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Archive Of Fire

By Betsy Dornbusch
  • ISBN Code: : 1611602033
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 375
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 583
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : archive-of-fire.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Twins Aidan and Kaelin didn't realize until they got to university that most guys don't learn five ways to kill a man by the age of fourteen. Still, since their estranged father descends from the demon Asmodai, it's probably worth knowing how to defend themselves. But as years pass and threat never materializes, the twins suppose their mom is just paranoid - until she disappears. Their father tells them Asmodai has taken possession of their mother in order to infiltrate Sentinel, a treacherous coalition of demidemon rebels determined to protect humankind from the demon legions. The twins form a grudging alliance with Sentinel to rescue her, but when Asmodai murders their father to incite war, Sentinel starts to implode and Aidan and Kaelin must battle an enemy who wears their mother's face.

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History of the Fire Companies of Frederick County, Maryland

By Clarence "Chip" Jewell
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Organized fire protection in Frederick County, Maryland, existed before the adoption of the Constitution. Follow the colorful history of the fire companies from the first fire engine in 1764 to the fire company militia units that were summoned to Harper's Ferry and fire halls used during the Civil War. Learn how the fire companies in Frederick County had statewide influence by organizing the Maryland State Firemen's Association in 1893. Read of the tradition of fire engines "throwing water over the town clock"--sometimes to test performance, other times just for bragging rights. Local author and volunteer firefighter Chip Jewell provides a snapshot of how each fire company was organized from the early 1800s to the most recent companies in the 1970s.

Praying with Every Heart

By Claudio Carvalhaes
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This book develops an understanding of prayer from a liberation-theological perspective. “Praying with” offers a distinctive way of praying that can help orient our prayers around the “where” we pray and “with whom” we pray as the locus of the body’s and heart’s theological praxis. The book helps create language to pray with people and in situations we are not used to praying with; it insists on praying amidst racism, poverty, violence, and suffering; it calls us to pray at night and at the end of the world when we are overcome by fear, hurt, climate disaster, or economic impoverishment; it ventures into interfaith prayer settings; and it claims a sense of “self” that is not discrete, encapsulated in its own thinking or feeling—rather, it understands the notion of the self as entangled with the whole earth and each sentient and nonsentient being. Thus, to “pray with” in this book is to take the location of one’s prayer more seriously and, individually and collectively, to gain an awareness of our grounding and positionality, therefore creating a theological structure that assumes both the listening of our own heart and the voices of everything around us.

Wildfire Risk

By Wade E. Professor Martin,Carol Professor Raish,Brian Professor Kent
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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Book Short Summary:

The continuing encroachment of human settlements into fire-prone areas and extreme fire seasons in recent years make it urgent that we better understand both the physical and human dimensions of managing the risk from wildfire. Wildfire Risk follows from our awareness that increasing public knowledge about wildfire hazard does not necessarily lead to appropriate risk reduction behavior. Drawing heavily upon health and risk communication, and risk modeling, the authors advance our understanding of how individuals and communities respond to wildfire hazard. They present results of original research on the social, economic, and psychological factors in responses to risk, discuss how outreach and education can influence behavior, and consider differences among ethnic/racial groups and between genders with regard to values, views, and attitudes about wildfire risk. They explore the role of public participation in risk assessment and mitigation, as well as in planning for evacuation and recovery after fire. Wildfire Risk concludes with a dedicated section on risk-modeling, with perspectives from decision sciences, geography, operations research, psychology, experimental economics, and other social sciences.

The Literature of Catastrophe

By Carlos Fonseca
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Book Code : 150135065X
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  • Pdf File: the-literature-of-catastrophe.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book investigates how nature and history intertwined during the violent aftermath of the Latin American Wars of Independence. Synthesizing intellectual history and readings of textual production, The Literature of Catastrophe reimagines the emergence of the modern Latin American nation-states beyond the scope of the harmonious “foundational fictions” that marked the emergence of the nation as an organic community. Through a study of philosophical, literary and artistic representations of three catastrophic figures – earthquakes, volcanoes and epidemics – this book provides a critical model through which to refute these state-sponsored “happy narratives,” proposing instead that the emergence of the modern state in Latin America was indeed a violent event whose aftershocks are still felt today. Engaging a variety of sources and protagonists, from Simón Bolívar's manifestoes to Cesar Aira's use of landscape in his novels, from the revolutionary role mosquitoes had within the Haitian Revolution to the role AIDS played in the writing of Reinaldo Arenas' posthumous novel, Carlos Fonseca offers an original retelling of this foundational moment, recounting how history has become a site where the modern division between nature and culture collapses.

The Archive of the Forgotten

By A. J. Hackwith
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Book Code : 1984806408
  • Total of Pages : 368
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 130
  • Pdf File: the-archive-of-the-forgotten.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In the second installment of this richly imagined fantasy adventure series, a new threat from within the Library could destroy those who depend upon it the most. The Library of the Unwritten in Hell was saved from total devastation, but hundreds of potential books were destroyed. Former librarian Claire and Brevity the muse feel the loss of those stories, and are trying to adjust to their new roles within the Arcane Wing and Library, respectively. But when the remains of those books begin to leak a strange ink, Claire realizes that the Library has kept secrets from Hell--and from its own librarians. Claire and Brevity are immediately at odds in their approach to the ink, and the potential power that it represents has not gone unnoticed. When a representative from the Muses Corps arrives at the Library to advise Brevity, the angel Rami and the erstwhile Hero hunt for answers in other realms. The true nature of the ink could fundamentally alter the afterlife for good or ill, but it entirely depends on who is left to hold the pen.

Global and Regional Vegetation Fire Monitoring from Space

By Frank J. Ahern,Johann Georg Goldammer,Christopher O. Justice
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Kugler Publications
  • Book Code : 9789051031409
  • Total of Pages : 302
  • Category : Fire management
  • Members : 512
  • Pdf File: global-and-regional-vegetation-fire-monitoring-from-space.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Introduction Increasing conflagrations of forests and other lands throughout the world during the 1980s and 1990s have made fires in forest and other vegetation emerge as an important global concern. Both the number and severity of wildfires (accidental fires) and the application of fire for land-use change, seem to have increased dramatically compared to previous decades of the twentieth century. The adverse consequences of extensive wildfires cross national boundaries and have global impacts. Fire regimes are changing with climate variability and population dynamics. Satellite remote sensing technology has the potential to play an important role for monitoring fires and their consequences, as well as in operational fire management. In response to this need as well as to respond to other needs for more rapid progress in forest observation, in 1997 the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) initiated Global Observation of Forest Cover (GOFC) as an international pilot project to test the concepts of an Integrated Global Observing System. The GOFC program is currently part of the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS). GOFC was designed to bring together data providers and information users to make information products from satellite and in-situ observations of forests more readily available worldwide. Fire Monitoring and Mapping was formed as one of three basic components of GOFC. This book contains eighteen contributions authored by scientists who represent the most active international research and development institutions, aiming at coordinating and improving international efforts for user-oriented systems and products. These papers were initially presented at a GOFC Fire Workshop held at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra. The volume is a contribution of the GOFC Forest Fire Monitoring and Mapping Implementation Team to the Interagency Task Force Working Group Wildland Fire of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR).

Fire Phenomena and the Earth System

By Claire M. Belcher
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1118529561
  • Total of Pages : 352
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 623
  • Pdf File: fire-phenomena-and-the-earth-system.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Fire plays a key role in Earth system processes. Wildfiresinfluence the carbon cycle and the nutrient balance of our planet,and may even play a role in regulating the oxygen content of ouratmosphere. The evolutionary history of plants has been intimatelytied to fire and this in part explains the distribution of ourecosystems and their ability to withstand the effects of naturalfires today. Fire Phenomena and the Earth System brings together thevarious subdisciplines within fire science to provide a synthesisof our understanding of the role of wildfire in the Earth system.The book shows how knowledge of fire phenomena and the nature ofcombustion of natural fuels can be used to understand modernwildfires, interpret fire events in the geological record and tounderstand the role of fire in a variety of Earth system processes.By bringing together chapters written by leading internationalresearchers from a range of geological, environmental, chemical andengineering disciplines, the book will stimulate the exchange ofideas and knowledge across these subject areas. Fire Phenomenaand the Earth System provides a truly interdisciplinary guidethat can inform us about Earth’s past, present andbeyond. Readership: Advanced students and researchers across awide range of earth, environmental and life sciences, includingbiogeochemistry, paleoclimatology, atmospheric science,palaeontology and paleoecology, combustion science, ecology andforestry.

The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean (1492-1898)

By Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel,Santa Arias
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  • Book Code : 1351606344
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Book Short Summary:

The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean (1492-1898) brings together an international team of scholars to explore new interdisciplinary and comparative approaches for the study of colonialism. Using four overarching themes, the volume examines a wide array of critical issues, key texts, and figures that demonstrate the significance of Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean across national and regional traditions and historical periods. This invaluable resource will be of interest to students and scholars of Spanish and Latin American studies examining colonial Caribbean and Latin America at the intersection of cultural and historical studies; transatlantic, postcolonial and decolonial studies; and critical approaches to archives and materiality. This timely volume assesses the impact and legacy of colonialism and coloniality.

Introduction to International Disaster Management

By Damon P. Coppola
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Book Code : 0128017031
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  • Category : Nature
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  • Pdf File: introduction-to-international-disaster-management.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Introduction to International Disaster Management, Third Edition, continues to serve as the leading comprehensive overview of global emergency management. This edition provides practitioners and students alike with a comprehensive understanding of the disaster management profession by utilizing a global perspective and including the different sources of risk and vulnerability, the systems that exist to manage hazard risk, and the many different stakeholders involved. This update examines the impact of many recent large-scale and catastrophic disaster events on countries and communities, as well as their influence on disaster risk reduction efforts worldwide. It also expands coverage of small-island developing states (SIDS) and explores the achievements of the United Nations Hyogo Framework for Action (2005–2015) and the priorities for action in the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction currently under development. This useful, relevant text includes many changes that have occurred since the last edition for a better understanding of the rapidly advancing field of international disaster management. Includes updated perspectives on recent events that have shaped the direction emergency management is taking today Examines outcomes of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) decade, such as insight into how disaster risk reduction has advanced globally, and how it differs among countries and regions Updated statistics on disaster frequency and impact provide a better understanding about how and why risk and vulnerability are changing Presents information on multilateral emergency management agreements as well as profiles of important NGOs and international organizations Key terms and summaries are provided at the beginning of each chapter to ease student comprehension Offers customized and updated instructor materials, including PowerPoint lecture slides, test banks, and a detailed instructor's guide

Indexing and Retrieval of Non-Text Information

By Diane Rasmussen Neal
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
  • Book Code : 3110260581
  • Total of Pages : 437
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 664
  • Pdf File: indexing-and-retrieval-of-non-text-information.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The scope of this volume will encompass a collection of research papers related to indexing and retrieval of online non-text information. In recent years, the Internet has seen an exponential increase in the number of documents placed online that are not in textual format. These documents appear in a variety of contexts, such as user-generated content sharing websites, social networking websites etc. and formats, including photographs, videos, recorded music, data visualizations etc. The prevalence of these contexts and data formats presents a particularly challenging task to information indexing and retrieval research due to many difficulties, such as assigning suitable semantic metadata, processing and extracting non-textual content automatically, and designing retrieval systems that "speak in the native language" of non-text documents.

Burning Matters

By Peter C. Little
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 0190934573
  • Total of Pages : 249
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 950
  • Pdf File: burning-matters.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Global trade in electronic waste (e-waste) has led to various waste management challenges and many regions of the Global South have suffered the toxic consequences. In Burning Matters, Peter C. Little explores the complex cultural, economic, and environmental health politics of e-waste work in Ghana. He brings to light the lived experiences of Ghana's e-waste workers, as they navigate the health, social, and economic challenges of highly toxic e-waste labor. In particular, Little engages the experiences of e-waste workers who burn bundles of electrical cables to extract copper, a practice that contaminates bodies and the urban environment and which has attracted international organizations seeking to mitigate risk and find quick tech solutions to this highly toxic e-waste work. A nuanced perspective on e-waste burning and environmental politics in Africa at a time when global e-waste generation and trade is at an all-time high, Burning Matters contends that e-waste interventions devoid of ethnographic perspective and knowledge risk downplaying the vibrant complexities of e-waste itself and the matters of social life and labor that matter most to Ghana's e-waste workers.

Persecution, Plague, and Fire

By Ellen MacKay
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University of Chicago Press
  • Book Code : 0226500217
  • Total of Pages : 256
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Members : 390
  • Pdf File: persecution-plague-and-fire.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The theater of early modern England was a disastrous affair. The scant record of its performance demonstrates as much, for what we tend to remember today of the Shakespearean stage and its history are landmark moments of dissolution: the burning down of the Globe, the forced closure of playhouses during outbreaks of the plague, and the abolition of the theater by its Cromwellian opponents. Persecution, Plague, and Fire is a study of these catastrophes and the theory of performance they convey. Ellen MacKay argues that the various disasters that afflicted the English theater during its golden age were no accident but the promised end of a practice built on disappearance and erasure—a kind of fatal performance that left nothing behind but its self-effacing poetics. Bringing together dramatic theory, performance studies, and theatrical, religious, and cultural history, MacKay reveals the period’s radical take on the history and the future of the stage to show just how critical the relation was between early modern English theater and its public.

Manuscripts and Archives

By Alessandro Bausi,Christian Brockmann,Michael Friedrich,Sabine Kienitz
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Book Code : 3110541572
  • Total of Pages : 476
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Members : 178
  • Pdf File: manuscripts-and-archives.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Archives are considered to be collections of administrative, legal, commercial and other records or the actual place where they are located. They have become ubiquitous in the modern world, but emerged not much later than the invention of writing. Following Foucault, who first used the word archive in a metaphorical sense as "the general system of the formation and transformation of statements" in his "Archaeology of Knowledge" (1969), postmodern theorists have tried to exploit the potential of this concept and initiated the "archival turn". In recent years, however, archives have attracted the attention of anthropologists and historians of different denominations regarding them as historical objects and "grounding" them again in real institutions. The papers in this volume explore the complex topic of the archive in a historical, systematic and comparative context and view it in the broader context of manuscript cultures by addressing questions like how, by whom and for which purpose were archival records produced, and if they differ from literary manuscripts regarding materials, formats, and producers (scribes).

This Gulf of Fire

By Mark Molesky
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Vintage
  • Book Code : 1101875828
  • Total of Pages : 512
  • Category : History
  • Members : 308
  • Pdf File: this-gulf-of-fire.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Winner of the Phi Alpha Theta Best Subsequent Book Award Finalist: Los Angeles Times Book Prize The captivating and definitive account of the most consequential natural disaster of modern times. On All Saints’ Day 1755, tremors from an earthquake measuring perhaps 9.0 (or higher) on the moment magnitude scale swept furiously from their origin along the Atlantic seabed toward the Iberian and African coasts. Directly in their path was Lisbon, then one of the wealthiest cities in the world and the capital of a vast global empire. Within minutes, much of the city lay in ruins. But this was only the beginning. A half hour later, a giant tsunami unleashed by the quake smashed into Portugal’s coastline and barreled up the Tagus River, carrying countless thousands out to sea. By day’s end, the great wave chain would claim victims on four separate continents. To complete Lisbon’s destruction, a hellacious firestorm then engulfed the city’s shattered remains. Subjecting survivors to temperatures exceeding 1,832°F (1,000°C), it burned for several weeks, killing thousands and incinerating much of what the earthquake and tsunami had spared. Drawing on a wealth of new sources, the latest scientific research, and a sophisticated grasp of European history, Mark Molesky gives us the authoritative account of the Great Lisbon Disaster and its impact on the Western world—including descriptions of the world’s first international relief effort; the rise of a brutal, yet modernizing, dictatorship in Portugal; and the effect of the disaster on the spirit and direction of the European Enlightenment. Much more than a chronicle of destruction, This Gulf of Fire is, at its heart, a gripping human drama, involving an array of unforgettable characters—such as the Marquês de Pombal, the once-slighted striver who sees in the chaos his path to supreme power, and Gabriel Malagrida, the charismatic Jesuit whose view that the earthquake was a punishment sent by God leads inexorably to his demise. There is Dom José, the unremarkable king of Portugal, who stands by his people in their moment of greatest need but ultimately abandons them to the tyranny of his first minister. There is Kitty Witham, the plucky English nun who helps her fellow sisters escape from their collapsing convent, and Manoel Portal, the Oratorian priest who flees the burning capital on his broken leg and goes on to write one of the definitive accounts of the disaster. Philosophers, kings, poets, emperors, scientists, scoundrels, journalists, and monkeys all make their appearance in this remarkable narrative of the mid-eighteenth century.

The Archive of Fear

By Christina Zwarg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 0192636073
  • Total of Pages : 240
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Members : 755
  • Pdf File: the-archive-of-fear.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Focusing on U.S. slavery and its aftermath in the nineteenth century, The Archive of Fear explores the traumatic force field that continued to inflect discussions of slavery and abolition both before and after the Civil War. It challenges the long-assumed distinction between psychological and cultural-historical theories of trauma, discovering a virtual dialogue between three central U. S. writers and Sigmund Freud concerning the traumatic response of slavery's perpetrators. A strain of trauma theory and practice comes alive in the temporal and spatial disruptions of New World slavery-and The Archive of Fear shows how key elements of that theory still inform the infrastructure of race relations today. It argues that trauma theory before Freud first involves a return to an overlap between crisis, insurrection, and mesmerism found in the work of Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and W. E. B. Du Bois. Mesmer's "crisis state" has long been read as the precursor to hypnosis, the tool Freud famously rejected when he created psychoanalysis. But the story of what was lost to trauma theory when Freud adopted the "talk cure" can be told through cultural disruptions of New World slavery, especially after mesmerism arrived in Saint Domingue where its implication in the Haitian revolution in both reality and fantasy had an impact on the history of emancipation in the United States.

Fields of Fire

By James Webb
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Canelo
  • Book Code : 1788635191
  • Total of Pages : 400
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 304
  • Pdf File: fields-of-fire.pdf

Book Short Summary:

James Webb’s classic, scorching novel of the Vietnam War. They each had their reasons for becoming a Marine. They each had their illusions. Goodrich came fresh from Harvard. Snake got the tattoo before he even got the uniform. Hodges was haunted by the spirits of family heroes. Three young men, from vastly different worlds, were plunged into a white-hot, murderous melting pot of jungle warfare in the An Hoa Basin, Vietnam, 1969. They had no way of knowing what awaited them. For nothing could have prepared them for the madness of what they found. And in the heat and horror of battle they took on new identities, took on each other, and were reborn in fields of fire... Fields of Fire is a searing story of poetic power, razor-sharp observation, and non-stop combat, perfect for fans of Tim O’Brien, Karl Marlantes and Apocalypse Now. Praise for Fields of Fire ‘Few writers since Stephen Crane have portrayed men at war with such a ring of steely truth’ The Houston Post ‘A novel of such fullness and impact, one is tempted to compare it to Norman Mailer’s The Naked and the Dead’The Oregonian ‘Webb gives us an extraordinary range of acutely observed people, not one a stereotype ... Fields of Fire is a stunner’ Newsweek ‘Webb pulls off the scabs and looks directly, unflinchingly on the open wounds of the Sixties’ Philadelphia Inquirer ‘The unmistakable sound of truth’ Time

The SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing

By Timothy A Warner,M Duane Nellis,Giles M Foody
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : SAGE
  • Book Code : 1446246140
  • Total of Pages : 568
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 528
  • Pdf File: the-sage-handbook-of-remote-sensing.pdf

Book Short Summary:

'A magnificent achievement. A who's who of contemporary remote sensing have produced an engaging, wide-ranging and scholarly review of the field in just one volume' - Professor Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor, Bournemouth University Remote Sensing acquires and interprets small or large-scale data about the Earth from a distance. Using a wide range of spatial, spectral, temporal, and radiometric scales Remote Sensing is a large and diverse field for which this Handbook will be the key research reference. Organized in four key sections: • Interactions of Electromagnetic Radiation with the Terrestrial Environment: chapters on Visible, Near-IR and Shortwave IR; Middle IR (3-5 micrometers); Thermal IR ; Microwave • Digital sensors and Image Characteristics: chapters on Sensor Technology; Coarse Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors ; Medium Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors; Fine Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors; Video Imaging and Multispectral Digital Photography; Hyperspectral Sensors; Radar and Passive Microwave Sensors; Lidar • Remote Sensing Analysis - Design and Implementation: chapters on Image Pre-Processing; Ground Data Collection; Integration with GIS; Quantitative Models in Remote Sensing; Validation and accuracy assessment; • Remote Sensing Analysis - Applications: LITHOSPHERIC SCIENCES: chapters on Topography; Geology; Soils; PLANT SCIENCES: Vegetation; Agriculture; HYDROSPHERIC and CRYSOPHERIC SCIENCES: Hydrosphere: Fresh and Ocean Water; Cryosphere; GLOBAL CHANGE AND HUMAN ENVIRONMENTS: Earth Systems; Human Environments & Links to the Social Sciences; Real Time Monitoring Systems and Disaster Management; Land Cover Change Illustrated throughout, an essential resource for the analysis of remotely sensed data, the SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing provides researchers with a definitive statement of the core concepts and methodologies in the discipline.

An Archive of Skin, An Archive of Kin

By Adria L. Imada
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Book Code : 0520975200
  • Total of Pages : 350
  • Category : History
  • Members : 883
  • Pdf File: an-archive-of-skin-an-archive-of-kin.pdf

Book Short Summary:

What was the longest and harshest medical quarantine in modern history, and how did people survive it? In Hawaiʻi beginning in 1866, men, women, and children suspected of having leprosy were removed from their families. Most were sentenced over the next century to lifelong exile at an isolated settlement. Thousands of photographs taken of their skin provided forceful, if conflicting, evidence of disease and disability for colonial health agents. And yet among these exiled people, a competing knowledge system of kinship and collectivity emerged during their incarceration. This book shows how they pieced together their own intimate archives of care and companionship through unanticipated adaptations of photography.

A Discovrse of Fire and Salt

By Blaise de Vigenère
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 585
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 110
  • Pdf File: a-discovrse-of-fire-and-salt.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"A Discovrse of Fire and Salt" by Blaise de Vigenère (translated by active 1649 Edward Stephens). Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Remember Me

By Davide Sisto
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1509545050
  • Total of Pages : 160
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 931
  • Pdf File: remember-me.pdf

Book Short Summary:

As the end of December draws near, Facebook routinely sends users a short video entitled ‘Your Year on Facebook’. It lasts about a minute and brings together the images and posts that received the highest number of comments and likes over the last year. The video is rounded off with a message from Facebook that reads: ‘Sometimes, looking back helps us remember what matters most. Thanks for being here.’ It is this ‘looking back’, increasingly the focus of social networks, that is the inspiration behind Davide Sisto’s brilliant reflection on how our relationship with remembering and forgetting is changing in the digital era. The past does not really exist: it is only a story we tell ourselves. But what happens when we tell this story not only to ourselves but also to our followers, when it is recorded not only on our social media pages but also on the pages of hundreds or thousands of others, making it something that can be viewed and referenced forever? Social media networks are becoming vast digital archives in which the past merges seamlessly with the present, slowly erasing our capacity to forget. And yet at the same time, our memory is being outsourced to systems that we don’t control and that could become obsolete at any time, cutting us off from our memories and risking total oblivion. This timely and thoughtful reflection on memory and forgetting in the digital age will be of interest to students and scholars in media studies and to anyone concerned with the ways our social and personal lives are changing in a world increasingly shaped by social media and the internet.

Archives in Russia: A Directory and Bibliographic Guide to Holdings in Moscow and St.Petersburg

By Patricia Kennedy Grimsted,Patricia Kennedy Grimstead
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This is a comprehensive directory and bibliographic guide to Russian archives and manuscript repositories in the capital cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is an essential resource for any researcher interested in Russian sources for topics in diplomatic, military, and church history; art; dance; film; literature; science; ethnolography; and geography. The first part lists general bibliographies of relevant reference literature, directories, bibliographic works, and specialized subject-related sources. In the following sections of the directory, archival listings are grouped in institutional categories. Coverage includes federal, ministerial, agency, presidential, local, university, Academy of Sciences, organizational, library, and museum holdings. Individual entries include the name of the repository (in Russian and English), basic information on location, staffing, institutional history, holdings, access, and finding aids. More comprehensive and up-to-date than the 1997 Russian Version, this edition includes Web-site information, dozens of additional repositories, several hundred more bibliographical entries, coverage of reorganization issues, four indexes, and a glossary.

Myths of the Origin of Fire

By Sir James G. Frazer
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Sir James G. Frazer (1854-1941) is famous as the author of The Golden Bough, but his work ranged widely across classics, cultural history, folklore and literary criticism as well as anthropology. A Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, for 62 years, Sir James G. Frazer devoted his life to research. This volume was first published in 1930.

Playing with Fire

By Elizabeth Wilson
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The first full biography of the fearless and brilliant Maria Yudina, a legendary pianist who was central to Russian intellectual life Maria Yudina was no ordinary musician. An incredibly popular pianist, she lived on the fringes of Soviet society and had close friendships with such towering figures as Boris Pasternak, Pavel Florensky, and Mikhail Bakhtin. Legend has it that she was Stalin’s favorite pianist. Yudina was at the height of her fame during WWII, broadcasting almost daily on the radio, playing concerts for the wounded and troops in hospitals and on submarines, and performing for the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad. By the last years of her life, she had been dismissed for ideological reasons from the three institutions where she taught. And yet according to Shostakovich, Yudina remained “a special case. . . . The ocean was only knee-deep for her.” In this engaging biography, Elizabeth Wilson sets Yudina’s extraordinary life within the context of her times, where her musical career is measured against the intense intellectual and religious ferment of the post-revolutionary period and the ensuing years of Soviet repression.

Tense Future

By Paul K. Saint-Amour
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We know that trauma can leave syndromes in its wake. But can the anticipation of violence be a form of violence as well? Tense Future argues that it can-that twentieth-century war technologies and practices, particularly the aerial bombing of population centers, introduced non-combatants to a coercive and traumatizing expectation. During wartime, civilians braced for the next raid; during peacetime they braced for the next war. The pre-traumatic stress they experienced permeates the century's public debates and cultural works. In a series of groundbreaking readings, Saint-Amour illustrates how air war prophets theorized the wounding power of anticipation, how archive theory changed course in war's shadow, and how speculative fiction conjured visions of a civilizational collapse that would end literacy itself. And in this book's central chapters, he shows us how Ford Madox Ford, Robert Musil, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and other interwar modernist writers faced the memory of one war and the prospect of another, some by pitting their fictions' encyclopedic scale and formal turbulence against total war, others by conceding war's inevitability while refusing to long for a politically regressive peace. Total war: a conflict that exempts no one, disregarding any difference between soldier and civilian. Tense Future forever alters our understanding of the concept of total war by tracing its emergence during the First World War, its incubation in air power theory between the wars, and above all its profound partiality. For total war, during most of the twentieth century, meant conflict between imperial nation states; it did not include the violence those states routinely visited on colonial subjects during peacetime. Tacking back and forth between metropole and colony, between world war and police action, Saint-Amour describes the interwar refashioning of a world system of violence-production, one that remains largely intact in our own moment of perpetual interwar.

Archives of the Black Atlantic

By Wendy W. Walters
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Many African diasporic novelists and poets allude to or cite archival documents in their writings, foregrounding the elements of archival research and data in their literary texts, and revising the material remnants of the archive. This book reads black historical novels and poetry in an interdisciplinary context, to examine the multiple archives that have produced our historical consciousness. In the history of African diaspora literature, black writers and intellectuals have led the way for an analysis of the archive, querying dominant archives and revising the ways black people have been represented in the legal and hegemonic discourses of the west. Their work in genres as diverse as autobiography, essay, bibliography, poetry, and the novel attests to the centrality of this critique in black intellectual culture. Through literary engagement with the archives of the slave trader, colonizer, and courtroom, creative writers teach us to read the archives of history anew, probing between the documents for stories left untold, questions left unanswered, and freedoms enacted against all odds. Opening new perspectives on Atlantic history and culture, Walters generates a dialogue between what was and what might have been. Ultimately, Walters argues that references to archival documents in black historical literature introduce a new methodology for studying both the archive and literature itself, engaging in a transnational and interdisciplinary reading that exposes the instability of the archive's truth claim and highlights rebellious possibility.


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Book Short Summary:

本書是關於魔術與文學、文學中的魔術、以及魔術中的文學性。論 文始於一個單純的發想:魔術於今日可以做些什麼?除了娛樂,或頂多 被視為藝術,魔術在當代創傷記憶橫溢、暴力遍地、對他者充滿敵意的 世界中,是否有任何嚴肅的功能? 追溯其系譜,我們可發現魔術的播撒是由上而下、朝向世俗化的過 程。它的意義與功能,與時推移。我的進一步提問是:當魔術出現於當 代文學文本中,是否可引我們深思反省?我將魔術論述與理論方法帶進 三本當代與魔術有關的英美小說,探究《奇術師》中的創傷記憶、《戰 爭魔術師》中的檔案問題、及《黑人魔術師》中的失能奇觀。 克里斯多夫.裴斯特的《奇術師》主要涉及家族世仇,但其實文本 中很大一部分也隱含帝國殖民主義和現代性除魅的議題。大衛.費雪的 《戰爭魔術師》與殘酷的二戰檔案記憶有關。丹尼爾.衛理斯的《黑人 魔術師》則是由四位畸零人講述黑人魔術師亨利失落及失能的一生。我 在這三本小說中所處理的議題包括家族創傷、殖民創傷、現代性創傷、 戰爭檔案、及失能歧視。魔術作為推動 事的轉義,在三本小說中具有 重整並改變結構的潛力。我檢視魔術在三本小說中消解認同的詩學、可 能性、及未逮處。

Archives of Times Past

By Cynthia Kros,John Wright,Mbongiseni Buthelezi,Helen Ludlow,Geoffrey Blundell,Jan Boeyens,Amanda Esterhuysen,Rachel King,Lize Kriel,Sekibakiba Peter Lekgoathi,Grant McNulty,Hlonipha Mokoena,Fred Morton,Muchaparara Musemwa,Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu,Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu,Himal Ramji,Justine Wintjes
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Book Short Summary:

This volume critically examines sources of evidence and material from the archive that historically have been used to tell southern Africa’s pre-colonial story.

A Fire Upon The Deep

By Vernor Vinge
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Now with a new introduction for the Tor Essentials line, A Fire Upon the Deep is sure to bring a new generation of SF fans to Vinge's award-winning works. A Hugo Award-winning Novel! “Vinge is one of the best visionary writers of SF today.”-David Brin Thousands of years in the future, humanity is no longer alone in a universe where a mind's potential is determined by its location in space, from superintelligent entities in the Transcend, to the limited minds of the Unthinking Depths, where only simple creatures, and technology, can function. Nobody knows what strange force partitioned space into these "regions of thought," but when the warring Straumli realm use an ancient Transcendent artifact as a weapon, they unwittingly unleash an awesome power that destroys thousands of worlds and enslaves all natural and artificial intelligence. Fleeing this galactic threat, Ravna crash lands on a strange world with a ship-hold full of cryogenically frozen children, the only survivors from a destroyed space-lab. They are taken captive by the Tines, an alien race with a harsh medieval culture, and used as pawns in a ruthless power struggle. Tor books by Vernor Vinge Zones of Thought Series A Fire Upon The Deep A Deepness In The Sky The Children of The Sky Realtime/Bobble Series The Peace War Marooned in Realtime Other Novels The Witling Tatja Grimm's World Rainbows End Collections Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge True Names At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Master Potter Mountain of Fire

By Jill Austin
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Book Short Summary:

Beloved's adventure with her friends continues as they journey through the snow-covered Perilous Pass toward the Formidable Mountain Range. Fraught with dangers and assaults from Satan and his demons, they are always under the invisible, but ever-watchful eye of Master Potter. Aided by Holy Spirit and the angelic hosts mobilized by their prayers, they press on to the Mountain of Fire. Beloved and her friends have to face the devastating moral failure of a close friend, which brings tragedy to the whole group. In the midst of the painful high fires Beloved is also confronted by the death of a loved one as she struggles with why Master Potter let it happen. As the fire in the mountain increases, Beloved travels into the glory realm on a crystal chariot with her angelic escort, Guardian of the Glory. Together, they visit such wondrous places as the War Room, the Heavenly Library and a warehouse called Miracles Unlimited. Throughout these personal losses and disappointments Beloved's heart is transformed by Master Potter's passionate love for her as she is painstakingly brought into her destiny as a vessel of honor and discovers the sovereignty of God.

The Spanish Archives of New Mexico

By Ralph Emerson Twitchell
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Book Short Summary:

In what follows can be found the doors to a house of words and stories. This house of words and stories is the Archive of New Mexico and the doors are each of the documents contained within it. Like any house, New Mexico's archive has a tale of its own origin and a complex history. Although its walls have changed many times, its doors and the encounters with those doors hold stories known and told and others not yet revealed. In the Archives, there are thousands of doors (4,481) that open to a time of kings and popes, of inquisition and revolution. "These archives," writes Ralph Emerson Twitchell, "are by far the most valuable and interesting of any in the Southwest." Many of these documents were given a number by Twitchell, small stickers that were appended to the first page of each document, an act of heresy to archivists and yet these stickers have now become part of the artifact. These are the doors that Ralph Emerson Twitchell opened at the dawn of the 20th century with a key that has served scholars, policy-makers, and activists for generations. In 1914 Twitchell published in two volumes The Spanish Archives of New Mexico, the first calendar and guide to the documents from the Spanish colonial period. Volume Two of the two volumes focuses on the Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, or SANM II. These 3,087 documents consist of administrative, civil, military, and ecclesiastical records of the Spanish colonial government in New Mexico, 1621-1821. The materials span a broad range of subjects, revealing information about such topics as domestic relations, political intrigue, crime and punishment, material culture, the Camino Real, relations between Spanish settlers and indigenous peoples, the intrusion of Anglo-Americans, and the growing unrest that resulted in Mexico's independence from Spain in 1821. As is the case with Volume One, these documents tell many stories. They reflect, for example, the creation and maintenance of colonial society in New Mexico; itself founded upon the casting and construction of colonizing categories. Decisions made by popes, kings and viceroys thousands of miles away from New Mexico defined the lives of everyday citizens, as did the reports of governors and clergy sent back to their superiors. They represent the history of imperial power, conquest, and hegemony. Indeed, though the stories of indigenous people and women can be found in these documents, it may be fair to assume that not a single one of them was actually scripted by a woman or an American Indian during that time period. But there is another silence in this particular collection and series that is telling. Few pre-Revolt (1680) documents are contained in this collection. While the original colonial archive may well have contained thousands of documents that predate the European settlement of New Mexico in 1598, with the Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1680, all but four of those documents were destroyed. For historians, the tragedy cannot be calculated. Nevertheless, this absence and silence is important in its own right and is a part of the story, told and imagined. Let this effort and the key provided by Twitchell in his two volumes open the doors wide for knowledge to be useful today and tomorrow. --From the Foreword by Estevan Rael-Galvez, New Mexico State Historian"

The Human Mind

By Lord Robert Winston
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Book Short Summary:

It is the most complex and mysterious object in the universe. Covered by a dull grey membrane, it resembles a gigantic, convoluted fungus. Its inscrutability has captivated scientists, philosophers and artists for centuries. It is, of course, the human brain. With the help of science we can now begin to understand the extraordinary complexity of the brain's circuits: we can see which nerve cells generate electricity as we fall in love, tell a lie or dream of a lottery win. And inside the 100 billion cells of this rubbery network is something remarkable: you. In this entertaining and accessible book, Robert Winston takes us deep into the workings of the human mind and shows how our emotions and personality are the result of genes and environment. He explains how memories are formed and lost, how the ever-changing brain is responsible for toddler tantrums and teenage angst, plus he reveals the truth behind extra-sensory perception, déjà vu and out-of-body experiences. He also tells us how to boost our intelligence, how to tap into creative powers we never knew we had, how to break old habits and keep our brain fit and active as we enter old age. The human mind is all we have to help us to understand it. Paradoxically, it is possible that science may never quite explain everything about this extraordinary mechanism that makes each of us unique.