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Around the World in 80 Cliches

By Laura Lee
  • ISBN Code: : 9781577151524
  • Publisher : Wellfleet Press
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Reads : 976
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : around-the-world-in-80-cliches.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Travel the world with these incredibly fun cliches! Whether cliches get under your skin or make you laugh, Around the World in 80 Cliches goes the extra mile to provide an essential resource for students, teachers, writers, and anyone with a keen interest in language. Each phrase and expression comes with an explanation and place of origin. Cheeky and informative, each cliche is presented in such a way that is sure to keep you laughing through all of your adventures!

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Nothing bad ever happens in Raymonds River, Nova Scotia. Its a safe, small town, where everybody knowsand trustseverybody else. When a pillar of the community is found dead in his own barnyard, people get a little concerned. When they find a bullet in his head, people get scared; who would shoot an old farmer on his own land? Understandably, even quiet, small town folk are prone to hysteria now and again. Homicide Detective Sergeant Jim Mcdonald and Corporal Scott Bowen are called to the scene of the crime. Although they dont always work together, they make a great team when homicides the name of the game. The local law enforcement comes up with a likely suspect: a religious fanatic who claims he has God on his side. But theres no motive, which causes Mcdonald and Bowen to start asking questions. Their questions rile up the God-fearing suspect, and soon, he wants a deal. In exchange for what he knows regarding a so-called accidental hunting death in the area, a year prior, the suspect wants to go free. He claims there was nothing accidental about it. Is their religious fool playing the crazy card, or could he really know something that might just tear the safe, small town of Raymonds River apart?

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A story made all the more shocking because it’s true. In 1880, an organized mob of the Donnellys’ enemies murder four family members and burn their house to the ground. Another sibling is shot to death in a house a short distance away. William Donnelly and a teenage boy are the only witnesses to the murders. The surviving family members seek justice through the local courts but quickly learn that their enemies control the jury and the press. Two sensational trials follow that make national and international headlines as the Donnellys continue to pursue justice for their murdered parents, siblings and cousin. Behind the scenes, political factors are at play, as Oliver Mowat, the Premier/Attorney General of the province of Ontario, fearing the backlash a conviction would render, gradually withdraws support from the prosecution of the killers. After the trials, the Donnelly’s enemies continue their crusade against the family, paying off potential witnesses to the murders and fabricating one last set of charges that they hope will put the remaining Donnellys away forever.

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By Eleanor Catton
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The sensational first novel from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Luminaries. Set in the aftermath of a sex scandal at an all-girls’ high school, Eleanor Catton’s internationally acclaimed award-winning debut is a provocative and darkly funny novel about the elusiveness of truth, the slipperiness of identity, and the emotional compromises we make to belong. When news spreads of a high school teacher’s relationship with one of his students, the teenage girls at Abbey Grange are jolted into a new awareness of their own potency and power. Although no one knows the whole truth, the girls have their own ideas about what happened. As they obsessively examine the details of the affair with the curiosity and jealousy native to any adolescent girl, they confide in their saxophone teacher, an enigmatic woman who is only too happy to play both confidante and stage manager to her students. But when the local drama school decides to turn the scandal into a play, the boundaries between fact and fantasy soon break down as dramas both real and imagined begin to unfold. Sharply observed, brilliantly crafted, and infused with a deliciously subversive wit, The Rehearsal is at once a vibrant portrait of teenage longing and adult regret, and a shrewd exposé of how we are all performers in life, from one of the most bold and exciting voices in contemporary fiction.