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The Ancient Mysteries

By Marvin W. Meyer
  • ISBN Code: : 081221692X
  • Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
  • Pages : 266
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 166
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  • Pdf : the-ancient-mysteries.pdf

Book Excerpt :

"A very balanced selection of sources for the study of the ancient so-called mystery religions, starting with Eleusis and ending with mysteries in Judaism and Christianity. . . . No other modern sourcebook exists in this field."—Kurt Rudolph

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Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ancient World

By Jan N. Bremmer
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Book Short Summary:

The ancient Mysteries have long attracted the interest of scholars, an interest that goes back at least to the time of the Reformation. After a period of interest around the turn of the twentieth century, recent decades have seen an important study of Walter Burkert (1987). Yet his thematic approach makes it hard to see how the actual initiation into the Mysteries took place. To do precisely that is the aim of this book. It gives a ‘thick description’ of the major Mysteries, not only of the famous Eleusinian Mysteries, but also those located at the interface of Greece and Anatolia: the Mysteries of Samothrace, Imbros and Lemnos as well as those of the Corybants. It then proceeds to look at the Orphic-Bacchic Mysteries, which have become increasingly better understood due to the many discoveries of new texts in the recent times. Having looked at classical Greece we move on to the Roman Empire, where we study not only the lesser Mysteries, which we know especially from Pausanias, but also the new ones of Isis and Mithras. We conclude our book with a discussion of the possible influence of the Mysteries on emerging Christianity. Its detailed references and up-to-date bibliography will make this book indispensable for any scholar interested in the Mysteries and ancient religion, but also for those scholars who work on initiation or esoteric rituals, which were often inspired by the ancient Mysteries.

Witchcraft Today

By James R. Lewis
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A clear, concise overview of the origins and history of the Wiccan and Neopagan movements, with A–Z coverage of concepts, rituals, practices, and practitioners. * Thorough introduction explains the origin and history of contemporary Wiccan and Neopagan beliefs * Provides A–Z coverage of Neopagan concepts, rituals, practices, and practitioners ranging from African Religions and Celtic Tradition to Numerology and Theosophy * A documents section reprints texts important to the central belief system of Wiccans and Neopagans, including the text of Charge of the Goddess * Thorough chronology detailing the development of these modern religions

The Ionia Sanction

By Gary Corby
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Book Short Summary:

"Corby has not only made Greek history accessible—he's made it first-rate entertainment." --Kelli Stanley, award-winning author of Nox Dormienda and City of Dragons Athens, 460 B.C. Life's tough for Nicolaos, the only investigating agent in ancient Athens. His girlfriend's left him and his boss wants to fire him. But when an Athenian official is murdered, the brilliant statesman Pericles has no choice but to put Nico on the job. The case takes Nico, in the company of a beautiful slave girl, to the land of Ionia within the Persian Empire. The Persians will execute him on the spot if they think he's a spy. Beyond that, there are only a few minor problems: He's being chased by brigands who are only waiting for the right price before they kill him. Somehow he has to placate his girlfriend, who is very angry about that slave girl. He must meet Themistocles, the military genius who saved Greece during the Persian Wars, and then defected to the hated enemy. And to solve the crime, Nico must uncover a secret that could not only destroy Athens, but will force him to choose between love, and ambition, and his own life.

Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta

By Gerald Massey
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.
  • Book Code : 9781605203065
  • Total of Pages : 56
  • Category : History
  • Members : 373
  • Pdf File: egyptian-book-of-the-dead-and-the-mysteries-of-amenta.pdf

Book Short Summary:

There is no death in the Osirian religion, only decay and change, and periodic renewal; only evolution and transformation in the domain of matter and the transubstantiation into spirit. In the so-called death of Osiris it is rebirth, not death, exactly the same as in the changes of external nature. At the close of the day the solar orb went down and left the sun god staring blankly in the dark of death. Taht the moon god met him in Amenta with the eye of Horus as the light the was to illuminate the darkness of the subterranean world. from Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta It goes unappreciated by modern Egyptologists, but it is embraced by those who savor the concept of a hidden history of humanity, and those who approach all human knowledge from the perspective of the esoteric. Gerard Massey 's massive Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World first published in 1907 and the crowning achievement of the self-taught scholar redefines the roots of Christianity via Egypt, proposing that Egyptian mythology was the basis for Jewish and Christian beliefs. Here, Cosimo proudly presents Book 4 of Ancient Egypt, in which Massey discusses the Egyptian Book of the Dead as the pre-Christian word of God, and explores the idea that Amenta, the threshold to the Egyptian underworld, is the first overt expression of a human desire for a noncorporeal afterlife. Massey goes on to connect the mystery of the mummy to the mystery of the Christ by likening the Christian dogma of physical resurrection to the Egyptian impetus for mummification. Peculiar and profound, this work will intrigue and delight readers of history, religion, and mythology. British author GERALD MASSEY (1828 1907) published works of poetry, spiritualism, Shakespearean criticism, and theology, but his best-known works are in the realm of Egyptology, including A Book of the Beginnings and The Natural Genesis.

Mysteries of the Ancient Past

By Glenn Kreisberg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 9781591438052
  • Total of Pages : 328
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  • Pdf File: mysteries-of-the-ancient-past.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Cutting-edge thinkers on the origins of civilization, the Giza pyramids, pre-Columbian and early America, and the power of human consciousness • With contributions by David Frawley, Geoff Stray, Joscelyn Godwin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Antoine Gigal, and others • Topics range from the origins of the Inca to the architecture of the Giza plateau to unified theories of physics and consciousness • Companion volume to Lost Knowledge of the Ancients As we pull back the curtain from the European version of history, we discover the vast depth of knowledge of our ancient ancestors--knowledge that not only dispels our image of them as primitive peoples but also corresponds with the forefront of modern science, philosophy, and spirituality. With contributions by David Frawley, Geoff Stray, Joscelyn Godwin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Antoine Gigal, and other provocative, cutting-edge thinkers, this collection of essays commissioned by Graham Hancock, bestselling author of Fingerprints of the Gods, represents the latest, often controversial findings in alternative science, history, archaeology, and consciousness research. Covering topics ranging from the origins of the Inca and the secrets hidden in Vedic literature, to the architecture of the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, to unified theories of physics and consciousness, this book shows how, by recovering our lost history, we too can experience the higher consciousness and advanced wisdom of the ancients.

In Search of Ancient Mysteries

By Alan Landsburg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Book Code : UOM:39015058734859
  • Total of Pages : 197
  • Category : Civilization, Ancient
  • Members : 439
  • Pdf File: in-search-of-ancient-mysteries.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Probes the existing evidence supporting the theory that man's prehistory was shaped by farcomers from another planet; the pyramids, ancient temples, Ezekiel's chariot of fire, etc.