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A World Out of Time

By Niven
  • ISBN Code: : 162578158X
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Pages : 286
  • Category : Uncategoriezed
  • Reads : 487
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  • Pdf : a-world-out-of-time.pdf

Book Excerpt :

After 200 years in cryosleep, Jaybee Corbell awakens to find that his mind has been downloaded to another body and he's in servitude to a harsh future State. After his escape via a spaceship, he traverses such vast distances--with accompanying time dilations--that he returns to Earth 3 million years later to discover a world wholly alien to the one he'd left. A.E. van Vogt wrote, "This fantastic novel is a mix of Niven hard science and a time-travel concept to boggle the mind." "Larry Niven is one of the giants of modern science fiction." - Mike Resnick "His tales have grit, authenticity, colorful characters and pulse-pounding narrative drive. Niven is a true master " - Frederik Pohl "Niven's intoxicating concepts, ideas, scientific extrapolations, and exotic hardware buffle up from every page. Rich in imagination and astonishing in breath ... will challenge the most sophisticated readers." - ALA Booklist "This fantastic novel is a mix of Niven hard science and a time-travel concept to boggle the mind...even after the last line the feeling remains of the story still rushing on into the magic distance of the universe." - A.E. van Vogt "Terrific fun " - Kirkus Reviews

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Wan-To was the oldest and must powerful intelligence in the universe, a being who played with star systems as a child plays with marbles. Matter occupied so tiny a part of his vast awareness that humans were utterly beneath his notice. The colonists of Newmanhome first suffered the effects of Wan-To's games when their planet's stars began to shift, the climate began to cool down, and the colony was forced into a desperate struggle to survive. Viktor Sorricaine was determined to discover what force had suddenly sent his world hurtling toward the ends of the universe. And the answer was something beyond the scope of his imagination -- even if he lived for 4000 years...

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Destiny's Road

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On Planet Destiny, Jemmy Blocher kills a laborer and flees for his life along the long road forged by the mysterious Cavorite and its crew, who disappeared more than 250 years earlier

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Over the past decade, the global economy has been on a dynamic path that is clearly unsustainable, with ever-increasing current account deficits in the United States, financed by surpluses in emerging market economies. In its latest report, the authoritative CEPS Macroeconomic Policy Group explores the link between the U.S. deficits and the global savings-investment equilibrium. They find that the U.S. deficit is likely to be even larger than officially reported and that policymakers do not seem willing to undertake the necessary policy adjustments to reduce it. Nevertheless, a reduction in the global supply of savings may force an increase in global interest rates and thus a slowdown in U.S. domestic demand--thus initiating a gradual reduction in deficits. The authors argue that a key responsibility of U.S. policymakers is to allow this process to happen, thereby avoiding the risk of a disruptive adjustment later.

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Simon Morley is selected by a secret government agency to test Einstein's theory of the past co-existing with the present and is transported back to 1880s New York

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The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time is bursting with full-color art, legends, and stories from the iconic series that's soon to be an original series starring Rosamund Pike as Moiraine! Since its debut in 1990, The Wheel of Time® by Robert Jordan has captivated millions of readers around the globe with its scope, originality, and compelling characters. In this series companion book, over eighty full color paintings include maps of the world, portraits of the central characters, landscapes, objects of Power, and national flags. The reader will learn about the exotic beasts used by the Seanchan, witness the rise and fall of Artur Hawking, peruse the deeper story of the War of the Shadow, and discover the tale of the founding of the White Tower, and the creation of the Ajahs. The inner workings of the closed country, Shara, are revealed, as is the existence of a hitherto unknown continent called The Land of the Madmen. This stunning volume also includes double-page spreads of the first seven book jackets by Darrell Sweet so that the art can be enjoyed without type, and all the known maps of the world, including maps of the Seanchan Empire, the nations of the Covenant of the Ten Nations, and the nations as they were when Artur Paendrag Tanreall began his rise to legend. In a new hardcover edition with a beautiful updated cover, The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time is a must-buy for devoted fans of the series and newcomers alike. The Wheel of Time® New Spring: The Novel #1 The Eye of the World #2 The Great Hunt #3 The Dragon Reborn #4 The Shadow Rising #5 The Fires of Heaven #6 Lord of Chaos #7 A Crown of Swords #8 The Path of Daggers #9 Winter's Heart #10 Crossroads of Twilight #11 Knife of Dreams By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson #12 The Gathering Storm #13 Towers of Midnight #14 A Memory of Light By Robert Jordan Warrior of the Altaii By Robert Jordan and Teresa Patterson The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time By Robert Jordan, Harr