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Abandonment to Divine Providence

By Jean-Pierre de Caussade
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  • Pages : 354
  • Category : Religion
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Book Excerpt :

""The Rev. Jean Pierre de Caussade was one of the most remarkable spiritual writers of the Society of Jesus in France in the 18th Century. His death took place at Toulouse in 1751. His works have gone through many editions and have been republished, and translated into several foreign languages. The present book gives an English translation of the tenth French Edition of Fr. de Caussade's ""Abandon ? la Providence Divine,"" edited, to the great benefit of many souls, by Fr. H. Rami?re, S. J. [...] ""It is divided into two unequal parts, the first containing a treatise on total abandonment to Divine Providence, and the second, letters of direction for persons leading a spiritual life. ""The ""Treatise"" comprises two different aspects of Abandonment to Divine Providence; one as a virtue, common and necessary to all Christians, the other as a state, proper to souls who have made a special practice of abandonment to the holy will of God."" - Introduction

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With simplicity and grace, these pages illuminate for you the wisdom in Saint Thérèse’s Little Way, showing how it can enable you, too, to abide in the serenity of the children of God. Led here by the wise Father Joël Guibert, you’ll soon come to realize how easy—and how good—it is to surrender yourself to God’s providence (as Thérèse did): in your prayers, in your dealings with others, in your concerns about your loved ones, in your sufferings, and yes, even in your joys. Saint Thérèse’s way of abandonment lightens every burden of day-to-day life. Lighten your own burdens by learning from Father Guibert how to make it your way, placing every worldly care confidently in the hands of the Almighty. You’ll grow quickly closer to God and, even in life’s darkest moments, come to share in the peace and joy He promises. In these pages, you’ll learn from Saint Thérèse: —How to trust God despite evils that beset you —How to overcome your fear of abandoning yourself —How to abandon yourself to God fully, without holding anything back —How abandonment to God will diminish your sufferings —How even your weaknesses can benefit you —What to expect when you abandon yourself to God —And much more!

The Sinner's Guide and Abandonment to Divine Providence

By Louis Of Granada
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The Sinner's Guide by the Venerable Louis of Granada, O.P., and Abandonment to Divine Providence by Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade, SJ, are classics of Christian literature, written centuries ago. This new translation by Brother Bob presents them in modern 21st century English. This volume, which contains both books, gives today's reader the opportunity to easily grasp the concepts. The Sinner's Guide and Abandonment to Divine Providence offer spiritual direction on living the Gospels and demonstrate how to recognize God's hand in your life. The wisdom found herein provides a blueprint on living every moment as a testimony of love and gratitude to God.

Be Not Troubled

By Jeffrey Kirby
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Sacrament of the Present Moment

By J. P. De Caussade
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God hides behind the simplest of daily activities; finding Him is a matter of total surrender to His will. That's the message of this 18th-century inspirational classic, "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. Its encouragement to "live in the moment," accepting everyday obstacles with humility and love, has guided generations of seekers to spiritual peace. There are just a few books that a person will keep on his or her shelf over the years and read again and again. Many have found such a book in "Abandonment to Divine Providence." In this timeless classic, de Caussade presents the simple gospel message that Jesus lived each and every moment of his life. "My meat is to do the will of my Father in heaven." De Caussade has a way of saying the same basic truth in so many ways but it never seems to tire the reader. Perhaps this is simply because one never gets tired of hearing the truth. For all its simplicity, "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" serves as a companion to the gospel itself. When the reader is open, De Caussade's words touch the heart urge the person to take the words of Jesus to the young man...."give up everything and follow me." It is the decision that doesn't bring instant transformation; it gives the direction for the journey and the words to pray each moment "all is yours Lord. I want what you want in all things." "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" is highly recommended for anyone who has felt a growing desire to surrender to Christ. De Caussade's words are not just the theology of self-giving but they also treat the specific joys and struggles that come with that surrender of self to God. "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" is a book which will never grow old.

The Practice of the Presence of God in Modern English

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Book Short Summary:

The Practice of the Presence of God in Modern English is modern translation of the timeless spiritual classic. Written over 300 years ago in French, The Practice of the Presence of God is here presented in language understandable to the twenty-first century English reader. Not a paraphrase or an abridgment, this version is a faithful rendering of the text in the spirit of the original work. Brother Lawrence was a seventeenth century Christian who had a dramatic spiritual awakening at the age of eighteen. Seeing a tree in winter, his soul suddenly opened to the presence of God. Within six years he had entered a Carmelite monastery in Paris, where he worked chiefly in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. He practiced a simple and natural method. He merely turned his attention to the Divine Presence available at all times during any activity. He reports that he was as fully present with God while washing dishes in the kitchen as he was when partaking of the sacrament in worship. The profound peace and joy evident in Lawrence's life attracted many visitors, who sought to learn the secret of his unique spiritual practice. Originally published shortly after his death, this volume consists of personal conversations and letters, which communicate how one can experience God at all times. Also included in this edition are his Spiritual Maxims, a document that was discovered among his belongings after his death.

How to Be Holy

By Peter Kreeft
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"Life, in the end, has only one tragedy: not to have been a saint." – Léon Bloy The ever-popular and prolific Peter Kreeft says that the most important question he has written about is how one becomes holy; or to put it another way, how one becomes a saint. This question is central to all the great religions, Kreeft demonstrates, for striving toward holiness, moving toward perfect love, is the whole purpose of life. Kreeft admits that he is only a beginner on the climb to holiness, and it is to novices like him that he has written this engaging and encouraging book. Using the insights and experiences of saints and great spiritual writers throughout history, Kreeft shows what holiness is and how it can be achieved. He especially draws upon the spiritual classic Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S.J. The core of Caussade's timeless gem is that God reveals himself to all of us through the daily events of our lives. The surest way toward spiritual growth, therefore, is by perceiving and accepting the merciful will of God in every situation. Kreeft stresses the simplicity of his approach to holiness, which focuses mainly on the virtue of love. Sanctity is love, he asserts, and only that can give us what we all long for—deep and lasting joy.