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Voices for Animal Liberation

By Brittany Michelson
  • ISBN Code: : 9781510751286
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Nature
  • Reads : 307
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : voices-for-animal-liberation.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Immerse yourself in the world of animal rights protests, campaigns, demonstrations, outreach, rescue, and so much more. In today’s world, voices of the marginalized are in the spotlight and people across the globe are recognizing animal rights as a social justice movement. During a time of historic actions and victorious campaigns, Voices for Animal Liberation depicts the full spectrum of animal rights activism that is currently at work to create change. This book offers the words of both new and highly influential voices in the movement today, with the intention of inspiring and educating those who are sparked by the vision of a more ethical world. Including a foreword by Ingrid Newkirk, founder and president of PETA and arguably one of the most prolific figures in the animal rights movement, other contributors include: Jasmine Afshar, army veteran Chase Avior, actor and filmmaker Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary Dotsie Bausch, Olympic medalist and founder of Switch4Good Alex Bez, founder and director of Amazing Vegan Outreach Matthew Braun, former investigator of farms and slaughterhouses Saengduean Lek Chailert, founder of Save Elephant Foundation Amy Jean Davis, founder of Los Angeles Animal Save Karen Davis, founder of United Poultry Concerns Sean Hill, award-winning multidisciplinary artist and humanitarian Wayne Hsiung, cofounder of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Gwenna Hunter, event coordinator for Vegan Outreach and founder of Vegans of LA Anita Krajnc, founder of the Save Movement Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn, organizer with Progress for Science Jo-Anne McArthur, photographer and founder of We Animals Media Zafir Molina, truth seeker and movement artist Shaun Monson, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Paul, actress and cohost of Switch4Good Brittany Peet, Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement for PETA Jill Robinson, founder and CEO of Animals Asia Zoe Rosenberg, founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary Dani Rukin, citizen journalist for JaneUnchained News J

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Animal Rights Without Liberation

By Alasdair Cochrane
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Book Short Summary:

Alasdair Cochrane introduces an entirely new theory of animal rights grounded in their interests as sentient beings. He then applies this theory to different and underexplored policy areas, such as genetic engineering, pet-keeping, indigenous hunting, and religious slaughter. In contrast to other proponents of animal rights, Cochrane claims that because most sentient animals are not autonomous agents, they have no intrinsic interest in liberty. As such, he argues that our obligations to animals lie in ending practices that cause their suffering and death and do not require the liberation of animals. Cochrane's "interest-based rights approach" weighs the interests of animals to determine which is sufficient to impose strict duties on humans. In so doing, Cochrane acknowledges that sentient animals have a clear and discernable right not to be made to suffer and not to be killed, but he argues that they do not have a prima facie right to liberty. Because most animals possess no interest in leading freely chosen lives, humans have no moral obligation to liberate them. Moving beyond theory to the practical aspects of applied ethics, this pragmatic volume provides much-needed perspective on the realities and responsibilities of the human-animal relationship.

The Militant Vegan

By Anonim
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Book Short Summary:

Together in one professionally-bound book, for the first time: The complete collection of this animal liberation zine from the mid-1990s. The Militant Vegan was a limited-circulation, photocopied zine covering direct action, animal rights activism, and the Animal Liberation Front.

Anarchism and Animal Liberation

By Anthony J. Nocella II
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Book Short Summary:

Building upon anarchist critiques of racism, sexism, ableism and classism, this collection of new essays melds anarchism with animal advocacy in arguing that speciesism is an ideological and social norm rooted in hierarchy and inequality. Rising from the anarchist-influenced Occupy Movement, this book brings together international scholars and activists who challenge us all to look more critically into the causes of speciesism and to take a broader view of peace, social justice and the nature of oppression. Animal advocates have long argued that speciesism will end if the humanity adopts a vegan ethic. This concept is developed into the argument that the vegan ethic has the most promise if it is also anti-capitalist and against all forms of domination.

Against Liberation

By Michael P. T. Leahy
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Book Short Summary:

The Western world is currently gripped by an obsessive concern for the rights of animals - their uses and abuses. In this book, Leahy argues that this is a movement based upon a series of fundamental misconceptions about the basic nature of animals. This is a radical philosophical questioning of prevailing views on animal rights, which credit animals with a self-consciousness like ours. Leahy's conclusions have implications for issues such as bloodsports, meat eating and fur trading.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters

By Steven Best
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Lantern Books
  • Book Code : 9781590563380
  • Total of Pages : 680
  • Category : Animal experimentation
  • Members : 400
  • Pdf File: terrorists-or-freedom-fighters.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Foreword by Ward Churchill; cover design by Sue Coe The first anthology of writings on the history, ethics, politics and tactics of the Animal Liberation Front, Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? features both academic and activist perspectives and offers powerful insights into this international organization and its position within the animal rights movement. Calling on sources as venerable as Thomas Aquinas and as current as the Patriot Act--and, in some cases, personal experience--the contributors explore the history of civil disobedience and sabotage, and examine the philosophical and cultural meanings of words like "terrorism," "democracy" and "freedom," in a book that ultimately challenges the values and assumptions that pervade our culture. Contributors include Robin Webb, Rod Coronado, Ingrid Newkirk, Paul Watson, Karen Davis, Bruce Friedrich, pattrice jones and others.