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Download full pdf book The Guide to Great Sex How to Get Better in Bed and Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level by Michael Karp available in full 192 pages, and make sure to check out other latest books Health & Fitness related to The Guide to Great Sex How to Get Better in Bed and Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level below.

The Guide to Great Sex How to Get Better in Bed and Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

By Michael Karp
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  • Pages : 192
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Book Excerpt :

Everyone deserves to discover and experience what great sex means for them. The Guide to Great Sex is a manuscript of sexual knowledge written by a former sex columnist who studied human sexuality and openly shared details of his sex life with readers. This guide is the culmination of knowledge gained during that experience as a sex writer. You will learn: What it means to have great sex. The science behind pleasure and orgasms. A complete breakdown of foreplay. Oral sex: fellatio and cunnilingus techniques. 16 of the best sex positions for the hottest sex and deepest intimacy. How sex toys can improve your sex life and which ones the author recommends. The one simple yet rare act that can take your sex life to the next level. How to master multitasking in the bedroom. The balance of dominance and submission. How to communicate openly with your partner about sexual issues. How to unlock sexual fantasies and fetishes within you and your partner. How to overcome 9 different sexual anxieties and insecurities. 3 little-known sexual concepts and how to take advantage of them. And much, much more to help you take your sex life to the next level. The tips and advice in The Guide to Great Sex are 100% gender and sexual orientation neutral. The author phrases terms and describes certain acts to allow everyone to feel included in the conversation. Anyone can learn from these pages, because the author believes that everyone deserves to have great sex. "I started the book 3 hours ago and I just jammed through it. This is both a compliment as to how entertaining it was as well as how easy of a read it is. Making it gender/sexual orientation neutral was an excellent choice and I don't feel like it ever distracted me in any way. As I read through I couldn't help but think I'm going to send this to my little brother in two years when he first steps foot on a college campus as a student. This is a great accomplishment and I'm especially excited to see where you go from here with you

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In those first heady days of a relationship, couples can barely keep their hands off each other. But as relationships mature and responsibilities creep back into life, sex can get pushed further and further down the list of priorities. It doesn't have to be that way. Josey Vogels has created a fun and approachable guide for couples that is packed with tips, tricks and time-guided experiences to try. You'll never think of five minutes alone the same way again!

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Everyone knows what goes where. And everyone knows that it feels most satisfying when the people share an emotional attachment, ideally love. But plenty of people who love each other have sex that ranges from blah to lousy. Why? You can guide your sexual life in the healthy way you want with the techniques from the past to the present. All of these techniques are proven techniques. Without the use of medicines and additional products you can have the ideal size you want. In fact many of the techniques you will be learning were taught in ancient Asia by the Taoist (pronounced Dao-ist) as sexual Kung Fu. We will also be stretching tendons and ligaments like they do in the martial arts and like a bodybuilder we will be building muscle as well.

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Finally. The thinking woman's guide to great sex. Bookshelves sag under the weight of guides and manuals that tell readers that their sex lives will be transformed if only they are limber enough to hoist leg A into position B. Many women have found that transformation underwhelming to say the least. Sex is physical. But as best-selling author and television commentator Dr. Gail Saltz writes, "Seeing sex in only physical terms is an old-fashioned and ineffective approach that is based on a fundamental misunderstanding, like treating tuberculosis with breathing exercises, which we did before we knew that tuberculosis was caused by a bacterium. We know better now." With a dose of good humor, Dr. Saltz explains how women can approach their sexuality from the inside out and create a ripple effect that will change how they think, feel, and behave in every aspect of life.

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Everyone's doing it, and we should all be doing it the best we can. There are dozens of books out there promising to give you the information you need to become a world-class lover. More often than not, they provide vague instructions to do things like "be more vulnerable!" or oddly specific tips ("she'll swoon if you tickle her left butt-cheek and squeeze her feet while whispering in her right ear.") This book is a no-nonsense, straightforward guide for men to get you and your partner the utmost satisfaction in the sack. This book provides detailed information on subjects such as:-Understanding her sexual anatomy-Successful approaches to foreplay-The best positions and movement to maximize pleasure-Tips to overcome hurdles in the bedroom-Incorporating sex toys to take things up a notch-Informed sexual health practicesWith an emphasis on her pleasure, this book seeks to bridge the orgasm gap and help any man become a better lover. Simply written with clearly translated science, references to fun facts from history, and tips backed up with thorough research, this is the resource to improve your sex life today.

Sex Mastery How to Last Longer Have Better Sex Make Her Scream The Complete Guide to Sex

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Book Short Summary:

Madeleine Carter presents to you a HUGE and collated collection of great content featured throughout her titles and collaborations with A. Ratajkowski to bring you "Sex Mastery", which includes: ★ 101 Sex Positions to Make HerScream! ★ Featuring content from: "101Sex Positions to Make Her Scream" "The Ultimate Guide to Sex - A 14 Day Guide" "Sex Positions Mastery: 100 Top Sex Positions" "SexMastery: How to Make Her Come" You will learn everything you need to know about: ✔ The Female Psychology ✔ The Value of Sex ✔ 6 Ways to Become More Confident in Bed ✔ How to Make Her Come ✔ How to Have a Better Orgasm ✔ Anal Sex ✔ Sex Toys ✔ How to Last Longer in Bed ✔ After Sex: What to Do & What Not to Do This book ALSO INCLUDES Madeleine Carter's 14 Day Relationship Guide to Improving Your Sex Life with Your Partner. This includes a series of tested daily goals, targets, and challenges for you to complete with your partner. Whether your sex life has hit a wall and gone stale, or you just want to spice things up and get that spark back, this guide WILL put sex back on the table. ALSO INCLUDED from Madeleine Carter's Sex Mastery Series: ✔ The Art of Seduction ✔ The Art of Foreplay ✔ The Art of Penetration AND ★ 101 Sex Positions to Make Her Scream! ★ Don't miss out on this chance for the only all-in-one title you'll need! Put sex back on the table. Looking for a preview? "We know by now that you have to work to get a girl to orgasm, and I mean a genuine orgasm. The sad truth is that most women end up faking an orgasm to avoid the awkward tension when her male knows he hasn't got her there. But not anymore. You now finally understand that the female orgasm is about more than just the physical act and you now know pretty much all you're going to need to get to that wonderful place." "I want you to remember exactly that. The orgasm isn't purely physical; the emotional and psychological elements are still so, so important. It's possible for a person t