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A Thousand Tiny Failures

By T D Newton
  • ISBN Code: : 1492375772
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Pages : 334
  • Category : Uncategoriezed
  • Reads : 219
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  • Pdf : a-thousand-tiny-failures.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Sebastian had man-boobs, and life was a bummer...until he got surgery and discovered an online community of Pickup Artists. Moving to Montreal, he stumbles into a world of parties, sex, drugs, and drama - only to emerge with a new, but questionable understanding of himself, women, and the human condition. What compels a man to relentlessly flirt for sport, and at what cost? Part instruction manual, part hipster-Unicorn sexual adventure story, A Thousand Tiny Failures is a hilarious and insightful novel, for men who want to improve, and women who want to understand.

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“I Smell of Cigarettes and Cheap Memories” is a lyrical journey through a whiskey-soaked heart torn by both the bittersweet triumphs and failures of past loves, both romantic and otherwise. Each poem envelops a story of its own with a beginning, middle and end, allowing the reader to envision themselves in a space and time where the words become a reality. It sends the mind down an emotional road full of both beer-spewing laughter and gut-wrenching heartache. Brumagin is able to connect and relate to the most basic instincts and desires of human nature, most importantly what it means to gain and lose, and to genuinely let oneself feel the weight of those losses.

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By Mike Doughty
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Recounts the addiction and recovery of the world-renowned solo artist and former lead singer and songwriter of Soul Coughing.