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A Gathering of Dreams

By James Qualls
  • ISBN Code: : 9780998846811
  • Publisher : James Qualls
  • Pages : 267
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 793
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : a-gathering-of-dreams.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Mount Taishan, China 1486 BCE Humans have marked the tales of destiny and fate on the walls of caves since time began. But surprisingly, the first evidenced comet, Lao-Tien-Yeh 老天葉 is not documented until 1486 BCE. By estimates today, the comet was four times brighter than the full moon. So it was not unusual that the scholars in China recorded it for posterity. An old monk climbs Mount Tai to witness the coming star. A reunion, deemed insignificant at first, introduces the monk to what eventually becomes the tenets behind Universal Truth. Principles of life that shape the foundation of Buddhism. He won’t have the chance to tell anyone, though, for an ancient force also stirs with the comet. Taishan was the last of her kind. Awakened by the nightless day, she guards an isolated valley claimed in battle from an earlier emperor. She still has the scars. The comet has all but erased any protection provided by the cover of night. The ten tails that trailed behind were another worry. They mirrored what appeared the night the old girl was born. An omen. A prophecy. A battle. A disaster. In that scenario, no one wins. Taishan was determined to die here. Her unborn would vanish with her unless the old monk can change their destiny. There are moments when we realize how fragile life is; how sacred the vows of compassion are. A soul becoming resplendent is hard-earned. A lifetime of serving others is the only way to get there. It takes a thousand years for the Buddhist doctrine is discovered again.​ Hanalei Bay, Hawaii Three Days Ago... While caring for a recently rescued kitten, an accident occurs that blurs the lines between imagination and reality. Everything that has ever visited Calvin in dreams has come home. Every Grumpmuffin, Gigglemonk, Cuddlemonk, Adamsville Fairy, and Nymph expect to have their say. It has been a long time since a human has been in a position to have a conversation, and they intend to make the most of it. Calvin's childhood promise weaves

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The Wit, Warmth and Wisdom of Feisty, Older Women So who are you now that you have lived the first fifty years of your life? Who are your role models for becoming a healthy older woman? What rites of passage assist you into your Feminine Elderhood? Are you living your passion? Who are you becoming? Who do you want to be? This anthology addresses becoming one’s true self in the second half of life. The stories are written by women celebrating their aging through connection to two national women’s movement groups—The Gathering of Grandmothers and The International Council of Crones. Wildly-different women, ages 50 to 101 who have found richness in their aging process, share their wisdom. They write about aging with zest and enthusiasm with much to give to older women and the younger generation. They share a collection of laughter, stories, poems, dreams and visions, fairy tales and wise sayings. These are pioneer women working to change themselves and the world. You will find originality, creativity, and meaningful pain in their stories. You will laugh and cry at these gutsy, opinionated women who have something to say about the deeper essence and mysteries of life.

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"The Cragmortons are as rugged as their surroundings ... cold and uncompromising, their lives devastated by the rule of an evil magistrate. The castle has long been empty, its dark halls shrouded in mystery, the scene of a heart-rending tragedy. When their peaceful reign is interrupted by a dark vision, fulfilled in the personage of a vile enemy from a distant land, who pillages and destroys everything in his path, Prince William must lead his men into battle and Lady Jael must learn to lead a kingdom without him ... Will their love survive?

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The stories in this book are from soldiers who once served in Vietnam and who have contacted me via the world of spirit. Their stories are filled with the dreams of young men who grew into adults all too quickly in a land not their own. They speak of the bond between soldiers; the brotherhood that stands the test of time and distance; the fear they lived with each day; how they wrote letters that would be sent to their families if they were killed; and the simple things they came to take for granted. Some speak of their love of Vietnam and its people. And many of them convey their last few hours on the earthly plane. "Jeri Tory Conklin--a gifted intuitive, archaeologist, and investigative author--again lifts the veil between the visible and invisible world, this time to give us an inside perspective on veteran experiences during the Vietnam War. An eye-opening, inspirational book." --Patricia Johnston, professor of anthropology; owner, grief coach at Purple Lotus Coaching http://purplelotuscoaching.com/ "Seeking answers to "Why, is there no peace?" comes to us all when we send a loved one or venture into the path of war. Living without closure bids us to seek out those with "The Gift" of sight into the world of spirit. I have found closure within these pages. Your eyes will be opened, if you have lost a loved one to death on a battlefield. " --Pamelia Cannataro, military dependent and Vietnam veteran's widow

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