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By George Forss
  • ISBN Code: : 9781462843817
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Pages : 729
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 944
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Book Excerpt :

Enos is a biblical character. Enos is the grandson of Adam. In different bibles this name is spelled Enos, Enoch, and Enosh. It is said that Enos was the first human being to reach up to the heavens to pray to God for guidance. Enos, as far as science is concerned, would be the first early-on human being that paused one day suddenly to speak to God in the sky. This is so because somewhere in our past there would have to be a first person to do something like this. My book ENOS is my own prayerful quest to know the whole truth about humanity at long last. I do have it here. I believe I do because I asked for some guidance from God as did Enos. I started writing my book in 1983 and it is based on a stark experience I had when I encountered some amazing wisdom in 1969. This experience made me want to know more about God in life. My quest is based on a book I read that a young woman named Buffy put together in 1969, which had the wisest words I have ever encountered. Buffy had what she called a report. She had a report that claimed to contain the real truth about humanity in the universe. My book Enos is a similar phenomenal report about humanity and much more. My book is much the same as Buffys report because it is a recreation of what I saw in her report ... that, indeed, some Aliens did come to the earth in 1969 to create a new bible for our world ! There is a conversation that goes on for about 400 pages of my writing. In this way a new body of wisdom is born. My writing is about 700 pages in total. My book is not about my view of the universe revealing Gods might to us. My book is more like a prayerful quest because I am asking God in the universe for answers. I know that I have the same basic wisdom contained in Buffys book. My writing contains hundreds of new finding sentences. We know these as long standing wise sayings ... like ... He Who Lives by the Sword Will Die by the Sword. A few years after I met Buffy, from the day when she told me that some wise Aliens

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