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A Passport to Pastries! #3

By Veera Hiranandani
  • ISBN Code: : 0593223047
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Pages : 128
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 500
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : a-passport-to-pastries-3.pdf

Book Excerpt :

"Gently humorous black-and-white illustrations pair nicely with the text. With all the foodies out there, this delightful series deserves a long shelf life…and many more courses."--Kirkus Reviews "Fans of Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody . . . will enjoy this."--School Library Journal "Age-appropriate humor via an outspoken, lovable, take-charge narrator. Dreidemy’s wiggly spot illustrations, meanwhile, supply plenty of nervous energy."--Booklist Phoebe and her family are going to Paris with Camille’s family, and Phoebe can’t wait to see the sights and discover new foods! But when she arrives, things aren’t quite as she expected. When she can’t muster up the courage to try eating snails even though Camille loves them, Phoebe starts to wonder if she really is as adventurous as she thought. But more importantly, can she and Camille still be friends even if they don’t like the same things?

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A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR • NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER • From the indie rockstar of Japanese Breakfast fame, one of TIME's Most Influential People of 2022, and author of the viral 2018 New Yorker essay that shares the title of this book, an unflinching, powerful memoir about growing up Korean American, losing her mother, and forging her own identity. In this exquisite story of family, food, grief, and endurance, Michelle Zauner proves herself far more than a dazzling singer, songwriter, and guitarist. With humor and heart, she tells of growing up one of the few Asian American kids at her school in Eugene, Oregon; of struggling with her mother's particular, high expectations of her; of a painful adolescence; of treasured months spent in her grandmother's tiny apartment in Seoul, where she and her mother would bond, late at night, over heaping plates of food. As she grew up, moving to the East Coast for college, finding work in the restaurant industry, and performing gigs with her fledgling band--and meeting the man who would become her husband--her Koreanness began to feel ever more distant, even as she found the life she wanted to live. It was her mother's diagnosis of terminal cancer, when Michelle was twenty-five, that forced a reckoning with her identity and brought her to reclaim the gifts of taste, language, and history her mother had given her. Vivacious and plainspoken, lyrical and honest, Zauner's voice is as radiantly alive on the page as it is onstage. Rich with intimate anecdotes that will resonate widely, and complete with family photos, Crying in H Mart is a book to cherish, share, and reread.

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When a visit from Mandy’s cousin turns out to be more frustrating than fun, the girls discover that they just might cook up a solution in the kitchen in this sweet and spirited story. Mandy Berr is super excited that her favorite cousin in the whole world, Paige, is coming to visit. After all, Mandy is usually stuck at home with the twins and annoying little brother, Timmy, so the chance for some fun girl time is definitely worthy of many “wahoos!” But when Paige arrives, she is not the fun cousin that Mandy remembers. To start, Paige wants to call her “Manda,” with no “y.” She no longer likes Rainbow Sparkle, their favorite TV show. She doesn’t want to bounce on the bed or play dress-up. And, in the ultimate betrayal, Paige actually likes hanging out with the twins and Timmy. Mandy does not like these changes one bit. To try and help bring the girls together, their grandma suggests the girls make some recipes out of a special cookbook—if they can work together, she will take them to a carnival at the end of the week. But having two bosses in the kitchen isn’t working out, and it looks like Mandy's visit with Paige is about to go up in smoke. Can the two cousins clear the air and whip up a fancy meal for the family?

Peaches for Monsieur le Curé (Chocolat 3)

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A welcome return to Vianne Rocher and the village in rural France that was the setting for Joanne Harris's remarkable and much-loved number one bestseller Chocolat. Perfect for fans of Victoria Hislop, Fiona Valpy, Maggie O'Farrell and Rachel Joyce. 'Vianne - unconventional, good-hearted, slightly magical - blows in like a refreshing breeze, forcing people to question their prejudices. A delight' -- The Times 'Expertly crafted, typically mouthwatering' -- Daily Mail 'This bewitching novel stirs the senses' - Good Housekeeping 'I found it unputdownable' -- ***** Reader review 'Brilliant and thought-provoking' -- ***** Reader review 'Superbly written and flows along beautifully' -- ***** Reader review 'Impossible to put down' -- ***** Reader review 'Absolutely enchanting' -- ***** Reader review ********************************************************************************* It isn't often you receive a letter from the dead. When Vianne Rocher receives a letter from beyond the grave, she allows the wind to blow her back to the village in south-west France where, eight years ago, she opened up a chocolate shop. But Lansquenet is different now: women veiled in black, the scent of spices and peppermint tea, and, on the bank of the river Tannes, facing the church: a minaret. Nor is it only the incomers from North Africa that have brought change. Father Reynaud, Vianne's erstwhile adversary, is disgraced and under threat. Could it be that Vianne is the only one who can save him now?

Technology of Breadmaking

By Stanley P. Cauvain,Linda S. Young
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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Not another book on breadmaking! A forgiveable reaction given the length of time over which bread has been made and the number of texts which have been written about the subject. To study breadmaking is to realize that, like many other food processes, it is constantly changing as processing methodologies become increasingly more sophisticated, yet at the same time we realize that we are dealing with a food stuff, the forms of which are very traditional. We can, for example, look at ancient illustrations of breads in manuscripts and paintings and recognize prod ucts which we still make today. This contrast of ancient and modern embodied in a single processed foodstuff is part of what makes bread such a unique subject for study. We cannot, for example, say the same for a can of baked beans! Another aspect of the uniqueness of breadmaking lies in the requirement for a thorough understanding of the link between raw materials and processing meth ods in order to make an edible product. This is mainly true because of the special properties of wheat proteins, aspects of which are explored in most of the chapters of this book. Wheat is a product of the natural environment, and while breeding and farming practices can modify aspects of wheat quality, we millers and bakers still have to respond to the strong influences of the environment.

A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow

By Laura Taylor Namey
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 153447126X
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A New York Times bestseller A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club YA Pick Love & Gelato meets Don’t Date Rosa Santos in this charming, heartfelt story following a Miami girl who unexpectedly finds love—and herself—in a small English town. For Lila Reyes, a summer in England was never part of the plan. The plan was 1) take over her abuela’s role as head baker at their panadería, 2) move in with her best friend after graduation, and 3) live happily ever after with her boyfriend. But then the Trifecta happened, and everything—including Lila herself—fell apart. Worried about Lila’s mental health, her parents make a new plan for her: spend three months with family friends in Winchester, England, to relax and reset. But with the lack of sun, a grumpy inn cook, and a small town lacking Miami flavor (both in food and otherwise), what would be a dream trip for some feels more like a nightmare to Lila…until she meets Orion Maxwell. A teashop clerk with troubles of his own, Orion is determined to help Lila out of her funk, and appoints himself as her personal tour guide. From Winchester’s drama-filled music scene to the sweeping English countryside, it isn’t long before Lila is not only charmed by Orion, but England itself. Soon a new future is beginning to form in Lila’s mind—one that would mean leaving everything she ever planned behind.

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Discover New York Times bestseller Samira Ahmed’s romantic, sweeping adventure through the streets of Paris told in alternating narratives that bridge centuries, continents, and the lives of two young Muslim women fighting to write their own stories. Smash the patriarchy. Eat all the pastries. It’s August in Paris and 17-year-old Khayyam Maquet—American, French, Indian, Muslim—is at a crossroads. This holiday with her parents should be a dream trip for the budding art historian. But her maybe-ex-boyfriend is ghosting her, she might have just blown her chance at getting into her dream college, and now all she really wants is to be back home in Chicago figuring out her messy life instead of brooding in the City of Light. Two hundred years before Khayyam’s summer of discontent, Leila is struggling to survive and keep her true love hidden from the Pasha who has “gifted” her with favored status in his harem. In the present day—and with the company of Alex, a très charmant teen descendant of Alexandre Dumas—Khayyam searches for a rumored lost painting, uncovering a connection between Leila and Alexandre Dumas, Eugène Delacroix, and Lord Byron that may have been erased from history. Echoing across centuries, Leila and Khayyam’s lives intertwine, and as one woman’s long-forgotten life is uncovered, another’s is transformed.

The New Paris

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  • Pdf File: the-new-paris.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“[Tramuta] draws back the curtain on the city’s hipper, more happening side—as obsessed with coffee, creativity, and brunch as Brooklyn or Berlin.” —My Little Paris The city long-adored for its medieval beauty, old-timey brasseries, and corner cafés has even more to offer today. In the last few years, a flood of new ideas and creative locals has infused a once-static, traditional city with a new open-minded sensibility and energy. Journalist Lindsey Tramuta offers detailed insight into the rapidly evolving worlds of food, wine, pastry, coffee, beer, fashion, and design in the delightful city of Paris. Tramuta puts the spotlight on the new trends and people that are making France’s capital a more whimsical, creative, vibrant, and curious place to explore than its classical reputation might suggest. With hundreds of striking photographs that capture this fresh, animated spirit—and a curated directory of Tramuta’s favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and shop—The New Paris shows us the storied City of Light as never before. “The author’s vibrant and precise command of English frames this lively collection of insights about cultural change and stories regarding multiple chefs and merchants.” —Forbes “As the culinary scene in Paris evolves, a new palate of flavors and styles of eating have emerged, redefining what is ‘French cuisine.’ The New Paris documents these changes through the lens of bakers, coffee roasters, ice cream makers, chefs, and even food truck owners. A thoughtful, and delicious, look at how Paris continues to delight and excite the palates of visitors and locals.” —David Lebovitz, author of My Paris Kitchen

Lucky Boy

By Shanthi Sekaran
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Book Code : 110198225X
  • Total of Pages : 480
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 802
  • Pdf File: lucky-boy.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A gripping tale of adventure and searing reality, Lucky Boy gives voice to two mothers bound together by their love for one lucky boy. “Sekaran has written a page-turner that’s touching and all too real.”—People “A fiercely compassionate story about the bonds and the bounds of motherhood and, ultimately, of love.”—Cristina Henríquez, author of The Book of Unknown Americans Eighteen years old and fizzing with optimism, Solimar Castro-Valdez embarks on a perilous journey across the Mexican border. Weeks later, she arrives in Berkeley, California, dazed by first love found then lost, and pregnant. This was not the plan. Undocumented and unmoored, Soli discovers that her son, Ignacio, can become her touchstone, and motherhood her identity in a world where she’s otherwise invisible. Kavya Reddy has created a beautiful life in Berkeley, but then she can’t get pregnant and that beautiful life seems suddenly empty. When Soli is placed in immigrant detention and Ignacio comes under Kavya’s care, Kavya finally gets to be the singing, story-telling kind of mother she dreamed of being. But she builds her love on a fault line, her heart wrapped around someone else’s child. “Nacho” to Soli, and “Iggy” to Kavya, the boy is steeped in love, but his destiny and that of his two mothers teeters between two worlds as Soli fights to get back to him. Lucky Boy is a moving and revelatory ode to the ever-changing borders of love.

The Ungrateful Refugee

By Dina Nayeri
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Catapult
  • Book Code : 194822643X
  • Total of Pages : 368
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 718
  • Pdf File: the-ungrateful-refugee.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A Finalist for the 2019 Kirkus Prize in Nonfiction "Nayeri combines her own experience with those of refugees she meets as an adult, telling their stories with tenderness and reverence.” —The New York Times Book Review "Nayeri weaves her empowering personal story with those of the ‘feared swarms’ . . . Her family’s escape from Isfahan to Oklahoma, which involved waiting in Dubai and Italy, is wildly fascinating . . . Using energetic prose, Nayeri is an excellent conduit for these heart–rending stories, eschewing judgment and employing care in threading the stories in with her own . . . This is a memoir laced with stimulus and plenty of heart at a time when the latter has grown elusive.” —Star–Tribune (Minneapolis) Aged eight, Dina Nayeri fled Iran along with her mother and brother and lived in the crumbling shell of an Italian hotel–turned–refugee camp. Eventually she was granted asylum in America. She settled in Oklahoma, then made her way to Princeton University. In this book, Nayeri weaves together her own vivid story with the stories of other refugees and asylum seekers in recent years, bringing us inside their daily lives and taking us through the different stages of their journeys, from escape to asylum to resettlement. In these pages, a couple fall in love over the phone, and women gather to prepare the noodles that remind them of home. A closeted queer man tries to make his case truthfully as he seeks asylum, and a translator attempts to help new arrivals present their stories to officials. Nayeri confronts notions like “the swarm,” and, on the other hand, “good” immigrants. She calls attention to the harmful way in which Western governments privilege certain dangers over others. With surprising and provocative questions, The Ungrateful Refugee challenges us to rethink how we talk about the refugee crisis. “A writer who confronts issues that are key to the refugee experience.” —Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Sympathizer and The Refugees

Freezing Order

By Bill Browder
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1982153334
  • Total of Pages : 336
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 677
  • Pdf File: freezing-order.pdf

Book Short Summary:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Following his explosive New York Times bestseller Red Notice, Bill Browder returns with another gripping thriller chronicling how he became Vladimir Putin’s number one enemy by exposing Putin’s campaign to steal and launder hundreds of billions of dollars and kill anyone who stands in his way. When Bill Browder’s young Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was beaten to death in a Moscow jail, Browder made it his life’s mission to go after his killers and make sure they faced justice. The first step of that mission was to uncover who was behind the $230 million tax refund scheme that Magnitsky was killed over. As Browder and his team tracked the money as it flowed out of Russia through the Baltics and Cyprus and on to Western Europe and the Americas, they were shocked to discover that Vladimir Putin himself was a beneficiary of the crime. As law enforcement agencies began freezing the money, Putin retaliated. He and his cronies set up honey traps, hired process servers to chase Browder through cities, murdered more of his Russian allies, and enlisted some of the top lawyers and politicians in America to bring him down. Putin will stop at nothing to protect his money. As Freezing Order reveals, it was Browder’s campaign to expose Putin’s corruption that prompted Russia’s intervention in the 2016 US presidential election. At once a financial caper, an international adventure, and a passionate plea for justice, Freezing Order is a stirring morality tale about how one man can take on one of the most ruthless villains in the world—and win.

White is for Witching

By Helen Oyeyemi
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin Canada
  • Book Code : 0143172980
  • Total of Pages : 224
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 874
  • Pdf File: white-is-for-witching.pdf

Book Short Summary:

As a child, Miranda Silver developed pica, a rare eating disorder that causes its victims to consume non-edible substances. The death of her mother when Miranda is 16 exacerbates her condition; nothing, however, satisfies a strange hunger passed down through the women in her family. And then there's the family house in Dover, England, converted to a bed and breakfast by Miranda's father. It manifests a conscious malice toward strangers, dispatching those visitors it despises.

Poets and Pahlevans

By Marcello di Cintio
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Vintage Canada
  • Book Code : 0307368920
  • Total of Pages : 304
  • Category : Travel
  • Members : 178
  • Pdf File: poets-and-pahlevans.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Marcello Di Cintio prepares for his “journey into the heart of Iran” with the utmost diligence. He takes lessons in Farsi, researches Persian poetry and sharpens his wrestling skills by returning to the mat after a gap of some years. Knowing that there is a special relationship between heroic poetry and the various styles of traditional Persian wrestling, he sets out to discover how Iranians “reconcile creativity with combat.” From the moment of his arrival in Tehran, the author is overwhelmed by hospitality. He immerses himself in male company in tea houses, conversing while smoking the qalyun or water pipe. Iranian men are only too willing to talk, especially about politics. Confusingly, he is told conflicting statements–that all Iranians love George Bush, that all Iranians hate George Bush; that life was infinitely better under the Shah, that the mullahs swept away the corruption of the Shah’s regime and made life better for all. Once out of Tehran, he learns where the traditional forms of wrestling are practised. His path through the country is directed by a search for the variant disciplines and local techniques of wrestling and a need to visit sites and shrines associated with the great Persian poets: Hafez, Ferdosi, Omar Khayyám, Attar, Shahriyar and many others. Everywhere his quest leads him, he discovers that poetry is loved and quoted by everyone from taxi-drivers to students. His engagement with Iranian culture is intimate: he wrestles (sometimes reluctantly) when invited, samples illegal home-brew alcohol, attends a wedding, joins mourners, learns a new way to drink tea and attempts to observe the Ramazan fast, though not a Muslim himself. Though he has inevitable brushes with officialdom, he never feels in danger, even when he hears that a Canadian photo-journalist has apparently been beaten to death in a police cell during the author’s visit. The outraged and horrified reaction of those around him to this violent act tightens the already close bond he has formed with the Persians. His greatest frustration is that he is unable to converse freely with Iranian women aware that an important part of his picture of Iran is thus absent. Yet the mosaic of incidents, encounters, vistas, conversations, atmospheres and acutely observed sights, smells and moments creates a detailed impression of a country and society that will challenge most, if not all, preconceptions.

From Scratch

By Tembi Locke
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1501187678
  • Total of Pages : 352
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 735
  • Pdf File: from-scratch.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Now a limited Netflix series starring Zoe Saldana! This Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick and New York Times bestseller is “a captivating story of love lost and found” (Kirkus Reviews) set in the lush Sicilian countryside, where one woman discovers the healing powers of food, family, and unexpected grace in her darkest hours. It was love at first sight when actress Tembi met professional chef, Saro, on a street in Florence. There was just one problem: Saro’s traditional Sicilian family did not approve of his marrying a black American woman. However, the couple, heartbroken but undeterred, forged on. They built a happy life in Los Angeles, with fulfilling careers, deep friendships, and the love of their lives: a baby girl they adopted at birth. Eventually, they reconciled with Saro’s family just as he faced a formidable cancer that would consume all their dreams. From Scratch chronicles three summers Tembi spends in Sicily with her daughter, Zoela, as she begins to piece together a life without her husband in his tiny hometown hamlet of farmers. Where once Tembi was estranged from Saro’s family, now she finds solace and nourishment—literally and spiritually—at her mother-in-law’s table. In the Sicilian countryside, she discovers the healing gifts of simple fresh food, the embrace of a close knit community, and timeless traditions and wisdom that light a path forward. All along the way she reflects on her and Saro’s romance—an incredible love story that leaps off the pages. In Sicily, it is said that every story begins with a marriage or a death—in Tembi Locke’s case, it is both. “Locke’s raw and heartfelt memoir will uplift readers suffering from the loss of their own loved ones” (Publishers Weekly), but her story is also about love, finding a home, and chasing flavor as an act of remembrance. From Scratch is for anyone who has dared to reach for big love, fought for what mattered most, and those who needed a powerful reminder that life is...delicious.

Hungry for Peace

By Keith McHenry
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : See Sharp Press
  • Book Code : 1937276392
  • Total of Pages : 180
  • Category : Cooking
  • Members : 427
  • Pdf File: hungry-for-peace.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The de facto how-to manual of the international Food Not Bombs movement, which provides free food to the homeless and hungry and has branches in countries on every continent except Antarctica, this book describes at length how to set up and operate a Food Not Bombs chapter. The guide considers every aspect of the operation, from food collection and distribution to fund-raising, consensus decision making, and what to do when the police arrive. It contains detailed information on setting up a kitchen and cooking for large groups as well as a variety of delicious recipes. Accompanying numerous photographs is a lengthy section on the history of Food Not Bombs, with stories of the jailing and murder of activists, as well as premade handbills and flyers ready for photocopying.

The Last Jew

By Yoram Kaniuk
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
  • Book Code : 1555848389
  • Total of Pages : 528
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 572
  • Pdf File: the-last-jew.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“A layered, sweeping panorama of 20th Century Jewish life and identity.” —Publishers Weekly Yoram Kaniuk has been hailed as “one of the most innovative, brilliant novelists in the Western World,” and The Last Jew is his exhilarating masterwork (The New York Times). Like Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Last Jew is a sweeping saga that captures the troubled history and culture of an entire people through the prism of one family. From the chilling opening scene of a soldier returning home in a fog of battle trauma, the novel moves backward through time and across continents until Kaniuk has succeeded in bringing to life the twentieth century’s most unsettling legacy: the anxieties of modern Europe, which begat the Holocaust, and in turn the birth of Israel and the swirling cauldron that is the Middle East. With the unforgettable character of Ebenezer Schneerson—the eponymous last Jew—at its center, Kaniuk weaves an ingenious tapestry of Jewish identity that is alternately tragic, absurd, enigmatic, and heartbreaking. “A true work of art, free from emotional manipulations.” —The Washington Post

It's Raining Cupcakes

By Lisa Schroeder
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1439157227
  • Total of Pages : 208
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Members : 565
  • Pdf File: it-s-raining-cupcakes.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Twelve-year-old Isabel is dying to get out of her small town of Willow, Oregon, and travel like her best friend, Sophie. But when Isabel’s mother decides to open up a cupcake shop across town, Isabel is once again stuck in Willow for the summer…until she learns of a baking contest where the finalists get an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to compete in the final bake-off. But Sophie is also entering the contest, and Isabel’s mother has reservations. Can Isabel finally realize her dreams of leaving Willow without hurting two of the most important people in her life?

Milk Street: Tuesday Nights

By Christopher Kimball
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Voracious
  • Book Code : 0316437336
  • Total of Pages : 416
  • Category : Cooking
  • Members : 367
  • Pdf File: milk-street.pdf

Book Short Summary:

WINNER OF THE JAMES BEARD AWARD AND IACP AWARD FOR BEST GENERAL COOKBOOK -- One of Epicurious' Greatest Home Cooks of All Time delivers creative, delicious weeknight dinners with this quick and easy cookbook for beginner cooks and foodies alike. At Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, Tuesdays are the new Saturdays. That means every Tuesday Nights recipe delivers big, bold flavors, but the cooking is quick and easy--simple enough for the middle of the week. Kimball and his team of cooks and editors search the world for straightforward techniques that deliver delicious dinners in less time. Here they present more than 200 solutions that will transform your weeknight cooking, showing how to make simple, healthy, delicious meals using pantry staples and just a few other ingredients. Here are some of the fresh, inventive meals that come together in minutes: Miso-Ginger Chicken Salad Rigatoni Carbonara with Ricotta Vietnamese Meatball Lettuce Wraps Peanut-Sesame Noodles White Balsamic Chicken with Tarragon Seared Strip Steak with Almond-Rosemary Salsa Verde Chocolate-Tahini Pudding Tuesday Nights is organized by the way you cook. Some chapters focus on time--with recipes that are Fast (under an hour, start to finish), Faster (45 minutes or less), and Fastest (25 minutes or less). Others highlight easy methods or themes, including Supper Salads, Roast and Simmer and Easy Additions. And there's always time for pizza, tacos, "walk-away" recipes, one-pot wonders, ultrafast 20-minute miracles, and dessert. Great food in quick time, every night of the week.

Sweet Invention

By Michael Krondl
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Chicago Review Press
  • Book Code : 1569769540
  • Total of Pages : 426
  • Category : Cooking
  • Members : 432
  • Pdf File: sweet-invention.pdf

Book Short Summary:

From the sacred fudge served to India's gods to the ephemeral baklava of Istanbul's harems, the towering sugar creations of Renaissance Italy, and the exotically scented macarons of twenty-first century Paris, the world's confectionary arts have not only mirrored social, technological, and political revolutions, they have also, in many ways, been in their vanguard. Sweet Invention: A History of Dessert captures the stories of sweet makers past and present from India, the Middle East, Italy, France, Vienna, and the United States, as author Michael Krondl meets with confectioners around the globe, savoring and exploring the dessert icons of each tradition. Readers will be tantalized by the rich history of each region's unforgettable desserts and tempted to try their own hand at a time-honored recipe. A fascinating and rewarding read for any lover of sugar, butter, and cream, Sweet Invention embraces the pleasures of dessert while unveiling the secular, metaphysical, and even sexual uses that societies have found for it.

Hope Wins

By Tom Angleberger,Sarah Mlynowski,Max Brallier,Julie Buxbaum,Pablo Cartaya,J. C. Cervantes,Rex Ogle,Matt de la Peña,Stuart Gibbs,Adam Gidwitz,R.L. Stine,Veera Hiranandani,Hena Khan,Gordon Korman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Book Code : 0593463943
  • Total of Pages : 208
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Members : 906
  • Pdf File: hope-wins.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In a collection of personal stories and essays, award-winning and bestselling artists from Matt de la Peña and Veera Hiranandani to Max Brallier and R.L. Stine write about how hope always wins, even in the darkest of times. Where does hope live? In your family? In your community? In your school? In your heart? From a family restaurant to a hot-dog shaped car, from an empty road on a moonlight night to a classroom holiday celebration, this anthology of personal stories from award-winning and bestselling authors, shows that hope can live everywhere, even—or especially—during the darkest of times. No matter what happens: Hope wins. Contributors include: Tom Angleberger, James Bird, Max Brallier, Julie Buxbaum, Pablo Cartaya, J.C. Cervantes, Soman Chainani, Matt de la Peña, Stuart Gibbs, Adam Gidwitz, Karina Yan Glaser, Veera Hiranandani, Hena Khan, Gordon Korman, Janae Marks, Sarah Mlynowski, Rex Ogle, James Ponti, Pam Muñoz Ryan, Ronald L.Smith, Christina Soontornvat, and R.L. Stine.

3 Earthquakes, 1 Coup d'état and a Handful of Revolutions

By Penelope Curling
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
  • Book Code : 1800469667
  • Total of Pages : 200
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 392
  • Pdf File: 3-earthquakes-1-coup-d-état-and-a-handful-of-revolutions.pdf

Book Short Summary:

3 Earthquakes, 1 Coup d’état and a Handful of Revolutions is a light account of the often ridiculous and sometimes alarming situations the author encounters while working as a psychologist with the United Nations. Tracing the path from growing up in South Africa and as a young student opposed to the apartheid regime in the 1970s, her subsequent work takes her to a string of humanitarian crises, starting in Albania in 1999 where she meets and falls in love with a younger man, a coup d’état in Madagascar in 2009, the 2010 revolution in Thailand and to places off the beaten tourist track such as Liberia, Haiti, Syria, and Darfur. The tales of her extraordinary experiences and those of the humanitarian workers she encounters in these challenging contexts reveal the impact of this work on their lives and the toll it takes, highlighting the shortcomings in their protection and care.

Adam Park Books 1-3

By A. D. Davies
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Antony Davies
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 1061
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 476
  • Pdf File: adam-park-books-1-3.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A box set containing the first three thrillers featuring troubled PI Adam Park, the popular series that thrusts a detective from the sleazy corporate world into a hard-boiled existence where he must access the darkest corners of his soul to survive. The Dead and the Missing A brutal international underworld. A lost girl. A PI who will burn it all. Adam Park is an ex-private investigator, now too wealthy to need a job. But when his old mentor’s niece rips off a local criminal and flees the UK, Adam tracks the young woman and her violent, manipulative boyfriend through the Parisian underground. Here, and onward in Asia, he learns of a brutal criminal enterprise for whom people are just a business commodity. To return the girl safely and protect the ones he loves, Adam will need to burn down his concepts of right and wrong, at any cost to his soul. Review from Readers' Favourite: The Dead and the Missing is loaded with twists and turns and excitement, and had me holding my breath in fear several times, never being one hundred percent sure of how it would end. A.D. Davies is a very talented author. A Desperate Paradise With a damaging, violent case behind him, Adam Park is happy tending to his late mother’s canal barge and catching up on his reading. Unfortunately, he owes favors, and when the parents of an aid worker is murdered on the Greek island of Paramatra believe the investigation is deeply flawed, one such favor is called in. With the island struggling to cope with an influx of refugees, Adam must battle corruption and ruthless smuggling gangs, all amid people so desperate they will do anything to reach the paradise of the west. If he cannot stay the course and dig out the truth, a murderer will go free, and Adam will fall prey to the same evil. The Shadows of Empty Men When Adam Park is retained to confirm the accuracy of a young heiress’s family tree, it sounds like the simple case he needs to break the monotony of life on an Aegean island. But it soon becomes clear that others wish to stake a claim to the girl’s fortune, and something as inconvenient as a private investigator will not stand in their way. Delving into a decades-old secret that people will murder to protect, Adam must fight smart and fight hard—against a seemingly supernatural mercenary, against people of unfathomable greed, and against his own darkening nature. D. Davies is also the author of the Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend novels, plus a number of stand-alone books.

Rendez-vous with France

By Jill Butler
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Book Code : 0762795565
  • Total of Pages : 160
  • Category : Travel
  • Members : 287
  • Pdf File: rendez-vous-with-france.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A charming guide for visitors to point and pronounce their way through France. Delightful color illustrations accompanied by easy pronunciations make traveling, shopping, dining, and everyday life among the French a breeze. As a preparation and learning tool, this guide familarizes readers visually with what to expect on their vacations. Travelers are put at ease, making them comfortable and in control on their experience. In addition, there are tips from the author which are simple, practical, and extremely useful.

The International Directory of National Archives

By Patricia C. Franks,Anthony Bernier
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Book Code : 1442277432
  • Total of Pages : 448
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 559
  • Pdf File: the-international-directory-of-national-archives.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This is the first ever comprehensive source of information about national archives around the world covers the national archives of all 195 countries recognized by the United Nations (the 193 member states and the 2 that non-member observer states: The Holy See and the State of Palestine) as well as Taiwan (Republic of China).

Intermediate Chinese Characters

By Haohsiang Liao,Kang Zhou
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
  • Book Code : 1462922732
  • Total of Pages : 208
  • Category : Foreign Language Study
  • Members : 884
  • Pdf File: intermediate-chinese-characters.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Learn the Mandarin Chinese characters and words in everyday use in China! This book helps you to quickly learn the intermediate-level Chinese characters you need to know if you want to live or work in China, or progress to the next level with your language skills. Alongside 1200 closely-related vocabulary and phrases, it presents the characters in a series of 20 easy lessons—giving clear pronunciations, English definitions and a writing guide showing you how the character is written. In this book, you'll find: 300 characters grouped into themes A warm-up narrative for each lesson explaining how the characters in the lesson relate to the theme All characters and vocabulary needed for the HSK Level 3 exam and the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture Exam Exercises that help you practice recognizing the characters and using the vocabulary to create sentences Reviews that provide a variety of drills and exercises to increase your proficiency Downloadable online audio by native speakers to help with pronunciation Printable flash cards This book is intended for intermediate learners (HSK Level 3). For HSK 1 & 2, see Beginning Mandarin Chinese Characters—the first book in this series.

The Best of Enemies

By Jim Jorgen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Book Code : 153203377X
  • Total of Pages : 130
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 197
  • Pdf File: the-best-of-enemies.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Mike Owen has a secret reason for enrolling in Oxford in 1913.He is an agent for the CEO of Standard Oil of New York: Mr. Henry Folger is interested in both petroleum AND Shakespeare. Mike knows that he can easily handle the academic side of Oxford. But he is determined to take care of the social side of Oxfordand that includes the girls. Suddenly war breaks outjust when Mike is enjoying himself in Berlin as a guest of his classmate Fabian Brandt. (From Fabians pilot brother Mike has learned how to fly an airplane!) He finds himself trapped on the German side; America is neutral. When Wilson finally declares war in 1917, Mike is in German-occupied Jerusaleman enemy alien and a prisoner of war. By 1918 the Germans feel forced to kill the prisoners and retreat. His only hope of escape is to steal (!) an airplane and fly it to the British base in faraway Cairo. He thinks to himself: do I have the balls to risk an attempt which has a one per cent chance of success?

Surveillance State

By Josh Chin,Liza Lin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Book Code : 1250249309
  • Total of Pages : 215
  • Category : Political Science
  • Members : 696
  • Pdf File: surveillance-state.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Where is the line between digital utopia and digital police state? Surveillance State tells the gripping, startling, and detailed story of how China’s Communist Party is building a new kind of political control: shaping the will of the people through the sophisticated—and often brutal—harnessing of data. It is a story born in Silicon Valley and America’s “War on Terror,” and now playing out in alarming ways on China’s remote Central Asian frontier. As a minority separatist movement strains against Party control, China’s leaders have built a dystopian police state that keeps millions under the constant gaze of security forces armed with AI. But across the country in the city of Hangzhou, the government is weaving a digital utopia, where technology helps optimize everything from traffic patterns to food safety to emergency response. Award-winning journalists Josh Chin and Liza Lin take readers on a journey through the new world China is building within its borders, and beyond. Telling harrowing stories of the people and families affected by the Party’s ambitions, Surveillance State reveals a future that is already underway—a new society engineered around the power of digital surveillance.

Seeing the Voice of God

By Laura Harris Smith
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Chosen Books
  • Book Code : 1441263675
  • Total of Pages : 256
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 647
  • Pdf File: seeing-the-voice-of-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

God is always speaking . . . even when He doesn't use words. We live in a post-verbal society that communicates through images--television, smartphones, the Internet--and our Creator longs to communicate with us visually if we'll live with our eyes wide open. With absorbing insight, Seeing the Voice of God demystifies nighttime dreams and daytime visions, revealing the science behind the supernatural and giving you a biblical foundation for making sense of what you see. You'll also: · learn to discern if what you see is from God · study the ten most common types of dreams · discover spirit, mind, and medical tips for better dream recall · interpret dream symbols and imagery · review the best iPhone and Android sleep cycle apps Includes a comprehensive Dream Symbols Dictionary with over 1,000 biblical definitions.

Greek Odyssey

By Carolyn Keene
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1481436783
  • Total of Pages : 160
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
  • Members : 474
  • Pdf File: greek-odyssey.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The final installment of the romantic trilogy that began with Swiss Secrets and continued with Rendezvous in Rome, Nancy and her friends find themselves in a sea of danger as they journey to the exotic Greek islands. Three passports, including Bess’s, have been stolen from their hotel, and Nancy suspects they have fallen into the hands of international fugitives.

The Au Pair Psychological Suspense Bundle: Almost Gone (#1), Almost Lost (#2), and Almost Dead (#3)

By Blake Pierce
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Morgan Rice
  • Book Code : 109437184X
  • Total of Pages : 750
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 757
  • Pdf File: the-au-pair-psychological-suspense-bundle.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A bundle of books #1 (ALMOST GONE), #2 (ALMOST LOST), and #3 (ALMOST DEAD) in Blake Pierce’s Au Pair Psychological Suspense Mystery series! This bundle offers books one, two, and three in one convenient file, with over 150,000 words of reading. In ALMOST GONE, when 23 year old Cassandra Vale accepts her first job as an au pair, she finds herself placed with a wealthy family in a rural estate outside of Paris, and all seems too good to be true. But she soon discovers that behind the gilded gates lies a dysfunctional family, a twisted marriage, troubled children, and secrets too dark to air. Beneath the opulence lies a dark web of malice, one Cassandra finds all too familiar, triggering dreams from her own violent and tortured past, one from which she desperately runs. And when a grisly murder tears the house apart, it threatens to take down her own fragile psyche with it. In ALMOST LOST, when a divorcee vacationing in the British countryside puts out an ad for an au pair, Cassandra Vale, 23, broke, still reeling from the ruins of her last placement in France, takes the job without hesitation. Wealthy, handsome and generous, with two sweet children, she feels nothing can go wrong. But can it? Treated to the best England has to offer, and with France out of sight, Cassandra dares to believe she finally has a moment to catch her breath—until a startling revelation forces her to question the truths of her tumultuous past, her employer, and her very own sanity. In ALMOST DEAD, after the disastrous fallout from her last placement in England, all 23-year-old Cassandra Vale wants is a chance to pick up the pieces. A high-society, divorced mother in sunny Italy seems to be the answer. But is she? With a new family come new children, new rules, and new expectations. Cassandra’s determined to make this one last - until a horrifying discovery pushes her to a breaking point. And when the unimaginable occurs, will it be too late to pull herself back from the brink? Who, she wonders, is she becoming? A riveting mystery replete with complex characters, layers of secrets, dramatic twists and turns and heart-pounding suspense, The Au Pair psychological suspense series will have you turning pages late into the night.

The Complete Guide to National Symbols and Emblems [2 volumes]

By James B. Minahan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Book Code : 0313344973
  • Total of Pages : 977
  • Category : Reference
  • Members : 431
  • Pdf File: the-complete-guide-to-national-symbols-and-emblems-2-volumes.pdf

Book Short Summary:

These two volumes offer an unprecedented collection of flags, seals, and symbols used every day around the world. • Entries are organized by region and then alphabetically by country • An extensive print and nonprint bibliography directs students to sources for further research