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Why Love Hurts

By Eva Illouz
  • ISBN Code: : 9780745679051
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 997
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  • Pdf : why-love-hurts.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Few of us have been spared the agonies of intimate relationships. They come in many shapes: loving a man or a woman who will not commit to us, being heartbroken when we're abandoned by a lover, engaging in Sisyphean internet searches, coming back lonely from bars, parties, or blind dates, feeling bored in a relationship that is so much less than we had envisaged - these are only some of the ways in which the search for love is a difficult and often painful experience. Despite the widespread and almost collective character of these experiences, our culture insists they are the result of faulty or insufficiently mature psyches. For many, the Freudian idea that the family designs the pattern of an individual's erotic career has been the main explanation for why and how we fail to find or sustain love. Psychoanalysis and popular psychology have succeeded spectacularly in convincing us that individuals bear responsibility for the misery of their romantic and erotic lives. The purpose of this book is to change our way of thinking about what is wrong in modern relationships. The problem is not dysfunctional childhoods or insufficiently self-aware psyches, but rather the institutional forces shaping how we love. The argument of this book is that the modern romantic experience is shaped by a fundamental transformation in the ecology and architecture of romantic choice. The samples from which men and women choose a partner, the modes of evaluating prospective partners, the very importance of choice and autonomy and what people imagine to be the spectrum of their choices: all these aspects of choice have transformed the very core of the will, how we want a partner, the sense of worth bestowed by relationships, and the organization of desire. This book does to love what Marx did to commodities: it shows that it is shaped by social relations and institutions and that it circulates in a marketplace of unequal actors.

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Outsmarting Death Two Times

By Günter von Hummel
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
  • Book Code : 9783753478753
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  • Category : Psychology
  • Members : 909
  • Pdf File: outsmarting-death-two-times.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The discussion about no life or life after death can be considered solved after reading this book. Because neuroscientists have recognized that between the medically even with modern methods determined end of life and the really final death still a span exists in which brain activities can be proved. These processes can also be explained theoretically with psychoanalytical understanding. It reminds of Sisyphus, who, in contrast to Oedipus, is not so well known in Freud's psychoanalysis. But Sisyphus was not only a hero regarding the severity of life, but also a role model in dying, outsmarting death twice. The narrow passage between life and death represents a life of a different kind that can be neuro-psychically grasped. And so it is no longer about a life after death, but about one while dying. This orientation probably also plays a role in Sisyphus, but it can also be used for a direct self-practice for today. With the method of Analytic Psychocatharsis the author has combined psychoanalytic and meditative procedure, which, even practiced by oneself, helps to outsmart death even today by using this span of life in dying. Because this other life can be used only who has learned it before to a large extent.

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  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 9781499084016
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  • Pdf File: love-laughter-tears.pdf

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Love, Laughter & Tears is a book that draws you into Debbie and Larry’s lives with a blended family of five children. You will find yourself laughing and crying as you relate. Each chapter draws you into the trials and tribulations they experienced and conquered with God’s help. They had to learn to stretch as they grew through past hurts! Nothing is impossible with their God. Their love continues to grow after 36 years of marriage. In these pages you will find: the humor of two families becoming one, the enemy attempts to destroy, helping others in time of their own needs, testimonies of the greatness of God, finding a secret place, blessings of mission trips, learning to nail rebellious grandchildren to the cross, and the Joy that does come. Debbie Eddy is an author that loves to share her heart of life’s interesting trials, with a twist of humor. She is able to express honest truth of how we humanly deal with our problems and how God uses them to train and grow us up by His spirit. People always say to her, “I came to you because you will tell me the truth, no matter how much it hurts!” Debbie has taught children and children’s workers in the local church and mission field. She has taken counseling and children’s writing courses. Debbie is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, teaching, preaching, anointed of the Holy Spirit and moving in the God given gifts of intercession, deliverance, exhortation and prophecy.

I Love You But How Do I Live With You

By Des Hunt
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  • Pdf File: i-love-you-but-how-do-i-live-with-you.pdf

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Statistics show that nearly half of all first marriages end up on the rocks and finish in divorce. These figures do not take into account all the couples that don’t marry, try living together and eventually break up. Nor do they take into account all the unhappy marriages that are ‘staying together for the sake of the kids’. The incredible thing that the statistics show is that the odds of a second marriage working out are not much better. They also show that couples who try living together before they get married are no more successful at staying together than those who don’t ‘try before they buy’. I Love You But How Do I Live With You? is the long awaited companion to Des Hunt’s best-selling book What Makes People Tick: Understanding Yourself and Others. In this book you will: • Discover the personality style of yourself and your partner, plus: • A full description of yours and your partner’s personality style which reveals: Ø How you each defend yourselves Ø How you each handle conflict Ø How to relate to each other more effectively Ø How not to relate to each other Ø How to live and love for life Ø How you each see life Ø What each of you want from life Ø You loves and your hates Ø How You each want to be related to Ø How you each prefer to communicate Ø Your different strengths and weaknesses