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A Time to Tell Lies

  • ISBN Code: : 9780993202322
  • Publisher : Lulu.com
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 505
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Book Excerpt :

In the morning of Tuesday November 10, 1942, near a small village in SW France, the scheduled pickup for a Special Operations Executive agent goes terribly wrong. Alex and Justine, agents with a life expectancy measured in weeks, find themselves entangled in a desperate project they never fully understand. They are also lovers. Trained to lie to their wartime masters and to the enemy, they must contemplate lying to each other. A Time to Tell Lies, Alan Kennedy's fifth novel, continues the story begun in Lucy, described by Deborah Swallow, Marit Rausing Director, Courtauld Institute of Art, as: "A haunting and captivating love story ... a skilfully articulated plot which holds the reader from start to finish. At its heart is the exploration of the young artist's creative imagination as she struggles to come to terms with the banal horrors of war and her own engulfing emotions."

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The Time To Tell begins in 1944. A plan is hatched inside of Germany in the pursuit of peace for a thousand years. A young baby boy is whisked away in the night, identifiable only by the anklet he wears on his leg and the markings he bears on his head. In the dead of night in a most unusual storm he is put on a vessel headed for the safety of America. And with him is carried the fate of mankind. Eddie Coolidge is a disabled American veteran who is unable to provide his wife Chantain with children...until the day he finds a mysterious baby washed ashore from a shipwreck near his home. Hoping against hope that this is the child he has always wished for, he takes the baby boy home to his wife. While at first elated, they soon begin to discover clues about the child's origin as they watch in awe as he begins to demonstrate uncanny abilities... A thought-provoking work of historical science fiction, H. C. Wells's debut of his The Time To Tell series is a fascinating look at America's history and the possible, hidden truths behind it. A taut, well-paced thriller full of intrigue and almost unbearable suspense, Wells captures your attention from the novel's opening action sequence and never relents, always staying two steps ahead with intricate plotting marked by sharp turns and surprising twists. A razor sharp ear for time and place lend authenticity, and the marvel of weaving a fictional tale infused by magical realism within true events is nothing short of astonishing. Full of gusto and quiet unease, Operation Wolfe Cub will have you questioning your beliefs and rethinking the meaningful moments of the past seventy years.

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September 1953, London's East End. Edie Birch, who believes herself to be a war widow, has finally allowed herself to fall in love again. Engaged to be married, she is happily planning her wedding day. But fate has a blow in store - her 15-year-old daughter, Maggie, is pregnant. A plan has been hatched to stop her daughter from falling from grace. Hidden away above an Italian café in Islington until she is ready to give birth Maggie works long hours behind the scenes while her mother Edie feigns pregnancy. The charade works until the baby arrives and hard decisions are to be made. Can Maggie return home and cope with the pretense of her own child being her brother? And will the truth out once Edie's first husband turns up to demand his rights as grandfather?

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The memoirs of a woman whose vivid and elegant prose captures the changing cultural and political climate in which a twentieth-century life was lived to the full.

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  • Pdf File: time-will-tell.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Five students meet on their first day at college although they are all studying different subjects. There is Fliss, a dyslexic, brilliant artist whose academic family have rejected her ; Bridie, an Irish girl far away from her own family, there to study catering in England ; Jules, a handsome, charming homosexual studying design whose family doesn't want to understand him ; Gustave, a German financial wizard in England to improve his English and finally there is Claudia, beautiful, elegant daughter of rich parents who have no time for her. She begins studying design with Jules but changes to journalism. They pal up first of all by meeting up at lunchtimes and in the evening. At the end of the first year they decide to rent a house together. They all pay a share of the rent and food but Claudia, who has unlimited funds, provides all the luxuries - mainly wine for their ‘orgies’ - Bridie practices some of her recipes and they drink unlimited red wine. They get to know each other thoroughly and tell of their past life realizing that they all need a new family who really cares about them and the ‘gang’ provides that.

Time Will Tell

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  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Stephanie Damore Paranormal Cozy Mysteries
  • Book Code : 978186723xxxx
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  • Pdf File: time-will-tell.pdf

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I’m Vee Harper, and I’m living the dream, jumping through time, solving the unsolvable for the Agency of Paranormal Peculiarities. That is until my boyfriend, fellow-time traveling witch Detective Michael Cooper, sends out a magical SOS that rocks my world. He’s stuck in 1963 with his life on the line, and it’s up to me to trace the threads of space, solve the case, and save the day. No big deal, right? Right. It has to be. I lost my mom to the job, and I’m not about to lose the guy I love. You hear that, Universe. This is non-negotiable. Which means there’s only one thing left to do. Are you ready?