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An Ordinary Man

By Paul Rusesabagina
  • ISBN Code: : 9781101201312
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Pages : 224
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 543
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : an-ordinary-man.pdf

Book Excerpt :

The remarkable autobiography of Paul Rusesabagina, the globally-recognized human rights champion whose heroism inspired the film Hotel Rwanda “Fascinating…your book is called An Ordinary Man, yet you took on an extraordinary feat with courage, determination, and diplomacy.” – Oprah, O, The Oprah Magazine As Rwanda was thrown into chaos during the 1994 genocide, Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, turned the luxurious Hotel Milles Collines into a refuge for more than 1,200 Tutsi and moderate Hutu refugees, while fending off their would-be killers with a combination of diplomacy and deception. In An Ordinary Man, he tells the story of his childhood, retraces his accidental path to heroism, revisits the 100 days in which he was the only thing standing between his “guests” and a hideous death, and recounts his subsequent life as a refugee and activist.

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On March 10, 1993, the author underwent his second open-heart surgery. Diary is a year’s worth of events, thoughts, incentives, and reactions to, that came about in the wake of this highly traumatic experience in one’s life. It records that life not only goes on without bothering to slow down; it rather picks up its speed while expanding on its subjects. Night driving, beach thunder storm, snow winter storms, car repairs; indoctrination, religion, immortality, funny bone; small man vs. corporate man, citizen vs. cop, near-death moments vs. reality, poems; seemingly racist, opinionated, slanted, color red; Europeans and the scourge of the world; times when Pepsi was still another Cola; no subject is a taboo. When gas was $1.30 for a gallon of unleaded super. Entries are dramatized somewhat, yet faithful to the spirit of the events treated. Some could be cut out and pasted on a refrigerator door, such as “Ridicule is an offshoot of arrogance, arrogance of superiority, and superiority of ignorance (page 332).” The anchor event is the author’s car crash that might or might not have led to his aortic valve’s replacement. And it is the event that conceived the Diary, in retrospect notwithstanding. The event that also gave birth to philosophical essays not normally expected to be triggered by. Almost twenty years since, is the history repeating itself? Back then, “rain forest” replaced “jungle,” today “climate change” replaces “global warming.” Whom are we kidding?

My Father

By Arvind Panagariya
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In 1946, Baloo Lal Panagariya, then twenty-five years old, arrived in Jaipur to join the editorial staff of the newspaper Lokvani, devoted to exposing the excesses of the British and princely rulers of Rajputana. Though unremarkable in itself, the story behind this event is one of the triumph of human spirit over adversity. Baloo Lal was born in a remote village in Rajasthan, in a family that could not scrape together two full meals a day. He lost his father at five and mother at fourteen. The village lacked even a primary school. Yet, thanks to the wisdom and sacrifice of his mother and his own perseverance, he completed his education, went on to serve with distinction as a civil servant in the newly formed state of Rajasthan and, after retirement, wrote the first definitive book on the history of the freedom movement in Rajasthan. In a very real sense, Baloo Lal's journey from the village of Suwana to the city of Jaipur was a long and arduous one, much more so than that of his own son, decades later from Jaipur to Washington, DC. His success led to more milestones in the next generation, with two of his children being honoured with Padma awards and another with a presidential award. My Father: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man adds a new dimension to the history of India. It is a reminder that post-independence India was built not just by a handful of leaders working at the top but numerous ordinary citizens who shaped its many contours from below.

An Ordinary Man

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In the balmy streets of Charleston, adult filmmaker Armand Bettencourt meets a street hustler like no other. Restless, untutored, and sexy, young J.T. Pierce wings off to Los Angeles with Armand. The last thing on Armand's mind is the new actor, but young J.T. gets under his skin ... in more ways than one. J.T. is determined to become the next big gay porn sensation. With that body -- and that attitude -- he just might. But Armand's friends set up a doozy of a trick on them. Armand has to make a choice -- take a chance on the lad or let him go, painful though that might be. Can a grumpy, middle-aged filmmaker find love with a former street hustler?

Adventures of an Ordinary Man

By William Lee Goff
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  • Book Code : 9781622302420
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  • Pdf File: adventures-of-an-ordinary-man.pdf

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Few people can claim careers in two biblical professions: minister and tax collector. In his captivating memoir, Adventures of an Ordinary Man, William Lee Goff shares the triumphs and tragedies of his life as both a Presbyterian minister and an IRS Revenue Agent. Goff writes unpretentiously with deep humanity and subtle humor about his life's adventures: learning to play the cello from a freedom fighter; overcoming his fears to become an amateur stage actor; and traveling in South Africa, Israel, Russia and Denmark. Adventures of an Ordinary Man is a compelling and rewarding read. Although a native of St. Louis, Missouri, William Lee Goff spent his formative years in Los Angeles, California. He earned a bachelor's degree in English from UCLA and then went on to Fuller Theological Seminary where he completed a Doctor of Ministry degree. Goff has had dual careers, one as an ordained Presbyterian minister who served as pastor in churches in California, Colorado, and Idaho. His alter ego had a nearly 25-year career with the IRS. Goff lives with his wife, Tatyana, in Southern California.

Musings of an Ordinary Man

By Louis Knobel
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 9781453569924
  • Total of Pages : 72
  • Category : Poetry
  • Members : 738
  • Pdf File: musings-of-an-ordinary-man.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Louis Knobel was born in South Africa in 1946. He has been actively involved in nature conservation and has also worked for many years as Consultant for major organizations in various fields, including IT. He has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and the United States of America as well as countries in Africa. His interests include conservation, photography, fine arts, hand-crafts and writing. He is a vegetarian and ardent animal lover. This, his debut work has been many years in the making and it covers various stages in the life of one man. Though he sees himself as neither a poet nor a philosopher, this Mensan has a remarkable ability for lateral thinking which brings an uncommon depth to the interpretations he links to everyday events and objects. As a writer, Louis is able to paint clear word pictures and the spiritual depth and vision he portrays, often leaves the reader filled with new insight into otherwise ordinary events. This book has the ingredients of a superb travel companion in which the reader can find subjects ranging from observing an ordinary seashell through to experiencing joy, tears, prayer and love.

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By D.J. Cameron
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Experience the author’s thoughts and feelings as you travel through each poem contained within this book. Let your imagination ride alongside as you find yourself immersed in the beauty and heartfelt poetry that bring to life this writer’s everyday visions, passions, and wonders—accepting the courage to transform life’s journey into a language that will uplift, encourage, and settle one’s thirst to creating a gateway to live life to the fullest and always remembering that “living life to the fullest is but a poem waiting to be written.” Listen for the humor, thought, and mind-set that will be revealed as you wander through the Words of an Ordinary Man: Volume I.