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Almost Summer

By Susan Mallery
  • ISBN Code: : 9781426835926
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 141
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : almost-summer.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Ever since she was young, Paige McLean has longed to see the world. Still, she never imagined the world would land on her doorstep in the form of a charming British surgeon who needs a place to stay when his plans fall through. After a devastating loss, Alistair Woodbury has vowed to live his life alone. But in all his travels, he hasn't encountered a town as welcoming as Fool's Gold, nor a woman as caring or as beautiful as Paige. Her compassion warms him almost as much as their stolen kisses. When it's Alistair's time to leave, will his brief visit turn into a lifetime stay? A Fool's Gold series novella.

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Revenge is served. Twelve people bound by a secret arrive for an exclusive dinner only to find that the other guests are familiar in the most troubling of ways. Ella Boyer isn’t looking forward to attending the Bayshore alumni dinner with her husband, Noah. There aren’t enough pills in the world to numb her fears of seeing her classmates again … especially after what she did all those years ago. Her sorority sister Heidi Blanchard, equally guilty, will be at the same exclusive restaurant that night. In the aftermath of their secret shame, Heidi’s turned lying into a sport and has lost her compass for truth. She’s there for a job … or so she thinks. Bindi Bridges, former guidance counselor at Bayshore, has no idea about the alumni dinner or Heidi’s job offer. She’s at Crave to learn who her husband’s been sleeping with, tipped by an unknown source. Mason Pace is there to meet a headhunter. His life is about to turn around — a relief, after the horror that happened eleven years ago. Seven others — each seeking their own redemption and hiding their own sordid sins — are just as ignorant of the sinister purpose behind this elegant event. Their host? A Hollywood star with glamour to spare and all the money in the world to spend on that most useful of hobbies: revenge and the extraction of secrets. The only guest not in attendance is the one who deserves to be there most: Casey Davis. What happened to Casey? And who’s to blame? Pretty Killer is Agatha Christie for the modern age. It’s Truant & King at their duplicitous best, weaving a tale with more layers than stratified ground in which a murderer digs a stone-cold grave … proving that revenge isn’t always best when it’s cold — and sizzles when it’s piping hot. Warning: Pretty Killer is a tense psychological thriller that includes adult language and situations. While it is all within the context of the story, some readers may find this content offensive. Intended for mature audien

Inside the Music of Brian Wilson

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Inside the Music of Brian Wilson is, as author Phillip Lambert writes in the prologue "completely, and intensely, focused on the music of Brian Wilson, on the musical essence of his songs and the aesthetic value of his artistic achievements. It acknowledges the familiar biographical contexts of his songs, but it tells completely new stories about the birth and evolution of his musical ideas, identifying important musical trends in his work, heretofore undisclosed inter-song connections within his music, or between his music and that of others, and the nature and extent of his artistry. It aims not just to identify great songs, but to explain exactly what makes them so." Lambert, a renowned musicologist, brings to this work to life with both his professional expertise and an infectious personal appreciation of the power of pop music. His clear, engaging tone and accessible writing style allows even a musically inexperienced reader to follow him as he traces Wilson's musical evolution, with a particular focus on the years leading up to the writing and recording of Pet Sounds and SMiLE, albums which many consider to be the masterpieces of his oeuvre. Inside the Music of Brian Wilson is the definitive book on Wilson's music and is essential reading for fans of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, and great pop music. Includes THREE amazing Appendixes: Appendix 1: Brian Wilson Song Chronology* Appendix 2: Four Freshmen Albums, 1955-1961 Appendix 3: Favorite Songs and Influences Through 1961 *The most complete song chronology ever published.

Tearmoon Empire Volume 4

By Nozomu Mochitsuki
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Mia just can’t get a break! She ran for student president, won the election, and bent the arc of history away from the calamitous developments Bel foretold. You’d think saving the future would be enough to earn her some rest, but all she got for her troubles was an urgent letter from Ludwig requesting her immediate return to the empire. She sets out for Tearmoon, only to learn upon arriving that the academy city, which she was counting on to develop that new strain of wheat, is now falling apart before their very eyes. The headmaster? Bailed on them. The teachers? Fleeing by the boatload. The project itself? At risk of grinding to a halt. And to make matters worse, the Greenmoons are apparently the ones behind it all! Ludwig offers a solution: they need a new headmaster with enough clout to stop the exodus of teachers, and his former master fits the bill. Sounds great! The only problem is... the man’s a stubborn old badger who hates nobles with a burning passion!

Adagio and Lamentation

By Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
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  • Publisher : Fisher King Press
  • Book Code : 9781926715056
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  • Category : Poetry
  • Members : 202
  • Pdf File: adagio-and-lamentation.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Naomi's words and images meander through shadows and light, between demons and angels, yet the poetry is always accessible. In this moving collection, she often goes back in time, to the days when her family lived in (and escaped from) Hitler's Europe. The journey helps inform who she is today, including the indelible scar worn by anyone whose family has borne witness to genocide. —Stewart Florsheim, author of The Short Fall from Grace. "(W)e are all/each other's/raw/material" writes Naomi Ruth Lowinsky in her wise and moving book Adagio and Lamentation, the "we" born not only of others but histories and places, all of this inspiring our very human connection over time to vitality and imagination. Lowinsky's music is poignant and haunting, moving the listeners and readers of her poems with the miracle of arrival that is all new life and the celebration of thriving. —Forrest Hammer, author of Call and Response, Middle Ear, and Rift. Naomi Lowinsky's poetry is both fierce and tender, political yet intimate; and, for her, the political is personal. Lowinsky's poems "voices from the ashes"and "great lake of my mother" are particularly moving. Her work is deeply lyrical and transformative. It makes you think and feel. It makes you wish you'd written these poems. Adagio and Lamentation is a stunning and memorable book. —Susan Terris, author of Contrariwise, Natural Defenses, and Fire is Favorable to the Dreamer. Naomi Ruth Lowinsky was the first child born in the New World to a family of German Jewish refugees from the Shoah. Many in her family were lost in the death camps. It has been the subject and the gift of her poetry and prose-to write herself out of the terror, into life. Naomi had a special tie with her only surviving grandparent, the painter Emma Hoffman, whom she called "Oma." Oma showed her that making art can be a way to transmute grief, a way to bear the unbearable. The cover of Adagio and Lamentation is a watercolor by Emma Hoffman-an interior view of

Open Heart Surgery

By Antonio Moretti
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Book Code : 9781471048340
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  • Pdf File: open-heart-surgery.pdf

Book Short Summary:

‘Open Heart Surgery’ is the latest accretion of poetry (480 poems) by retired academic Antonio Moretti (pseudonym). In this book of poems we find varying structures, forms, styles, spans and subjects. This variety is by fortuitous design. In other words the hope was for diversity and diversity was the outcome. One regular theme is science as the author cannot escape his background profession. However, the poet can never be far from affairs of the heart and “Open Heart Surgery’ also frequently spills the blood, sheds the tears and offers the melancholy that only love can render, whether the love of another, the love of nature, or the love of life. All can be forthcoming or requited, all can arouse the deepest emotions. Whilst reading these poems don’t be afraid to laugh out loud, to shed a tear or to pause and ponder further on any puzzles or mysteries revealed. And don’t worry about the ‘true’ meaning, as there are many possible interpretations and none of them are mistaken.


By United States. National Park Service
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Book Code : OSU:32435024488710
  • Total of Pages : null
  • Category : National parks and reserves
  • Members : 520
  • Pdf File: report.pdf

Book Short Summary: