurity measures from across the world. Written by a team of global experts, this book provides an entrance to the scientific literature on Cerambycidae for scientists in research institutions, primary industries, and universities, and will serve as an essential reference for agricultural and quarantine professionals in governmental departments throughout the world.

Ecosystem Disturbance and Wildlife Conservation in Western Grasslands

By Deborah M. Finch
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : DIANE Publishing
  • Book Code : 9780788142048
  • Total of Pages : 88
  • Category :
  • Members : 833
  • Pdf File: ecosystem-disturbance-and-wildlife-conservation-in-western-grasslands.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Reviews & synthesizes info. about the structure, function, & components of steppe & desert grassland ecosystems in the western U.S. with special emphasis on the ecological roles & requirements of wildlife species. It is designed to draw attention to some wildlife topics that have been particularly neglected for western grasslands, & represents a cross section of the papers orally presented at the symposium as well as some additional papers solicited afterwards. Those interested in sustaining the ecological health, productivity, & biological diversity of western grassland ecosystems will find this publication valuable.

Magic Dance

By Thinley Norbu
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Shambhala Publications
  • Book Code : 0834827832
  • Total of Pages : 144
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 161
  • Pdf File: magic-dance.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This is a unique and powerful presentation of the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism on the five elements: earth, water, air, fire, and space. In their gross and subtle forms, these elements combine to make up the infinite illusory display of phenomenal existence. Through teachings, stories, and his distinctive use of language, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche relates how the energies of the elements manifest within our everyday world, in individual behavior and group traditions, relationships and solitude, medicine and art. He explains their links to the five Buddha families and their respective Wisdom Dakinis, and shows how each element relates to our senses, temperament, passions, habits, and karmic potentials. This magic dance of the elements, he concludes, can be transformed through meditation practice and cultivating the calm, vast, and playful state of consciousness that he calls "playmind."

The Astrology of Whole Relationships

By Michael Katzenberg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Book Code : 1312388994
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : Self-Help
  • Members : 203
  • Pdf File: the-astrology-of-whole-relationships.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In this complete, step-by-step guide to determining astrological compatibility between two people, the author reveals insights into love relationships as well as connections that are often overlooked in other astrology books such as friendships, working relationships, and parent-child relationships. By comparing the charts of ordinary as well as famous couples, The Astrology of Whole Relationships delves deeply into emotional, intellectual, and sexual compatibility, how karma determines planetary positions, and important indicators of a soul mate connection between two people.

Adopting the Hurt Child

By Gregory Keck,Regina Kupecky
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Tyndale House
  • Book Code : 161521447X
  • Total of Pages : 264
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 308
  • Pdf File: adopting-the-hurt-child.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Without avoiding the grim statistics, this book reveals the real hope that hurting children can be healed through adoptive and foster parents, social workers, and others who care. Includes information on foreign adoptions.

Feng Shui for the Curious and Serious Volume 1

By Phil N. Nguyen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1469118823
  • Total of Pages : 247
  • Category : Reference
  • Members : 342
  • Pdf File: feng-shui-for-the-curious-and-serious-volume-1.pdf

Book Short Summary:

There are two volumes to Feng Shui For The Curious and Serious book. Feng Shui For The Curious and Serious Volume 1 will introduce you to the basic of feng shui and feng shui principles. This book will also show you how to use feng shui principles to bring you and your family good health, good fortunes, harmony, and prosperity. This book not only discuss the basic of feng shui principles, but will also discuss the intermediate aspect of feng shui principles to provide you with an extensive understanding of feng shui. This book give you an extensive look at the five elements theory, the concept of chi, the heaven-man-earth principle, the Tao philosophy, and the yin and yang principle which is the core of feng shui. This book will also show you how to use feng shui measurement, how to identify the good fortune section of your house, how to identify feng shui poison arrows, how to take feng shui compass measurement, how to identify the four celestial animals of feng shui, and how to identify your good luck direction and bad luck direction. There are a lot of information in this book and many extra knowledge about feng shui that is not available in any other feng shui books.

Assessments in Forensic Practice

By Kevin D. Browne,Anthony R. Beech,Leam A. Craig,Shihning Chou
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  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 0470515856
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Book Short Summary:

Assessments in Forensic Practice: A Handbook provides practical guidance in the assessment of the most frequently encountered offender subgroups found within the criminal justice system. Topics include: criminal justice assessments offenders with mental disorders family violence policy and practice

Ecology and Management of Neotropical Migratory Birds

By Thomas E. Martin,Deborah M. Finch
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 9780195359176
  • Total of Pages : 512
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 175
  • Pdf File: ecology-and-management-of-neotropical-migratory-birds.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The apparent decline in numbers among many species of migratory songbirds is a timely subject in conservation biology, particularly for ornithologists, ecologists, and wildlife managers. This book is an attempt to discuss the problem in full scope. It presents an ambitious, comprehensive assessment of the current status of neotropical migratory birds in the U.S., and the methods and strategies used to conserve migrant populations. Each chapter is an essay reviewing and assessing the trend from a different viewpoint, all written by leaders in the fields of ornithology, conservation, and population biology.

Mitigating old tree mortality in long-unburned, fire-dependent forests

By Sharon M. Hood
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : DIANE Publishing
  • Book Code : 1437939031
  • Total of Pages : 71
  • Category :
  • Members : 802
  • Pdf File: mitigating-old-tree-mortality-in-long-unburned-fire-dependent-forests.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. This report synthesizes the literature and current state of knowledge pertaining to re-introducing fire in stands where it has been excluded for long periods and the impact of these introductory fires on overstory tree injury and mortality. Only forested ecosystems in the United States that are adapted to survive frequent fire are included. Treatment options that minimize large-diameter and old tree injury and mortality in areas with deep duff and methods to manage and reduce duff accumulations are discussed. Pertinent background information on tree physiology, properties of duff, and historical versus current disturbance regimes are also discussed. Charts and tables.

Flammable Australia

By Richard J Williams,A Malcolm Gill,Ross A Bradstock
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CSIRO PUBLISHING
  • Book Code : 0643104844
  • Total of Pages : 344
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 861
  • Pdf File: flammable-australia.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In Flammable Australia: Fire Regimes, Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World, leading researchers in fire ecology and management discuss how fire regimes have shaped and will continue to shape the distribution and abundance of Australia’s highly diverse plants and animals. Central to this is the exploration of the concept of the fire regime – the cumulative pattern of fires and their individual characteristics (fire type, frequency, intensity, season) and how variation in regime components affects landscapes and their constituent biota. Contributions by 44 authors explore a wide range of topics including classical themes such as pre-history and evolution, fire behaviour, fire regimes in key biomes, plant and animal life cycles, remote sensing and modelling of fire regimes, and emerging issues such as climate change and fire regimes, carbon dynamics and opportunities for managing fire regimes for multiple benefits. In the face of significant global change, the conservation of our native species and ecosystems requires an understanding of the processes at play when fires and landscapes interact. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of this complex science, in the context of one of the world’s most flammable continents.

Martyrdom, Mysticism and Dissent

By Asghar Seyed-Gohrab
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Book Code : 3110748851
  • Total of Pages : 313
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 713
  • Pdf File: martyrdom-mysticism-and-dissent.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book is the first extensive research on the role of poetry during the Iranian Revolution (1979) and the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). How can poetry, especially peaceful medieval Sufi poems, be applied to exalt violence, to present death as martyrdom, and to process war traumas? Examining poetry by both Islamic revolutionary and established dissident poets, it demonstrates how poetry spurs people to action, even leading them to sacrifice their lives. The book's originality lies in fresh analyses of how themes such as martyrdom and violence, and mystical themes such as love and wine, are integrated in a vehemently political context, while showing how Shiite ritual such as the pilgrimage to Mecca clash with Saudi Wahhabi appreciations. A distinguishing quality of the book is its examination of how martyrdom was instilled in the minds of Iranians through poetry, employing Sufi themes, motifs and doctrines to justify death. Such inculcation proved effective in mobilising people to the front, ready to sacrifice their lives. As such, the book is a must for readers interested in Iranian culture and history, in Sufi poetry, in martyrdom and war poetry. Those involved with Middle Eastern Studies, Iranian Studies, Literary Studies, Political Philosophy and Religious Studies will benefit from this book. "From his own memories and expert research, the author gives us a ravishing account of 'a poetry stained with blood, violence and death'. His brilliantly layered analysis of modern Persian poetry shows how it integrates political and religious ideology and motivational propaganda with age-old mystical themes for the most traumatic of times for Iran." (Alan Williams, Research Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Manchester) "When Asghar Seyed Gohrab, a highly prolific academician, publishes a new book, you can be certain he has paid attention to an exciting and largely unexplored subject. Martyrdom, Mysticism and Dissent: The Poetry of the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) is no exception in the sense that he combines a few different cultural, religious, mystic, and political aspects of Iranian life to present a vivid picture and thorough analysis of the development and effect of what became known as the revolutionary poetry of the late 1970s and early 1980s. This time, he has even enriched his narrative by inserting his voice into his analysis. It is a thoughtful book and a fantastic read." (Professor Kamran Talattof, University of Arizona)

Australian Bustard

By Mark Ziembicki
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CSIRO PUBLISHING
  • Book Code : 0643101861
  • Total of Pages : 120
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 337
  • Pdf File: australian-bustard.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Australian bustard is Australia's heaviest flying bird. It is an icon of the Australian outback where it is more commonly known as the bush or plains turkey. It is also culturally and spiritually significant to Aboriginal people, who prize it as a favourite bush tucker. This book provides the first complete overview of the biology of the Australian bustard, based on the first major study of the species. The author explores the bustard's ecology and behaviour, its drastic decline since European settlement, and the conservation issues affecting it and its environment. Colour photographs of juvenile and adult birds complement the text as well as showcase particular behaviours, such as the spectacular display routines of males when mating. Australian Bustard is the perfect book for natural history enthusiasts.

Elemental Love Styles

By Dr. Craig Martin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 9781439171370
  • Total of Pages : 288
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Members : 163
  • Pdf File: elemental-love-styles.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Every day, millions of people turn to books, online dating sites, and marriage counselors with one goal in mind: to find—and keep—the romantic partner of their dreams. In Elemental Love Styles, counselor, astrologer, and interfaith minister Dr. Craig Martin gives readers the tools to identify and work with their unique roles and desires—and maximize their romantic relationships as a result. Using the language of the four elements, readers easily identify their element and embrace their deeper needs for love: creative fire, who desires recognition; intellectual Air, who flourishes with freedom; emotional and intuitive Water, who thrives with reassurance; and practical earth, who is dependable, strong, and solid. Packed with tips, tools, and examples, Elemental Love Styles, will help anyone wanting to create and maintain a deep, personal, and lasting relationship—beginning with loving yourself. Elemental Love Styles does not judge readers or their partners for being who they are, but rather opens up possibilities for compatibility and happiness. With a perspective set on love and collaboration, readers gain self-knowledge and cooperative skills, not just tools and tricks for temporary fixes. Regardless of who we are or what kind of relationship we desire, Dr. Martin affirms that we each have the opportunity for relationship happiness when we understand our own deeper need for love.

Fire in Tropical Savannas

By Alan N. Andersen,Garry D. Cook,Richard J. Williams
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Book Code : 0387215158
  • Total of Pages : 202
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 153
  • Pdf File: fire-in-tropical-savannas.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Fire is a major agent of disturbance in many biomes of the world but is a particularly important feature of tropical savannas. Up to 50% of the ext- sive tropical savanna landscapes of northern Australia are burnt each year. This includes prestigious conservation reserves such as World Heritage— listed Kakadu National Park, in the Top End of the Northern Territory. As in other savanna regions of the world, the responses of biota to different ?re regimes are poorly understood, such that ?re management represents one of the greatest challenges to conservation managers and researchers alike. This is the context within which a landscape-scale ?re experiment was established at Kapalga Research Station in Kakadu,which aimed to provide a sound scienti?c basis for conservation management in the region. The experiment was established by The Australian Commonwealth Scienti?c and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO),but involved collaborators from a range of universities and government agencies, including the m- agers of Kakadu,the Australian Nature Conservation Agency (ANCA:now Parks Australia North). This book summarizes the ?ndings from the Kapalga ?re experiment and explores the implications for conservation management. We believe that Kapalga has provided important insights into the ?re ecology of tropical savannas and has broad relevance for the conservation management of ?- prone landscapes in general. This book should be of interest to researchers, graduate students, and land management agencies. vii viii Preface We are extremely grateful to all our collaborators,both inside and outside CSIRO, for their involvement in the Kapalga experiment.

Historic Fires of Fall River

By Stefani Koorey PhD
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
  • Book Code : 1625856652
  • Total of Pages : 160
  • Category : Technology & Engineering
  • Members : 220
  • Pdf File: historic-fires-of-fall-river.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Fall River’s textile boom in the nineteenth century brought with it a series of fiery disasters. The Big Fire of 1843 left more than one thousand people homeless and destroyed two hundred buildings, as well as twenty-some acres of land. After the Steiger Store Fire of 1916, mill owners pushed the city to replace horse-drawn brigades with fire engines. The intense heat from the Kerr Mill Thread Fire of 1987 melted hoses as first responders battled the blaze. Author Stefani Koorey chronicles the historic infernos of the Spindle City and celebrates the community’s resilience in the face of adversity.

May the Fang Be With You

By Jeffrey Poole
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Jeffrey M. Poole
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 290
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 463
  • Pdf File: may-the-fang-be-with-you.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The land across the Great Sea is long believed to be uninhabited. However, the people of Lentari are shocked to learn that not only are they gravely mistaken, but their first visitors have sinister intentions in mind. They're pirates! To make matters worse, what they're searching for has the power to topple kingdoms! The Pirates of Perz is an all new fantasy series set in Lentari!

The Mangle in Practice

By Andrew Pickering,Keith Guzik
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Duke University Press
  • Book Code : 0822390108
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 209
  • Pdf File: the-mangle-in-practice.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In The Mangle of Practice (1995), the renowned sociologist of science Andrew Pickering argued for a reconceptualization of research practice as a “mangle,” an open-ended, evolutionary, and performative interplay of human and non-human agency. While Pickering’s ideas originated in science and technology studies, this collection aims to extend the mangle’s reach by exploring its application across a wide range of fields including history, philosophy, sociology, geography, environmental studies, literary theory, biophysics, and software engineering. The Mangle in Practice opens with a fresh introduction to the mangle by Pickering. Several contributors then present empirical studies that demonstrate the mangle’s applicability to topics as diverse as pig farming, Chinese medicine, economic theory, and domestic-violence policing. Other contributors offer examples of the mangle in action: real-world practices that implement a self-consciously “mangle-ish” stance in environmental management and software development. Further essays discuss the mangle as philosophy and social theory. As Pickering argues in the preface, the mangle points to a shift in interpretive sensibilities that makes visible a world of de-centered becoming. This volume demonstrates the viability, coherence, and promise of such a shift, not only in science and technology studies, but in the social sciences and humanities more generally. Contributors: Lisa Asplen, Dawn Coppin, Adrian Franklin, Keith Guzik, Casper Bruun Jensen,Yiannis Koutalos, Brian Marick, Randi Markussen, Andrew Pickering, Volker Scheid, Esther-Mirjam Sent, Carol Steiner, Maxim Waldstein


By Dennis Smith
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Crown
  • Book Code : 0307484904
  • Total of Pages : 352
  • Category : Law
  • Members : 340
  • Pdf File: firefighters.pdf

Book Short Summary:

An unforgettable journey through the daily lives of the brave men and women who have made saving lives their profession. Dennis Smith, author of Report from Engine Co. 82, traveled across the country talking to dozens of America’s firefighters to put together this powerful collection of their own descriptions of their most dramatic and intense experiences on the job. Their stories, compiled here, are timeless testimonies to the human capacity for heroism and nobility. Focusing on the most courageous firefighters, from those who have been decorated for heroism to those who have been seriously injured, Firefighters presents the extraordinarily rich and rugged voices of men and women who fight urban building fires, who battle sweeping forest fires, who perform emergency rescues, and who face extreme danger and risk as part of their everyday lives. Sometimes brave, sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet or filled with anger, these voices combine to make Firefighters both a riveting adventure drama and a moving chronicle of American heroism at its finest.


By Marilyn Singer
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Millbrook Press
  • Book Code : 1728429862
  • Total of Pages : 99
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Members : 931
  • Pdf File: venom.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Toxic creatures can be found almost anywhere—in the woods, in the desert, in your own backyard . . . even in your room! Some, such as poison dart frogs and puffer fish, have poisonous skin or other organs. Others are venomous—they have stingers, spines, or fangs to injects their toxins. You know some of them already: black widow spiders, killer bees, rattlesnakes, stingrays, and scorpions. There are lots of other toxic species, too. Just take a look inside . . . if you dare! "Sharp, full-color photos loaded with icky details are sure to catch readers' eyes and hold their interest."—School Library Journal "For biology reports or for students interested in the subject, this book will be a winner."—VOYA

Astrology for Lovers

By Liz Greene
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Weiser Books
  • Book Code : 1609250613
  • Total of Pages : 368
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Members : 162
  • Pdf File: astrology-for-lovers.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A comprehensive astrological guide to life, relationships and lovers. Astrology for Lovers is a seminal guide to learning how to interpret the subtle and not so subtle attributes of both your own and your partner's astrological sign in order to create a better understanding of one another. Each person has a unique footprint in the map of the cosmos, and Astrology for Lovers guides the reader through each of the Sun signs in an enlightening and comprehensive manner. Each sign is given a lengthy description of its characteristics, as well its creation myth. Greene then expands upon the sign's shadowy side, and finally explicates the fine points of the individual sign as a lover. Astrology for Lovers will teach readers not only critical aspects of their own motivations, but also provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of their lovers.

Poetics, Speculation, and Judgment

By Jacques Taminiaux
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : State University of New York Press
  • Book Code : 143842180X
  • Total of Pages : 206
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Members : 535
  • Pdf File: poetics-speculation-and-judgment.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book Poetics, Speculation, and Judgment


By Nicky Allsopp,Jonathan F. Colville,G. Anthony Verboom
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Book Code : 0191669113
  • Total of Pages : 416
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 348
  • Pdf File: fynbos.pdf

Book Short Summary:

South Africa's fynbos region has intrigued biologists for centuries. It has achieved iconic status as a locus of megadiversity and therefore a place to study the ecological underpinnings of massive evolutionary radiations. Researchers have made great advances over the past two decades in unravelling the complexities of fynbos ecology and evolution, and the region has contributed significant insights into the adaptive radiations of large lineages, conservation science, pollination biology, invasive plant biology, and palaeoanthropology. Lessons from the fynbos offer much of value for understanding the origin, maintenance, and conservation of diversity anywhere in the world. This book provides the first synthesis of the field for 20 years, bringing together the latest ecological and evolutionary research on the South African global biodiversity hotspots of the Greater Cape Floristic Region - the iconic fynbos and succulent karoo. It explores the historical and modern physical and biological environment of this region, the circumstances and processes which have fostered its remarkable biodiversity, and the role this diversity has played in the emergence of modern humans. It also discusses the challenges of contemporary management and conservation of the region's biodiversity in the face of accelerating global change.

Forensic Psychiatry

By Basant Puri,Ian H. Treasaden
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Book Code : 1482254565
  • Total of Pages : 934
  • Category : Psychology
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Book Short Summary:

This book covers the basic science and neurobiology of violence and integrates this with clinical, legal, and ethical aspects of forensic psychiatry. Unique text which integrates the basic sciences, clinical, legal, and ethical aspects Highly illustrated. Numerous colour images in the basic sciences section further explain the text Succinct yet comprehensive coverage for instant access to the information The book is designed for postgraduate trainees in psychiatry wishing to specialise in forensic psychiatry, specialists in forensic psychiatry, mental health, criminal lawyers, and forensic psychologists. It will be an invaluable reference work for clinical psychologists, criminologists, sociologists, and other professionals working with forensic psychiatric patients such as members of the probation service, social workers, and nursing staff.

Extreme Wildfire Events and Disasters

By Fantina Tedim,Vittorio Leone,Tara K. Mcgee
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Book Code : 0128157224
  • Total of Pages : 284
  • Category : Science
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Book Short Summary:

Extreme Wildfire Events and Disasters: Root Causes and New Management Strategies highlights the urgent need for new methods to prepare and mitigate the effects of these events. Using a multidisciplinary, socio-ecological approach, the book discusses the roots of the problem, presenting a new, innovative approach to wildfire mitigation based on the operational concept of Fire Smart Territory (FST). Under the guidance of its expert editors, the book highlights new ways to prevent and respond to extreme wildfire events and disasters through sustainable development, thus revealing better management methods and increasing protection of both the natural environment and the vulnerable communities within it. Reveals the complexity of extreme wildfire events and disasters in an accessible, comprehensive and multidisciplinary way Reviews the ground-breaking concept of Fire Smart Territory (FST) which offers an opportunity to reduce wildfire occurrence and severity through measures that promote sustainable development Proposes a new perspective on disaster risk reduction to help researchers, planners and professionals successfully adapt their methods for mitigating current and future issues

City Life

By Adrian Franklin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : SAGE
  • Book Code : 0857026542
  • Total of Pages : 256
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Book Short Summary:

"A brave foray into the interdisciplinary and a serious attempt to cover city life in all its complexity... Franklin's optimism about the city is refreshing. He revels in the growing human and cultural diversity and the 're-emergence and spread of a more tolerant, carnivalesque, culture-driven city life', and he celebrates the city's ability to offer shelter to the unexpected and the fragile. For Franklin, the city is a product of nature, with all its vicissitudes." - Times Higher Education "Franklin writes with barely restrained optimism as he emphasizes the excitement, vitality and potential of cities. This advances the idea of city lives as assemblages of ‘human and non-human networks of texts, software, culture, behaviour, architecture, trees and gardens’... Franklin uses a wide range of sources in making his case. Historical accounts, search engine statistics and social and cultural theory are all smoothly integrated into the narrative." - Sociology Cities are more important as cultural entities than their mere function as dormitories and industrial sites. Yet, the understanding of what makes a city 'alive' and appealing in cultural terms is still hotly contested - why are some cities so much more interesting, popular and successful than others? In this engaging discussion of 'city life' Adrian Franklin takes the reader on a tour of contemporary western cities exploring their historical development and arguing that it is the transformative, ritual and performative qualities of successful cities that makes a difference. Here is a new urban culture characterized by ecological frames of reference; tracking the making of contemporary city life from traditional times, through early modern, machinic and modernised stages of development. Adopting dynamic narrative structures and stories to develop its critical position this book creates a vibrant synthesis of city life from its key components of leisure and tourism, recreation and play, arts and culture, nature and environment, and architecture and public space. Emphasising the importance of experience the book represents the fluid complexity of the city as a living space, an environment and a posthumanist space of transformation. It will be of interest to all those engaging with the difficulties of urban life in sociology, human geography, tourism and cultural studies.

Wild Whispers

By Cassie Edwards
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  • Publisher : Zebra Books
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Book Short Summary:

The New York Times bestselling author delivers a passionate tale of high drama and forbidden love in the American West. Kaylene Shelton's home had always been wherever her father's carnival pitched its tents across the wild frontier. It was a lonely upbringing save for the companionship of Midnight, the black panther she had raised from a cub. But Kaylene always knew that somewhere, someone was waiting to answer her deep, unspoken longing—if she could only find the dark-haired warrior she saw in her dreams . . . Nothing could stop Chief Fire Thunder from freeing his sister from the carnival owner who had abducted her for his sideshow. But when he laid eyes on the beautiful Kaylene, he felt it only right to steal her back to his people's hideaway. Soon, the fierce warrior knew that he was the one who had been caught—by an irresistible passion . . .

Bark Beetles

By Fernando E. Vega,Richard W. Hofstetter
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  • Publisher : Academic Press
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Book Short Summary:

Bark Beetles: Biology and Ecology of Native and Invasive Species provides a thorough discussion of these economically important pests of coniferous and broadleaf trees and their importance in agriculture. It is the first book in the market solely dedicated to this important group of insects, and contains 15 chapters on natural history and ecology, morphology, taxonomy and phylogenetics, evolution and diversity, population dynamics, resistance, symbiotic associations, natural enemies, climate change, management strategies, economics, and politics, with some chapters exclusively devoted to some of the most economically important bark beetle genera, including Dendroctonus, Ips, Tomicus, Hypothenemus, and Scolytus. This text is ideal for entomology and forestry courses, and is aimed at scientists, faculty members, forest managers, practitioners of biological control of insect pests, mycologists interested in bark beetle-fungal associations, and students in the disciplines of entomology, ecology, and forestry. Provides the only synthesis of the literature on bark beetles Features chapters exclusively devoted to some of the most economically important bark beetle genera, such as Dendroctonus, Ips, Tomicus, Hypothenemus, and Scolytus Includes copious color illustrations and photographs that further enhance the content

Food Plant Sanitation

By Y. H. Hui,L. Bernard Bruinsma,J. Richard Gorham,Wai-Kit Nip,Phillip S. Tong,Phil Ventresca
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  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Book Code : 0203910567
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Book Short Summary:

Comprehensive and accessible, Food Plant Sanitation presents fundamental principles and applications that are essential for food production safety. It provides basic, practical information on the daily operations in a food processing plant and reviews some of the industry's most recent developments. The book is unique from others on the topic in th

Human Impact on the Natural Environment

By Andrew S. Goudie
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  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
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Book Short Summary:

A brand new edition of the definitive textbook on humankind’s impact on the Earth’s environment—now in full color This classic text explores the multitude of impacts that humans have had over time upon vegetation, animals, soils, water, landforms, and the atmosphere. It considers the ways in which climate changes and modifications in land cover may change the environment in coming decades. Thoroughly revised to cover the remarkable transformation in interest that humans are having in the environment, this book examines previously uncovered topics, such as rewilding, ecosystem services, techniques for study, novel and no analogue ecosystems, and more. It also presents the latest views on big themes such as human origins, the anthropocene, domestication, extinctions, and ecological invasions. Extensively re-written, Human Impact on the Natural Environment, Eighth Edition contains many new and updated statistical tables, figures, and references. It offers enlightening chapters that look at the past and present state of the world—examining our impact on the land itself and the creatures that inhabit it; the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams; and the climate and atmosphere. The book also takes a deep look at our future impact on the planet and its resources—our affect on the coastal environments, the cryosphere and the drylands, as well as the hydrological and geomorphological impacts. Fully updated to take account of recent advances in our understanding of global warming and other phenomena Offers current opinions on such topics as human origins, the anthropocene, domestication, extinctions, and ecological invasions Features a full-color presentation to allow for more and clearer photographs and diagrams Contains more international case studies than previous editions to balance UK examples Human Impact on the Natural Environment is essential reading for undergraduates in geography and environmental science, and for those who want a thorough, wide-ranging and balanced overview of the impacts of humans upon natural processes and systems from the Stone Age to the Anthropocene and who wish to understand the major environmental issues that concern the human race at the present time.