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A Hidden Enemy

By Erin Hunter
  • ISBN Code: : 178700449X
  • Publisher : Survivors
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Children's stories
  • Reads : 819
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : a-hidden-enemy.pdf

Book Excerpt :

'A Hidden Enemy' follows former Lone Dog Lucky as his loyalties are put to the test. Will he stay loyal to his pack, or will he join a fierce pack of Wild Dogs who are ruled by a menacing half wolf called Alpha?

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I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy is a collection of three action-packed novellas by bestselling author Pittacus Lore. Five's Legacy tells the story of Five's early years on Earth when he was just a young teen on the run, discovering his abilities and making the wrong kind of friends. Return to Paradise picks up in the aftermath of the Mog attack on Ohio, and follows Mark James as he struggles between returning to a normal life and helping John Smith and the others. Five's Betrayal is the exhilarating continuation of Five's story, in which he joins the Mogadorian ranks and must demonstrate his allegiance to them by helping to destroy the other Lorien survivors. You know the truth about the Mogadorians' invasion of Earth and the Garde who will do anything to defeat them-yet there is still so much to learn. The stories in Hidden Enemy will help you get the answers you seek, but they will not help you stop the coming war. Only the Garde can save our planet. Praise for Pittacus Lore: 'Tense, exciting, full of energy' Observer 'Relentlessly readable' The Times 'Tense, keeps you wondering' Sunday Times 'Set to eclipse Harry Potter and moody vampires. Pittacus Lore is about to become one of the hottest names on the planet' Big Issue The first book in Pittacus Lore's Lorien Legacies series, I Am Number Four, is now a major Disney motion picture.

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Reveals evidence of a Watergate style conspiracy by British appeasers against Churchill masterminded by ex-MI5 officer and Conservative Party fixer Sir Joseph Ball, funded by murdered Bahamas Tax Exile Gold Magnate Sir Harry Oakes and British Pro-Nazis. Ball's friends included Cambridge Spy Guy Burgess and James Bond Author Ian Fleming. Events culminate in the mysterious stopping of Big Ben & the arrival of Rudolf Hess in Scotland. 11 years of research reveal how close Churchill came to losing his seat in parliament ,selling his beloved Chartwell, the dirty tricks used against him and how close England came to joining the Axis.