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102 Minutes

By Jim Dwyer
  • ISBN Code: : 0099492563
  • Publisher : Arrow Books
  • Pages : 322
  • Category : Buildings
  • Reads : 674
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  • Pdf : 102-minutes.pdf

Book Excerpt :

"New York Times" reporters Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn capture the little-known stories of ordinary people who took extraordinary steps to save themselves and others inside the World Trade Center on September 11--the saga of the nearly 12,000 who escaped and the 2,749 who perished.

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City in the Sky

By James Glanz
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Book Short Summary:

The definitive biography of the iconic skyscrapers and the ambitions that shaped them--from their dizzying rise to their unforgettable fall More than a year after the nation began mourning the lives lost in the attacks on the World Trade Center, it became clear that something else was being mourned: the towers themselves. They were the biggest and brashest icons that New York, and possibly America, has ever produced--magnificent giants that became intimately familiar around the globe. Their builders were possessed of a singular determination to create wonders of capitalism as well as engineering, refusing to admit defeat before natural forces, economics, or politics. No one knows the history of the towers better than New York Times reporters James Glanz and Eric Lipton. In a vivid, brilliantly researched narrative, the authors re-create David Rockefeller's ambition to rebuild lower Manhattan, the spirited opposition of local storeowners and powerful politicians, the bold structural innovations that later determined who lived and died, master builder Guy Tozzoli's last desperate view of the towers on September 11, and the charged and chaotic recovery that could have unraveled the secrets of the buildings' collapse but instead has left some enduring mysteries. City in the Sky is a riveting story of New York City itself, of architectural daring, human frailty, and a lost American icon.

Terrorist Attacks on American Soil

By J. Michael Martinez
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Terrorist Attacks on American Soil is a close look at some of the most horrific terrorist attacks in the United States from the Civil War to present day. J. Michael Martinez takes us on a trek through history, providing a context for these dreadful events and a greater understanding of the lessons we can learn from them.


By Bonnie McEneaney
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An inspiring and groundbreaking work that brilliantly illuminates the eternal power of love and the unbreakable bond it creates. As a mother and former business executive, Bonnie McEneaney was always skeptical of the spiritual world and all that it represents. When her husband, Eamon, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center, she thought she had lost him forever. Then Bonnie began to have experiences that convinced her that her husband, in spirit, was sending her signs—indeed messages—that he was still present and watching over his family. After talking to other families and friends of loved ones lost on 9/11, she realized she was not alone. In Messages, Bonnie shares the miraculous spiritual stories of numerous others connected to the tragedy while weaving in her heartfelt personal message of comfort and hope. For all who are searching for their own deeper connections, this extraordinary book is indispensable proof that love and relationships can continue . . . even after death.

The 9 11 Commission Report

By National Commission O Terrorist Attacks
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  • Book Code : 9781616402198
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Book Short Summary:

It has, improbably, been called uncommonly lucid, even riveting by The New York Times, and it was a finalist for the 2004 National Book Awards nonfiction honor. It is a literally chilling read, especially in its minute-by-minute description of the events of the morning of 9/11 inside the Twin Towers.It is The 9/11 Commission Report, which was, before its publication, perhaps one of the most anticipated government reports of all time, and has been since an unlikely bestseller. The official statement by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States-which was instituted in late 2002 and chaired by former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean-it details what went wrong on that day (such as intelligence failures), what went right (the heroic response of emergency services and self-organizing civilians), and how to avert similar future attacks.Highlighting evidence from the day, from airport surveillance footage of the terrorists to phone calls from the doomed flights, and offering details that have otherwise gone unheard, this is an astonishing firsthand document of contemporary history. While controversial in parts-it has been criticized for failing to include testimony from key individuals, and it completely omits any mention of the mysterious collapse of WTC 7-it is nevertheless an essential record of one of the most transformational events of modern times.

In the Shadow of the Fallen Towers

By Don Brown
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  • Book Code : 9780358223573
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Book Short Summary:

This graphic novel chronicles the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City through moving individual stories that bear witness to history and the ways it shapes the future.

Fire Static and Dynamic Tests of Building Structures

By G.S.T. Armer
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Book Code : 0419216804
  • Total of Pages : 286
  • Category : Architecture
  • Members : 256
  • Pdf File: fire-static-and-dynamic-tests-of-building-structures.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book includes examinations of the role of full-scale buildings in the development of structural design methods and recommendations on improved construction practice and safety of building occupants in the event of fire and explosion.