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Stand by Your Truth

By Rickey Smiley
  • ISBN Code: : 1501178628
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 201
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : stand.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Part memoir, part testimonial, and part life guide, Stand by Your Truth mixes Rickey Smiley’s down-home humor with the values he learned from being raised by three generations of elders, steeped in the Baptist church, and mentored by some of the most celebrated comics in the entertainment industry today. “I’m very passionate about everything that I do and I don’t play any games. I just keep it honest. I don’t put on airs. That’s the only way you can be. If you tell one lie, you’ve got to tell another lie. I’m cool with who I am. What you see is what you get.” Stand-up comic. Single dad. Radio personality. TV star. Prankster. Producer. Community activist. Man of faith. Visit a church, comedy club, college campus, or barber shop, and you’ll find few people who aren’t familiar with, or fans of, Rickey Smiley. At least four million listeners in more than seventy markets tune in every weekday morning to hear him banter with his radio show crew, hilariously prank call an unsuspecting listener, and perform skits featuring his one-man cast of characters, including “Lil Darryl,” “Beauford,” and “Joe Willie.” But in between the rapid-fire jokes and celebrity dish are flashes of how Rickey views the world, from the challenges of raising children, to the importance of education, to the need to always stand by your own truth. After more than two decades in the spotlight, Rickey is finally ready to delve more deeply into the opinions he voices on the air, riffing on those issues that his listeners, viewers, and fans find most important. This collection of personal and powerful essays will speak to readers from all walks of life, and is sure to inspire you to Stand by Your Truth.

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With the right training, anyone can finish a marathon! Hansons First Marathon, from one of America’s most successful marathon training groups, offers a smart, friendly guide to preparing for your first marathon. With their proven method, the coaches of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project will show you how to break down the 26.2 miles into achievable daily workouts. By race day, you’ll feel strong and confident of a race experience you’ll be proud of. The Hansons-Brooks Distance Project has an amazing track record of turning normal runners into marathoners through their acclaimed Hansons Marathon Method. Now they have made the marathon not just something to check off your bucket list, but also an enjoyable, inspiring, and life-changing experience. Hansons First Marathon is for anyone who has decided to step up to the marathon. Whether you’re a totally new runner who has never run a race, a recreational runner who enjoys occasional races, or even a competitive runner who is ready to go all the way—you’ll find the right marathon training schedule for you in Hansons First Marathon. Author and coach Luke Humphrey starts you off on the right foot with a simple survey about your running experience, race goals, and your natural strengths and weaknesses. Then he guides you to the right plan to prepare you for the miles ahead. Hansons First Marathon covers everything you need to know: · Finding your foot type and a good shoe for marathon training · The types of workouts and how (and why) to do them · Choosing your race wisely · Training around travel, illness, and navigating injuries · How to stretch and strength train for marathon · Ways to recover from daily runs and after your race · Science-based nutrition and hydration guidelines for workouts and race day · What to do differently during the crucial final 6 weeks before your race · How to get to the start line feeling confident, stress-free, and ready · Setting an ideal marathon race strategy that puts you in control Marathons are an exciting, rewarding challenge for runners of all abilities, but how you get to the start line matters as much as how you finish. Choose Hansons First Marathon to start your marathon adventure and you’ll set yourself up for success.


By Onnie Lee Logan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Untreed Reads
  • Book Code : 1611876370
  • Total of Pages : 100
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"Motherwit" and "common sense" were the watchwords of Onnie Lee Logan's career as a lay midwife in Mobile County, Alabama. Although she received little formal education, endured the Depression and faced a racist society, Onnie Lee Logan experienced her life as the triumphant fulfillment of a dream to be one of those who could bring babies into the world, as her mother and grandmother had done before her. Her story, told in the soft, now vanishing dialect of the Deep South, is powerful and fascinating oral history. Motherwit follows her life through her work as a servant for a wealthy Mobile family, her troubled marriage during the Depression, and her struggle to become a licensed midwife. We watch as she delivers the babies of both black and white women of Alabama--losing only one baby in 40 years. Onnie Lee Logan's forbearance in the face of the crushing prejudice of the rural South makes inspiring and unforgettable reading. When she passed away in 1995, the New York Times declared her a “folk hero,” and Time called her book “a feminist classic.” Filled with startling drama and profound wisdom, Motherwit is an important contribution to African-American history. "An amazing story. A heroic woman and life after my own heart." Alice Walker "To have told her own story, to have borne this eloquent witness to her life is Onnie Lee Logan's final triumph." Ellen Douglas in the Washington Post Book World "Oral history doesn't come much better than this." Booklist "Beautiful...her passion rings through in every line." Los Angeles Times

German Shepherds For Dummies

By D. Caroline Coile
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  • Book Code : 1119644674
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  • Category : Pets
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  • Pdf File: german-shepherds-for-dummies.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Everybody thinks they know the German Shepherd. Many of us grew up with Rin Tin Tin, or we saw German Shepherds in nightly news reports breaking up riots, or we saw them in neighbors' backyards protecting children. But that only scratches the surface of one of the most fascinating and confusing breeds on earth. Whether it's selection, nutrition, routine health care, training, competition, or just having fun, there's more to it with a German Shepherd than with other breeds. And if you're thinking about adding one to your family, or you already have one, you need to know all you can about this breed. Which is where German Shepherds For Dummies comes in. Is this noble and intelligent breed the right dog for you and your family? German Shepherds For Dummies provides the answer to this and all your questions about getting, caring for, and living with this loveable breed. Lifelong German Shepherd owner and longtime German Shepherd breeder, trainer, and exhibitor, Carline Coile, PhD ,gets you up and running with what you need to know to: * Find and communicate with reputable breeders * Choose the right German Shepherd for you * Housebreak and socialize your new puppy * Educate yourself and your dog * Handle behavioral problems * Participate in competitions Dr. Coile provides insights into the German Shepherd temperament and loads of sensible, easy-to-follow advice, along with fun facts and Shepherd trivia, amusing and informative anecdotes, and tips on how to have a great time with your dog. Discover how to: Understand how to communicate with your German Shepherd Train your German Shepherd Find a good trainer and attend classes Deal with hereditary health problems Feed and exercise your German Shepherd Recognize, prevent and treat common health problems Have loyal friend for life The indispensable guide for you and your German Shepherd, German Shepherds For Dummies is the only book you'll need to help you have the best possible experience with this handsome and sensitive breed of dog. German Shepherds For Dummies (9781119644644) was previously published as German Shepherds For Dummies (9780764552809). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.

Tachyhippodamia; Or, The new secret of taming horses

By Willis J. Powell,J. S. Rarey
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Book Code : N.a
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"Tachyhippodamia; Or, The new secret of taming horses" by Willis J. Powell, J. S. Rarey. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Step Up and Coach Youth Soccer

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  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 148170009X
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Coaching youth soccer is an awesome experience! Whether you are stepping on to the field to coach for the first time or you have been coaching youth soccer for years, coaching is a continual learning process. Success comes from a coach’s ability to teach, communicate, motivate, be organized and make soccer fun. Step Up and Coach Youth Soccer is a complete A to Z book looking at all aspects of coaching youth soccer. It is my hope that this will be a book that you will use again and again for your coaching experiences.

The Threepersons Hunt

By Brian Garfield
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Book Code : 145323778X
  • Total of Pages : 260
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A Navajo trooper tracks a murderous fugitive loose on the reservation Joe Threepersons is a killer, but that doesn’t bother most of the people on the Apache reservation. After all, killing a white man is not an unforgiveable crime. Sam Watchman, on the other hand, is paid to care. Though a proud Navajo, he’s also a state trooper, so tracking killers is his business. The sheriff sent him because of his familiarity with the reservation, but no man knows this territory like Threepersons. The killer has a rifle, a stolen horse, and thousands of friends willing to give him sanctuary. As Watchman gives chase, Threepersons eludes him at every turn. But the trooper will get his man. After all, the murderer has only two million acres in which to hide.

Ready To Run

By Kelly Starrett
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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In a direct answer to the modern runner’s needs, Dr. Kelly Starrett, author of the bestseller Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance, has focused his revolutionary movement and mobility philosophy on the injury-plagued world of running. Despite the promises of the growing minimalist-shoe industry and a rush of new ideas on how to transform running technique, more than three out of four runners suffer at least one injury per year. Although we may indeed be “Born to Run,” life in the modern world has trashed and undercut dedicated runners wishing to transform their running. The harsh effects of too much sitting and too much time wearing the wrong shoes has left us shackled to lower back problems, chronic knee injuries, and debilitating foot pain. In this book, you will learn the 12 standards that will prepare your body for a lifetime of top-performance running. You won’t just be prepared to run in a minimalist shoe–you’ll be Ready to Run, period. In Ready to Run, you will learn: The 12 performance standards you must work toward and develop on an ongoing basis How to tap into all of your running potential and access a fountain of youth for lifelong running How to turn your weaknesses into strengths How to prevent chronic overuse injuries by building powerful injury-prevention habits into your day How to prepare your body for the demands of changing your running shoes and running technique How to treat pain and swelling with cutting-edge modalities and accelerate your recovery How to equip your home mobility gym A set of mobility exercises for restoring optimal function and range of motion to your joints and tissues How to run faster, run farther, and run better

Laravel: Up & Running

By Matt Stauffer
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  • Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
  • Book Code : 1492041165
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What sets Laravel apart from other PHP web frameworks? Speed and simplicity, for starters. This rapid application development framework and its ecosystem of tools let you quickly build new sites and applications with clean, readable code. Fully updated to cover Laravel 5.8, the second edition of this practical guide provides the definitive introduction to one of today’s mostpopular web frameworks. Matt Stauffer, a leading teacher and developer in the Laravel community, delivers a high-level overview and concrete examples to help experienced PHP web developers get started with this framework right away. This updated edition also covers Laravel Dusk and Horizon and provides information about community resources and other noncore Laravel packages. Dive into features, including: Blade, Laravel’s powerful custom templating tool Tools for gathering, validating, normalizing, and filtering user-provideddata The Eloquent ORM for working with application databases The role of the Illuminate request object in the application lifecycle PHPUnit, Mockery, and Dusk for testing your PHP code Tools for writing JSON and RESTful APIs Interfaces for filesystem access, sessions, cookies, caches, and search Tools for implementing queues, jobs, events, and WebSocket event publishing

Running The World

By Nick Butter
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Book Code : 1473567653
  • Total of Pages : 464
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 533
  • Pdf File: running-the-world.pdf

Book Short Summary:

'Superb - a great book to fuel your wanderlust.' Mark Beaumont --- In 2019, Nick Butter became the first person to run a marathon in every country on Earth. This is Nick's story of his world record-breaking adventure and the extraordinary people who joined him along the way. On January 6th 2018, Nick Butter tied his laces and stepped out on to an icy pavement in Toronto, where he began to take the first steps of an epic journey that would see him run 196 marathons in every one of the world's 196 countries. Spending almost two years on the road and relying on the kindness of strangers to keep him moving, Nick's odyssey allowed him to travel slowly, on foot, immersing himself in the diverse cultures and customs of his host nations. Running through capital cities and deserts, around islands and through spectacular landscapes, Nick dodges bullets in Guinea-Bissau, crosses battlefields in Syria, survives a wild dog attack in Tunisia and runs around an erupting volcano in Guatemala. Along the way, he is often joined by local supporters and fellow runners, curious children and bemused passers-by. Telling their stories alongside his own, Nick captures the unique spirit of each place he visits and forges a new relationship with the world around him. Running the World captures Nick's journey as he sets three world records and covers over five thousand miles. As he recounts his adventures, he shares his unique perspective on our glorious planet, celebrates the diversity of human experience, and reflects on the overwhelming power of running.

Effective Physical Education Content and Instruction

By Phillip C. Ward,Harry Lehwald
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Book Code : 1492586498
  • Total of Pages : 552
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 623
  • Pdf File: effective-physical-education-content-and-instruction.pdf

Book Short Summary:

As a physical educator (or student preparing to become one), you need to know more than the skills, techniques, and tactics of the sports and activities you teach. You need to understand, among other things, how to create task progressions, how to organize and adapt those tasks, and how to detect and correct student errors. Effective Physical Education Content and Instruction will help you learn how to do just that. Theoretical Framework and Evidence-Based Plans This text provides a theoretical framework to work from and gives you ready-to-use, teacher-tested content that is evidence based. Sample block plans are designed to help students of differing ability levels engage in skillful play. You'll be able to draw from teaching progressions that are game-like, developmental, and sequential in nature. Effective Physical Education Content and Instruction offers the following: • Sequential units with block plans • Ready-to-use instructional tasks and warm-ups • Teaching cues • Explanations of common errors, their causes, and how to correct them • Content maps for each unit • A web resource that houses enlarged versions of the content maps, along with sample student awards and fair play guidelines The content maps provide a roadmap for success in the attainment of goals and outcomes. The cues in the text, which assist in the detection and correction of student errors, act as an additional aid to help students achieve success. Content Proven to Be Highly Effective The approach and content in Effective Physical Education Content and Instruction have been proven to increase student learning as compared to other approaches. In fact, in one of the largest-ever intervention studies on teaching effectiveness in physical education, teachers who were taught to use this approach and content significantly improved the quality of their teaching and produced some of the highest learning gains for students reported in the physical education literature. Book Organization The book is organized into three parts. Part I lays the groundwork for successful teaching—undestanding and acquiring content knowledge, then conceptualizing and organizing that content for teaching. Part II explores the keys to teaching fundamental skills—understanding early elementary locomotion, and teaching elementary gymnastic skills. Part III consists of specific sport units for elementary, middle, and high school students, with each chapter providing the following: • An explanation of the approach • Maps that define the content and its interrelationship • Block plans, warm-ups, and lesson organization • A series of instructional tasks, which include the following: the purpose of the instructional task; equipment needed for instruction; a description of the instructional task; teaching cues; common errors, their causes, and how to correct them; and diagrams, as applicable. Based on Extensive Research Effective Physical Education Content and Instruction is based on decade-long research conducted by Phillip Ward. It has been developed in collaboration with a team of master teachers who know the content and how to teach it. The result of their work is a rock-solid theoretical framework that offers practical applications, developmental progressions from beginner to advanced, and scheduling options. By using a framework that is proven to be effective (as evidenced by research), you can focus on tailoring the instructional plan to your students so they can acquire the sport skills they need, enjoy their participation in physical education, and make the most of their time in your class.

Complete Book of Rod Building and Tackle Making

By C. Boyd Pfeiffer
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Book Code : 0762795026
  • Total of Pages : 672
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 863
  • Pdf File: complete-book-of-rod-building-and-tackle-making.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The most thorough work ever published on making and caring for fishing tackle.


By Ian Haysom
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Heritage House Publishing Co
  • Book Code : 1772033340
  • Total of Pages : 200
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 338
  • Pdf File: grandfathered.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A sharp, funny, heartfelt memoir by a career-driven baby boomer who enters semi-retirement and explores the joys, challenges, and never-ending surprises of being a "young" granddad. One summer, shortly after taking a step back from an illustrious journalism career, Ian Haysom found himself in charge of his first grandchild, Mayana, who was three at the time. As a healthy, energetic member of the baby-boom generation, Haysom did not consider himself a typical granddad. He was too young, too active, too cool for a role more often associated with denture adhesive commercials and afternoon naps. But as he soon discovered, grandparenthood is more rewarding, entertaining, and exhausting than he ever could have imagined. Grandfathered chronicles Haysom's adventures with his grandkids Mayana, Emma, and Linden; explores the delightful and unexpected lessons they have taught him (and those he has attempted to teach them); and investigates the rapidly changing role of the grandparent in the twenty-first century. Through keen observations, hilarious anecdotes, and fascinating insights reminiscent of Bill Bryson (or "Bill Bryson with a touch of arthritis," as Haysom quips), this charming memoir will resonate with boomer grandparents everywhere.

How To Run a 5K

By HowExpert
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : HowExpert
  • Book Code : 1647589622
  • Total of Pages : 155
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 635
  • Pdf File: how-to-run-a-5k.pdf

Book Short Summary:

If you want to learn how to run a 5k the right way, then get this step-by-step "How To Run a 5K" guide. In this step-by-step guide, you will discover a proven & tested method to run a 5k race faster by training the smart and effective way. - Achieve personal satisfaction of becoming a faster runner more than ever before. - Discover how to start and finish a 5k race with a new personal record time. - Impress your friends and family with your new and faster running skills. - How to have the runner's mindset to run faster than before. - 10 golden rules for running improvement revealed. - Stretching exercises for the 5k runner. - Drills & warm-up tips to run a 5k race faster. - Find out what to eat, drink, and do before the 5k run to get the best results as much as possible. - Running schedules for all running levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) so that you can apply all these new tips contained in this one guide as you get better in the 5k race. - Step-by-step running exercises explained in detail. - Running form tips for a 5k race (body posture, arm & hand position, hands, legs & feet tips) - And much more! HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

Hands-On Deep Learning for Games

By Micheal Lanham
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
  • Book Code : 1788998766
  • Total of Pages : 392
  • Category : Computers
  • Members : 968
  • Pdf File: hands-on-deep-learning-for-games.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book will give you an in-depth view of the potential of deep learning and neural networks in game development. You will also learn to use neural nets combined with reinforcement learning for new types of game AI.

Fields Where They Lay

By Timothy Hallinan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Soho Press
  • Book Code : 1616957476
  • Total of Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 119
  • Pdf File: fields-where-they-lay.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"Burglar Junior Bender may just be our favorite literary P.I."—Entertainment Weekly It’s three days until Christmas and Junior Bender, Hollywood’s fasttalking fixer for the felonious, is up to his ears in shopping mall Santas, Russian mobsters, desperate holiday shoppers, and (’tis the season) murder. The halls are decked, the deck is stacked, and here comes that jolly old elf. Junior Bender, divorced father of one and burglar extraordinaire, finds himself stuck inside the Edgerton Mall, and not just as a last-minute shopper (though he is that too). Edgerton isn’t exactly the epicenter of holiday cheer, despite its two Santas, canned Christmas music, chintzy bows, and festive lights. The mall is a fossil of an industry in decline; many of its stores are closed, and to make matters worse, there is a rampant shoplifting problem. The murderous Russian mobster who owns the place has decided it takes a thief to catch a thief and hires Junior—under threat—to solve the shoplifting problem for him. But Junior’s surveillance operation doesn’t go well: as Christmas Eve approaches, two people are dead and it’s obvious that shoplifting is the least of the mall’s problems. To prevent further deaths, possibly including his own, Junior must confront his dread of Christmas—both present and past.

Windows 8.1 In Depth

By Brian Knittel,Paul McFedries
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Que Publishing
  • Book Code : 0133763714
  • Total of Pages : 1200
  • Category : Computers
  • Members : 464
  • Pdf File: windows-8-1-in-depth.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Windows® 8.1 IN DEPTH Do more in less time! Experienced with Windows? Don’t let Windows 8.1 make you feel like a beginner again! This book is packed with intensely useful knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. Full of new tips and shortcuts, it’s the fastest, best way to master Windows 8.1’s full power, get comfortable with its radically different interface, and leverage its new tools for everything from business to video, security to social networking! • Take a quick guided tour of everything that’s new in Windows 8.1 • Survive without the Start menu • Navigate the Windows 8.1 interface (and customize it to make yourself more comfortable) • Learn hidden shortcuts you’d never find on your own • Quickly locate and use files, media, apps, websites and management tools • Set up your Web connection, and discover Internet Explorer 11’s latest improvements • Get comfortable with Windows 8.1’s built-in apps, from Calendar and Finance to Weather and Windows Store • Save time by monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through one unified app • Make the most of Windows’ supercharged media and imaging tools • Profit from Windows’ built-in support for business presentations • Maximize the performance and efficiency of hardware, storage, and software • Protect yourself from viruses, spyware, data theft, fraud, spam, hackers, and snoops • Use SkyDrive to access your data from anywhere—and use Remote Desktop to access your computer, too • Get even more power with Windows 8.1’s command-line interface • Use Hyper-V to run other operating systems alongside Windows • Troubleshoot the most common Windows 8.1’s problems—and the toughest ones In Depth offers: • Comprehensive coverage, with detailed solutions • Breakthrough techniques and shortcuts that are unavailable elsewhere • Practical, real-world examples with nothing glossed over or left out • Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own • Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching styles • Quick information via sidebars, tips, reminders, notes, and warnings In Depth is the only tool you need to get more done in less time! CATEGORY: Windows Operating System COVERS: Microsoft® Windows 8.1

An Anthology of Russian Folktales

By Jack V. Haney
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 1317476905
  • Total of Pages : 376
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Members : 386
  • Pdf File: an-anthology-of-russian-folktales.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This anthology gathers a broad selection of Russian folktales, legends, and anecdotes, and includes helpful features that make them more accessible and engaging for English-language readers. Editor Jack V. Haney has selected some of the best tales from his seven-volume "Complete Russian Folktale" collection and added examples of anecdotes and the long 'serial tales' told in the far north.The 114 tales included here represent every genre found in the Russian tradition. They date from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries and come from all geographic regions of the Russian-speaking world. The collection is enhanced by a detailed introduction to the folktale and its types, brief introductions to each grouping of tales, head notes with interesting background for individual tales, and a glossary explaining Russian terms.

The Little Yellow House at the End of the Road

By Daniel E. David
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Fulton Books, Inc.
  • Book Code : 1649525125
  • Total of Pages : 472
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 204
  • Pdf File: the-little-yellow-house-at-the-end-of-the-road.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Born a day apart, and raised as twins, Alexandra and Danny form a special bond. Four years later, under tragic circumstances, they're permanently separated from each other. At the age of nine, a phone call from half way around the world, changes everything, and they find out they are going to have to share a bed together. Neither of the two remembers the other. Ouch! Fate has decreed that they will spend seven days together. They will have seven days to rekindle the bond which had previously united them; the bond purposely broken, and now forgotten.

Tomb Raider - Strategy Guide

  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Gamer Guides
  • Book Code : 1621545822
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : Games
  • Members : 910
  • Pdf File: tomb-raider-strategy-guide.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Tomb Raider explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor. Armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold. The mysteries of Yamatai are all unravelled in our guide which contains the following: - All of Tomb Raider's 250+ items required for 100% completion! - The detailed location of every single GPS Cache, Relic, Document, Treasure Map, Illumination Statue etc. - Foolproof strategies to dominate the savage denizens of the Dragon Triangle. - Raid every last Tomb with ease thanks to step-by-step instructions and fully narrated videos. - Every XP opportunity, ammo cache and scavenge location detailed, you'll want for nothing. - Full Achievement and Trophy list.

Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual

By Lesa Snider
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Book Short Summary:

Photoshop CS6 is truly amazing, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re just getting started. This book makes learning Photoshop a breeze by explaining things in a friendly, conversational style—without technical jargon. After a thorough introduction to the program, you’ll delve deep into Photoshop’s secrets with expert tips and practical advice you can use every day. The important stuff you need to know: Learn your way around. Get a guided tour of Photoshop’s beautiful new workspace. Unlock the magic. Discover the most practical ways to use layers, channels, masks, paths, and other tools. Fine-tune your images. Learn techniques for cropping, retouching, and combining photos. Play with color. Drain, change, and add color; and create gorgeous black-and-whites and duotones. Be artistic. Create original illustrations and paintings, use text and filters effectively, and edit video clips. Share your work. Produce great-looking images for print and the Web. Work smarter and faster. Automate common chores and install plug-ins for complex tasks.

ARTHUR MACHEN Premium Collection: 30+ Novels & Short Stories (Including Essays, Translations & Autobiography)

By Arthur Machen
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Book Short Summary:

This carefully crafted ebook: "ARTHUR MACHEN Premium Collection: 30+ Novels & Short Stories (Including Essays, Translations & Autobiography)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Arthur Machen (1863-1947) was a Welsh author and mystic of the 1890s and early 20th century. He is best known for his influential supernatural, fantasy, and horror fiction. His novella The Great God Pan has garnered a reputation as a classic of horror (Stephen King has called it "The best horror story in the English language"). Historian of fantastic literature Brian Stableford has suggested that Machen "was the first writer of authentically modern horror stories, and his best works must still be reckoned among the finest products of the genre". Table of Contents: Novels: The Three Impostors The Hill of Dreams The Terror: A Mystery The Secret Glory Short Stories and Novellas: A Fragment of Life The White People The Great God Pan The Inmost Light The Shining Pyramid The Red Hand The Angels of Mons: The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War: The Bowmen The Soldiers' Rest The Monstrance The Dazzling Light The Bowmen And Other Noble Ghosts Change The Children of the Pool The Bright Boy The Tree of Life Opening the Door The Marriage of Panurge The Holy Things Psychology The Turanians The Rose Garden The Ceremony The Happy Children The Cosy Room Munitions of War The Great Return A New Christmas Carol The Islington Mystery Out of the Earth Essays: Hieroglyphics Dog and Duck Dreads and Dolls Translation: The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt, 1725-1798 Autobiography: Far Off Things Criticism: Arthur Machen: A Novelist of Ecstasy and Sin (With Two Uncollected Poems by Arthur Machen)

Schutzhund Obedience

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Book Short Summary:

Have fun while training! This method gives your dog choices, then you simply reward him for making the correct choice. This gives him credit for being an intelligent, sensitive creature who enjoys working when we allow him to think for himself. This happy attitude assures your dog will work joyfully and correctly0́4in other words, he will love to work!! Stresses the drive instinct in the dog, and is a step-by-step manual to teach you how to train your dog for winning obedience. Popular with both Schutzhund and competitive obedience customers. Deals with the novice exercises: heeling, sit, stay, down, stand, recall.

31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

By Laura Schuster,Dave Holzinger
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Book Short Summary:

31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exam 31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exam offers you a friendly, practical way to understand the A+ certification process, commit to taking the A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams, and finish your preparation using a variety of Primary and Supplemental study resources. The 900 series A+ exams test knowledge and skills needed to manage and troubleshoot desktop, laptop, and mobile hardware and networking technologies; install, use, and troubleshoot Windows, Linux, and OS X; utilize virtualization, strengthen security, and work effectively as an IT technician. Sign up for the exam and use this book’s day-by-day guide and checklist to organize, prepare, and review. Each day in this guide breaks down an exam topic into a manageable bit of information to review using short summaries. Daily Study Resources sections provide quick references for locating more in-depth treatment within Primary and Supplemental resources. This book’s features help you fit exam preparation into a busy schedule: · Visual tear-card calendar summarizing each day’s study topic · Checklist for tracking your progress in mastering exam objectives · Description of the organization and sign-up process for the A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams · Strategies to prepare mentally, organizationally, and physically for exam day · Conversational tone to make study more enjoyable Digital Study Guide To enhance your preparation, upgrade to the Digital Study Guide, a media-rich web edition that includes mobile friendly ebook, interactive exercises, and Check Your Understanding questions. See offer inside. A sample is available to preview at Shelving category: Certification Covers: CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902

Quick Strength for Runners

By Jeff Horowitz
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Book Short Summary:

Quick Strength for Runners offers a smart, fast-paced strength training program for runners who want to run faster and with fewer injuries. In under an hour a week, runners will strengthen their core and key running muscles to build a better runner's body. Strength training is crucial to better running and injury prevention. But it's difficult to know which exercises work best for runners or to get motivated to hit the gym. In Quick Strength for Runners, running coach and personal trainer Jeff Horowitz simplifies strength training into just two 20-minute workouts per week, with no gym or pricey equipment required. Designed specifically for runners, the Quick Strength program pinpoints the exercises that really work. Inside you'll find: • A guide to how strength training leads to better running form and fitness • 40 targeted exercises, with step-by-step photos and clear instructions • Progressive workouts and advanced form options to increase strength as fitness improves • A focused and efficient 8-week strength training program • Tips on designing your own long-term workout program for a lifetime of fitness Quick Strength for Runners makes it easy for runners to build a better runner's body. This highly effective, easy-to-implement program will make you a stronger, faster runner in under an hour a week so you can stay on the road or trail.

Run, It Might Be Somebody

By Ephraim Romesberg
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Book Short Summary:

Book Summary of Run It Might Be Somebody By Ephraim Romesberg The book covers a span of over 70 years starting with the author as a shy sickly boy who was the last of 11 children living on a farm during the great depression and ends with the author as a 74 year old man, who still runs ultra distant marathons. In the first chapter, the author presents stories and anecdotes, often in a humorous way, to describe some of the joys and hardships of growing up in a large family during the great depression. Compared to today, life was very different then with no TVs, very few radios, no computers, no running water in the home (except in the pantry where there was a hand pump), and very few toys or luxuries of any kind. Also, and perhaps more significantly, kids, for the most part, were given chores and did not have time to get into trouble. There were no drugs, no gangs, and no boredom. Being the youngest in the family and somewhat sickly, the author was to some extent given some slack on farm chores. Even so, he had daily chores to do starting from a very early age such as milking cows, driving the old model T truck, fetching the cows, cleaning stables, feeding livestock, driving a tractor, and helping wherever help was needed. The book describes the one room school house that all kids in the area attended at that time. The authors dad had to quit such a school while in third grade to work on the farm when his father died leaving the family without any money or food. His mother completed school through eighth grade which was all that most people considered necessary in those days especially for women. So there was little or no pressure from the parents to go to school after that. As a result, the three oldest boys in the family never went past eighth grade. There were other reasons to stay home and the most important one was they had no decent clothing. The book tells about the Authors mother removing the white stripes from an old pair of band pants and one of the three boys who never completed high school, then removing all the little white threads so that he could wear the pants to school. He also had no decent shoes so he added home made soles to the bottoms of a pair of his work shoes by attaching them with roofing nails so that he could make the long four mile walk to the school. After several trips the nails poked through the bottoms of the shoes and wore holes in his feet. Because of that and the lure of the upcoming hunting season, and the need to work on the farm, he quit school after only a month or so. Except for the three oldest boys, all of the kids completed high school and several went on to college. The book describes such things as making hay the old fashioned way, husking corn by hand, hoeing corn and then picking rocks while resting, butchering a pig, delivering baby pigs and calves, threshing to separate the grain from the straw, and the authors Mom squirting milk straight from the cows tit at cats and grandkids.. Also described are how the young boys in the family learned to handle a team of horses when they were only 10 years old, how one of the boys accidentally cut off his little sisters finger, how an uncle lost his leg to the stump puller, how the author, when he was only eight years old, tried to explain to a blind preacher how to use the out house and the Sears Roebuck catalog which was used instead of toilet paper. Also described, and a little more on the lighter side, one of the authors sisters claimed that you havent lived until you ran barefoot through a cow pasture and felt the warmth of a fresh cow patty ooze up between your toes. The early chapters also describe the authors time in the US Navy where he was sea sick every time the ship left the dock. Hunting stories tell of deer hunting with more failures than successes. One successful

Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man

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Book Short Summary:

This Halloween is more than just tricks and treats--it's deadly serious. It was supposed to be a simple ding-dong ditch. A dare to give them bragging rights. But as Sammy and her friends sneak up to the spookiest house in town, they get scared witless by a skeleton, and then witness something frightening enough to make even Sammy scream. Things have taken a scary turn at school, too, with horrible Heather spreading embarrassing rumors about Sammy. Sammy devises a plan to expose her, but it's going to take a deceptive disguise, some good friends, and a lot of guts to pull it off... Praise for the Sammy Keyes series: “If Kinsey Millhone ever hires a junior partner, Sammy Keyes will be the first candidate on the list. She’s feisty, fearless, and funny. A top-notch investigator!” —New York Times bestselling author Sue Grafton “The sleuth delights from start to finish. Keep your binoculars trained on Sammy Keyes.” —Publishers Weekly “The most winning junior detective ever in teen lit. (Take that, Nancy Drew!)” —Midwest Children’s Book Review

Dancing Through It

By Jenifer Ringer
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Book Short Summary:

“A glimpse into the fragile psyche of a dancer.” —The Washington Post Jenifer Ringer, a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, was thrust into the headlines after her weight was commented on by a New York Times critic, and her response ignited a public dialogue about dance and weight. Ballet aficionados and aspiring performers of all ages will want to join Ringer behind the scenes as she shares her journey from student to star and candidly discusses both her struggle with an eating disorder and the media storm that erupted after the Times review. An unusually upbeat account of life on the stage, Dancing Through It is also a coming-of-age story and an inspiring memoir of faith and of triumph over the body issues that torment all too many women and men.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Strategy Guide

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Book Short Summary:

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow takes place at the end of days. The Earth's alliance with the Heavens has been threatened by a dark and malevolent force - the mysterious Lords Of Shadow - darkness reigns the world. Across this shattered land, the souls of the dead wander unable to find peace, whilst creatures of evil roam free wreaking chaos and death upon the living. Gabriel is a member of the Brotherhood Of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protect and defend the innocent against the supernatural. His beloved wife was brutally murdered by the evil forces of darkness and her soul trapped for eternity. Neither living nor dead she realises the horrific truth of what is at stake and guides Gabriel to his destiny - and hopefully salvation for the world... but at what cost? Thus, Gabriel must travel the destroyed world, defeating the evil tyrants in order to use their powers to bring balance back to the world. Armed with the versatile Combat Cross - the world's last hope must encounter the three factions of the Lords Of Shadow and end their unholy rule. Inside this massive guide we'll tell you: - How to beat every single enemy and conquer the main story campaign. - The easiest ways to win at every single trial. - The location of everycollectable item in the game! - Every boss fight made easy with our HD videos. - Tips for the hardest combat difficulty. - Easter Eggs and secrets. - Achievements and Trophies listed. - Both DLC missions covered in full!

Pushing the Reset Button

By Linda Orr Easthouse
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Book Short Summary:

With lots of helpful tips for stress management, diet, exercise, and detoxification, Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional's guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love, is a practical guide to better living. Linda Easthouse spells out all the dos and don'ts of this modern society for you in simple, easy-to-understand terms, sharing with you her extensive knowledge of everything from toxins that are lurking in our cupboards and medicine cabinets, which we should replace with healthier choices, to delicious foods we have been brainwashed into rejecting that are actually good for us! She lays out a plan to de-stress your day and put you back in control of your life. The plan was originally designed for professional women, stressed by the demands of work and family. These women were looking for healthy alternatives without using drugs or medications. Follow the plan and in just 31 days anyone can be Pushing the Reset Button and begin living the life of his or her dreams.

Introduction to Synthetic Biology

By Mario Andrea Marchisio
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Book Short Summary:

The textbook is based on the lectures of the course “Synthetic Biology” for Master’s students in biology and biotechnology at the Harbin Institute of Technology. The goal of the textbook is to explain how to make mathematical models of synthetic gene circuits that will, later on, drive the circuit implementation in the lab. Concepts such as kinetics, circuit dynamics and equilibria, stochastic and deterministic simulations, parameter analysis and optimization are presented. At the end of the textbook, a chapter contains a description of structural motifs (e.g. positive and negative feedback loops, Boolean gates) that carry out specific functions and can be combined into larger networks. Moreover, several chapters show how to build up (an analyse, where possible) models for synthetic gene circuits with four different open-source software i.e. COPASI, XPPAUT, BioNetGeN, and Parts & Pools-ProMoT.

Beyond the Bridge:

By R. D. Lock
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Book Short Summary:

Seeking a job as a first-year teacher, Robin Robertson heads for an interview at the Westminster Rural Agricultural Schools in the spring of 1956. Here, Robin could teach and also coach varsity basketball and counsel students. Amid the pressures of beginning a new career, he starts to wonder whether a big-city person like himself can adapt adequately to the lifestyle of small-town, rural America. This story pictures a way of life that has vanished in all too many places. Many readers will relate to the challenges, conflicts, and rewards between students and an untried but idealistic teacher. Others will recall athletic contests won and lost and perhaps will remember counseling that went way beyond arranging school schedules. The author draws upon forty-three years of educational experience in high school and community college -- focusing on that memorable first year in front of a classroom, being in charge of the community's "Winter Entertainment Committee" (basketball games), and creating a newly mandated school guidance program.