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Admin is Hell

By Michael Pugh (Author)
  • ISBN Code: : 0992756367
  • Publisher : Unknown
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You don't know what hell is until you try to get out of it... The moment Luke Hawthorn slid open the window to his bedroom and dropped into the alley behind his uncle's building in Manhattan, the course of his life changed forever. He just didn't know it yet. Six months earlier and 5,500 kilometers away, a new drug called Rave-N stole the life of a friend. Days later, Luke's London home was consumed by a fire that also claimed the life of his mother. Then an uncle he'd never known appeared at his mother's funeral and offered Luke a home in New York City-in Hell's Kitchen. Things are not what they seem in Hell's Kitchen. As Luke's friends in London start to disappear, he begins overhearing bits of cryptic conversation from his secretive uncle. Compelled to find out more, Luke embarks on an investigation that spirals his world into an ever-widening hell that will consume friends and enemies alike. "John Hanzl's writing style and story are similar in some ways to Robert Ludlum's earlier novels?a definite plus. John has an exciting style which draws you in and keeps you turning the pages." ? Kaye Trout, Midwest Book Review "Mr. Hanzl does an excellent job of weaving several subplots around the main plot for a fast-paced, page-turning journey with characters who come to life almost immediately." - Writer'sDigest

Hell's Belles

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Once upon a time, Jezebel was a powerful succubus, capable of seducing men and sucking out their souls. But that was before Hell put a bounty on her head. Now her only chance to escape a fate far worse than death is to live as a mortal, losing herself in a sea of unfamiliar humanity, in a place where sinners walk hand-in-hand with saints--a place like New York City. Working as an exotic dancer is a piece of cake for a former demon who once specialized in sex. But she hadn't counted on meeting sexy Paul Hamilton, a man haunted by his past. Good-bye, succubus; hello, lovestruck. But Hell hasn't stopped looking for her. The secrets Jezebel holds are the most dangerous of all, the kind every demon in the Underworld would do their worst to protect. Demons are closing in, which is enough to make Jezebel shiver in her G-string. But it's her love for Paul that's going to have deadly consequences. . . "Will captivate fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Laurell K. Hamilton from the very first pages." --Romantic Times "Hell's Belles will enchant paranormal fans." --Romance Reviews Today

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Between Heaven and Hell

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Acclaimed writer, bestselling author, and founder of Salon magazine, David Talbot has brought us masterful and explosive headline-breaking stories for over 25 years with books like the New York Times bestsellers Brothers, The Devil's Chessboard, and nationally recognized Season of the Witch. Now for the first time, journalist and historian David Talbot turns inward in this intimate journey through the life-changing year following his stroke, a year that turned his life upside down, and ultimately, saved him. • A portrait of how a health crisis can truly shift one's perspective on life and purpose • Includes insider stories on the wild early days of Internet journalism, tech culture, and Hollywood • Powerful storytelling of the physical, emotional, and psychological impact a stroke has had on the author's identity Fans of My Stroke of Insight, The Devil's Chessboard and Season of the Witch will love this book. This book is perfect for: • Fans of David Talbot • Anyone dealing with or recovering from health issues (particularly stroke or brain injury) and looking for insight and inspiration • Gen Xers and baby boomers who understand their risk for stroke • Entrepreneurs scared of burnout

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Hell's Gate

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  • Publisher : Baen Publishing Enterprises
  • Book Code : 9781618245397
  • Total of Pages : 816
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  • Pdf File: hell-s-gate.pdf

Book Short Summary:

They Thought They Knew How The Universes Worked¾ THEY WERE WRONG In the almost two centuries since the discovery of the first inter-universal portal, Arcana has explored scores of other worlds . . . all of them duplicates of their own. Multiple Earths, virgin planets with a twist, because the "explorers" already know where to find all of their vast, untapped natural resources. Worlds beyond worlds, effectively infinite living space and mineral wealth. And in all that time, they have never encountered another intelligent species. No cities, no vast empires, no civilizations and no equivalent of their own dragons, gryphons, spells, and wizards. But all of that is about to change. It seems there is intelligent life elsewhere in the multiverse. Other human intelligent life, with terrifying new weapons and powers of the mind . . . and wizards who go by the strange title of "scientist." At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). "Packs enough punch to blast a starship to smithereens." ¾Publisher's Weekly on David Weber's "Honorverse" series "It is impossible not to be entertained, delighted, even enthralled by this splendid piece of storytelling." ¾Booklist ". . . an outstanding blend of military/technical writing balanced by superb character development and an excellent degree of human drama . . . very highly recommended." ¾Wilsin Library Bulletin