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Am I Still Autistic

By John Hall
  • ISBN Code: : 9780615495231
  • Publisher : Opportunities In Education
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  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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Book Excerpt :

John R. Hall III was diagnosed at age two as low-functioning autistic and slightly retarded. His son, John R. Hall IV, a.k.a. J.R., was diagnosed with autism at fourteen months. John completely understands the world his son lives in; knows perfectly well why J.R. does not make eye contact; and recognizes why the boy shows no interest in connecting to his parents. Most of all, John knows J.R. can be coaxed out of his shell into the real world, because he has already proven "the impossible is possible" in AM I STILL AUTISTIC?Beginning with the author''s earliest memories and his mother''s even earlier journal entries, AM I STILL AUTISTIC? details life in the contented, comfortable world of autism, where time is meaningless, focus is a state of being, and outside people and noises could not possibly be more irrelevant. Juxtaposing the author''s reality against his mother''s perceptions, the text traces their love-hate, yearning-distancing, mimicking-instigating, fear-ridden, always success-oriented relationship from the first strains of intervention to their eventual unspoken pact to deny the past. Set against this landscape of mixed messages and desires, the book traces the author''s jarring, often frightening exit strategy from his private haven into the alien world of mainstream classes, unforgiving peers, incomprehensible interactions, anxiety-provoking expectations, and inexplicable social demands. It captures the author''s confusion and embarrassment as he battles through elementary, middle, and high school; delves into the instincts and life skills he sorely lacks as he balances school, adolescence, and his parents'' financial and health decline; and contrasts his dynamic emergence into the business arena with his enduring inability to distinguish sexual connection from intimacy or love. Written in conversational language and semi-confessional spirit, AM I STILL AUTISTIC? gives teachers and therapists a peek into the child''s perception of their therapeutic tech

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