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The Dangers of Automation in Airliners

By Jack J. Hersch
  • ISBN Code: : 1526773155
  • Publisher : Air World
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Transportation
  • Reads : 712
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  • Pdf : the-dangers-of-automation-in-airliners.pdf

Book Excerpt :

The award-winning journalist delves “into the confluence of modern airplane technology and pilot behavior to probe how and why flight disasters happen” (BookTrib). Aviation automation has been pushed to its limits, with pilots increasingly relying on it. Autopilot, autothrottle, autoland, flight management systems, air data systems, inertial guidance systems. All these systems are only as good as their inputs which, incredibly, can go rogue. Even the automation itself is subject to unpredictable failure. And what of the pilots? They began flight training with their hands on the throttle and yoke, and feet on the rudder pedals. Then they reached the pinnacle of their careers—airline pilot—and suddenly they were going hours without touching the controls other than for a few minutes on takeoff and landing. Are their skills eroding? Is their training sufficient to meet the demands of today’s planes? The Dangers of Automation in Airliners delves deeply into these questions. You’ll be in the cockpits of the two doomed Boeing 737 MAXs, the Airbus A330 lost over the South Atlantic, and the Bombardier Q400 that stalled over Buffalo. You’ll discover exactly why a Boeing 777 smacked into a seawall, missing the runway on a beautiful summer morning. And you’ll watch pilots battling—sometimes winning and sometimes not—against automation run amok. This book also investigates the human factors at work. You’ll learn why pilots might overlook warnings or ignore cockpit alarms. You’ll observe automation failing to alert aircrews of what they crucially need to know while fighting to save their planes and their passengers. The future of safe air travel depends on automation. This book tells its story.

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The Blame Machine: Why Human Error Causes Accidents

By Robert Whittingham
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The Blame Machine describes how disasters and serious accidents result from recurring, but potentially avoidable, human errors. It shows how such errors are preventable because they result from defective systems within a company. From real incidents, you will be able to identify common causes of human error and typical system deficiencies that have led to these errors. On a larger scale, you will be able to see where, in the organisational or management systems, failure occurred so that you can avoid them. The book also describes the existence of a 'blame culture' in many organisations, which focuses on individual human error whilst ignoring the system failures that caused it. The book shows how this 'blame culture' has, in the case of a number of past accidents, dominated the accident enquiry process hampering a proper investigation of the underlying causes. Suggestions are made about how progress can be made to develop a more open culture in organisations, both through better understanding of human error by managers and through increased public awareness of the issues. The book brings together documentary evidence from recent major incidents from all around the world and within the Rail, Water, Aviation, Shipping, Chemical and Nuclear industries. Barry Whittingham has worked as a senior manager, design engineer and consultant for the chemical, nuclear, offshore oil and gas, railway and aviation sectors. He developed a career as a safety consultant specializing in the human factors aspects of accident causation. He is a member of the Human Factors in Reliability Group, and a Fellow of the Safety and Reliability Society.

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The manuscript reveals dynamics of life altering experiences as collaborative products of unwitting entrainents. Unwitting entrainments synchronizing our Motifs can emerge into Life Altering Experiences. The manuscript strives to depict the ironic timing of synchronized entrainment present in perfect harmony. Taking two extra minutes drinking a Starbuck's coffee saves a life creating just enough delay missing the 9-11 tragedy. Addictions, divorce, financial ruin, damaged careers, can all result from unwitting entraining of synchronoized Motifs. Fortuitous as well as disastrous coincidence of synchronizing events are possible outcomes of life altering experiences. Formativeness of multifaceted motifs lie at the core of good and evil manefestations of events affecting trauma and triumph. Recognition and utilization techniques through time alteration of furture designs highlight multi-dimensional consciousness of critical factors in survival and transformation.

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This book illuminates what engineering is and how it relates to other disciplines such as art, architecture, law, economics, science, technology, and even religion. The author explains, from an intrinsic as well as descriptive perspective, why engineering is essential for our collective well-being, and how, like medicine, it is undertaken by people, and for people, to improve the human condition. He brings out the 'magic' of engineering practice as well as addressing the darker aspects such as warfare and the misuse of the internet. A too commonly held view assumes that the practice of engineers is a cold, purely quantitative and wholly technical enterprise of applying know science, and devoid of creativity or aestheticism. In 2013 the United States National Academy of Engineering launched a campaign called “Changing the Conversation, Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering” with four messages to impart about engineers: that they make a world of difference; are creative problem solvers; that they help shape the future, and are essential to health, happiness, and safety. In this volume, Professor Blockley incorporate these messages into an engaging exposition of engineering accomplishment in all of its evolving diversity, from the technician to the academic research engineer, illustrating the continuum of thinking and purpose from the fixer of the gas boiler to the designers of the A380 and the iPhone.

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Whiplash, first described in a medical journal in 1953, now occurs so frequently that in the U.S. alone its annual cost is estimated at between $13 and $18 billion dollars. In Whiplash and Other Useful Illnesses Andrew Malleson contends that whiplash is nothing more than a strain of the neck and, like most other strains, heals in a matter of days or weeks. The fact that up to 10% of all whiplash "victims" are reported as permanently disabled occurs because medical healthcare and legal professionals foster and create illnesses, dangling illusive fortunes in front of would-be claimants. Malleson details the evolution of whiplash from a common, short-lived disorder into a world-wide epidemic that has left millions permanently disabled. He exposes how some medical healthcare and legal professionals prey on the anxieties and greed of their clients. He argues that whiplash is only one of a long list of largely fabricated illnesses and injuries that will drain resources from the health care system.

Disasters, Risks and Revelation

By Steve Matthewman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer
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  • Pdf File: disasters-risks-and-revelation.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Disasters are part of the modern condition, a source of physical anxiety and existential angst, and they are increasing in frequency, cost and severity. Drawing on both disaster research and social theory, this book offers a critical examination of their causes, consequences and future avoidance.

Coping with Crisis: Learning the lessons from accidents in the Early Years

By Bernadina Laverty,Catherine Reay
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Book Code : 1472917308
  • Total of Pages : 128
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 370
  • Pdf File: coping-with-crisis.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This practical book is useful both for inspection preparation and helping to promote the ongoing importance of personal responsibility and commitment to children's safety and well-being. It condenses management and safeguarding issues by bringing together food safety, health and safety legislation and the welfare requirements within the revised Early Years Foundation Stage 2014. It outlines the importance of complying with legal responsibilities and discussing the outcomes of failing to comply. This helps to prioritise safeguarding through knowledge of the inspection process. The book focuses on raising awareness and promoting a culture of safety to try and prevent accidents, incidents and food poisoning outbreaks in settings. It provides advice and guidance on how to improve quality, gradings, and food hygiene rating scores. It also outlines the importance of taking ownership, being confident and familiar with the inspection process by giving a broad overview and easy to follow format on topics to prompt staff discussions, reflection, and further individual research. This book is a must have for all staff working within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and could be used for training, workshops and professional discussions.

Rethinking Law, Regulation, and Technology

By Brownsword, Roger
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Book Code : 1800886470
  • Total of Pages : 272
  • Category : Law
  • Members : 398
  • Pdf File: rethinking-law-regulation-and-technology.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This insightful book presents a radical rethinking of the relationship between law, regulation, and technology. While in traditional legal thinking technology is neither of particular interest nor concern, this book treats modern technologies as doubly significant, both as major targets for regulation and as potential tools to be used for legal and regulatory purposes. It explores whether our institutions for engaging with new technologies are fit for purpose.

A Grace Disguised Revised and Expanded

By Jerry L. Sittser
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Book Code : 0310363624
  • Total of Pages : 256
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Book Short Summary:

With vulnerability and honesty, Jerry Sittser walks through his own grief and loss to show that new life is possible--one marked by spiritual depth, joy, compassion, and a deeper appreciation of simple and ordinary gifts. This 25th anniversary edition features a new introduction and two additional chapters, one which provides help for pastors and counselors. Loss came suddenly for Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a tragic car accident claimed three generations of his family: his mother, his wife, and his young daughter. While most of us will not experience such a catastrophic loss in our lifetime, all of us will face some kind of loss in life. But we can, if we choose, know the grace that transforms us. Whether your suffering has come in the form of chronic illness, disability, divorce, unemployment, crushing disappointment, or the loss of someone you love, Sittser will help you put your thoughts into words in a way that will guide you deeper into your own healing process. This revised edition of A Grace Disguised plumbs the depths of our sorrows, asks questions many people are afraid to ask, and provides hope in its answers: Will the pain ever subside? Will my life ever be good again? Will the depression ever lift? Will I ever overcome the bitterness I feel? What is God's plan in all of this? The circumstances are not important; what we do with those circumstances is. In coming to the end of ourselves, we can come to the beginning of a new life.

Prevention of Accidents and Unwanted Occurrences

By Urban Kjellen,Eirik Albrechtsen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Book Code : 1498736661
  • Total of Pages : 550
  • Category : Business & Economics
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  • Pdf File: prevention-of-accidents-and-unwanted-occurrences.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This new edition comes after about 15 years of development in the field of safety science and practice. The book addresses the question of how to improve risk assessments, investigations, and organizational learning inside companies in order to prevent unwanted occurrences. The book helps the reader in analyzing the subject from different scientific perspectives to demonstrate how they contribute to an overall understanding. It also gives a comprehensive overview of different methods and tools for use in safety practice and helps the reader in analyzing their scope, merits, and shortcomings. The book raises a number of critical issues to be addressed in the improvement process.

There Are No Accidents

By Jessie Singer
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1982129697
  • Total of Pages : 352
  • Category : Political Science
  • Members : 802
  • Pdf File: there-are-no-accidents.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A journalist recounts the surprising history of accidents and reveals how they’ve come to define all that’s wrong with America. We hear it all the time: “Sorry, it was just an accident.” And we’ve been deeply conditioned to just accept that explanation and move on. But as Jessie Singer argues convincingly: There are no such things as accidents. The vast majority of mishaps are not random but predictable and preventable. Singer uncovers just how the term “accident” itself protects those in power and leaves the most vulnerable in harm’s way, preventing investigations, pushing off debts, blaming the victims, diluting anger, and even sparking empathy for the perpetrators. As the rate of accidental death skyrockets in America, the poor and people of color end up bearing the brunt of the violence and blame, while the powerful use the excuse of the “accident” to avoid consequences for their actions. Born of the death of her best friend, and the killer who insisted it was an accident, this book is a moving investigation of the sort of tragedies that are all too common, and all too commonly ignored. In this revelatory book, Singer tracks accidental death in America from turn of the century factories and coal mines to today’s urban highways, rural hospitals, and Superfund sites. Drawing connections between traffic accidents, accidental opioid overdoses, and accidental oil spills, Singer proves that what we call accidents are hardly random. Rather, who lives and dies by an accident in America is defined by money and power. She also presents a variety of actions we can take as individuals and as a society to stem the tide of “accidents”—saving lives and holding the guilty to account.

The Cat's Pyjamas

By Julia Cresswell
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Book Code : 0141912421
  • Total of Pages : 416
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 117
  • Pdf File: the-cat-s-pyjamas.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A fascinating, thematic exploration of clichés from as the actress said to the bishop to zero hour, explaining what they are and where they’ve come from. Julia Cresswell has taken her best-selling dictionary of clichés (‘Sumptuous... A mine of information.’ Guardian) back to the drawing board and has created a book, packed with famous (and infamous) quotations and memorable information, that will change the way you see English.

An Asperger Dictionary of Everyday Expressions

By Ian Stuart-Hamilton
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Book Code : 9781846425783
  • Total of Pages : 256
  • Category : Psychology
  • Members : 777
  • Pdf File: an-asperger-dictionary-of-everyday-expressions.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This revised and expanded edition adds over 300 new expressions that help unlock the meaning of everyday expressions. Both informative and entertaining, the book addresses an important aspect of social communication for people with Asperger Syndrome, who use direct, precise language and `take things literally'. This dictionary aims to dispel any confusion that arises from the misinterpretation of language. It provides explanations of over 5000 idiomatic expressions and a useful guide to their politeness level. Each expression is accompanied by a clear explanation of its meaning and when and how it might be used. The expressions are taken from British and American English, with some Australian expressions included as well. Although the book is primarily intended for people with Asperger Syndrome, it will be useful for anyone who has problems understanding idiomatic and colloquial English. An essential resource and an informative read; this dictionary will assist in a wide range of situations.

Military Nuclear Accidents

By Jean-Claude Amiard
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1119572487
  • Total of Pages : 272
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 400
  • Pdf File: military-nuclear-accidents.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The use of atomic energy for military purposes has given rise to a variety of nuclear accidents from the outset. This applies to all levels of use: from the manufacture of weapons to their commissioning. This book provides an overview of the potential impact of such accidents. The prospective consequences of local and global nuclear war are detailed. Similarly, for each accident, the environmental, ecological, health and socio-economic consequences are reviewed. The contamination of the environment and its fauna and flora is detailed and the effects of ionizing radiation are reported. The same is provided for human populations and the adverse effects on the health and physical and mental states of the populations concerned. The economic cost of accidents is also evaluated. The research presented in this book is based on scientifically recognized publications, and reports from the military forces of the various countries concerned and from the national and international organizations competent in this field (IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR, IRSN, ICPR, etc.).

Responding to the Challenge of Evolution

By Kevin Logan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : David C Cook
  • Book Code : 9780781441841
  • Total of Pages : 249
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 246
  • Pdf File: responding-to-the-challenge-of-evolution.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The idea that the earth may not be millions of years old is not taken seriously by most of the population—until it is taught in school. Kevin Logan has written a readable, intelligent and entertaining guide to the debate, and to the issues behind it. Are the creationists out of their depth? Or is Darwin about to join Marx and Freud in the heap of fallen pillars of modernity? This book sets out the implications of the latest research, to help readers form their own opinions.


By Anja Shortland
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 019254750X
  • Total of Pages : 256
  • Category : Business & Economics
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Book Short Summary:

Kidnap for ransom is a lucrative but tricky business. Millions of people live, travel, and work in areas with significant kidnap risks, yet kidnaps of foreign workers, local VIPs, and tourists are surprisingly rare and the vast majority of abductions are peacefully resolved - often for remarkably low ransoms. In fact, the market for hostages is so well ordered that the crime is insurable. This is a puzzle: ransoming a hostage is the world's most precarious trade. What would be the "right" price for your loved one - and can you avoid putting others at risk by paying it? What prevents criminals from maltreating hostages? How do you (safely) pay a ransom? And why would kidnappers release a potential future witness after receiving their money? Kidnap: Inside the Ransom Business uncovers how a group of insurers at Lloyd's of London have solved these thorny problems for their customers. Based on interviews with industry insiders (from both sides), as well as hostage stakeholders, it uncovers an intricate and powerful private governance system ordering transactions between the legal and the criminal economies.

Crash Course

By Alan Barrington
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  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
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Book Short Summary:

Crash Course tells of a year in the life of Abergavenny solicitor Alan Barrington, from the time he is called out to the police station to advise Craig Williams, who has been arrested for Armed robbery of a petrol station a case which quickly turns into murder until the final day of Craigs trial. The evidence against him appears damning, but Craig claims not to remember anything about the crime. Alan has his work cut out to establish a defence. Meanwhile, he has plenty of other cases to deal with, and we get an insight into the practice of a solicitors firm in a small town, meet some of the clients, and hear their stories, from the tragic to the macabre. The year in question starts on 21 June 2001, and the book contains sidelong glimpses at the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the first Harry Potter film. Wales fail in the Six Nations Rugby, England beat both Germany and Argentina at football, Paula Radcliffe wins the London Marathon, and Tim Henman loses in the semifinals at Wimbledon. The Queen Mother dies, along with Princess Margaret and Spike Milligan. We also encounter Alans private life and his family, his disastrous marriage to Samantha, and his affair with Amanda. To cap it all, Alan now finds his own life threatened. A bomb explodes in his car. More by luck than judgment, he survives an attack on his car and assassination attempts in his office, on the M4 motorway, and in his own home. The different strands of the story proceed side by side and reach their climax with Craigs trial and the final revelations, which prompt Alan to ponder, not for the first time, the meaning and proximity of Hell.

Revival: Safety and Reliability in the 90s (1990)

By M.H. Walter,R.F. Cox
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Book Short Summary:

Reliability-based design is relatively well established in structural design. Its use is less mature in geotechnical design, but there is a steady progression towards reliability-based design as seen in the inclusion of a new Annex D on "Reliability of Geotechnical Structures" in the third edition of ISO 2394. Reliability-based design can be viewed as a simplified form of risk-based design where different consequences of failure are implicitly covered by the adoption of different target reliability indices. Explicit risk management methodologies are required for large geotechnical systems where soil and loading conditions are too varied to be conveniently slotted into a few reliability classes (typically three) and an associated simple discrete tier of target reliability indices.

Currency Crises

By Paul Krugman
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Book Short Summary:

There is no universally accepted definition of a currency crisis, but most would agree that they all involve one key element: investors fleeing a currency en masse out of fear that it might be devalued, in turn fueling the very devaluation they anticipated. Although such crises—the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s, the speculations on European currencies in the early 1990s, and the ensuing Mexican, South American, and Asian crises—have played a central role in world affairs and continue to occur at an alarming rate, many questions about their causes and effects remain to be answered. In this wide-ranging volume, some of the best minds in economics focus on the historical and theoretical aspects of currency crises to investigate three fundamental issues: What drives currency crises? How should government behavior be modeled? And what are the actual consequences to the real economy? Reflecting the latest thinking on the subject, this offering from the NBER will serve as a useful basis for further debate on the theory and practice of speculative attacks, as well as a valuable resource as new crises loom.

The Language of Crime and Deviance

By Andrea Mayr,David Machin
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Book Short Summary:

There is now a long tradition of academic literature in media studies and criminology that has analysed how we come to think about crime, deviance and punishment. This book for the first time deals specifically with the role of language in this process, showing how critical linguistic analysis can provide further crucial insights into media representations of crime and criminals. Through case studies the book develops a toolkit for the analysis of language and images in examples taken from a range of media. The Language of Crimeand Deviance covers spoken, written and visual media discourses and focuses on a number of specific areas of crime and criminal justice, including media constructions of young people and women; media and the police, 'reality' crime shows; corporate crime; prison and drugs.It is therefore a welcome and valuable contribution to the fields of linguistics, criminology, media and cultural studies.

Allen's Dictionary of English Phrases

By Robert Allen
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  • Publisher : Penguin UK
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Book Short Summary:

Allen’s Dictionary of English Phrases is the most comprehensive survey of this area of the English language ever undertaken. Taking over 6000 phrases, it explains their meaning, explores their development and gives citations that range from the Venerable Bede to Will Self. Crisply and wittily written, the book is packed with memorable and surprising detail, whether showing that 'salad days' comes from Antony and Cleopatra, that 'flavour of the month' originates in 1940s American ice cream marketing, or even that we’ve been 'calling a spade a spade' since the sixteenth century. Allen’s Dictionary of English Phrases is part of the Penguin Reference Library and draws on over 70 years of experience in bringing reliable, useful and clear information to millions of readers around the world – making knowledge everybody’s property.

Late Modernism and the Avant-Garde British Novel

By Julia Jordan
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Book Short Summary:

In the decades following the immediately postwar period in Britain, a loose grouping of experimental writers that included Alan Burns, Christine Brooke-Rose, B. S. Johnson, and Ann Quin worked against the dominance, as they saw it, of the realist novel of the literary mainstream. Late Modernism and the Avant-Garde British Novel reassesses the experimentalism versus realism debates of the period, and finds a body of work engaged with, rather than merely antagonistic towards, the literary culture it sought to renovate. Charting these engagements, it shows how they have significance not just for our understanding of these decades but for the broader movement of the novel through the century. This volume takes some of the claims made about experimental fiction—that it is unreadable, nonlinear, elliptical, errant, plotless—and reimagines these descriptors as historically inscribed tendencies that express the period's investment in the idea of the accidental. These novels are interested in the fleeting and the fugitive, in discontinuity and shock. The experimental novel cultivates an interest in methods of representation that are oblique: attempting to conjure the world at an angle, or in the rear-view mirror; by ellipsis or evasion. These concepts—error, indeterminacy, uncertainty, accident—all bear a relation to that which evades or resists interpretation and meaning. Asking what are the wider political, ethical, and philosophical correlates of this incommensurability, Late Modernism and the Avant-Garde British Novel reads experimental literature in this light, as suffused with anxiety about its adequacy in the light of its status as necessarily imitative and derivative, and therefore redolent of the forms of not-knowing and uncertainty that mark late modernism more generally.