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An Invitation to Cognitive Science Language

By Lila R. Gleitman
  • ISBN Code: : 0262650444
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Pages : 445
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Reads : 709
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : an-invitation-to-cognitive-science-language.pdf

Book Excerpt :

An Invitation to Cognitive Science provides a point of entry intothe vast realm of cognitive science, offering selected examples of issues and theories from many ofits subfields. All of the volumes in the second edition contain substantially revised and as well asentirely new chapters. Rather than surveying theories and data in the mannercharacteristic of many introductory textbooks in the field, An Invitation to CognitiveScience employs a unique case study approach, presenting a focused research topic in somedepth and relying on suggested readings to convey the breadth of views and results. Each chaptertells a coherent scientific story, whether developing themes and ideas or describing a particularmodel and exploring its implications. The volumes are self contained and can beused individually in upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses ranging from introductorypsychology, linguistics, cognitive science, and decision sciences, to social psychology, philosophyof mind, rationality, language, and vision science.

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Thinking and memory are inextricably linked. However, a "divide and rule" approach has led cognitive psychologists to study these two areas in relative isolation. With contributions from some of the leading international researchers on working memory and thinking, the present volume aims to break down the scientific divisions and foster scientific integration in the connections between these two core functions of cognition. Broadly defined, thinking comprises mentally driven change in current representations. The processes involved in such change include application of logical rules, heuristics, problem solving strategies, decision making, planning and comprehension of complex material. Memory involves the encoding, retention and retrieval of information, and the retention may be temporary or in a long-term knowledge base.; Thinking cannot occur in a vacuum; it relies on the long-term memory base and a temporary mental workspace. Despite the apparent limitations on mental workspace, humans can drive a car and hold a conversation, or store partial solutions while tackling other aspects of a problem. So too, some aspects of thinking are relatively resilient in the face of quite extensive brain damage, yet other aspects are remarkably vulnerable to neuroanatomical insults. Humans can solve complex problems with many alternative choice points and yet seem to be able to consider only a few hypotheses at any one time. These apparent paradoxes present significant scientific challenges as to how humans can be such successful thinkers despite their very limited working memory. The chapters herein represent a diversity of views as regards the nature or working memory and forms of human thinking. The links between working memory and thinking are directly addressed and made explicit, and in so doing this volume offers an increasingly integrated understanding of human thinking and memory.

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What were the circumstances that led to the development of our cognitive abilities from a primitive hominid to an essentially modern human? The answer to this question is of profound importance to understanding our present nature. Since the steep path of our cognitive development is the attribute that most distinguishes humans from other mammals, this is also a quest to determine human origins. This collection of outstanding scientific problems and the revelation of the many ways they can be addressed indicates the scope of the field to be explored and reveals some avenues along which research is advancing. Distinguished scientists and researchers who have advanced the discussion of the mind and brain contribute state-of-the-art presentations of their field of expertise. Chapters offer speculative and provocative views on topics such as body, culture, evolution, feelings, genetics, history, humor, knowledge, language, machines, neuroanatomy, pathology, and perception. This book will appeal to researchers and students in cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy. Includes a contribution by Noam Chomsky, one of the most cited authors of our time