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A Cat's Life

By Gemma Correll
  • ISBN Code: : 3832796665
  • Publisher : Te Neues Publishing Group
  • Pages : 127
  • Category : Design
  • Reads : 943
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  • Pdf : a-cat-s-life.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Presents a humorous look at a cat's life.

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Feline Philosophy

By John Gray
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The author of Straw Dogs, famous for his provocative critiques of scientific hubris and the delusions of progress and humanism, turns his attention to cats—and what they reveal about humans' torturous relationship to the world and to themselves. The history of philosophy has been a predictably tragic or comical succession of palliatives for human disquiet. Thinkers from Spinoza to Berdyaev have pursued the perennial questions of how to be happy, how to be good, how to be loved, and how to live in a world of change and loss. But perhaps we can learn more from cats--the animal that has most captured our imagination--than from the great thinkers of the world. In Feline Philosophy, the philosopher John Gray discovers in cats a way of living that is unburdened by anxiety and self-consciousness, showing how they embody answers to the big questions of love and attachment, mortality, morality, and the Self: Montaigne's house cat, whose un-examined life may have been the one worth living; Meo, the Vietnam War survivor with an unshakable capacity for "fearless joy"; and Colette's Saha, the feline heroine of her subversive short story "The Cat", a parable about the pitfalls of human jealousy. Exploring the nature of cats, and what we can learn from it, Gray offers a profound, thought-provoking meditation on the follies of human exceptionalism and our fundamentally vulnerable and lonely condition. He charts a path toward a life without illusions and delusions, revealing how we can endure both crisis and transformation, and adapt to a changed scene, as cats have always done.

The Life Cycle of a Cat

By Colleen Sexton
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"A kitten is completely dependent on its mother during the first eight weeks of its life. Its mother provides food, warmth, and protection. Children will follow a kitten's growth into an adult cat in this book."

Cat Sense

By John Bradshaw
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Based on cutting edge science, this bestselling book on the inner lives of cats is "for any who may wonder what their feline companions are really thinking" (The New York Times). In Cat Sense, renowned anthrozoologist John Bradshaw takes us further into the mind of the domestic cat than ever before, using cutting-edge scientific research to dispel lingering myths and explain the true nature of our feline friends. Tracing the cat's evolution from lone predator to domesticated companion, Bradshaw shows that although cats and humans have lived together for eight thousand years, cats remain independent, predatory, and wary of contact with their own kind, qualities that often clash with our modern lifestyles. To live in harmony with our cats, Bradshaw explains, we first need to understand their inherited quirks including understanding their body language, and managing both their natural hunting instincts and their relationships with other cats. A must-read for any cat lover, Cat Sense offers humane, penetrating insights about the domestic cat that challenge our most basic assumptions and promise to dramatically improve our pets' lives -- and ours.

It's a Cat's Life

By Gini Graham Scott
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Book Short Summary:

Today, nearly 200 million people around the world own cats, and cat videos are hugely popular on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. In many of them, cats do such funny things. In that spirit I have created this book, which combines photos of cats with humorous captions and comments. It features cats in these categories:- Cats with attitude- Hiding out- Getting into things- Going places- Dress up- Cats at work- Know-it-alls- Getting some exercise- Chasing things- And moreGINI GRAHAM SCOTT, PhD is a writer, publisher, and film producer, who has published over 200 books, 50 for traditional publishers and 150 for her own company Changemakers Publishing, specializing in books on self-help, popular business, and social issues. She also writes, reviews, and ghostwrites books and scripts for clients. She has written and executive produced 10 feature films, documentaries, and TV series.

Adventure Cats

By Laura J. Moss
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Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about cats comes the ultimate—and unexpected—guide to taking your cat into the wild. Here are cats walking on a leash. Cats hiking on a leash. Cats tramping through snow. Cats camping. Cats kayaking, canoeing, even surfing—yes, cats who love water. When animal writer and active hiker Laura Moss couldn’t find an online resource for hitting the trail with her cat, she created one. AdventureCats.org took off like wildfire, with attention from Wired, the Huffington Post, Outside magazine, BuzzFeed, and much more. Now, the book Adventure Cats—a collection of jaw-dropping photographs, inspiring stories of real-life cats, and all the how-to a cat owner needs—will take readers and their cats well beyond the backyard. Learn how to leash-train a cat. What to do if you encounter wildlife on the trail. Plus, winter safety tips, and how to bring a little bit of the outdoors to an indoor cat. The stories themselves are catnip for animal lovers, from Nanakuli, the one-eyed cat who hangs ten; to Georgie, a four-year-old gray tabby who lives on a sailboat; to Quandary, who not only insists on hiking with her family but also teaches them a valuable lesson: When you follow your cat’s natural tendency to wander, you experience the outdoors at a slower, richer pace. This book will delight every cat person, regardless of whether their pet is inclined to adventure. (Take the quiz at the beginning of the book to find out!)

My Cat's Life

By Potter Style
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Potter Style
  • Book Code : 0307336050
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  • Pdf File: my-cat-s-life.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Part scrapbook and part organizer, this journal is the quintessential place to write about all of the cute and curious parts of your cat's personality and adventures. My Cat’s Life Journal is filled with fun activity pages to capture all the details of a cat's life from his or her special (eccentric) purrsonality to his or her favorite sunning spots and household activities (lounging), with plenty of space to paste in personal photographs. With pages and pocket dividers dedicated to keeping track of the cat's health, veterinarian, and pet-sitter information, this journal is ideal for keeping all essential information in one place. 96 pages (guided), 8 x 9 inches, with a concealed wire-O binding, and an elastic band closure