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Ancient Blood

By Diane Carey
  • ISBN Code: : 0671002384
  • Publisher : Pocket Books/Star Trek
  • Pages : 280
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 615
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : ancient-blood.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Going undercover to infiltrate a planetary criminal network, Worf finds his personal honor tested as he struggles to avoid using deceitful practices and confronts a deadly danger accompanied by his son Alexander. Original.

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Discover the intricately plotted, action-packed, animal-based fantasy series that New York Times #1 bestselling author KELLY ARMSTRONG calls “A thrilling tale.” Scion of the Fox: The Realms of Ancient, Book 1 Roan Harken considers herself a typical high school student — dead parents, an infected eyeball, and living in the house of her estranged, currently comatose grandmother (well, maybe not so typical) — but she’s uncovering the depth of the secrets her family left behind. Saved from the grasp of Death itself by a powerful fox spirit named Sil, Roan must harness mysterious ancient power… and quickly. Zabor lies in wait in the bed of the frozen Assiniboine River, a snake-monster hungry for the sacrifice of spirit-blood in exchange for keeping the flood waters at bay. Thrust onto an ancient battlefield, Roan soon realizes that to maintain the balance of the world, she will have to sacrifice more than her life in order to take her place as Scion of the Fox. Children of the Bloodlands: The Realms of Ancient, Book 2 The dazzling second book in S.M. Beiko’s Realms of Ancient series follows Roan and her four friends as they part ways to fight new battles across the globe. A wicked monster called Seela has risen from the ashy Bloodlands and is wreaking havoc on the world while children in Edinburgh are afflicted by a strange plague; Eli travels to Seoul to face judgment and is nearly murdered; Natti endures a taxing journey with two polar bears; Phae tries desperately to obtain the key to the Underworld; and Barton joins a Family-wide coalition as the last defense against an enemy that will stop at nothing to undo Ancient’s influence on Earth — before there is no longer an Earth to fight for. Darkness, death, and the ancient powers that shape the world will collide as our heroes discover that some children collapse under their dark inheritance, and those who don’t are haunted by blood. The Brilliant Dark: The Realms of Ancient, Book 3 In the final inst

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