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An Underground Education

By Richard Zacks
  • ISBN Code: : 0307766403
  • Publisher : Anchor
  • Pages : 432
  • Category : Reference
  • Reads : 780
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Book Excerpt :

The best kind of knowledge is uncommon knowledge. Okay, so maybe you know all the stuff you're supposed to know--that there are teenier things than atoms, that Remembrance of Things Past has something to do with a perfumed cookie, that the Monroe Doctrine means we get to take over small South American countries when we feel like it. But really, is this kind of knowledge going to make you the hit of the cocktail party, or the loser spending forty-five minutes examining the host's bookshelves? Wouldn't you rather learn things like how the invention of the bicycle affected the evolution of underwear? Or that the 1949 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to a doctor who performed lobotomies with a household ice pick? Or how Catherine the Great really died? Or that heroin was sold over the counter not too long ago? For the truly well-rounded "intellectual," nothing fascinates so much as the subversive, the contrarian, the suppressed, and the bizarre. Richard Zacks, auto-didact extraordinaire, has unloosed his admittedly strange mind and astonishing research abilities upon the entire spectrum of human knowledge, ferreting out endlessly fascinating facts, stories, photos, and images guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp in wonder, and occasionally shudder at the depths of human depravity. The result of his labors is this fantastically illustrated quasi-encyclopedia that provides alternative takes on art, business, crime, science, medicine, sex (lots of that), and many other facets of human experience. Immensely entertaining, and arguably enlightening, An Underground Education is the only book that explains the birth of motion pictures using photos of naked baseball players. Richard Zacks is the author of History Laid Bare: Love, Sex and Perversity from the Ancient Etruscans to Warren G. Harding, which was excerpted in classy magazines like Harper's and earned the attention of the even classier New York Times, which noted that "Zacks specializes in the raunchy and perverse." The Georgia State Legislature voted on whether to ban the book from public libraries. He has studied Arabic, Greek, Latin, French, Italian, and Hebrew, and received the Phillips Classical Greek Award at the University of Michigan. He has also told his publisher that he made a living in Cairo cheating royalty from a certain Arab country at games of chance, although the claim remains unverified. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, The Village Voice, TV Guide, and similarly diverse publications. Zacks is married and busy warping the minds of his two children, Georgia and Ziegfield. He resides in New York City, and can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

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The Origins and Foundations of Music Education

By Gordon Cox,Robin Stevens
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Book Code : 1474229123
  • Total of Pages : 312
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 228
  • Pdf File: the-origins-and-foundations-of-music-education.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This landmark collection explores the origins and foundations of music education in Europe, The Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, and considers the inclusion of music as part of the compulsory school curriculum in the context of the historical, social and political landscape. Within each chapter, the contributors explore the following key areas: - the aims, objectives and content of the music curriculum - teaching methods - the provision and training of teachers of music - the experiences of pupils This fully revised second edition includes new chapters on Brazil, Israel, Kosovo, Lithuania, and Turkey, along with questions to encourage reflection and discussion. A concluding chapter has been added to encourage readers to consider the evolution of music education globally. The Foreword for this new edition has been written by Sheila Woodward, President of the International Society for Music Education. Contributors have been carefully selected to represent countries that have incorporated music into compulsory schooling for a variety of reasons resulting in a diverse collection which will guide future actions and policy.

Awakening the Soul: Book 2

By Bill Missett
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  • Book Code : 1438906919
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  • Category : Self-Help
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  • Pdf File: awakening-the-soul.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"I am absolutely in awe of your book. It is an extraordinarily important work. It will, I humbly suggest, change many lives." -- Joseph W. Dunn, Jr., Editor, A.R.E. Press *** "I believe Awakening the Soul (Book 3) is the key to the 12th Step" (of Alcoholics Anonymous) - Susana K., Oregon *** "We all agree on the brilliance of this work." -- Lisa Hagan, literary agent, Paraview, Inc.

Soul Theft

By Bill Missett
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 1434398196
  • Total of Pages : 347
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
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  • Pdf File: soul-theft.pdf

Book Short Summary:

DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU OWN THE "Trilogy" or ATS: Book 2, its primary source. (This, the fifth book in the Awakening The Soul series, is the story of the discovery of the suppression of almost all the traits of our spiritual nature by those who should have been protecting and enhancing them. By the time you get to the end of this book, you will understand what Western Religions have done to the world. This realization grew to the point where it became obvious this most vital information needed a wider, more immediate audience for greater exposure than just to those actively seeking spiritual awakening. These historically-documented truths, many presented here for the first time, are something every contemporary Christian, Jew and Muslim should know.)

Awakening the Soul

By Bill Missett
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 1434392457
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Book Short Summary:

Awakening The Soul: The Trilogy includes ATS: Book One: Proof of Our Spiritual Nature, which itemizes more than 80 characteristics of our spiritual nature, many very familiar, and explains 10 of them in depth; ATS: Book 2: Our Suppressed Spiritual Nature, which explains why we are so out of touch with our spiritual nature, primarily through suppression of those traits by religions, primarily Christianity, and ATS Book 3: Restoring Your Spiritual Nature contains detailed channeled instructions to restore immediate awareness of your spiritual nature, which has proven highly successful in doing just that.

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 33

By François Guesnet,Antony Polonsky,Ada Rapoport-Albert,Marcin Wodziński
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Liverpool University Press
  • Book Code : 1800347464
  • Total of Pages : 567
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 189
  • Pdf File: polin.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Following tremendous advances in recent years in the study of religious belief, this volume adopts a fresh understanding of Jewish religious life in Poland. Approaches deriving from the anthropology, history, phenomenology, psychology, and sociology of religion have replaced the methodologies of social or political history that were applied in the past, offering fascinating new perspectives. The well-established interest in hasidism continues, albeit from new angles, but topics that have barely been considered before are well represented here too. Women’s religious practice gains new prominence, and a focus on elites has given way to a consideration of the beliefs and practices of ordinary people. Reappraisals of religious responses to secularization and modernity, both liberal and Orthodox, offer more nuanced insights into this key issue. Other research areas represented here include the material history of Jewish religious life in eastern Europe and the shift of emphasis from theology to praxis in the search for the defining quality of religious experience. The contemporary reassessments in this volume, with their awareness of emerging techniques that have the potential to extract fresh insights from source materials both old and new, show how our understanding of what it means to be Jewish is continuing to expand.

Getting Smart

By Tom Vander Ark
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1118115872
  • Total of Pages : 240
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 780
  • Pdf File: getting-smart.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A comprehensive look at the promise and potential of online learning In our digital age, students have dramatically new learning needs and must be prepared for the idea economy of the future. In Getting Smart, well-known global education expert Tom Vander Ark examines the facets of educational innovation in the United States and abroad. Vander Ark makes a convincing case for a blend of online and onsite learning, shares inspiring stories of schools and programs that effectively offer "personal digital learning" opportunities, and discusses what we need to do to remake our schools into "smart schools." Examines the innovation-driven world, discusses how to combine online and onsite learning, and reviews "smart tools" for learning Investigates the lives of learning professionals, outlines the new employment bargain, examines online universities and "smart schools" Makes the case for smart capital, advocates for policies that create better learning, studies smart cultures

The Taliban: Afghanistan's Most Lethal Insurgents

By Mark Silinsky
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Book Code : 0313398984
  • Total of Pages : 263
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Book Short Summary:

Understand the complexities of the most lethal insurgent group of America's longest war—the Taliban. • Provides insights from an author with academic training in politics and economics as well as a 30-year defense intelligence community background, including serving as an Army analyst in Afghanistan • Presents information recently obtained under the Freedom of Information Act • Analyzes the tribal, religious, political, and international elements of the greater Taliban problem

The Neighbors Respond

By Antony Polonsky,Joanna B. Michlic
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 1400825814
  • Total of Pages : 504
  • Category : History
  • Members : 989
  • Pdf File: the-neighbors-respond.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Neighbors--Jan Gross's stunning account of the brutal mass murder of the Jews of Jedwabne by their Polish neighbors--was met with international critical acclaim and was a finalist for the National Book Award in the United States. It has also been, from the moment of its publication, the occasion of intense controversy and painful reckoning. This book captures some of the most important voices in the ensuing debate, including those of residents of Jedwabne itself as well as those of journalists, intellectuals, politicians, Catholic clergy, and historians both within and well beyond Poland's borders. Antony Polonsky and Joanna Michlic introduce the debate, focusing particularly on how Neighbors rubbed against difficult old and new issues of Polish social memory and national identity. The editors then present a variety of Polish voices grappling with the role of the massacre and of Polish-Jewish relations in Polish history. They include samples of the various strategies used by Polish intellectuals and political elites as they have attempted to deal with their country's dark past, to overcome the legacy of the Holocaust, and to respond to Gross's book. The Neighbors Respond makes the debate over Neighbors available to an English-speaking audience--and is an excellent tool for bringing the discussion into the classroom. It constitutes an engrossing contribution to modern Jewish history, to our understanding of Polish modern history and identity, and to our bank of Holocaust memory.

Bleed, Blister, Puke, and Purge

By J. Marin Younker
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Zest Books ™
  • Book Code : 1541581687
  • Total of Pages : 112
  • Category : Young Adult Nonfiction
  • Members : 863
  • Pdf File: bleed-blister-puke-and-purge.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Riots over the medical use of cadavers, public access to institutions for the insane, and full-blown surgeries without the aid of anesthetics or painkillers. Welcome to the middle ages of American medicine. Bleed, Blister, Puke, and Purge exposes the extraordinary practices and major players of American medical history, from America's colonial era to the late 1800s. It's hard to believe that today's cutting-edge medicine originated from such crude beginnings, but this book reminds us to be grateful for today's medical care, while also raising the question: what current medical practices will be the horrors of tomorrow?

Word by Word

By Christopher Hager
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harvard University Press
  • Book Code : 0674070828
  • Total of Pages : 323
  • Category : Literary Criticism
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  • Pdf File: word.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Consigned to illiteracy, American slaves left little record of their thoughts and feelings—or so we have believed. But a few learned to use pen and paper to make sense of their experiences, despite prohibitions. These authors’ perspectives rewrite the history of emancipation and force us to rethink the relationship between literacy and freedom.

In the Mind's Eye

By David Castleton
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Pen and Sword
  • Book Code : 147382995X
  • Total of Pages : 180
  • Category : History
  • Members : 106
  • Pdf File: in-the-mind-s-eye.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Discover the stories of the men and women who sacrificed their sight for their country. Since 1915 St Dunstan's (now Blind Veterans UK) has helped thousands of war-blinded men and women to rejoin society and live their lives to the full. This compelling book includes new research from the St Dunstan's archive and previously untold stories of the people, both blind and sighted, involved in the charity during the First and Second World Wars. St Dunstan's was founded by Sir Arthur Pearson, a blind press baron determined to prove that the blind could make a valuable contribution to society. Early St Dunstaners played football against Arsenal; learned to read braille, type, row and even shoot; and trained for new careers as masseurs, carpenters, switchboard operators and gardeners. As PR officer at St Dunstan's for 35 years, David Castleton worked with many of the men and women whose stories he tells in his book, and provides a unique insight into their achievements. Meet irrepressible Tommy Milligan, who lost his sight just months after enlisting on his eighteenth birthday, and Ian Fraser, blinded on the Somme, but later president of St Dunstan's. David Bell, who lost his hands and sight in a North African mine-field, yet found hope and a wife at St Dunstan's. War-blinded servicewomen also joined the charity during the Second World War, including 22-year-old Gwen Obern, blinded and maimed in a factory accident but later famed for her singing, and ATS sergeant Barbara Bell, who became a top physiotherapist.

A Selection of Cartoons from Puck

By Joseph Ferdinand Keppler
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 6480
  • Category : Humor
  • Members : 892
  • Pdf File: a-selection-of-cartoons-from-puck.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Puck was a humorous cartoon journal, publishing critical cartoons on political, religious, and social issues. The book presents the masterpieces of cartoon art which stay extremely actual nowadays. Here you can find witty pictures of the elections, important bills, church, and meetings of political parties. Every cartoon is accompanied by a detailed description sharing information on the historical background of every cartoon.

My Boyhood War

By Bohdan Hryniewicz
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : The History Press
  • Book Code : 075096474X
  • Total of Pages : 192
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 351
  • Pdf File: my-boyhood-war.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Bohdan Hryniewicz was only 8 when war broke out and 13 when it ended. In those years he saw more than most men would in 10 lifetimes; and his recall is extraordinary. He cites three days as defining this period: the saddest, 19 September 1939 as Russian tanks rolled into his home town of Wilno; the happiest, August 1 1944, when the Polish flag flew once again from the highest building in Warsaw; the most bitter, October 3 that year, when his commanding officer forbade him to join the other members of his battalion as they entered a prisoner of war camp. The Warsaw Uprising lasted 63 days and was the largest single military effort by any resistance movement in the war. Throughout, Bohdan was the personal runner of lieutenant Nalecz, CO of the battalion of the same name. Betrayed by Stalin, all the Poles were expelled to camps after surrender and the city dynamited. Bohdan is probably the last witness to this tragedy.

Communist Parties Revisited

By Rüdiger Bergien,Jens Gieseke
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • Book Code : 1785337777
  • Total of Pages : 383
  • Category : History
  • Members : 422
  • Pdf File: communist-parties-revisited.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The ruling communist parties of the postwar Soviet Bloc possessed nearly unprecedented power to shape every level of society; perhaps in part because of this, they have been routinely depicted as monolithic, austere, and even opaque institutions. Communist Parties Revisited takes a markedly different approach, investigating everyday life within basic organizations to illuminate the inner workings of Eastern Bloc parties. Ranging across national and transnational contexts, the contributions assembled here reconstruct the rituals of party meetings, functionaries’ informal practices, intra-party power struggles, and the social production of ideology to give a detailed account of state socialist policymaking on a micro-historical scale.

Not Another Apple for the Teacher

By Erin Barrett,Jack Mingo
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Mango Media
  • Book Code : 1609250710
  • Total of Pages : 138
  • Category : Games & Activities
  • Members : 706
  • Pdf File: not-another-apple-for-the-teacher.pdf

Book Short Summary:

From devastating remarks made by teachers ("Addled, backward dunce" said about young Thomas Edison) to the rich and famous on campus (William Randolph Hearst kept a pet alligator at Harvard), this is a spirited and humorous collection of facts about teachers and students.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945: Volume II

By Geoffrey P. Megargee,Martin Dean
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Indiana University Press
  • Book Code : 0253002028
  • Total of Pages : 5934
  • Category : History
  • Members : 487
  • Pdf File: the-united-states-holocaust-memorial-museum-encyclopedia-of-camps-and-ghettos-1933-1945.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“Stands without doubt as the definitive reference guide on this topic in the world today.” —Holocaust and Genocide Studies This volume of the extraordinary encyclopedia from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers a comprehensive account of how the Nazis conducted the Holocaust throughout the scattered towns and villages of Poland and the Soviet Union. It covers more than 1,150 sites, including both open and closed ghettos. Regional essays outline the patterns of ghettoization in nineteen German administrative regions. Each entry discusses key events in the history of the ghetto; living and working conditions; activities of the Jewish Councils; Jewish responses to persecution; demographic changes; and details of the ghetto’s liquidation. Personal testimonies help convey the character of each ghetto, while source citations provide a guide to additional information. Documentation of hundreds of smaller sites—previously unknown or overlooked in the historiography of the Holocaust—make this an indispensable reference work on the destroyed Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. “A very detailed analysis and history of the events that took place in the towns, villages, and cities of German-occupied Eastern Europe . . . .A rich source of information.” —Library Journal “Focuses specifically on the ghettos of Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe . . . stands without doubt as the definitive reference guide on this topic in the world today. This is not hyperbole, but simply a recognition of the meticulous collaborative research that went into assembling such a massive collection of information.” —Holocaust and Genocide Studies “No other work provides the same level of detail and supporting material.” —Choice

How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded

By Joel Bauer,Mark Levy
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1118040104
  • Total of Pages : 256
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Members : 843
  • Pdf File: how-to-persuade-people-who-don-t-want-to-be-persuaded.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The art of persuasion as taught by one of the world's most sought-after speakers and pitchmen In this daring book, Joel Bauer teaches you how to persuade by making your messages entertaining. Learn the secrets behind "The Fright Challenge," "The Transformation Mechanism," and other persuasion tactics used by pitchmen, carneys, and conjurors to convince people to their way of thinking. Along with coauthor Mark Levy, Bauer has taken these ethical, entertainment-based techniques, and has made them practical for everyday use-capable of influencing one person or a thousand, in business and in life. Joel Bauer (Los Angeles, CA) is an expert in performance-based live marketing who The Wall Street Journal online referred to as "undoubtedly the chairman of the board" of corporate tradeshow rain-making. Mark Levy (Chester, NJ) has written for the New York Times, has authored or coauthored three books, and is the founder of Levy Innovation, a consulting firm that makes individuals and companies memorable.

Lietuvybe Down Under

By Grazina Pranauskas
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Australian Scholarly Publishing
  • Book Code : 1925801179
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : History
  • Members : 829
  • Pdf File: lietuvybe-down-under.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Lietuvybe Down Under is a book about the experiences of Lithuanian migrants to Australia, and specifically about the desire of migrants to ‘feel’ and ‘be’ Lithuanian while living away from their homeland. Lietuvybe embraces the desire to be ‘visible’ both within and outside the Lithuanian community through language and their traditions of song, dance, music and the arts. ‘This book should be read far and wide in Australia; it provides an opportunity to understand the hopes and expectations of migrants, as well as the pain, fear, racism, challenges, loss, nostalgia and confusion about “where is my true home?” that migrants experience.’ Catherine Malcolm, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

Magic Words

By Craig Conley
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Weiser Books
  • Book Code : 1609250508
  • Total of Pages : 360
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Members : 859
  • Pdf File: magic-words.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Magic Words: A Dictionary is a oneofakind resource for armchair linguists, popculture enthusiasts, Pagans, Wiccans, magicians, and trivia nuts alike. Brimming with the most intriguing magic words and phrases from around the world and illustrated throughout with magical symbols and icons, Magic Words is a dictionary like no other. More than sevenhundred essay style entries describe the origins of magical words as well as historical and popular variations and fascinating trivia. With sources ranging from ancient Medieval alchemists to modern stage magicians, necromancers, and wizards of legend to miracle workers throughout time, Magic Words is a must have for any scholar of magic, language, history, and culture.

Uncle John's Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader

By Bathroom Readers' Institute
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1607106795
  • Total of Pages : 522
  • Category : Humor
  • Members : 135
  • Pdf File: uncle-john-s-absolutely-absorbing-bathroom-reader.pdf

Book Short Summary:

It’s one of Uncle John’s most popular editions! More than 500 pages of absolutely absorbing material are at your fingertips. Divided for your convenience into short, medium, and long articles, this book has it all: humor, history, pop culture, politics, wordplay, quotations, blunders, facts, and more. Settle in and read about… * The world’s rarest rock ’n’ roll record * The secret history of the lava lamp * Da Vinci’s unfinished masterpiece * Famous unsolved disappearances * Animals famous for 15 minutes * The world’s luckiest accident * The birth of the T-shirt * Big, bad Barbie * Cereal flops And much, much more!

Racialized Schools

By Jesse A. Brinson,Shannon D. Smith
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 1135849463
  • Total of Pages : 216
  • Category : Psychology
  • Members : 546
  • Pdf File: racialized-schools.pdf

Book Short Summary:

While racism continues to be a persistent and pervasive issue in our schools nationwide, the professionals charged with creating safe and nurturing educational environments have few resources available to address racism directly. Racialized Schools is on the leading edge of books that do just that and includes the latest research and praxis to help school personnel confront racism in a professional manner. A national qualitative survey of students, school counselors, teachers, and administrators sets the stage by providing readers with a 360-degree picture of today's schools and the many ways racism creeps into the lives of our students. The authors present a number of different models and perspectives on understanding and addressing racism, beginning with their own personal and professional experiences. Significant attention is also given to empowering school personnel and students to become racially aware, sensitive, and competent to address racism and racial conflicts in schools. Racialized Schools is not only a comprehensive look at racism within our schools; it is also a practical tool for use by teachers, school counselors, administrators, etc., for implementing preventative measures to combat racism directly.

Strange Medicine

By Nathan Belofsky
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Book Code : 1101624582
  • Total of Pages : 224
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 332
  • Pdf File: strange-medicine.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Strange Medicine casts a gimlet eye on the practice of medicine through the ages that highlights the most dubious ideas, bizarre treatments, and biggest blunders. From bad science and oafish behavior to stomach-turning procedures that hurt more than helped, Strange Medicine presents strange but true facts and an honor roll of doctors, scientists, and dreamers who inadvertently turned the clock of medicine backward: • The ancient Egyptians applied electric eels to cure gout. • Medieval dentists burned candles in patients’ mouths to kill invisible worms gnawing at their teeth. • Renaissance physicians timed surgical procedures according to the position of the stars, and instructed epileptics to collect fresh blood from the newly beheaded. • Dr. Walter Freeman, the world’s foremost practitioner of lobotomies, practiced his craft while traveling on family camping trips, cramming the back of the station wagon with kids—and surgical tools—then hammering ice picks into the eye sockets of his patients in between hikes in the woods. Strange Medicine is an illuminating panorama of medical history as you’ve never seen it before.

Vietnam War Memorial

By Jennifer Burrows
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Carson-Dellosa Publishing
  • Book Code : 1615907831
  • Total of Pages : 32
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Members : 758
  • Pdf File: vietnam-war-memorial.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Learn Detailed Information About The Vietnam War Memorial And Basic History Of This War.

Financial Theory

By Xingyun Peng
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : World Scientific
  • Book Code : 1938134338
  • Total of Pages : 708
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Members : 768
  • Pdf File: financial-theory.pdf

Book Short Summary:

China is now the second largest economy in the world, with an increasingly efficient and open financial system. Many firms, agents and financial institutions have realized the potential in making money in China. Financial Theory: Perspectives from China serves as a timely textbook providing a unique introduction to economics theory, with a focus on money, banking and financial systems, through examples based mainly on China's financial practices. It contains up-to-date developments of theory and practices, as well as various interesting stories on China's financial system. Topics such as financial institutions, capital markets, debt securities markets, mutual fund markets, money markets, foreign exchange and financial derivative markets are discussed in depth. Financial theories are supplemented with illustrations from China's money supply mechanism and monetary policy system, China's financial regulatory and supervision system, as well as China's financial system and how it has liberalized and opened up to the rest of the world. Readers will find detailed examinations of financial theories, exemplified and reinforced by the inclusion of different financial cases and phenomena, each intriguing in their own right. This book provides readers with a deeper understanding of China's financial practices, providing vital knowledge for investing in China and engaging businesses there. Undergraduate students in economics and finance and those keen on becoming a player in China's financial markets will no doubt find this volume useful and necessary. Contents:Introduction:Money, Monetary Systems, and StatisticsFinancial SystemTime Value of MoneyTime Allocation of Resources: Whether to Save or SpendAsset Selection and Risk Management of Lender–SaversFinancing Options for Borrower–SpendersFinancial Institutions and Markets:Financial Institutions in the Financial SystemCommercial Bank Operations and ManagementLong-Term Capital MarketsShort-Term Money MarketsForeign Exchange MarketsFinancial Derivatives MarketFinancial Controls:Money SupplyDemand for MoneyInterest Rate Levels and Interest Rate StructurePrice Levels: Inflation and DeflationExchange Rate Determination and the Exchange Rate SystemBalance of PaymentsNational Income and Output Determination: The IS–LM ModelMonetary Policy Operations of the Central BankFinancial Development and Stability:Financial Development and Financial StructureFinancial Deepening and Financial LiberalizationFinancial CrisesFinancial Regulation and Supervision Readership: Undergraduate students in economics and finance as well as those interested in economics and investing in China. Keywords:Monetary Economics;Financial Markets;Monetary Policy;Financial System;Financial DevelopmentKey Features:Explains key theories in the economics of money and financial systems in depth, keeping readers up-to-date with current developments in the fieldFinancial theories exemplified and reinforced through interesting case studies with a China-centric focusDeepens the readers' understanding of China's financial practices, providing vital knowledge for investing in China and engaging businesses there


By Vera Wasowski,Robert Hillman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Black Inc.
  • Book Code : 1863957391
  • Total of Pages : 240
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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Book Short Summary:

‘My revenge on Hitler is a lifetime in which delight has reached me from a hundred sources, and been welcomed.’—Vera Wasowski A story of courage, unconventionality and lust for life. Vera Wasowski was just seven years old when German soldiers marched her family into the Lvov Jewish ghetto in Poland. She watched her father take his own life and her mother accede to sexual blackmail in order to ensure her and Vera’s survival. With unsparing honesty and the blackest humour, she recalls a world where the desire to survive was everything. After the war, Vera studied journalism at Warsaw University, throwing herself into the bohemian scene. In 1958, she migrated to Australia with her husband and young son, to escape rising anti-Semitism. Here she would carve out an adventurous career as an ABC TV researcher and producer on pioneering programs such as This Day Tonight. It was a wild time for politics and the media, and Vera was at the centre of it all, mixing with the Hawkes in the 1980s, and forming a close friendship with artist Mirka Mora. In Vera, acclaimed biographer Robert Hillman has captured the fierce and passionate life of an amazing Australian.

Dueling in Charleston

By J. Grahame Long
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  • Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
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Book Short Summary:

Though no landmarks or memorials formally recognize dueling in Charleston, it remains a quintessential element of the Holy City's legacy. Most upstanding locals nourished the duelist's tradition, many going so far as to make it an integral part of their social lives. For a time, even the most casual character insults or slurs toward one's moral fiber or family lineage invited a challenge, and almost always, the offended party was expected to retaliate. Thus, finding full expression in frequency and public acceptance throughout the Lowcountry, a gentleman's duel was a crucial--albeit deadly--matter of taste and caste. For two centuries, Charlestonians dueled habitually, settling personal grievances with malice instead of mediation. Charleston historian J. Grahame Long presents a charming portrait of this dreadfully civilized custom.

The Pocket Guide to Mischief

By Bart King
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  • Publisher : Gibbs Smith
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Book Short Summary:

The greatest leaders and geniuses in history were mischief makers. They were the brave women who looked at how unfair the world was and said, “I can do better than that.” They were the stalwart men who saw stupidity and asked, “Why do we have to do it that way?” And they were the delightful children who ganged up on the neighborhood bully and hit him with wet noodles until he said, “Uncle!” Yes, history's mischief makers had the courage to point out that things like slavery, global warming, and turtleneck sweaters are bad. And they also pulled off some of the greatest hoaxes and practical jokes of all time. Their achievements include the Boston Tea Party, the “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast of 1938, and the Cheese Whiz Disaster of 2008. In honor of them, we introduce The Pocket Guide to Mischief, the perfect addition to any prankster's collection, as well as a fun-filled how-to for the budding troublemaker in all of us.

Your Brain on Facts

By Moxie LaBouche
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Book Short Summary:

When Trivia Isn't Trivial The world is full of things you didn’t know, things you thought you knew, and things you never knew you never knew. From the eponymous podcast comes Your Brain On Facts. Train your brain. So what if you picked up some historical inaccuracies (and flat-out myths) in history class. Your Brain On Facts is here to teach and reteach readers relevant trivia. It explains surprising science in simple language, gives the unexpected origins of pop culture classics, and reveals important titbits related to current issues. A brain food boost. Get ready for trivia night done right. Inside, find true facts, strange facts, and just plain weird facts. Your Brain on Factsfeatures general trivia questions and answers, offering science, art, technology, medicine, music, and history trivia to brainiacs everywhere. Learn: • What’s the language of the stateless nation in the Pyrenees mountains • Where the world-changing birth control pill was tested • Who wrote lyrics for the Star Trek theme song that were never used If you enjoyed The Book of General Ignorance, The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever, The World's Greatest Book of Useless Information, and The Book of Unusual Knowledge, you’ll have a blast with Your Brain On Facts.

Doctors Killed George Washington

By Erin Barrett,Jack Mingo
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Book Short Summary:

A trivia collection that puts medical history under the microscope—with more than 500 little-known facts about doctors, diseases, and more. Did you know . . . Before the advent of surgery, ancient Egyptian doctors put their patients under by hitting them on the head with a mallet. Working with pigs can raise your risk of appendicitis. The Catholic Church has patron saints for many conditions, including hernias and syphilis. In 18th-century New York, eight people were killed and many more wounded during three days of anti-doctor riots. Doctors Killed George Washington reveals these and other stories of accidental medical discoveries, medical follies, bizarre cures, and more. With surgical wit, it examines centuries of medical practice, from herbalism and shamanism to the cutting-edge technology of today, providing hundreds of fascinating facts and outrageous oddities from the history of health care.

The Pirate Hunter

By Richard Zacks
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  • Publisher : Hachette Books
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Book Short Summary:

Everybody knows the legend of Captain Kidd, America's most ruthless buccanneer. Few people realize that the facts of his life make for a much better tale. Kidd was actually a tough New York sea captain hired to chase pirates, a married war hero whose secret mission took a spectacularly bad turn. This harrowing tale traces Kidd's voyages in the 1690s from his home near Wall Street to Whitehall Palace in London, from the ports of the Caribbean to a secret pirate paradise off Madagascar. Author Richard Zacks, during his research, also unearthed the story of a long forgotten rogue named Robert Culliford, who dogged Kidd and led Kidd's crew to mutiny not once but twice. The lives of Kidd and Culliford play out like an unscripted duel: one man would hang in the harbor, the other would walk away with the treasure. Filled with superb writing and impeccable research, The Pirate Hunter is both a masterpiece of historical detective work and a ripping good yarn, and it delivers something rare: an authentic pirate story for grown-ups.

Memorials as Spaces of Engagement

By Quentin Stevens,Karen A. Franck
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  • Publisher : Routledge
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Book Short Summary:

Memorials are more diverse in design and subject matter than ever before. No longer limited to statues of heroes placed high on pedestals, contemporary memorials engage visitors in new, often surprising ways, contributing to the liveliness of public space. In Memorials as Spaces of Engagement Quentin Stevens and Karen A. Franck explore how changes in memorial design and use have helped forge closer, richer relationships between commemorative sites and their visitors. The authors combine first hand analysis of key examples with material drawn from existing scholarship. Examples from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe include official, formally designed memorials and informal ones, those created by the public without official sanction. Memorials as Spaces of Engagement discusses important issues for the design, management and planning of memorials and public space in general. The book is organized around three topics: how the physical design of memorial objects and spaces has evolved since the 19th century; how people experience and understand memorials through the activities of commemorating, occupying and interpreting; and the issues memorials raise for management and planning. Memorials as Spaces of Engagement will be of interest to architects, landscape architects and artists; historians of art, architecture and culture; urban sociologists and geographers; planners, policymakers and memorial sponsors; and all those concerned with the design and use of public space.