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Somebody's Someone

By Regina Louise
  • ISBN Code: : 9780446556330
  • Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
  • Pages : 384
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 894
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : somebody-s-someone.pdf

Book Excerpt :

In this poignant and heart wrenching true story, Regina Louise recounts her childhood search for connection in the face of abuse, neglect, and rejection. What happens to a child when her own parents reject her and sit idly by as others abuse her? In this poignant, heart wrenching debut work, Regina Louise recounts her childhood search for someone to feel connected to. A mother she has never known--but long fantasized about-- deposited her and her half sister at the same group home that she herself fled years before. When another resident beats Regina so badly that she can barely move, she knows that she must leave this terrible place-the only home she knows. Thus begins Regina's fight to survive, utterly alone at the age of 10. A stint living with her mother and her abusive boyfriend is followed by a stay with her father's lily white wife and daughters, who ignore her before turning to abuse and ultimately kicking her out of the house. Regina then tries everything in her search for someone to care for her and to care about, from taking herself to jail to escaping countless foster homes to be near her beloved counselor. Written in her distinctive and unique voice, Regina's story offers an in-depth look at the life of a child who no one wanted. From her initial flight to her eventual discovery of love, your heart will go out to Regina's younger self, and you'll cheer her on as she struggles to be Somebody's Someone.

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Man of Few Words

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  • Book Code : 1453507167
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Man of Few Words is my story. It reads like a journal that chronicles my life. It’s a compilation of poems, songs, essays, short stories, and thoughts derived from experiences both direct and indirect, fiction and nonfiction. This book is my truth, my autobiography, words that are written on the pages of me. The irony of the title is not to be lost on the reader; though I’m a man of few words, I have so much to say. I discovered a passion for poetry at the age of fourteen. During this period, I was going through a lot of changes in my life. I had just moved with my grandma to what was a spiritually binding neighborhood and I was just beginning high school. As I felt my childhood was over, I quickly fell into a depression and subsequently dropped out of school. I was confused and overwhelmed by emotions that I’d never felt before. Feeling the need to express myself, I was fatefully inspired to write. I began writing what I call “albums” of conceptual compositions, collections of poems that would later become the chapters of my book. While I didn’t use my entire catalogue for this book, I chose the compositions that I feel best represent my artistic vision. These poems are listed in chronological order, revealing my journey and evolution of words. This book was inspired by my irrepressible need for creative expression. I always thought that I’d write a book somewhere down the line, but that somewhere became here and that here became now. It’s amazing how your destiny has a way of claiming you before you realize your destiny. I used to dream of being a music producer, and I thought that because I dreamed it, this was what I was supposed to be. But my dreams were interrupted when my true calling chose me. Writing became a passion of mine because it allowed me to fully and fearlessly represent myself. Anything I want to be or say can be done with the boundlessness of artistic freedom. I am free to be an artist as I paint images with words. In many ways, writing communicates a message more clearly and profoundly than spoken language. When someone is reading your written word, they are forced to listen and actually hear what you have to say. I believe that the hardships I went through as a teenager was for this purpose, to write these words that tell my story. It might even seem like a gift from depression, but I believe that my calling is a gift from God. For this reason, it is my obligation to share my gift. I just might inspire someone else to write as they read my story and find the motivation to tell their own. My goal, through my words, is to be the impetus that provides people with a deeper respect for the craft. What I hope to accomplish with this book is to have people gain a more profound understanding of me. I believe that I have a lot to offer through my words for those who are interested and willing to listen. To many people, I’m a man of few words because I don’t often reveal myself through my personality or my existence. What I want these and other people to know is that there’s more to me; I’m not just one-dimensional. I’m a host of imperfections and contradictions with a multifaceted depth. I encourage you to learn me, to read my words and not my silence.

Sweet! Sweet! Love!

By Vanessa Vanney Thompson
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  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1493163191
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Thank you for the opportunity to read your book. I found it refreshing. Here is my review Word of Expressions on a Page is a true love story seen through the eyes of one woman. Here these are expressed in the form of poetry and short stories. I was thoroughly surprised at how completely Ms. Thompson covered the subjects she chose to address, love, marriage and life. Ironically, as a poet, I often find the views of others on these particular topics more than interesting. The style of writing in this volume is brisk. There is very little flowery wordplay. Ms. Thompson is quick and to the point with her word imagery contained within more then 150 pages to enchant you. This is refreshing to me. Two of my favorite poems are “I” and “A Mixture”. I have many others. I certainly recommend this book to anyone who wants a fresh perspective on relationships, both the good and the bad. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. LJ Thomas (Asoral Publishing) P.S. I love the candid picture of you sprinkled throughout the volume. nice touch. *Photo: by Vanessa “Vanney” Thompson*

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ABOUT THIS BOOK Thriller doesn't describe it! People live all sorts of lives but few as exciting as portrayed here. The author's short stories go from entertaining murderers and gang members to scary dating moments with a potential rapist; only to find love with someone she met 300 years prior. Sharing her work as a psychiatric social worker gives us many real life experiences one can only hope to avoid in one's own life. Yet some situations are encouraging as she helps others survive. The details of her descriptions are amazing as she paints us pictures so vivid we can shut our eyes and see the little gray sausage-like curls and round steel framed glasses on Mrs. Waddell. Whoever wrote a poem about MY ZIT? Different times in history are clearly described from when the little lady of the plantation threw the Yankee soldier over the fence to land in a mud puddle surrounded by snorting pigs. What does one do when facing the jagged glass ends of a broken beer bottle handled by a furious man 6'3" tall? Who ever dared to foster a former heroin pusher? Does anyone in your family vividly remember the details about our perspective of WWII? The author lived in the only city in the U.S. that housed an active army Overseas Replacement Depot. She even remembers the blue cellophane that covered the flashlights of the Air Raid Wardens. This writing covers: humor, adventure, religion, history, law, education, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology, parenting, drama, and much more. Call her crazy: call her eccentric. She lived, loved, DARED, and wrote to tell about it. You will enjoy plenty of laughs! R. Charles Guenther, retired school administrator

Clock Versus Compass

By Reena Raj
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  • Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
  • Book Code : 1785358294
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Book Short Summary:

Clock versus Compass presents a unique list of easy to understand, bite-sized concepts, amalgamated from the fields of applied positive psychology, coaching and spirituality. Everyday concepts are presented with a view to explore positive balance and create peace and harmony in our lives. Too much passion can turn into obsession. Too much compassion can turn into gullibility. Too much grit into inflexibility. Too much optimism into blind faith. Perhaps the real secret to a happy life often lies in the fine balance of things. 'Find a quiet space, relax and enjoy the clever juxtapositions, insightful comparisons and piercing reflections that all come together in this collection of nuggets of perennial wisdom.' Mike George, author of Being Beyond Belief

Pass Thru Fire

By Lou Reed
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Da Capo Press
  • Book Code : 0786726024
  • Total of Pages : 608
  • Category : Music
  • Members : 595
  • Pdf File: pass-thru-fire.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Containing a body of work that spans more than three decades, Pass Thru Fire is a stunning collection of the lyrics of an American original. Through his many incarnations-from proto punk to glam rocker to elder statesman of the avant garde-Lou Reed's work has maintained an undeniable vividness and raw beauty, fueled by precise character studies and rendered with an admirable shot of moral ambiguity. Beginning with his formative days in the Velvet Underground and continuing through his remarkable solo career-albums like Transformer, Berlin, New York, Magic and Loss, and Ecstasy-Pass Thru Fire is crucial to an appreciation of Lou Reed, not only as a consummate underground musician, but as one of the truly significant poets of our time.

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CUET (PG) Common University Entrance Test (Postgraduate)

By Team Prabhat
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  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Book Code : 9354882331
  • Total of Pages : 340
  • Category : Study Aids
  • Members : 207
  • Pdf File: cuet.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The current edition of this book is "Central University Entrance Test for Post-Graduate Examination (CUET)" conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). This book (CUET-PG) (PART-A) pattern-1(MA) provides guide for students appearing in HINDI, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, SOCIOLOGY, POLITICAL SCIENCE. The subjects are arranged exactly as per the latest syllabus and pattern of NTA, to make it 100% convenient for the candidates. This book covers the detailed theory and concepts of HINDI, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, SOCIOLOGY, and POLITICAL SCIENCE that helps you crack the exam. Aspirants need not fritter away their time & energy searching any supplementary material. THIS BOOK CONSIST OF 4 UNITS Part-1 English Language Comprehension / Verbal Ability Part-2 Mathematical / Quantitative Ability Part-3 Analytical Skills Part-4 General Awareness HIGHLIGHTS This includes latest solved paper. Concepts are explained in detail. Chapters are compiled with Previous Years’ Questions. Answers to Questions included with Explanations. Completely based on latest syllabus & pattern.

Local Color

By Irvin Cobb
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Litres
  • Book Code : 5040564910
  • Total of Pages : 442
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 687
  • Pdf File: local-color.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"Local Color" by Irvin S. Cobb. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Someone Has To Die Tonight

By Jim Greenhill
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Pinnacle Books
  • Book Code : 0786038322
  • Total of Pages : 448
  • Category : True Crime
  • Members : 844
  • Pdf File: someone-has-to-die-tonight.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Lords Of Chaos It was big news in Ft. Myers, Florida when an abandoned historic building was destroyed by vandals in a spectacular blast. Behind it lay the Lords of Chaos, a band of teenage misfits led by Kevin Foster, 18, a vicious hatemonger who idolized Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and was known as "God" to his five-man gang. Vortex Of Violence The explosion was only one episode in a month-long crime spree that began with vandalism and theft, escalating into what a local sheriff later called "a vortex of bloodlust and arson." The rampage culminated in the brutal shotgun murder of high school band director Mark Schwebes, 32. Police busted the gang before they could unleash a planned racist mass murder at Disney World--but their leader wasn't done yet. Compulsion To Kill Author Jim Greenhill conducted extensive interviews with Kevin Foster on Florida's Death Row. In an astounding development, Greenhill was solicited by the prisoner and his mother Ruby Foster to arrange the killings of three witnesses, leading to a new case against Foster in 2002. Here is the chilling inside story of how a pack of teenage losers found a way to succeed--at murder. . . 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos Praise for Jim Greenhill and Someone Has to Die Tonight "Fascinatingly lurid . . . insightful and well written. . . . Greenhill has brought the light of excellent reporting and emotional insight to the brooding darkness that consumes fringe-dwellers at virtually any high school." --Mike Clark, The Durango Herald (Durango, CO) "Recommended reading. . . . True crime in the strictest sense . . . the most factual account possible of the events of that stormy April." --Jay MacDonald, The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL) "Greenhill, a big fan of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, did his hero proud . . . the most detailed true crime you will read." --Sam Cook, The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL) "Meticulously reported and carefully crafted, a major debut." --Gregg Olsen, bestselling author of Abandoned Prayers "Riveting and gut wrenching." --Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, bestselling author of On Killing "A searing look, by a true journalist, behind a sordid tale of murder and deception--a real page-turner." --M. William Phelps, author of Murder in the Heartland "An extraordinary book . . . compelling . . . it accumulates force as it rolls along and winds up flooring you with the sheer power of Greenhill's reporting." --Bob Norman, The Daily Pulp

A Commentary on the Pauline Epistles

By Charles Bray Williams
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Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book A Commentary on the Pauline Epistles

walk in reflections - short takes

By patrick longe
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  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
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Book Short Summary:

the history can't escape lives in philosophy drop in anywhere between the Big Whoever and Theory of Relativity what the circle chain to each his own

Good Luck

By Leon Michael Tyerell Kornegay
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : iUniverse
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Book Short Summary:


Logic: a Brief Course

By Daniele Mundici
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Book Code : 9788847023611
  • Total of Pages : 130
  • Category : Mathematics
  • Members : 134
  • Pdf File: logic.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This short book, geared towards undergraduate students of computer science and mathematics, is specifically designed for a first course in mathematical logic. A proof of Gödel's completeness theorem and its main consequences is given using Robinson's completeness theorem and Gödel's compactness theorem for propositional logic. The reader will familiarize himself with many basic ideas and artifacts of mathematical logic: a non-ambiguous syntax, logical equivalence and consequence relation, the Davis-Putnam procedure, Tarski semantics, Herbrand models, the axioms of identity, Skolem normal forms, nonstandard models and, interestingly enough, proofs and refutations viewed as graphic objects. The mathematical prerequisites are minimal: the book is accessible to anybody having some familiarity with proofs by induction. Many exercises on the relationship between natural language and formal proofs make the book also interesting to a wide range of students of philosophy and linguistics.

Blessed Is the King of Kings

By Cornelius Peter Theophilus
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Book Code : 1450210929
  • Total of Pages : 224
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 524
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Book Short Summary:

The author inspired by faith and a love for knowledge and prompted by love, has decided to publish this book to open a wide window of ideas on a multitude of issues. The world has changed and is constantly changing in many ways. But when you look at humanity today, one has to pause and reflect what is really going on in the world. In all aspects of life, you are seeing unprecedented occurrences, whether they are natural and man-made. This book takes a look at those issues in a very objective prism and perspective, analyzing, pointing, correcting issues that have never been touched before, such as religion, science, the use of technology, evolution, architecture, the law and its morality and the judicial system in general, the Bible, God and more. Whether you are a student or a professional in any field or any branch of study, this book will make you ponder.

Human Dignity and Human Rights

By Pablo Gilabert
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 0192562134
  • Total of Pages : 400
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Members : 495
  • Pdf File: human-dignity-and-human-rights.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Human dignity: social movements invoke it, several national constitutions enshrine it, and it features prominently in international human rights documents. But what is human dignity, why is it important, and what is its relationship to human rights? This book offers a sophisticated and comprehensive defence of the view that human dignity is the moral heart of human rights. First, it clarifies the network of concepts associated with dignity. Paramount within this network is a core notion of human dignity as an inherent, non-instrumental, egalitarian, and high-priority normative status of human persons. People have this status in virtue of their valuable human capacities rather than as a result of their national origin and other conventional features. Second, it shows how human dignity gives rise to an inspiring ideal of solidaristic empowerment, which calls us to support people's pursuit of a flourishing life by affirming both negative duties not to block or destroy, and positive duties to protect and facilitate, the development and exercise of the valuable capacities at the basis of their dignity. The most urgent of these duties are correlative to human rights. Third, this book illustrates how the proposed dignitarian approach allows us to articulate the content, justification, and feasible implementation of specific human rights, including contested ones, such as the rights to democratic political participation and to decent labour conditions. Finally, this book's dignitarian approach helps illuminate the arc of humanist justice, identifying both the difference and the continuity between the basic requirements of human rights and more expansive requirements of social justice such as those defended by liberal egalitarians and democratic socialists. Human dignity is indeed the moral heart of human rights. Understanding it enables us to defend human rights as the urgent ethical and political project that puts humanity first.

The Show Mayor

By Matthew Williams
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Balboa Press
  • Book Code : 1982247932
  • Total of Pages : 304
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 412
  • Pdf File: the-show-mayor.pdf

Book Short Summary:

When School's out. And summers in. Everybody at Glass Art. a elite boarding school. Can't wait for summer. Everybody, except for Benny Breezy. A piano prodigy. Who attends Glass Art. With his best friends. Simon, Mallory, Doyle and Nasser. Worried about next year. Since it will be there last year together. Benny sets out to have the best summer ever with his friends. His plans quickly change. After learning that. His, friends. Have other plans for the summer. He decides to go home for the summer. Things turn from bad to worst. When, Benny and Nasser. Who work at The Daily Maglorix Newspaper. As, Investigative Reporters. Along with Simon there photographer. Learn that The Daily Maglorix Newspaper. Is closing. All hope seems lost, until a mysterious person comes to there rescue. When Benny and his friends. Learn that a famous singer. Has been accused of stealing The Ape Skull from The Diamond Museum of Amsterdam. And that. He's offering a reward. To whomever can clear his name. Benny, Simon and Nasser. Along with Mallory and Doyle. Travel to Los Angeles. To interview him. While there in Los Angeles. Benny and his friends. Stay with his estranged Aunt Fanny. Who lives in a penthouse at a circus theme hotel called The Show Mayor. As they investigate. Benny and the gang. Discover that the real culprit who goes by the name of The Mad Ffraid Brat. Is more dangerous than they could ever imagine. And, that this will be the biggest assignment. They have ever had. With help from some new friends. They must race against time. To unmasked The Mad Ffraid Brat.

The Dera’S Books Compilation of Ideas

By Carwel Dera
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 1453594094
  • Total of Pages : 392
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 113
  • Pdf File: the-dera-s-books-compilation-of-ideas.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Since 1993, the author has been writing on a wide range of issues. Writings that became its first book published in 2007. This book, a compilation of five important books published that touch on vital issues that are unparalleled in the history of humanity. This compilation includes a supplement to the Responsibility of Authority: Driving Ms America book titled, A Medical Dictatorship. This compilation gives someone the choice of having all the books into one or buys each individual book. This compilation also is a great resource for anyone doing research and for anyone to open up dialogues.

Channeling with Buddha

By Corinne Urakawa
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When you read Buddhas messages, you will connect with the Buddhas energy to activate Buddha consciousness in your heart that you already have. That will shift your mind and soul and consciousness. Buddhas 108 messages can lead you to understand the following: How to create real happiness in your life. How to open your possibilities. How to get through your time of difficulties or suffering. Why karma was created in your life. How to purify your past. About spiritual world or the souls secrets. After life and death of humans and animals. How to get help from heaven. Whenever you think, you are protected and guided by Buddha. Buddha is always staying with you. Buddha is in your heart.

Love From the Inside Out

By Robert Mack
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The Love Book for Finding True Self Love Depth Positive Psychology Expert, Celebrity Happiness Coach, and Television Host Robert Mack has helped millions of people transform their love lives on and off television. In his most recent release, he shares a fresh, new outlook on our relationship with love and true love. A distillation of profound insights on love and happiness. With warmth and wit, Mack explores the frustration and futility of seeking love from others, instead of yourself—and in the future, instead of in the present. This love book dissolves outdated ideas, antiquated approaches, and unproductive programming around relationships. In short-form meditations, Love from the Inside Out invites you into an intimate conversation and personal inquiry on love. Inside, some of your most fundamental and flawed premises on how to love will not only be questioned--they will be actively, positively, and constructively challenged. A love book that goes deeper than other books on marriage and relationships. If you are looking for something other than--or in addition to--your typical relationship book, psychology book, positive thinking book, self-help book, or spirituality book, look no further. Using the powerful pointers and transformative teachings in this book, you will finally discover the happy, healthy, and harmonious experience of true love you deeply desire and truly deserve—now, today! In Love from the Inside Out, find answers to questions like: • How can I end my loneliness? • How can I overcome my fear of being alone? • How to love myself first? • How can I attract a partner faster? • How can I create healthy relationships of all kinds? • How can I keep my love life sexy, fresh, and alive? • How can I set better boundaries? If you loved The Power of Now; A Return to Love; The Way to Love; or Love, Freedom, and Aloneness you will love Robert Mack's uplifting, encouraging, and all-embracing message in Love from the Inside Out.

Translation Around the World

By Ventura Benitez
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Twenty years of Venturas teaching method has proven that if you study at least ten minutes a day, you will be able to learn and successfully speak fluent English or Spanish in a short time. You will be absolutely surprised that you can speak, understand, and write comfortably with native English or Spanish speakers. Using Venturas teaching method, you are able to be a paid translator for the language you studied.

Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer

By Thomas B. Marquis
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“Wooden Leg was one of the sixteen hundred warriors of the Northern Cheyennes who fought with the Sioux against Custer at the legendary Battle of the Little Bighorn. As an old man in his seventies, he related his story of the battle to Thomas B. Marquis, formerly an agency physician for the Northern Cheyennes, in scores of interviews, illustrating his statements with drawings and maps. "Some aspects of Wooden Leg's account have provoked controversy, but - as Marquis points out - soon after the battle the Sioux were settled in the Dakotas while the Cheyennes were located on the reservation in the heart of the region where had been the conflicts. Thus they have kept their memories fresh or have kept each other prompted into true recollections. This advantageous condition has rendered them the best of first-hand authorities." The author checked and corroborated or corrected all points of importance with other Cheyennes - among them Limpy, Pine, Bobtail Horse, Sun Bear, Black Horse, Two Feathers, Wolf Chief, Little Sun, Blackbird, Big Beaver, Medicine Bull, and the younger Little Wolf - "all of whom were with the hostile Indians when Custer came."”-Print Ed.

The Ultimate Ultimatum

By Terry Zufelt
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Book Short Summary:

Author Terry Zufelt has experienced life without Jesus and life with Jesus, and he has made a choice to live a life with Jesus. In The Ultimate Ultimatum, he shares his personal testimony how he exchanged a destiny that had him bound for hell for a destiny that has him running towards heaven. Zufelt communicates that every person ever born is faced with an ultimatum-live according to this worldly system and risk reaping a life of eternal hell or live according to the Word and experience eternal life with the heavenly Father. • Reading the Bible • Praying to a mighty God • Fellowshipping with like-minded believers • Being open to changing habits • Sharing the good news Educational, and motivational, The Ultimate Ultimatum details the rewards and consequences we face based on how we respond to the ultimatum. It tests you and challenges you to take an honest look at your journey, and it shows you how you can have an abundant life and peace beyond all understanding.


By Rhys Lim YH B.Sc (Hons), MSc (Warwick)
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Book Short Summary:

Pro Grammar is developed for young learners to understand grammatical concepts in a systematic way. - The focus of the series is on developing children's understanding of the basic rules of grammar. - The series is well graded both in terms of introduction of new grammar concepts and in the level of the exercises. - Each grammatical element is explained clearly using easy - to - follow examples and practice exercise from everyday life. - Short activities at the beginning of each chapter serve to introduce the concept in an interesting manner. - Grammatical terms are explained in a simple and concise manner. - The extensive and varied exercises provide ample practice. - The stimulating activities will engage learners both in exploring aspects of structure and using language in a meaningful way. - Interesting passages will help develop comprehension skills. - The Model Test Papers will help in assessing the skills acquired by the learners. Pro Grammar/ IGCSE/ PT3/SPM/STPM/Grammar secondary/IELTS/ TOEFL/ TOEIC/ Cambridge English/ CAE/FCE/KET/PET

Ranciere and Law

By Monica Lopez Lerma,Julen Etxabe
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Book Short Summary:

This book is the first to approach Jacques Rancière’s work from a legal perspective. A former student of Louis Althusser, Rancière is one of the most important contemporary French philosophers of recent decades: offering an original and path-breaking way to think politics, democracy and aesthetics. Rancière’s work has received wide and increasing critical attention, but no study exists so far that reflects on the wider implications of Rancière for law and for socio-legal studies. Although Rancière does not pay much specific attention to law—and there is a strong temptation to identify law with what he terms the "police order"—much of Rancière’s historical work highlights the creative potential of law and legal language, with important legal implications and ramifications. So, rather than excavate the Rancièrean corpus for isolated statements about the law, this volume reverses such a method and asks: what would a Rancière-inspired legal theory look like? Bringing together specialists and scholars in different areas of law, critical theory and philosophy, this rethinking of law and socio-legal studies through Rancière provides an original and important engagement with a range of contemporary legal topics, including constituent power and democracy, legal subjectivity, human rights, practices of adjudication, refugees, the nomos of modernity, and the sensory configurations of law. It will, then, be of considerable interest to those working in these areas.


By Karen Moline
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Who is Belladonna? In New York City, she's known only as the mysterious masked woman who presides over the most exclusive, opulent club of the times. In Virginia's blue-blood countryside, she's known as the Contessa, the elusive heiress who flaunts convention and shuns human contact. But then there are a wretched few who remember her from "The Club" and knew her as a fresh-faced innocent whom they desired...and misled...and left to the sadistic devices of a nobleman who robbed her of her youth, her dignity, and, ultimately her heart. As Belladonna's story, told by one of her faithful manservants, slowly unfolds, we learn the horrifying truth behind Belladonna's masks and her insatiable desire for vengeance. It is a truth that involves betrayal, murder, depravity -- a truth so chilling that it will pit brother against brother, father against son, and will force Belladonna to ultimately confront the one man who can ultimately either destroy her, or set her free.