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By N. M. Wallace
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  • Publisher : CreateSpace
  • Pages : 160
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Book Excerpt :

N. M. Wallace was a generally happy child. Her family was poor, but they got by. Her childhood was marred, however, by her mother's suffering at the hands of an emotionally and physically abusive partner. She had no intention of falling into the same trap as her mother, who only escaped when her youngest son was twelve. Yet years later, Wallace would find herself the victim of emotional, physical, and psychological torture at the hands of a man who should have been a trusted life partner. Abused is Wallace's story, a cautionary tale of the horrors of abuse and the role religion played in both enabling her torture and ultimately setting her free. Far from preventing violence, church attendance gave her abuser cover from which to operate. Yet Wallace believes that without God's intercession, she would have ended life in either an asylum or the grave. And if her faith saved her, it was her mother's own firm convictions in the face of constant abuse that inspired her. A remarkable story of breaking the cycle of domestic abuse, Wallace's story offers a simple, powerful message to victims of abuse: get out now, while you still can.

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Short Circuit and betrayal in child sexual abuse

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  • Book Code : 9781987592948
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  • Pdf File: short-circuit-and-betrayal-in-child-sexual-abuse.pdf

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The book describes a research in the field of child sex abuse. The intent is to point out specific aspects which will lead to a complete psychological recovery from trauma using the “Experiential Model” and moving back to the roots of the traumatic experience. The fact fostering a “total healing” is the individuation of the uncompleted “existential act”, interrupted at the moment of the “molesting act”. The specific aspect has to do with a “specific need” in the victim’s story.

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  • Book Code : 9781630475369
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Book Short Summary:

“An information-rich . . . and even fearless exploration and understanding of the all-too-often simply overwhelming caregiving process.” —Jay Schneiders, PhD, ABPP, clinical neuropsychologist & health psychologist The Caregiving Trap provides recommendations for exhausted and frustrated caregivers. Advocate, care navigator, and caregiving educator Pamela D. Wilson shares stories from her personal and professional experience that will help you navigate the challenges of caring for a loved one and help you replace feelings of guilt, sadness, and fatigue with calm and certainty. In The Caregiving Trap, you’ll get step-by-step exercises to help you through common issues, such as: A sense of duty and obligation to provide care that damages family relationships Emotional and financial challenges resulting in denial of care needs Ignorance of predictive events that result in situations of crises or harm Delayed decision making and lack of planning resulting in limited choices Minimum standards of care supporting the need for advocacy “Pamela Wilson . . . offers a toolbox of strategies to help the caregiver move forward with foresight, knowledge, and skills to plan for the future.” —Tina Wells, MA, Alzheimer’s Association Colorado “A must read not only for any health professional interacting with the elderly and disabled individuals but also for any adult who could possibly find themselves in a caregiving situation or the recipient of caregiving now or in the future. Pamela’s personal and professional experience, along with extensive research, offers a compassionate, perceptive and detailed resource. Familiar scenarios, probing questions, and realistic options are presented, all with the end goal of better quality of life for both the recipient of care and the caregiver.” —Linda Warwick, RN, hospice and alternative therapy practitioner

A Trap for an Innocent

By Hanna-Kaarina Hadkinson
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Finland, 1941. Three-week-old Tina loses her father in the war, leaving her mother to bring her and her siblings up alone on their farm. It is a struggle, but, thanks to her mother's courage and hard work, Tina grows into an exceptionally fit young woman with a strong sense of adventure and a high moral code. As her life unfolds, she will need to resort to all these qualities on many occasions, as she is cheated out of an inheritance, becomes involved with the KGB and MI5, and struggles through a highly unsuccessful marriage, losing her son Paul to foster parents. A Trap for an Innocent is a sweeping family saga covering three generations and sixty years, following young Tina in her battle to survive against all odds in a harsh and unforgiving world, and charting her progress towards maturity and independence.