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The Legend of Saint Nicholas

By Demi
  • ISBN Code: : 0689846819
  • Publisher : Margaret K. McElderry Books
  • Pages : 40
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 319
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : the-legend-of-saint-nicholas.pdf

Book Excerpt :

From his very first day of life, when he rises from his bath to pray to God, it is clear that Nicholas is a miraculous child with a spiritual destiny. As he grows he is deeply saddened by the sickness, suffering, and death that he witnesses every day. Looking to use his special gifts to affect change in the often desperate world around him, Nicholas dedicates his life to worshiping the Lord and helping those in need. Through his good works, Nicholas becomes the youngest man to ever become a bishop and the patron saint of seafarers, children, and prisoners. He performs more than twenty miracles, including bringing those wrongly killed back to life and going to people in need as an apparition, providing solace and inspiration. In The Legend of Saint Nicholas, Demi describes pivotal events in the history and life of the saint, weaving a rich tapestry of luminous imagery into the story of his connection with Christmas and our modern-day Santa Claus. Demi's gilded artwork brings Nicholas to life in a way sure to mesmerize readers new to the story of this fascinating and important historical figure.

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This heartwarming and true story explores thefeelings of children when they learn the truth about Santa Claus and offers a way to teach them about the historical Saint Nicholas, who is, to this day, very real.

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Nicholas Lipinsky, born in 270 A.D., was a Greek Bishop. During his life, he was known to put coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him. He was also known to perform miracles that made life easier for people. People began calling him "Nicholas the Wonder Worker," because he did so many wonderful things. He was the original, legendary gift giver. After he died, he was made a saint, and people began calling him St. Nicholas. In some parts of the world, the holiday season starts in November with visits from St. Nicholas. Some who help him are Black Pete (a chimney sweep), angels, and Baby Jesus. Children wait eagerly for St. Nicholas Day - December 6th - to find a special treat waiting in their shoe or Nikolaus-Stiefel (a special St. Nicholas Day boot). Learn how other cultures celebrate the holidays in this brand, new series. You'll find that many children just like you, celebrate this exciting day all over the planet. Welcome to the magical world of modern-day St. Nicholas celebrations around the world!

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The True Saint Nicholas

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Former secretary of education and New York Times bestselling author William Bennett blends his historical expertise with his gift for storytelling into a heartwarming book about the man who ultimately became known as Santa Claus. Beloved writer and speaker William Bennett brings the legendary Saint Nicholas to life in this fascinating and faith-affirming book that will change the way you think about Santa Claus and the meaning of Christmas. Bennett reflects on Saint Nicholas’s storied life, which has spanned seventeen centuries across Europe, Asia, and Africa, and reveals an inspiring tale of devotion to God and an example of eternal goodness. The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas focuses on three aspects of Saint Nicholas—historical facts from his life, his legacy in the centuries following his death, and the legendary status that transformed his likeness into the present-day jolly, toy-bearing Santa Claus. The book vividly captures the heart and life of someone who lived long ago—and yet whose life remains an inspiration for everyone to aspire to a higher order of generosity, giving, and devotion to others. An instant classic by one of America’s most respected thinkers, The True Saint Nicholas is a memorable keepsake to be shared with family and friends every year to evoke the true spirit of Christmas.

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When Elizabeth has to stay at Catherine's house, she's worried about her grandmother, and worried that St. Nicholas won't find her. The grownups, though, are worried about the snow.

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The perfect Christmas gift, this beautiful book explains how the bearded, red clad, big bellied, reindeer driving jovial gent came to be the face of Christmas, and reveals the historical origins of Saint Nicholas over seventeen hundred years ago in the Eastern Roman Empire. In a winding, magical tale filled with mystery and good will towards all men, Joseph McCullough travels across Europe (and the North Pole... of course) to uncover the exploits of Santa in a book that is sure to fill even the most jaded scrooges with a little bit of Christmas magic. And for any nervous parents out there – don't worry, there are no Father Christmas 'spoilers' between the pages of this book – ensuring the wonderous children's whisperings of Santa will continue... for another couple of years at least!